Linda and Lisa Ch. 03


Linda could hardly believe what she’d just witnessed, but there was no mistaking the scene that now scrolled over and over in her mind’s eye: her twin sister Lisa on her knees sucking their Uncle Tim’s huge cock. Linda tried to sort out the kaleidoscope of emotions that swirled through her, but to no avail. She was angry at Lisa and Tim for cheating on Aunt Nicole. Their mother’s sister had been so kind to the girls following the death of their parents. She also felt personally betrayed, because she and Lisa had never kept secrets from each other until now. She wondered how long her sister and Tim had been carrying on. Linda refused to acknowledge another, particular kind of rage she felt, but it was jealousy. She was incensed that Lisa might prefer Uncle Tim and his impressive manhood to her own, more delicate lovemaking. Even though Linda had told her sister she was ashamed by what they’d done the night before, she wanted to keep Lisa all to herself.

On top of these feelings, Linda had to admit that she felt something else besides: lust. The sight of her slender blonde twin sucking their uncle’s fat dick had made her very aroused. Linda had been hoping that Lisa was awake and ready to listen when she got home because she had her own stunning piece of news to relate. Less than an hour earlier Linda had lost her virginity to Jason, her boyfriend, and she could still feel his semen trickling from her body. Of course that information would have to wait, after what she’d seen in Uncle Tim’s bedroom. Lisa, her shy quiet twin, had a lot of explaining to do.

Linda had no idea how long she’d been sitting there when she became aware that someone was in the bathroom just outside her door. She knew it was Lisa when she heard the tinkling of her pee, so different from the sound of their uncle’s vigorous stream. She heard the toilet flush, and a few moments later her sister came into room and flipped on the light. She wore only a flimsy white camisole and pink bikini panties.

“Oh!” Lisa said. “I didn’t know you were here…how long have you been home?”

“Long enough.”

“Wha—what do you mean?”

“Don’t play stupid, Lis. I saw you. With Uncle Tim. I was looking in just when he…uh…”

Lisa’s eyes grew wide as her hand flew up to cover her mouth. “Oh my god! You were spying on us?”

“I wasn’t spying. When I got home I heard noise coming from Nicole and Tim’s room. I just peeked in to see what was going on, and just then he…” Linda tried to think of a tactful way to express it. She couldn’t. “He squirted all over your face!” she concluded.

Lisa was horrorstruck. “I can’t believe you saw that.”

“How could you do this to Aunt Nicole? Are you fucking him too? How long has this been going on?”

“It was just tonight, honestly. And no, I’m not fucking him. I never planned for this to happen. We had a few beers and I asked him to show me his…his penis. Because I had never seen one when it’s, um, hard. Then things just got a little out of control.”

“A little out of control!” Linda snorted. “It looked to me like you knew exactly what you were doing.” illegal bahis She thought for a moment. “Just how did you know what to do? Are you sure you haven’t done it before?”

“Never, I swear. I only knew what you told me about Jason, and the rest…just seem to come naturally.”

“Just came naturally huh? Well you little slut.” But Lisa was relieved to see her twin smile as she spoke, softening the impact of the harsh word. Linda sighed. She pulled off her sweater, then unzipped and stepped out of her skirt. “I’m tired,” she said. “I’m going to bed. Lisa, will you sleep with me tonight? I have something to tell you, and I’m feeling kind of…well, I don’t know what I’m feeling, exactly.”

This was not an unusual request. The sisters often slept together when they felt upset or sad, which was frequently the case since their parents had been killed in a car accident a year earlier.

“Sure Lin,” Lisa replied, and slipped under the covers with her sister. They snuggled together, feeling the warmth of each other’s body. “What is it you want to talk about?”

There was a pause as Linda seemed to gather her thoughts. “Lis, Jason and I, we…we did it tonight.”

Linda heard a sharp intake of breath. “You mean…”

“Yep. I’m not a virgin anymore.”

“Oh my god! That’s so exciting!” Lisa hugged her sister tight. “You’re, like, all grown up now. Was it good? Was it everything you thought it would be?”

“It was really good,” Linda said quietly.

“So what’s the problem? Wait—let me guess. You feel guilty, right? You think you’ve committed a sin and you’re going to be punished for it?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe. But it’s more than that. I’m afraid that Jason only wanted to fuck me, and now that we’ve done it, he’s going to dump me…I don’t know if he really loves me.”

Lisa could tell that her sister was close to tears. She wanted to ask Linda a million other questions about her first fuck, but she knew this was not the right moment. “Oh Lin,” she said, stroking her sister’s hair. “I don’t know if he loves you or not, but if he doesn’t he’s a fool. You know I love you, and if he doesn’t treat you right we’ll kick his ass.”

Both girls laughed, and Linda pulled her sister’s face close to kiss her. “Thanks, Lis,” she said. “I’m sorry I got all emotional on you.”

“That’s okay. After all, it’s a big deal what you did tonight. It can happen only once in your life. I would think it was weird if you didn’t get emotional.”

Lisa wondered if it was safe now to ask the questions that were fairly bursting from her, but Linda beat her to the punch. She said: “Don’t you want to hear the details?”

“God yes! Tell me everything!” So Linda did her best to describe the evening; how they had gone to Jason’s house because his parents were out, how he had produced a chilled bottle of champagne from under his bed and lit candles in his bedroom (much better than the back of his car) and undressed her slowly, and how she had decided that this was the right time.

“But what was it like having him, you know, in you?”

“I casino siteleri don’t know if I can describe it…I felt so—so filled with him. This is going to sound corny, but it was like he entered my soul, not just my body. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah. Wow.” Lisa couldn’t help imagine what her own first time might be like. But she had no boyfriend, and no immediate prospects. Of course, there was Uncle Tim…

Her thoughts were interrupted as Linda began, “There’s something else, though. As good as it was…I didn’t…”

“Didn’t what?”

“I didn’t have an orgasm.”

“But you said it felt good.”

“Yes, it felt good, but it just didn’t…work for me like his tongue.”

Or my tongue, thought Lisa. But she said: “I guess that’s not surprising. You had so many other things to think about.”

“Right. What I’m trying to tell you is—I need to get off! So do you want to mess around, or do I have to take care of it myself?”

Lisa grinned in the dark. “I thought you’d never ask,” she said.

With that, Lisa rolled on top of her sister. “I love you, sis,” she said.

“Yeah, whatever. Just shut up and kiss me.”

Lisa giggled and found Linda’s mouth with her own. The girls had been kissing each other for years, and each knew what the other liked best. Lisa brushed her lips playfully across those of her twin, then bent to kiss her neck. The kiss quickly turned from playful to passionate. Lisa forced her tongue into Linda’s mouth and explored every part of it. Their hips ground together and each could feel the other’s stiffened nipples through the material of their tops.

Lisa was feeling frisky. She pushed herself up so that she sat astride her sister and pulled off her own camisole. Then she grabbed the hem of Linda’s t-shirt and yanked it up over her body, diving at her nipples and sucking one, then the other into her mouth. Linda cried out, “Oh!” when her sister’s teeth fastened onto one of her hard pink buds, but she didn’t ask for tenderness. She returned the favor by pinching Lisa’s nipples cruelly with her fingers.

“Bitch!” Lisa growled.

“Slut!” came the reply.

Lisa slid down her sister’s body. “Let’s get these out of the way,” she said, gripping the waistband of her twin’s cotton knickers.

“Wait!” Linda said. “Jason’s…stuff is still leaking out of me.”

“Mmm. Really?” She pulled Linda’s bikini panties roughly down to her knees. “I wonder if it tastes the same as Uncle Tim’s?” and slid the bit of material down over her sister’s feet.

Linda gasped, but whether with shock or arousal she couldn’t tell. The very idea was so filthy to her—that her twin sister, so quiet and soft spoken, would consider going down on her now—yet she could feel her body respond like never before. Her nipples ached and she used her own hands to squeeze them. Her head seemed to swim, her pussy throbbed with need.

Lisa pushed her sister’s thighs apart and lay between them. Her face was just above Linda’s slippery gash, and the pungent aroma of mixed sexual fluids was almost overpowering. She poker siteleri kissed the tops of Linda’s thighs, and her lips came away wet. In the moonlight from the window she could see the plump lips of Linda’s pussy, swollen with desire and slick with Jason’s cum. Moisture glistened in the pink folds of her slit.

With the tip of a forefinger Lisa traced the edges of her sister’s labia. Linda shivered. She looked down and saw a face, virtually identical to her own, poised over her simmering mount of Venus. “That’s so fucking sexy,” said her shy twin. Looking up at her sister, Lisa lowered her tongue to Linda’s cunt.

“Oh god…” Linda sighed, as her sister’s mouth covered her sopping hole. She could hear the wet sounds of Lisa lapping up Jason’s cum, and she felt the need in her building fast. “Oh yes,” she hissed. “Oh baby, yes…lick me…” When Lisa’s tongue touched her clit, she came instantly. “Oh fuck yes!” she cried. Lisa moved away from her sister’s clit and cupped her tongue to catch Jason’s seed, now mixed with Linda’s girl juice.

Linda was still trembling from her orgasm, but Lisa didn’t stop. She slipped a finger into her sister’s fuckhole and twisted it around. “You feel different,” she said. “I can get my finger all the way inside you.”

“Oh Jesus, Lisa…”

“I wonder if I can fit two fingers? Oh, yeah.” Linda could hear the squelching of her dripping snatch as Lisa finger-fucked her. “Oh my god,” Lisa said. “His cum is running out of you and down my hand.” She withdrew her fingers and licked them. “Mmmm,” she said, pushing them back into the messy opening. “You should try it.”

“You’re crazy,” Linda said. But when Lisa raised her slimy fingers to her sister’s mouth she sucked on them. It was by far the filthiest thing she’d ever done.

Lisa shoved her fingers back into her sister’s pussy and found her g-spot. She only discovered it by chance exploration—a subtle washboard texture on the otherwise smooth walls of Linda’s vagina. She stroked that spot with her fingertips while her tongue circled Linda’s clit. Most of Jason’s cum had drained out by now, and the juice that Lisa slurped was her twin’s sweet nectar.

“Oh fuck, Lis! I’m gonna cum again! Oh god…oh god…oh yes, fuck me! Ohh—yeaaahhh!” the slender blonde twin cried. It was the most intense orgasm of her young life, an explosion that seemed to hurdle her off the bed and up to the heavens, where she drifted on a cloud of pure ecstasy. After what seemed an eternity she drifted back to earth, and found that her sister’s head was still between her legs, gently lapping up the runoff from her newly plowed furrow. Her head fell back on the pillow, her body limp as a wilted iris petal.

When Lisa finished cleaning up her sister’s pussy, she slithered up the mattress to lie beside her. “That was fucking incredible,” Linda said. “I’ve never felt like that before. Come here.” And Lisa leaned in to receive a kiss—a gentle kiss on the lips, without any heat in it. “I hope you’re not expecting me to reciprocate, at least not tonight. I don’t think I can move right now.”

Lisa giggled. “That’s okay,” she said. “I think I can wait. Uncle Tim kinda wore me out with his tongue a little earlier.”

“You little whore!” said Linda, and they both laughed. They didn’t know that Tim was standing just outside their door listening to every sigh and whisper.

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