LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER part 2Satisfying two women was a true test in my stamina, especially when I sometimes saw them both in the course of a single day. Both enjoyed long leisurely fucks and they were seldom quick passionate quikies. Despite the physical exertion I was loving the whole affair. Sure I had no real social life beyond Kate and Sandy and other friends were frequently brushed aside when I was summoned to endevous with one or the other. The moment I heard either voice on the phone it made my cock twitch.Kate wanted to take me away for a weekend. Just the two of us. She knew where there was a nudist colony where we could rent a small cabin. The idea of nude bodies wherever the eye wandered truly stimulated her. She desired to see bodies of all ages. I suddenly came to the realization that I had awakened some sexual monster within Kate. She told me even when she was married she seldom got the amount of sex she craved and was made to feel bad whenever she tried to initiate it from her husband who had the primitive philosophy that it was the man who was to initiate sex. She never had the courage to have an affair even when people openly flirted with her and resorted the solitary activity on masturbation. It was only after the divorce did her frustrations begin to seep on and she flirted with any boy Sandy brought home. They were polite but none took the bait. It made her feel even more unwanted. Then I came along and that suddenly all changed. The long stretch of sexual deprivation was at last over. She told me after the first night we fucked she played the Etta James song At Last over and over, stretching her body across her bed and rubbing her pussy.Even Sandy was upping her sexual game. One night we were watching some movie that an intense lesbian scene. I thought she was going to grab the remote and switch the channel when suddenly announced: “I think I’d try that sometime.” I just looked her quizzically. This was a girl who averted her eyes whenever she saw two women walking hand in hand or perhaps sharing a quick kiss. This was new hidden layer.”Are you serious?” I asked.”If the opportunity presented itself I might be inclined to give it a try. I’m not a dyke,” she said. “Everyone’s curious about sexual alternative. Haven’t you ever thought about fucking another guy?””I can’t believe you’re asking me this.””Tell me. I’ve opened myself to you.””I got my dick sucked once. That’s all. It went no further than that.””Really? Well, did you even it?””It was a very long time ago with a guy I worked with and we found a secluded spot.””Did you come in his mouth?””I dodn’t think so. We might have been interrupted and we never actually finished.””That sucks. No pun intended. I like when I get you off. I feel like I’m in total control of you. It’s different than fucking.””How long have you had these lesbian thoughts. This is a new side to you,” I said, wishing to divert the conversation away from that ancient incident.”I guess I’ve always had little crushes on one girl or another since I was aware of my sexuality. I’d really like to do a threesome with you, me, and another girl. Would that be something you’d enjoy?”I couldn’t believe all that I was hearing and felt that any moment I will wake up and will realize that it was just a dream. I was enjoying the whole moment.”Sure,” I said in a calm voice which masking the crazed enthusiasim just behind my eyes. The began opening the row of buttons on Sandy’s shirt and fondled her weighty tits. The nipples were straining beneath the mecidiyeköy escort fabric of the bra. I pinched them gently between my thumb and forefinger.”I know a girl,””What?” I exclaimed. I thought this was all hypothetical talk that would never be actually realized.”Yeah. I work with a girl who is bisexual. She’s black. That does bother you,” Sandy said.”Hell, no. I can’t believe this is happening,” I told her and kissed her breasts which rose and fell with each inhaled breath. My cock was straining against the confines of my pants.Sandy momentarily broke away from me and grabbed her cell phone from her purse and dialed a number.”Hey Maya, It’s Sandy. Jim’s interested in the threesome. Yeah, I knew it was going to be a soft sell. Where over at my place. If you not busy….fifteen minutes. Great. See you,” and Sandy tossed aside the phone.She looked over at me with a beaming smile.”You may have met Maya when you’ve picked me up at work. She’s kind of short, very short hair, kind of light skinned. She’s blended. Her mother is black and her dad is white. She’s very pretty.””It’s possible, but I can’t recall anyone fitting that description.””She has tattoos all over her body. I think it’s very sexy,” said Sandy as she stretches out on the bed.”Something tells me there is a little more to this story. This isn’t ll just a coinsidence that all just happened. This stuff only happens in porn movies.”The comment made Sandy giggle and slipped a hand inside her jeans.”We made out in the warehouse a few times. It was stolen moments that didn’t go too far but just far enough. I think I’m bisexual.’This declaration knocked me silly and I sat there watching her fondle herself. Was I the object of her fantasies or this Maya girl?”Holy shit. I can’t believer you’re telling me this.””I thought you’d like it.'”I do but it’s all so sudden. I’m just digesting it all.””Maya is really nice. She come off as all tough but she very sweet inside.”For a long period of time I watched Sandy continue to finger herself when the front doorbell rang and I offered to answer it so that Sandy needn’t disrupt her activity. As I went downstairs I gave a silent thanks that Kate was at work and would not be home for several hours. I opened the door and there a young girl whom I assumed to be in her very early twenties. She was slim and sinewy. She wore a sleeveless shirt and shorts that displayed the multitude of tattoos that adorned her body.”You must be Jimmy,” she said and thrust out her hand. Her grip was firm when we shook.”And you must be Maya,” I said as she pumped my hand vigorously for a few awkward seconds.”Sandy’s upstairs,” I told her as my eyes strayed down her open shirt. “I don’t have much in the ways of tits,” she said.”I was looking at your tats,” I replied.”Tats or tits?” she said with a smile, still she held my hand. She was looking me over as well. I wonder what Sandy said about me. Her free hand opened the few remaining buttons and she exposed one breast. It was quite small with a dark hard nipple. She had a very appealing tomboyish quality. My cock began to stir I am the sudden urge to lift her up onto the nearest counter and ram my cock deep into her but I restrained myself and led her up to Sandy’s room.What we found stunned the both of us. Sandy was stretched out on the bed totally nude, her legs spread very wide and her pink cunt shimmering in the sunlight flooding into the room. A porno flick was playing on the TV. It was two women energetically scissoring one another. Both bodies mecidiyeköy escort bayan were glistening with sweat. Maya and I looked at one another. There was little that neded to be said after witnessing this little tableauWe both quickly stripped ourselves. I was surprised to see Maya wearing boy’s underwear. It only added to my excitement. Her legs and forearms both had a substantial amount of hair covering them which distorted the tattoos somewhat. Her ass was hard and muscular. I brushed it quickly with the tips of my fingers. The gesture startled Maya slightly but she smiled and looked down at my erect cock.”You were not exaggerating about your boyfriend’s cock, Sandy,” said Maya and then took hold of it, tugging on it with a little more roughness than I anticipated.”Jim’s got his cock sucked by a another guy,” Sandy announced.. “Shit, Sandy that was a secret between us!” I called out.The two girls erupted into laughter.”It’s cool, Jim,” said Maya and her grip softened and became more loving, stroking it.”It just happened once,” I said.”You should experience all aspects of sex in your life,” she said.I breathed a sigh of relief and began to fondle her pussy. It was quite hairy and the trail of hair leading to her navel was quite thick. Maya smiled and crossed her eyes. Sandy sat on the bed and watched this, still fingering her pussy, a dreamy smile on her lips. “Maya has one of the biggest clits I’d ever seen,” said Sandy. This comment surely suggests that the relationship went deeper than quick encounters in some shadowy location in a department store warehouse. I just ignored it and resumed fondling Maya with slow circular motions.”I hope some day to be a real boy,” said Maya in some perverse reference to Pinnochio. “I think it’s still growing.”We all laughed which shattered the bubble of seriousness that momentarily surrounded the scene. Maya and I joined Sandy on her bed. She kissed both of us. Maya rammed her tongue into Sandy’s mouth. She looked so much more fragile next to Sandy’s thicker body. It was an appealing contrast that made my cock hard as iron. This was a fantasy come true. “I’m not dreaming,” I said to the girls who were a little perplexed by this comment.Both were stroking my cock while simultanously exploring one another. I did likewise. With the tip of my finger I traced the outline of several tattoos. The muscles until the skin twitched. I spread apart Maya’s ass and looked at the tony asshole. I spat on it and then gently inserted a finger. Her body jerked. Sandy had altered her position and was now sucking on Maya’s pussy. It was loud, wet, and enthusiastic. Her face was aglow.”Fuck me….fuck me….” Maya was telling me.”Where do you want it?” I inquired.”Everywhere. Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, fuck my mouth. Come on, I’m ready for it,” she cried out.I felt Sandy’s mouth on my cock. She sucked it for several minutes before guiding it into Maya’s eager cunt. I reached round and found this extraordinary clit they both held in such wonder. It was no exaggeration. It felt like a cock in minature and even had a head. I squeezed it and stroked it and the engorged gland throbbed under my touch. Sandy possessed a clit that felt like a pulsating pebble, but was very sensative. At some point in this encounter I had the overwhelming urge to suck Maya’s wonderous clit, but I had to remain focused on the task at hand.Maya’s cunt was magnificent and clutched my cock. It seemed to be willingly preventing my going any deeper than a few inches. şişli escort bayan Nothing was going to stop me and pounded away with a mixture of gentleness and determination and her cunt slowly yielded to me…inch by inch. I never met a woman with such control over her cunt. I was exciting and frustrating at any given moment. But patience ruled and I felt myself slip in the last few inches. I could still hear Sandy just underneath us noisily slurping away on Maya’s clit, which I could only assume would be totally engorged by this time but as my own experience has shown me a woman’s body is a mysterious organism that is not open to generalizations and what gets one off might have no effect on another. One’s stragedy is in a constant state of reappraisal and refinement.I began to alternate between Maya’s cunt and asshole by this time. She grunted and groaned and we were all slick with sweat. It made the encounter all the more precarious as any moment might send us all crashing onto the floor. The bed shifted and creaked beneath our collective weight. I glanced round and saw that Maya was fisting Sandy. Maya’s hands were accomodatingly small so the trauma on Sandy’s cunt was minimal. She had worked her whole hand in up to her wrist. Sandy body shook with violent tremors. Occasionally Maya dislodged her fist only to reinsert it a few minutes later. We all shifted positions. I slipped free of Maya’s cunt when she rolled over and for the first time I beheld this mythical clit. It jutted out prominently beneath the thick dark pubic hair. It did resemble a little cock. It was pink and shimmered. I also got to see Sandy. She was in a state of pure euphoria, smiling and stroking any portion of flesh within her reach. I looked at her gaping cunt freshly fisted by Maya and plunged my cock into her and fucked for several minutes. I shoot my come over both girls. It was baptisim of sperm. We tried to fit into the bath tub but had to settle for the two girls sitting in the tub as I lathered and rinsed their bodies. It was a messy procedure but wonderful.Later that night I was sitting up in read reading when my phone rang. I half expected it to be Sandy calling to get my thoughts on that afternoon’s encounter. We had all left the house rather quietly, a few casual words but we were all still absorbing all that had transpired. “Hello,” I said.”Hey, Jimmy, it’s Kate. Are you up to getting together tonight. I am very horny,” she said.”I can’t make it tonight. I am feeling a little under the weather,” I said and had a sudden flash that she might have read about me, Sandy, and Maya from Sandy’s diary. I am sure she recorded all details in great details. I just played the bluff.”That’s too bad. I was really looking forward to getting together. I’m just sitting here fingering my pussy. It’s so wet,” she said.”I want to be with you but I don’t want you to catch my cold. It’s nothing serious a should pass in a day or. I promise we’ll get together.””You owe me big. I still want to go away for the weekend to that nudist camp. I think it’ll be fun. We can explore many different aspects of our sexuality,” she said. The wording sent a shiver up my spine but I did not give myself away.”Yeah, it sounds like fun. We’ll do it soon,””All right I’ll let you get some much needed rest. See you in my dreams, baby. Good night.”I hung up and just assumed that she had read about the afternoon’s encounter. She seemed more aroused by it than anger. I lay on my bed and wondered how I got so lucky to have all this just fall into my lap. I am no lady’s man and have had only a handful of girlfriends and few less than romantic sexual encounters, including an old prostitute I picked up on a street corner. It was a real lapse in reason.I soon drifted off with a big smile frozen on my face no doubt.

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