He walked by a quiet little shop, barely noticing it. As he passed a sign in the window boasting ‘the perfect little shop for gifts’ he knew he had to go in. His sister’s wedding was coming up soon and he needed a gift

He walked in and was utterly amazed. It was a sex shop, he walked into a sex shop, of all places. Just as he was about to groan, a sales lady appeared at his side. Great, now he had to explain we walked in here by mistake.

He looked her over. Nice piece of work. She managed to look sexy and yet not appear slutty. In fact the entire store was like this. It wasn’t the least bit sleazy, as are most sex shops. Maybe, just maybe . . .

“Is there something I can help you with sir?” The question brought his mind back from his thoughts. He stammered for a few minutes.

“You’re nervous aren’t you? Most people are when they realize they’ve stepped into a sex shop. I know it doesn’t appear like one from the outside, I like it that way. Draws in more customers.”

“Uh yes, I uh can see, uh how that works then.”

“Can I help you with something?”

“Actually I don’t know. I only came in because I saw a sign that said it was a gift shop. I didn’t realize what I’d be walking into.”

“We are a wonderful gift shop. And I know what you are probably thinking. That nothing here is suitable for a gift, unless it’s your wife. But we do have more that just vibrators and dildos and fake pussy’s. Although we do carry that too.”

His eyes shot open wide at the use of her language. She merely smiled at him and took him by the elbow. She led him to a stand of bottles. “Who are you needing this gift for?”

“Uh my sister is getting married, it’s for her.”

“See all these little bottles here.” He nodded. “A great gift for anyone, massage oil, aromatherapy oils, we also have candles and things like that.” She led him over to a rack of clothes. “Here are some of the nicer pieces. We do carry the naughty ones too, but for a sibling these are more appropriate.” She directed his attention to a table utterly littered with items. “We have lover’s dice, sex coupons, romance coupons, discount coupons for my store. Usually very popular for family gifts is romantic coupons, less embarrassing if opened in front of an audience.”

He nodded and she smiled. Boy is this guy sexy she thought. I hope he buys something. I could really Pendik Escort use the business.

“What size are you miss?”

“Pardon me?”

“I know you probably hear this a lot but, what size are you?”

“I’m a size 16. Wide but not fat. Very trim I must say.”

“You hear this a lot I must think, but my sister is a 15 last I heard.”

“Actually what I get is, ‘you look about the size of my wife’ ” she said it in a very nasally voice. They both laughed. “But you, I believe. You look honest and I’ve never been a half size bigger than a sister. If you’re lying to me though . . . “

“Not ma’am. I would’nt lie to you now. It’s generally not something I do or enjoy doing for that matter. To easy to get caught up in your own web if you ask me.” He gave her a sincere smile.

She giggled and said, “okay, tell me what her taste is like. And his if you know him.”

“Sounds good to me. She always wears pink, always has too. She doesn’t like things that tickle her nose, hates champagne. He’s all business around people, suits and ties and all that.”

“I think I have a few things that will be perfect. I can even model them for you if you like.”

She gave him a seductive smile and he smiled a little uneasily. “Uh, yes, that will be fine.” She stalked away and swung her hips provocatively. He stared after her retreating back and cocked his head at an angle. Maybe this shop isn’t so bad after all. This could prove to be interesting.

She came back in a short pink sheer dress. She stood before him and he sat down. She twirled a few times slowly. “Mmm, I don’t know.” She touched his shoulder, smiled and walked away.

She came back in a pink spandex one piece shortset that had the most intimate parts cut out of it. He smiled and put his fingers to his chin, “Perhaps, but I don’t think my sister would like that to fall from a box in front of our mother.”

She patted his hand, “no, I suppose not, but it was pink.”

“It is definately pink. Do you have anything less, revealing, perhaps?”

“I think I have just the thing.” She gave her hips an extra wiggle as she walked back to the dressing room to change. She had a few more outfits ready that she hung on the hook.

She came out wearing pink and black halter style one piece swimsuit. “This outfit also works well as a workout suit for the Kurtköy Escort gym or aerobics. Sexy and functional.” As she said this last she rubbed her leg against his knee and trailed her fingers lightly over his shoulder. She went into the changeroom again.

He sat there and looked after her with a puzzled look on his face. Slowly his look turned into a smile. So this was the way she wants to play, being single is so fun sometimes, he thought.

Next was a swimsuit style also, only with a choker collar on it and sheer except of the interesting pieces of her anatomy. She sauntered over to him and twirled around, ensuring that she brushed up against him occasionally.

He said nothing and let her walk away with only a nod. She shrugged and wandered back into the changeroom. This time he got up and walked slowly after her.

He stepped in behind her quietly. She had her hands at the back of her neck and was attempting to release the catch of her collar. “Let me help you with that my dear,” he whispered in her ear. She jerked and giggled at her own reaction.

He smiled and released the catch. The garment dropped to just below her breasts. His hands came up underneath them and he held their weight for long moments while he nibbled and licked her neck. She sighed and he knew that she wanted this as much as he did.

She pressed back into him and felt him harden. She smiled at this and began to turn around so she could face him. He held her just there not letting her move. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back against his chest.

He held her for several minutes just stroking her torso lightly with his finger tips. he put his hands on her sides and slid the lingerie down her sweet flesh and let it pool at her feet. She stepped out of it and turned to him.

She took a step back and held out her hands, “Tell me, is this more what you had in mind?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact it was. Smart lady.” They both smiled and he pulled her against him.

She felt him pressing against her. And she enjoyed it immensely. She lifted up on her toes and rubbed up and down his shaft. He moaned and she began nibbling his neck.

He set her aside and slowly stripped off his own clothing. He stood naked before her and smiled. “Isn’t that much better?” She nodded and pressed herself against him.

He lifted her Tuzla escort off her feet and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He entered her swiftly. He pressed her back against the wall and thrust himself into her powerfully. She moaned and writhed and murmured in his ear. The ouder she got the faster he moved until he brought them both to fever pitch.

She bit into his shoulder trying to smother her orgasmic screams. This only served to send him over the edge. He thrust into her for one last time and grunted into her hair. She gasped and once he expended himself he let her slowly slide down until her feet hit the floor.

She stared at him with a lopsided smile on her face and he grinned. “Don’t worry little dear. I took a few quick seconds to protect you while you weren’t looking.”

She looked down in amazement to find he was indeed wearing a condom. He turned her around and pushed her back so she was leaning over with her hands on the wall.

He slid his hand down her folds and found that she was indeed still hot and wet. Just waiting for round two. He didn’t want her to be disappointed.

This time he spent several minutes sliding himself along her crease. Only when she begged did he push himself into her. He latched onto her lush hips and pumped himself furiously into her hot little pussy.

She couldn’t control it this time. She pushed back against him and moaned widly. He waited until she was screaming, then pulled out. She whined and he smiled. He dropped to his knees and used his tongue where his manhood had just been.

It didn’t take long at all to bring her back to fever pitch. When he withdrew and she whimpered he just chuckled. He thrust into her and brought her to a shattering orgasm. He grunted and kept thrusting. Only when she almost collapsed did he allow himself the pleasure of orgasm.

He held her hips to him until he was spent. Sweat covered them both and they collapsed to the floor. After a long while he began to stir. He got to his feet and slowly began to dress. She smiledup at him and he helped her to her feet. He kissed her lips hard and fast.

He bent and passed her the clothes she was wearing when he came in. Silently they both dressed both reveling in the experience. He looked at her and said he’d take the aerobics suit as his sister liked to stay in shape. She wrapped it up and handed it to him.

As he left she felt something poking her. She reached into her pocket and found a business card. On the back it had his name and his home phone number, and the words call me sometime. She smiled to herself and slid the card back into her pocket.

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