Lisa’s fantasy Continues


Lisa’s fantasy ContinuesShe lifted her head before she swallowed it all, looking into his eyes as she did. Her hand still sliding upand down his cock as the last few drops poked out of the tip. He was breathing as hard as she was earlier and looked down at his daughter with a weird mixture of pride and lust. He reached for her and she climbed up over him, his wet cock pressing against her belly. He kissed her again and she pushed her tongue into her daddy’s mouth.She was happier than she could ever remember and they lie together as he recovred, but soon…her hand was stroking a hard cock again and he was rolling her over wondering, even as he moved, if he was really about to fuck his daughter….Kneeling between her spread legs, her knees bent, her ankles wrapped around his calves, he looked down into her eyes. He was silently begging her to tell him to stop and at the same time, begging her to say fuck me daddy.She reached for him with her hands, one closing around the hot wet shaft of his cock. He felt the last ounce ofwillpower draining from him as he leaned forward onto his hands. Lisa felt her daddy’s weight over her and then felt the tip asyabahis yeni giriş of his penis against her wet sex. She bit her bottom lip ass he held him and guided her daddy into her pussy for the first time.As he felt the tip of his cock against her heat, he closed his eyes. Lisa looked down between thier bodies for a moment until he pushed his hips forward, penetrating her. Her body arched, her head fell backward and a sharp gaspescaped her lips. She felt a rush of heat from deep inside her like never before. In this moment, this instant, she regretted that she didn’t save herself for her daddy. But she knew this was the man she was meant to have inside her. he plunged his hard cock deep into his little girl. IN her limited experiance and 18 years of life, she knewthat having her daddy inside her was wrong…but felt better than anything that has ever been in there before!She squealed when his hips pressed against her legs and wrapped her hands around his wost as he began to fuck his litle girl, sliding in and out. He went fast and then suddenly stopped. he made slow, small strokes with just the head of his cock asyabahis giriş inside her. Lisa was going crazy, lifting hr legs higher around him, pulling him deeper inside.And still wanting more. Lisa cried out without thinking about it, it just happened: “oh Dady! FUck me, Daddy…please…harde daddy. Fuck me like your little slut.” The owrds he heard from his daughter startled him, fuck me like your little slut? but…he was not in a position toignore such a request. he slipped out of her and twisted her over. Lisa went to her knees very aware of this position. She pulled a pillow under her hips as her dady pushed his cock back inside her pussy. She squealed again as he slammed his belly against her ass. She pressed her face into the bed and screamed as he began fucking the hell out of her!His hips were slamming hard into her, his cock swelling inside his little girl. Lisa lifted her head to encourage herdaddy: “Oh yes daddy! FUck me, fuck your little slut daughter. Fill her with your cum daddy.”But her daddy was not a typical 18 year old boy. He had staying power and his stamina would wear Lisa out. He pulled out of her asyabahis güvenilirmi again and pulled her ontop of him as he flopped to the side. She reached down between them and guided his prick back into her. She sat straight up as she fucked her daddy. He was grunting, holding her hips in his hands guiding her up and down as she fucked her daddy!Lisa felt another orgasm racing through her bidy. He head fell backwards, her eyes squeezed shut. She screamed another silent cry of passion as she held herself flat against her daddy’s legs. His cock still inside her as her pussyclamped down on him in rythmic spasms of lust. He couldn’t help it. The warm massaging muscles of her pussy was all hercould take and before he could push her off, he felt his cock lurching inside his baby girl as he came. WHite hotjets of sperm splashed from the tip of his penis deep inside his daughter. She felt his oulsating cock and the hot blastsof liquid inside her. She knew he was cumming inside her and she smiled even as her own orgasm continued to grip her.WHen they were both calmed down, breahing fast, heartbeats still racing, she rolled off him and cuddled up next to him. As hefelt himself drifting to sleep, a deep post-prgasmic slumber, he heard the voice of his little angel asking waht they do.He blinked his eyes open and looked at her. Lisa was worried. “Daddy…what will we do? I stopped taking birth controlthree weeks ago….”

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