Like a Fine Wine


This story was originally published under my old screen name RomanticLoneWolf.


The woman lived on the other end of the block from me and she was a fixture of the neighborhood. In the few months since I’d moved there, I saw her almost daily (usually as she worked in the yard or power-walked around the area), but up to that point, I’d yet to talk to her a single time. She was in her mid-forties with shoulder-length hair, tanned skin, large breasts, and had what looked to be a very fit figure. Considering I was a healthy, twenty-five-year-old man, the fact of the woman’s attractiveness was not lost on me, but because I tended to be more interested in women my age and younger, I never thought of her as an option, romantically or otherwise. She was just the nice-looking, older woman from down the street; no more and no less, but that was all about to change.

It was a Saturday in the middle of a particularly hot July, and I sat staring at my laptop screen. Over the last few months, I’d spent a good portion of the time that I wasn’t working at the college, attempting to write a detective novel. The idea had seemed easy and almost fun at first, but the endeavor was proving to be much more difficult. There were some days the story flowed forth from my brain like water, but on others, it felt more like pulling teeth, and this was just such a day.

The morning had started off promising with two good pages in the bag, but since then my efforts had come up short. Everything I typed seemed wrong, and I spent the next two hours deleting and redoing every sentence before eventually just giving up. With disgust, I slammed the computer shut, walked over to the couch, and then turned on the TV.

Browsing aimlessly through the channels, my frustration only grew as nothing I saw piqued my interest. Finally, just as I was about to turn the damn thing off, the doorbell rang.

“Now who in the world could that be,” I wondered aloud as I switched the TV off.

Tossing the remote down on the cushion next to me, I stood, walked to the door, and then opened it. Standing there looking more than a bit flustered was my lovely neighbor. Even though I’d seen the woman numerous times, this was my first up-close glimpse of her, and I realized she was much better-looking than I’d originally thought.

“Uh, hi there,” I said with nervous curiosity. “Is something wrong?”

My neighbor looked around self-consciously as if she’d been caught with her hand in a cookie jar.

“I’m so sorry to bother you,” she said with embarrassment. “But I’m having an issue and I really didn’t know if I should call someone or not. Do you mind taking a look at it for me?”

Trying hard not to imagine this as the setup to some elaborate porn flick, I smiled awkwardly at the woman as my face turned red, but thankfully, her mind was too preoccupied to notice. Instead, she fidgeted while awaiting my answer.

“No. I mean yeah. Of course,” I told her anxiously. “I’d be happy to help.”

“Oh my God, thank you so much,” she said gratefully before stepping over the threshold to place a quick kiss on my cheek.

It was no more than a peck, but the suddenness of it surprised me.

“W-wait right here,” I told her stupidly. “I’ll grab my shoes.”


As the two of us walked to her house a short time later, the woman, whose name was Julia, told me about how she’d gone out to her backyard and discovered a large water puddle standing on the otherwise dry ground.

“I know it’s obviously a leak,” she explained. “But I’m not the handiest person in the world when it comes to these things, and plumbers charge so much. If you can fix it, Brandon, I’d gladly pay you instead, if you don’t mind that is.”

“Not at all, Julia,” I assured her. “My dad’s a pretty handy guy, and he made a point to pass those skills on to me. If it’s nothing too crazy, I’m sure I can get you fixed up.”

“That would be amazing,” she said appreciatively as a very beautiful smile spread across her lips. “If I’d known that such a sweetheart lived down the street, I would have introduced myself sooner.”

Julia’s compliment brought a renewed blush to my face, and I cursed myself for acting so awkward around her. Needless to say, I didn’t trust myself enough at the moment to not say something stupid, so I kept my mouth shut instead.

“Well, anyway,” Julia said after a moment. “We’re here, so we should probably head around back.”

With a timid smile, I nodded briefly before following the woman through the gate.


As she stood by on pins and needles, I walked around the yard assessing the situation. In the time since Julia had left, the water had absorbed into the ground a good bit, but unfortunately, to fix the leak, I was going to have to dig, and that would be a muddy mess to contend with; not to mention the heat of the day. Formulating a plan in my mind, I walked over to where my neighbor waited.

“Well, Brandon?” she asked tentatively. “What’s the verdict?”

“I’m certain I can Bostancı Escort fix it,” I told Julia confidently while eying with interest as a bead of sweat rolled past the woman’s collar and most likely down the middle of her cleavage. “But unless you have the supplies already, one of us might have to make a trip to the hardware store.”

“That’s great,” Julia replied with ecstatic relief before hugging me.

With the woman’s embrace, I was more than aware of the reaction I felt internally as her bust pressed against my chest.

“I’m just happy you can do it,” she continued after releasing me. “Let’s go look and see what I have in the garage.”

The search turned out to be only partially successful. Julia had most of the tools I’d need for the job, but zero plumbing supplies.

“Looks like the hardware store it is,” she said with a wink. “You wanna come along, Brandon? We can grab something cold to drink on the way back.”

The proposal sounded really good. After all, it was sweltering and an ice-cold soda or Gatorade sounded appealing, but the day still hadn’t reached peak heat.

I’d love to, Julia,” I said reluctantly. “But it’s getting hotter outside. I should probably stay here and get started with the dig.”

“Fair enough,” she responded with a hint of disappointment. “But you’ll need to make me a list. Be right back.”

She went into the house to retrieve a pad and pen, and after I’d written down what was needed, Julia left. When my neighbor returned half an hour later, I was still in the middle of digging, and too engaged in the task to immediately notice the woman’s arrival.

“How’s it going?” Julia asked as she crouched down at the edge of the hole.

Laying the shovel down, I turned to answer her and was greeted to an eye-level view of the woman’s crotch. In her squatted position, the wind-shorts Julia wore were stretched taut, revealing well the folds and crease of her sex. It was all I could do not to stare.

“I-it’s going okay,” I stuttered lamely as I bent to retrieve the shovel.

The unexpected glimpse of my neighbor’s most private area had caused more than a tingle in my groin, and I prayed the woman wasn’t too offended by my wandering eyes.

“Looks like the pipes go down pretty far,” Julia said looking down into the hole as if nothing had happened.

The woman either hadn’t noticed me ogling her, or she’d decided not to make an issue of it.

“Yeah, they’re deeper than I expected,” I replied, my face still red with embarrassment. “But I’ve found the leak at least. I just have to dig around it a little more.

“Sounds good,” Julia said grinning. “Just let me know if you need anything else. Okay?”

The look on the woman’s face was an indication she was fully aware of my indiscretion, but she obviously wasn’t upset about the issue, so there was no use for me to dwell on it either.

“Sure, Julia,” I said smiling with relief. “I will.”

With a smile of her own, the woman stood and then walked to the house as I went back to work.


Julia returned a while later with a large glass of ice water.

“I figured you might be getting pretty thirsty,” she said while eyeing my progress. “Still coming along all right?”

Feeling the sting of sweat in my eyes, I used the tail of my shirt to wipe them. As I did this, my neighbor’s gaze briefly studied my bare abdomen.

“Now who’s looking?” I thought as I accepted the glass from her. “Well, the leak is fixed,” I told Julia. “Now, I just need to fill in the hole.”

“That’s great, but I hope it wasn’t too strenuous on you, Brandon,” she said with concern as I drained the water with one hearty gulp.

“Nah, it wasn’t too hard at all,” I replied handing the glass back to her. “You could probably do it yourself, Julia, if you ever needed to.”

“I don’t know about that,” she said laughing. “I did well enough just to get the water turned off. Besides, with a strapping man like you around, why would I ever have to?”

I felt my cheeks redden once more at the woman’s compliment. Was she trying to flirt with me?

“Who can argue with logic like that?” I replied with a forced grin while pushing the thought out of my mind. “I’m just glad I could help you out.”

“Well, you were definitely my hero today,” Julia said as she placed another kiss on my cheek. “But it’s too damn hot out here, Brandon. Why don’t you come on inside to cool off a little while? The hole can wait.”

Grateful for the reprieve, I climbed out of the hole and as I followed Julia to the house, I thought of how the woman had not only kissed me twice, but I knew she’d been checking me out as well. This knowledge went a long way to ease my nervousness.

“Do you drink at all?” she asked as we entered the back door. “On days like this, I love a nice, frosty margarita. I can fix you one too if you like?”

“That actually sounds pretty good,” I answered with renewed confidence.

“Perfect,” she replied enthusiastically. “I’ll whip us up a couple, and then Ümraniye Escort we can chat while we drink. In the meantime, make yourself at home. The restroom is down the hall on the left if you need it.”

Feeling the urge, I decided to take the woman up on the offer and headed off to the bathroom. Then, once my business was done, I returned to the kitchen. As my neighbor worked on the margaritas, I took the opportunity to watch her more closely. There was no denying how attracted to Julia I was; even more so now that we’d gotten acquainted, and I was fairly certain the feeling was mutual judging from the woman’s previous actions, but I just didn’t know what to do about it all.

“Well, here we are,” Julia said eventually bringing the drinks to the table. “I hope you don’t mind them a little strong.”

“I don’t mind that one bit,” I told the woman with a grin as I took one of the glasses. “Thanks, Julia.”

The margarita was good, and soon, I was grateful for the mellowing effect the alcohol was having on me as the two of us made small talk.

Julia mentioned her job as a physician’s assistant and told me about some of the interesting people she’d come across over the years. In turn, I told her about my job at the college and how I’d recently been working on a novel.

“That sounds exciting,” she said with interest. “How is that going?”

“Slowly,” I responded with a hint of frustration. “Some days are productive, and others not so much.”

Julia frowned. “That’s too bad. I’m sure trying to juggle work and your social life doesn’t help either.”

“What social life?” I asked while chuckling bitterly. “I haven’t been on a date in months, and I’m almost too embarrassed to say how long it’s been since I’ve had a steady girlfriend.”

Julia looked genuinely shocked.

“I have a hard time believing that,” she said finally. “Brandon, you’re super sweet and very good-looking. A guy like you should have young ladies waiting in line.”

I laughed hard at that while my neighbor looked at me as if she’d missed the punch-line of a joke.

“Julia, you deal with all sorts of people. Surely, you’ve noticed that most girls my age have a twisted sense when it comes to dating. They don’t want someone safe like me; they want someone exciting and maybe even dangerous. As the saying goes, nice guys finish last.”

The woman didn’t immediately comment. Instead, Julia sipped her margarita while looking at me in contemplation.

“You know, there’s another saying you might’ve heard, Brandon,” she continued finally. “The one about how older women make good lovers. Ever thought of that?”

I stopped mid-drink and placed my glass down on the table. There was no misunderstanding in that statement, and Julia’s sudden directness not only left me without words but got my cock’s attention as well.

“Sorry, Brandon,” Julia said breaking the silence. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. Alcohol tends to loosen my lips a little too much. I promise I wasn’t trying to insinuate anything.”

We both knew that was a lie, but I wasn’t about to call her on it.

“No, it’s fine, Julia,” I told her as I found my voice. “You didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. You just caught me a little off guard.”

“You’re sure?” she asked tentatively while eying me for any deception.

“Absolutely,” I assured her. “All good here.”

“Perfect,” Julia said relieved. “Except for the water leak, it’s been a great afternoon. I’d certainly hate to ruin it by making you feel like you were being hit on.”

I didn’t think my neighbor was hitting on me, I knew, but I decided to play along anyway.

“Even if that were the case,” I replied with a confident wink. “I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mind.”

This time Julia was the one caught off guard, but only for an instant.

“Is that a fact?” she asked as a devilish smile appeared on her lips. “Well then, maybe I was.”

We looked silently across at one another for a long time, the sexual energy between us building by the second. For the first time, I allowed myself to look at Julia as more than just the hot, older neighbor from down the street, but as a potentially viable sexual partner instead.

“Now that the cats out of the bag,” Julia said finally without inhibition. “What should we do about it? We can either continue to sit here and drink while flirting with one another, or we can test that theory I had.”

Considering the two offers momentarily, I took a final drink of my margarita and then stood up.

“The drinks are really good, Julia,” I said calmly. “But I think the alternative is probably a lot better.”

Without a word, the woman stood up from the table and then beckoned for me to follow her down the hall. Once in her bedroom, I started to take off my shirt, but Julia stopped me.

“Wait,” she said quietly. “Let me take care of you.”

Her eyes locked with mine, Julia slipped my shirt off and then began to rub her hands in slow circles on my chest as she tilted her head up to meet me for a Kartal Escort kiss. Once our lips met, the woman’s eager tongue entered my mouth and wrapped itself around that of my own, and as we made out, our hands explored one another’s bodies.

“You’re a wonderful kisser, Brandon,” Julia said, smiling seductively. “Those girls are sure missing out, but that’s ok, I’ll make you forget all about them.”

Crouching, Julia undid my shorts and slid both them and my underwear down around my ankles. My erect manhood was now exposed, and as the woman began stroking it with one hand, she gently squeezed my testicles with the other. Then, as the first bead of pre-cum seeped from the head of my penis, the woman engulfed the entire thing with her mouth.

Julia moved slowly up and down the shaft of my cock, using her tongue to stimulate the underside of it with each stroke. In the meantime, one hand continued to massage my scrotum while the other reached around and massaged my ass.

Even though I was by no means a virgin, I’d never had a blowjob as amazing as this, and before I realized it, I was on the verge of cumming. Julia must have felt me tense up, but instead of pulling my prick out of her mouth, she hauled it all the way in as my seed erupted down her throat.

“Mmmmm,” my neighbor moaned as spurt after spurt shot from my pulsing cock.

Finally, my spasms subsided and Julia released her hold, pulling my spent penis from her mouth. She’d swallowed the entire load without losing one drop.

“You doing okay?” she asked with a wink.

“More than okay,” I said still breathing heavily.

“That’s good to hear,” Julia replied. “We’re not even close to being done, so go lay on the bed for me and recover a little bit while I get undressed.”

With rubbery legs, I made my way to the bed. As I lay there, I watched with eager eyes as the woman began to slowly disrobe. With each piece of clothing removed, I took stock of every new wonder that was revealed, and once the picture was complete, my eagerness had grown to sheer, hungry lust.

“I take it from the look on your face, Brandon, that you like what you see,” the woman said sensuously while slowly tracing a finger from between her breasts down to the neatly trimmed bush that adorned her sex.

“Very much so,” I answered with bated breath.

“Good,” Julia replied as she teasingly caressed the fur of her womanhood. “All those walks I take must’ve paid off.”

That was an understatement. The woman’s naked form was stunning, and the more Julia touched her pussy, the more my cock ached with its need to taste what she had to offer. The anticipation was maddening, but thankfully, the woman joined me on the bed in short order, and we wordlessly resumed our make-out session. While our tongues performed their lustful dance, Julia took a firm hold of my erection one more.

“Mmmmm, Brandon,” she exhaled lasciviously. “Your cock is amazing to stroke and suck, but I bet it’ll feel much better buried in my pussy.”

There would be no argument from me about any of that, but I could feel that familiar sensation approaching from over the horizon.

“There’s no time like the present, Julia,” I told her. “Besides, if you keep doing that, I’m going to cum again, and I can think of better places for that to happen.”

“Point taken,” she replied before kissing me once more. “I better not waste the opportunity. Lay back for me and I’ll take care of it.”

I did as instructed, and Julia straddled me, sandwiching my prick between her pussy and my abdomen.

“How’s that feel?” the woman asked enquiringly while looking down at me.

“Better,” I said, enjoying the feel of her moistness on my shaft. “But still not enough.”

“Oh, don’t worry, baby,” she assured me. “I’ll give you as much as you can handle, but if I don’t hold out just a little, the ride won’t be as good. Okay?”

With a nod, I relented and Julia began moving her hips. As the woman ground her wet pussy onto the shaft of my dick, small moans of ecstasy escaped her lips.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked teasingly.

“Yes, Julia,” I extorted with effort. “It feels amazing.”

The woman smiled gratefully. “See, Brandon,” Julia said as she continued her gyrations. “Those young ladies don’t know the meaning of a slow burn. All they’re interested in is the thrill; put it in and pound it home. But…”

Julia’s voice trailed off as she bent over, offering her breasts to me, to which I willingly accepted, closing my mouth around her areola and nipple.

“Mmmm, baby,” she cooed. “Just like that. As I was saying, older women like me have learned there are more ways to please a man.”

Julia’s breathing become more labored as she moved her hips faster.

“And it makes the pleasure sooooo much more enjoyable, uuuuhhhhh.”

With a shudder, the woman’s orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. As Julia’s body convulsed atop me, her pussy quivered as it slid along the length of my cock, releasing what felt like an obscene amount of liquid. Awestruck, I realized the woman had just squirted all over my lap, and the sensation only added to my desire. Momentarily, Julia’s climax began to subside and she leaned forward to kiss me hard; her tongue stroking mine in much the same way her hand had stroked my member earlier.

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