Linda’s Web of Seduction #3

Linda’s Web of Seduction #3I remember working that day with a smile never far from my lips. The sounds and smells of and tastes from our sex the night before and then again that morning were swimming in my mind and I really didn’t get much done at work. When quitting time came I was exhausted, though, and went straight home.Soon after eating dinner my phone rang. It was Linda. She was disappointed that I hadn’t come back to her place and teasingly promised to “suck [my] dick” if I hurried over. As great as that would have been, because look, she could really suck a dick, I had a ton of work to do the next day and explained that to her. It would be Friday evening and we could hook up then, but she had other plans. “Okay, we’ll get together Saturday, then,” she said. “I told a friend about you, how we were neighbors and all,” Linda said with a smile. “She wants to meet you.””Oh, yeah?” I said, surprised and immediately curious about the possibilities.The next day seemed to take forever to pass but Saturday morning finally arrived. When I got to Linda’s she was walking her dog and eager to go. She was very cheerful and her floral print sun-dress seemed to flow as she walked. It was a sight that simply made me horny as fuck. Putting her dog away, she grabbed her big floral handbag that matched her dress and we were off.Her friend, Kathy, was short with dark auburn colored hair and gave me the impression of a hippie, a sexy ass hippie. She was wearing a sun-dress, too, and I was already thinking ödemiş escort of all the thigh shots I was going to get. After a few wine coolers, they sent me to the store for more, and told me to pick up some meat for the grill.When I returned Kathy grabbed the bags and put the meat away and brought us each a wine cooler. Linda was putting some music on. “Sit down, babe,” Linda commanded, motioning to a big leather chair. Kathy was sitting on the love seat and Linda joined her. The conversation was light and playful for a while, and I could tell Linda was going somewhere with this, either that or I was just imagining things. Then I knew I wasn’t just imagining things.”So Linda said you guys were neighbors,” Katy said. “Then y’all suddenly bumped into each other at the store.””Yeah, we did,” I said cheerfully.”Then bumped into each other all night,” Linda confessed and we all laughed.”Did you always want her or did you just….” Katy started, still laughing.”Hell, yeah,” I said immediately. “I couldn’t believe it.””Oh, girl, he’s been wanting this pussy since he first saw me.”I could only smile and nod my head.”That’s so sweet,” Kathy teased. “She’s got a good pussy, huh?” Kathy asked with a seductive smile and reaching over to rub Linda;s thigh, kind of moving her dress up just enough to make you want to see more. “Oh yes, she does,” I admitted”Yeah, she said you like to eat pussy a lot,” Kathy confessed, her other hand now between her own thighs and sliding up towards her cunt.”Love ödemiş escort bayan it,” I managed to breathe.”Yeah?” Kathy said. “Show me,” she demanded. Linda and Kathy were sort of facing each other, each with a leg tucked under them but otherwise, their thighs apart. Neither one of them were wearing panties and I could see both of their bushes, Kathy’s for the first time. She had a perfect brown triangle of curly pubes and her pussy was plum and already wet.”So you want to watch me…” I began.”Oh, no, baby,” Kathy interrupted. And Linda added, with a chuckle, “No, babe, she wants you to lick her too.”Linda had that look in her eyes and was pointing to the floor in front of them. “Come on, baby,” she urged me over motioning to the floor again. As I walked over to them Kathy told me to take my clothes off first, said she wanted me naked first and chuckle when she saw I was already hard. “Look, Linda, he’s ready, girl.””I know, huh? He’s such a perve,” Linda admitted.So I knelt in front of them and started for Linda but she pushed me toward Kathy. “You start there first.”Nervously smiling at Kathy, I ducked between her thighs as her hand went to the back of my head. I kissed her inner thighs at first, then buried my face in her bush breathing in her scent. Oh, it was so fucking arousing. Her lips were moist already and her snatch was juicy, her clit swollen and standing proud. Licking it her clit was already hard. My tongue parted her open lips and dove into her as deep escort ödemiş as I could go. Then I sucked her clit into my mouth, then her juicy lips. As I began to eat her and finger bang her, I noticed Linda was sitting thighs open, stroking her juicy pink pussy with a glass dildo. I thought I’d lose my load when I saw that but I focused on pleasing Kathy, who was now pushing her juicy pussy against my face, nearly humping me.Linda was telling me what to do to Kathy as I ate her, and the more she said the hotter things got. The room was filled with heavy breathing and nasty talk and moans and sounds of slurping and sucking and cries of pleasure. I could see Linda from the corner of my eyes and she was banging her wet cunt with the dildo, I could hear it going in and out of her pink pussy. I couldn’t believe it, my load was boiling in my nuts and the more Kathy moaned and the closer she got, the louder Linda got and the closer I got to blowing my load without even touching it. It was fucking wild.Then Kathy hit a new level and started repeating”Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuuuuuck, baby, yeah, that’s it, baby that’s it.” And with that it was like a fucking domino effect. Kathy started bucking wildly against my face and fingers, cries of pleasure escaping her lips, her cream flowing heavily. Linda was cumming hard and my face was full of pussy. I felt my cum travel the length of my cock and explode onto the floor in front of me. It felt like a warm stream and the orgasm pulsed through my whole body. It felt like none of us would ever stop cumming. My mind was swimming and I felt like life couldn’t be better. I was wrong. Linda didn’t just bring me over to eat her friend’s pussy. Her plans had much be continued

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