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Subject: Little Me – Ch. 12 Little Me by RJ The core of this fiction involves the sexual relationship between an adult and a minor — specifically an uncle and his young nephew. If you have any questions or comments about this piece, want to know about any of my other works, or just want to reach out, please don’t hesitate to email me. A list of my works, including links and descriptions, can be found here: If you would like to be added to a mailing list for this story (or all stories) and receive emails about any updates, let me know. Please also consider donating to Nifty if you fty/donate.html ~ CHAPTER 12 ~ New Year’s Eve. I get to Wes’s house early, equipped with the largest bottle of wine I could find and a few family-sized bags of chips. Waiting for plans to start always makes me antsy, so I busied myself with taking the long route to the liquor store, buying some chips for the party, and even stopping by a barber for a trim. Even then, I’m several hours early, but since I’m very welcome here, I figure it won’t be an issue showing up so soon. Tanya’s car isn’t in the driveway, though, and I wonder if everyone went out. The front door’s unlocked, so I let myself in. “Hello?” I call out. “Leo?” I hear Wes’s voice coming from the kitchen, and when I step inside, I see him elbow-deep in the fridge. “Hey! You came early,” he says, clearly surprised to see me. “Yeah, I was kinda just sitting around,” I tell him. “Hope that’s okay.” “No, no, it’s perfect,” he insists. “I was actually hoping to talk to you.” I raise my eyebrows curiously, but he gets distracted by the items in my hands. “You didn’t have to bring all that,” he says with a smirk. I shrug, setting the chips down on the counter next to the wine. “Figured I shouldn’t show up empty-handed.” He waves me off before focusing on whatever he’s doing. “Tanya’s got it covered. She just went out to shop. Gonna be food on food on food, my man.” I laugh slightly. Tanya always manages to make the perfect amount of food, but holidays are for gorging, so I’m expecting the works. “I’m excited,” I say. Then I step a little closer, looking into the fridge. “What are you doing?” “Light went out,” he says, biting his lip as he reaches in. “This design is stupid as fuck. Can barely get my fingers on the bulb.” He’s clearly struggling, closing one eye as his hand reaches practically all the way to the back of the fridge. Finally, he gives up, exhaling in defeat. “Damn it.” “Want me to try?” I ask. He shrugs before looking at my hands. “Huh. Maybe. You have thinner fingers.” He steps away and lets me have a go. He was right: it certainly is a weird design. There’s not much room to get a good grip on the bulb, and it feels like it was screwed on a little too tight. After a small struggle, though, I manage to loosen it enough to pop it out. “Atta boy,” Wes says with a laugh, taking the dead bulb and handing me a new one. I screw it in just enough for it to illuminate the fridge, and voila, all better. “Thanks, Leo.” “Sure thing,” I say, brushing off my knees and shutting the fridge as Wes tosses the old bulb in the trash. “So, uh, what did you wanna talk to me about?” “Oh, right,” he says, scratching his head before he looks at me. His eyes flicker towards the ceiling before he talks in a quieter voice. “Wanted to talk about Eli.” I raise my eyebrows. Guess that’s why his eyes wavered — Eli’s room is right above us. The kid must be in there. Wes and I haven’t talked about what happened on the trip yet. I haven’t even talked it over with Eli, so I don’t know how much he saw or heard. I’m assuming he woke up right towards the end of our little session, because all he asked was “What are you doing?” He got no response from either of us. I didn’t know what to say, nor did I want to say anything in case Wesley felt differently. But his mouth stayed shut. Then Eli asked if those were the “special magazines”. Automatically, his hand reached for his father’s magazine (one that I’m sure he’s perused many times before), but Wesley snapped. He tugged the magazine out of Eli’s reach and then slapped him hard on the back of his hand, causing Eli to recoil in surprise and pain. “Go back to sleep and stop asking questions,” Wesley snapped in a level but sharp voice. He tossed the magazine on the floor and rolled onto his side, his back facing us. I think it was an automatic response for Wes, to shut Eli down in order to stave off embarrassment or the need to properly parent. He panicked. After all, *we* were the ones who were doing something “wrong.” We woke the kid up. It’s not Eli’s fault that we basically put on a free show for him. But Wes’s reaction didn’t help the situation. Eli stayed silent and did little else but hold my hand under the covers while he tried to sleep. None of us really spoke after that. It put quite a damper on the drive home, too, because I didn’t know what to say either. “Have you talked to him yet?” I ask. Wes shakes his head, resting his palms against the counter behind him. “Not yet,” he says. “He won’t even look at me, and I…” “What?” He shrugs. “I don’t know. I just feel bad about the whole thing.” “Bad how?” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest. “I just feel like I fucked up,” he admits. “I shouldn’t have hit him.” “What about the…?” I make a slight jacking off motion with a loose fist. He winces. “Well, that too,” he says, “but I still shouldn’t have hit him.” He sighs, shaking his head. “I could have handled that better. I *should* have handled that better.” “We both could have,” I say, feeling like I had some part to play. “It’s not on you, man,” he says, waving me off. “I shouldn’t’ve brought the fucking porn.” And then he bites his lip a bit before looking at me, talking in a quieter voice. “Do you think it’s fucked up?” he asks. “That he was right there?” “Um…” How do I respond to this? “I just can’t help but feel like we did something wrong,” he says. “I mean, he’s not even twelve yet.” I shrug. “It’s not like he doesn’t know what it is.” Surprisingly, Wes laughs. “Yeah, I guess,” he says, looking at the floor. “Kid spent half our dinners last spring and summer diddling himself at the table.” He shakes his head slowly before sighing. “I always fucking yelled at him for it.” I don’t want him to beat himself up too much over this, especially since he’s clearly trying to do better. We want to move forward, not focus on the past. “There’s a time and place for it, I guess,” I say lightly. He lets out a small laugh through his nose. “Guess we gotta learn that too, huh?” he asks with a slight grin. I laugh too. Maybe we do. Jerking off with an eleven-year-old in between the two of us was probably not the best time or place either. “I need to stop telling him off. I don’t want him to turn out like me.” “Like you?” “Growing up fucking ashamed about that shit,” he says. This is a surprise to hear. I never once thought Wes felt some deep sense of shame about sex and masturbation, especially since he’s more cavalier about being nude than most fathers are. But now that I think about it, it makes sense. Sex, even solo sex, was an extremely taboo topic in our household growing up. Dad was a bit crazy. “I just don’t know how to do this, man,” Wes says with a sigh. “Dad wasn’t exactly the best role model,” I point out. He smiles. “That’s the damn truth.” Then he looks at me, a strange sadness in his eyes. “Am I as bad as he was? Be honest.” “You’re not a bad father, if that’s what you’re asking.” But he seems unconvinced. “I’m afraid to talk to my own kid,” he says, “just like Dad was. I don’t know what the fuck to say to Eli.” “Don’t talk to him like he’s a kid, then,” I suggest, and Wes pauses, looking at me with an intrigued expression. “Just talk to him like a normal person. Talk to him like you’d talk to me.” “Like I’d talk to you?” “Maybe don’t be as vulgar, but yeah,” I say with a smile. “Eli’s not stupid. And he’ll appreciate you giving him the same respect as one of the ‘adults’.” Wes seems lost in thought for a few minutes. Am I getting to him? Did I even make sense? I didn’t even think it was that profound of a suggestion, but he seems to be taking it to heart. There’s silence between us for a while, though, and as I’m coming up with something else to say, he says “I have an idea.” I wait for him to continue, but he just stares at me. “Okay…?” “You can tell me if it’s… I don’t know, crazy or something,” he says. “Just spit it out, Wes.” “What if… I shared my collection with him?” He looks nervous and embarrassed by his suggestion, and I’m sure I just look confused. “Your porn collection?” “Yeah. I mean, he finds it anyway,” he says — something he’s noticed ever since I mentioned it to him. “Might as well be open about it.” “That’s… not a bad idea,” I say slowly as I think about it. Wes perks up. “You think so?” I nod. “Yeah.” And I mean it. However different they may be, both of them are a bit obsessed with porn. That seems to be one of the only things they have in common. Honestly, that could open the door for their relationship and bring them closer together, in an albeit unconventional way. “So I’m not crazy?” he asks. “He’s not too young?” “I don’t think so,” I say. “He’s just as obsessed with porn as you are.” Wes laughs. “Guess he got something from me,” he says, rolling his eyes. I smile. “Do you even have much of a stash anymore?” Wes just smirks a little before gesturing for me to follow him. He brings me upstairs to his office and opens the bottom drawer to one of his many wide-build filing cabinets — a drawer he used to keep locked until he noticed Eli kept finding the key anyway. Inside are stacks of an assortment of tapes and magazines, all varied to fit whatever particular mood Wes may be in the mood for. “Jesus Christ,” I say, eyeing the drawer curiously. It looks like he has even more porn than he gave to me when I first moved out here. “I thought you didn’t have that much.” “I found more stuff in the attic that I forgot about,” he says, “and I ended up buying some more over the past few months.” I snort a little, squatting down and picking up a magazine at random. “Don’t normal people collect coins? Or stamps?” “Fuck off,” he says, snatching the magazine from me. “You just don’t have the same appreciation for it that I do.” I smile. I don’t know if it’s “appreciation” or an obsession that stems from Dad destroying his mini-collection when he was a teenager, but I let him be. “Eli does,” I point out. “So, what, you gonna give him his own key or something?” I meant it as a joke, but honestly, that wouldn’t be a horrible idea. Even Wes agrees. “Maybe,” he says, scratching his head. But in the meantime, he grabs a spare, empty cardboard box from the top of the filing cabinet and starts tossing nearly a dozen magazines in it. He seems to inspect each one before deciding which to keep in the cabinet and which to relocate to the box. After he goes through them all, he picks up the box with a grunt and says “C’mon.” I shut the drawer before we head izmit escort down the hallway and then stop in front of Eli’s room. Wes knocks on the door. “Eli? I’m coming in.” He opens the door, holding the box in one arm, and steps inside. I just stand in the doorway, leaning against the entrance and scoping out Eli’s room. I wonder if Wes made Eli clean his room, because the kid’s space is a bit of a mess. Art supplies litter the floor, and various articles of clothing are scattered all around. The boy seems to be in the middle of reorganizing brushes and pencils when Wesley steps in. He looks at his father curiously before he notices me waiting in the doorway. I just smile and nod at him. “C’mere for a sec,” Wes says, getting Eli’s attention as he sits down on the edge of Eli’s mattress and places the box beside him. He pats the spot next to him, signaling for Eli to hop up. Eli takes a seat on his bed next to his father, looking nervous. He even glances at me again, probably wondering what’s going on. Wes just clears his throat, searching for the right words. “First, um… I wanna apologize for snapping at you yesterday,” he says. “I was the one who messed up, not you, but I was embarrassed and took it out on you.” Eli just looks confused still, maybe even a little skeptical. “I want us to have a good relationship, you know?” he says. “I don’t want you to be afraid of me or anything, and I know I haven’t done much to reassure you, but… Well, anyway,” Wes says, clearing his head, “I want to make it up to you.” The boy blinks a few times before adjusting his glasses, not once looking away from his father. “I know you keep digging through my porn stash,” Wes says, and Eli blushes, “even after your Uncle Leo and I told you to stop. It’s okay, though,” he says quickly once Eli starts to look exceptionally nervous. “I’m not mad.” “You’re not?” Eli chirps. “No.” Wesley takes a breath. “If I’m gonna raise you right, I have to stop trying to be like *my* dad and just be honest and forward with you,” he says. I’m impressed that Wes has come to this realization on his own. Maybe therapy really is working wonders. “Think you can handle that?” Eli nods. “Good.” Wes clears his throat. “I keep it all in my office, in the bottom– Well, you obviously know where I keep them,” he says, and I laugh softly to myself. “But I’m giving you free access.” Eli’s eyebrows rise. “Really?” “Yeah. I have a couple ground rules though,” he says, holding up a finger before Eli gets too excited. “One: no watching porn in the living room. You can use the small TV in my office for tapes, and the volume has to be off if your mom is home.” “Okay.” “Two: when you use something, you put it back *exactly* where you found it. I keep my shit organized, kid. Don’t need you screwing things up.” I think Eli finds his father’s seriousness amusing, because he tries not to laugh. “Okay.” “Alright. And three: no shooting loads on the magazines,” Wes says, and Eli immediately starts laughing. “I’m serious,” Wes adds, but even he chuckles slightly. “I don’t wanna come back to sticky pages.” Eli giggles, hiding his mouth with his hand, but he nods. “Okay. Good. Now that that’s covered…” He grabs the box and puts it on his lap, tossing the lid back onto the blanket. “These are for you.” When he transfers the box to Eli’s lap, Eli looks surprised and wide-eyed. “For me?” “Honestly, they’re not my favorite. I just bought ’em, but they’re a little too modern for me. You’ll probably like them, though,” Wes says, and I’m sure he’s right about that. Eli’s taste in porn isn’t exactly refined yet. “Just keep ’em hidden in your room somewhere.” “Cool,” he says, pulling out the top magazine and glancing at the cover of a young girl in a pin-up sort of position on a luxurious bed, tits hanging perfectly. Then he looks at his father. “Can I shoot loads in these?” Wes pauses before he bursts out laughing. He covers Eli’s face with his palm and then pushes the kid onto his back playfully. “Don’t make me regret this, smartass.” Eli giggles, sitting back up and adjusting his glasses. “I won’t,” he says, smiling brightly. “Okay. Now finish cleaning up your room,” he insists, putting on his parenting voice. “Yes sir,” Eli says, and Wes pats Eli’s thigh as he starts to stand up. Before he can get to his feet, Eli grabs onto Wes and gives him a hug. It’s such a tender, surprising moment that I find myself smiling broadly. When Wes comes back towards the door, he has a big smile on his face, and even his cheeks are a little flushed. I let him walk past me first before I make eye contact with Eli, give him a little wink, and then follow Wesley downstairs. He heads right back into the kitchen, letting out a breath. “That went well, I think,” he says. I smile. “Definitely.” “He seemed happy, right?” Wes asks, clearly needing validation. “You mean you didn’t see that shit-eating grin of his? He’s never gonna leave his room.” He laughs. “Oh man. Tanya would probably kill me if she found out.” He bites on his lip a bit, looking slightly nervous before saying “Maybe I should tell him not to–” “He knows,” I say, not wanting him to waste his energy. I know better than anyone that he knows how and when to keep a secret. Wesley pauses, looking at me before nodding. The two of us stay downstairs for a while, mostly doing some reorganizing of the living room. Wes has wanted to “redecorate” (by which he simply means rearranging the furniture and the location of the television set) for a while, so we switch around the couches into a U-shape, with the television up against the staircase. It’s a simple shift, but it changes the whole flow of the living room. Soon Tanya gets back with groceries, so Wes and I help her with those before she shoos us out of the kitchen. She says she has a lot to cook and doesn’t need distractions. Wes and I simply set up a few snacks and refreshments in the living room before relaxing on the couch and chatting. As Wes and I kick back with a beer for him and a stiffer drink for myself, we see Eli come downstairs, practically skipping, clearly happier than I left him yesterday. “Eli, is that you?” Tanya calls from the kitchen. “Yes,” he says, hopping down to the last step. “Jimmy’s on his way, honey.” “Cool,” he says cheerfully before turning to me and his dad. He comes over and joins us by the couch, kneeling on the floor between us so that he can still face us. “Hey, squirt,” I tease. He smiles before turning to his dad. “I looked at one of the magazines.” Wes arches his eyebrow, smirking. “Already?” “Yeah,” he says with a little nod. “It was super cool.” Wes chuckles, shaking his head. “I figured you’d like it.” “Can I show Jimmy when he gets here?” he asks. “Uhh…” Wesley turns to me, but I just shrug. “I guess so,” he says tentatively. “But don’t be up there all night. And no going in the office tonight. And don’t get caught,” he adds. “I won’t,” he says, smiling brightly at the prospect of showing his friend new porn. He grabs a chip from the bowl on the coffee table before skipping off towards the kitchen to see his mom. Wes grunts slightly, glancing back at his son before leaning into me. “You think that’s a good idea?” he asks, unsure if he’s making the right decision. “I don’t think it’s a big deal,” I tell him. “What if Jimmy talks?” “He won’t,” I tell him. “Relax, man. It’s just some magazines.” “Just some magazines,” he says with a nod before sipping his beer. I’m sort of amused by his worries, but it’s nice to see that he’s thinking about his decisions rather than acting rash. I like this new Wes. The two of us lounge around until, only fifteen minutes later, Ruth and Jimmy arrive. It’s sort of humorous to see Eli bolt out of the kitchen. Before Wes and I can even say hello, he goes straight for Jimmy without even acknowledging his friend’s mother, and within a second, he’s pulling Jimmy out of the room and up the stairs. Ruth laughs. “Nice to see you too, Elijah!” she calls out before shaking her head. “Why the hell did we have boys, Tanya?” Ruth calls out to her friend. “Bunch of weirdos.” “Don’t hate on all of us,” I say with a little smile, and Ruth turns at the sound of my voice. She smiles when she sees me on the couch. “Well hello, handsome!” she says pleasantly, coming into the living room. I stand up as she sets down a plastic bag of food to hug me and kiss my cheek. “I should have figured you were coming!” “Forgetting about me already?” She gives me a sultry grin. “Don’t be silly,” she says, rubbing my arm before turning to Wesley. “Hey, you.” Wes smiles as he stands and hugs Ruth, not without giving me a knowing grin. “How’s it going, Ruth?” “Oh, you know, same old, same old,” she says, pulling back and then messing with her hair a bit. “What’s new with you? I heard there’s something going on with your job?” Wes and I all glance at each other, and Ruth is quick to pick up on that. “Oh. Is it a secret or something?” she asks with a laugh. “No,” Wes says before clearing his throat. “I, uh… I quit.” She looks genuinely shocked. Clearly Tanya didn’t give her the full story. “Quit?!” she asks, gawping. “I– Wow! I thought you loved that job!” He shrugs. “It was taking up too much of my time. And my mental health.” “I respect that,” she says, looking at Wesley curiously. “Well, good for you for putting your mental health first. Not enough people do that. What are you gonna do instead?” Wesley laughs. “Great question,” he says, clearly not having the answer yet. She smiles, her dimples deepening. “Well, we can help you figure things out.” After Ruth grabs a beer, the four of us stand around in the kitchen, chatting away while Tanya cooks. Wesley eventually helps her with the dough for her homemade, gourmet pizza rolls, working his fingers into the floury paste and mostly leaving Ruth and myself to talk. She catches me up on her seamstress side-business as well as her dog, of which she shows me plenty of adorable pictures and videos. Suddenly we hear a cry coming from upstairs, and Tanya swears under her breath. “Uhh…” She holds up her hands, caked with flour and egg. “I’ll check on her,” I tell her, alleviating her from multitasking. She thanks me before I excuse myself. I head upstairs to check on Elaine, finding her in her crib in Wes and Tanya’s room. She cries a little bit, sounding so shrill and sure to give me a headache if I don’t get her to calm down soon. I reach in and pick up that little bundle, rocking her in my arms. Maybe attention is all she needed, because she calms down quickly, peering up at me with those large, almost oddly circular eyes. Then she reaches up one of her hands, trying to grab at something — and when I lean in, she grips my nostrils and lets out the cutest giggle. I chuckle, letting her play with my nose. If it makes her happy, so be it. I hear movement in the next room, though. Thinking it’s the boys, I carry Elaine and head across the hall to find Wes’s office door wide open. Sure enough, both Eli and Jimmy are in here. I stand in the doorway as Jimmy yahya kaptan escort opens that sacred bottom drawer, clearly trying to be quiet. He even shushes his friend when he thinks Jimmy’s being too loud. I clear my throat and nearly burst out laughing when the boys jump so suddenly it’s like they received electric shocks. Caught red-handed. “What’s going on in here, boys?” I ask, cocking an eyebrow. “Nothing,” Eli says, though he’s blushing. “Didn’t your dad say no going in his office?” “We were just…” Jimmy starts to say, but he trails off, looking to Eli for support. “Just…?” I ask. “We wanted to look at some tapes,” Eli admits. I laugh slightly. “The magazines he gave you weren’t enough for you?” When Eli just shrugs, I sigh. “Out,” I tell them both, standing aside so I don’t block the entire doorway. Jimmy rushes out first, fleeing adult confrontation, and Eli closes the drawer before attempting to follow his friend while avoiding my eye. I stop him before he can leave the room though. “Barely two hours and you’re already breaking the rules.” “I’m sorry,” he says. “Don’t do it again,” I say firmly, hating that I have to be a little more stern with him. “Your father’s choosing to trust you. Don’t fuck it up.” That seems to get through to him, because his face goes redder than I’ve seen it in a while. He just nods, embarrassed. “Good. C’mon,” I say, ushering him out of the room. He hurries to go join his friend, but before he turns into his room, I stop them both. “Nuh uh!” I say. “Downstairs.” “But we have–” “Downstairs,” I repeat more firmly this time. “You’ve been up here long enough.” Eli sighs before mumbling “C’mon” to his friend and then trudging grumpily down the stairs. I just shake my head. Maybe agreeing to let him show Jimmy wasn’t a great idea, but I don’t blame him. Boys are animals. I set Elaine down in her crib again before heading back downstairs to join everybody else. Eli and Jimmy mostly keep to themselves as the rest of the adults chat and pop open the bottle of wine I brought. A few drinks in, and I’m feeling light and happy — the perfect energy to welcome in the new year. As it gets closer to midnight, we all sit around the living room talking about things that happened this year that were exciting, or meaningful, or hard. Things that top off the list include Elaine being born, Ruth and Jimmy getting a dog, and Wes finally quitting his job. Then Eli chirps up: “Uncle Leo came home.” Everyone concurs with applause and cheers, and Ruth (who’s sitting next to me) graces me with a kiss on the cheek. What makes me happiest though is when I make eye contact with Eli. He gives me a smile that’s clearly just meant for me. It’s interesting to reflect on this year for myself. Getting out of jail is certainly one of the best things that happened to me this year, with getting closer to Eli being a top contender. I got a job, so that’s something. And I met Vince, a young man who intrigues me more than most people I’ve ever met. We have a friendship unlike any relationship I’ve ever had. On the surface, it’s a normal friendship despite the minor age gap between us. But what keeps us *really* bonded is the secrets underneath, the stories we share, the fantasies we have, the openness between us. I miss the guy. I wonder how his trip is going. Once it’s five minutes to midnight, Tanya unmutes the television so that we can watch the live coverage of Time’s Square. Eli, who was sitting on the floor with Jimmy, casually moves to the couch and squeezes in between me and the arm of the couch. I feel him rest his head against my shoulder, and I smile gently, placing my hand on his thigh and giving it a gentle squeeze. We all count down the seconds. 10… 9… 8… 3… 2… 1… “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” we all cry, laughing and clapping once the mini-fireworks go off. I feel joyous, for no real reason at all besides the fact that the energy in this room is contagious. A minute later, I feel my phone buzz and see a text from Vince that makes me smile too: “happy new yr! :-)” We don’t stay up too late, though. Ruth is tired and has to head back home, so we all say goodbye to her and Jimmy. Then, after Tanya suggests I just stay the night (even though the effects of the alcohol have long since worn off), I decide to stay. Tanya heads into the kitchen with Wesley to start cleaning up the mountain of dishes from tonight’s minor festivities, leaving Eli and me in the living room. Eli looks behind the couch towards the kitchen as if waiting for his parents to be out of earshot. Then, he looks at me. “Did you tell Dad?” he asks softly. I know exactly what he’s referring to. “No.” He looks a little relieved, but I’m happy he at least looks somewhat ashamed. It shows he’s not just upset that he almost got into major trouble. “I’m sorry for disobeying.” “I know,” I say, rubbing his back. “You’re a good kid, Eli. Just don’t do it again. Okay?” He nods and then leans against me, resting his head on my shoulder. He’s quiet for a moment before he asks something random, looking up at me. “Will you be my New Year’s kiss?” I laugh. “What?” “They all did it on the TV.” He’s right. The camera kept panning over the crowd, focusing on couples that were sharing their first kiss of the year. “They were all couples, weren’t they?” “Well, you’re my boyfriend, remember?” he says, smiling. I laugh hard for a moment. “How could I forget?” He smiles before leaning in a bit more. “So?” “So what?” I tease. “Uncle Leo, c’mon.” I chuckle a bit before shushing him. I glance back towards the kitchen before saying “Make it quick.” He beams for a moment before his eyes flicker to my lips. Then, we lean into each other, locking lips. We let it linger, and I feel his hands clutching onto my shirt as he deepens the kiss. There’s the slightest hint of tongue before I hear Eli let out a tiny little whimper that makes my loins ache. We should stop. Any further, and we’d be really risking getting caught. I pull back, slightly breathless but with a loose smile on my face. “That’s enough for now.” “Okay,” he says, blushing but satisfied. Then he looks at my crotch. “Are you hard?” “Um…” I definitely feel my cock straining slightly. “A little bit.” “Me too,” he says softly, keeping his legs tightly closed. God, I want to touch him right now. “Can you visit me later?” “In your room?” He nods. “That’s a little risky.” “Please?” he asks. “We can do it when Mom and Dad go to bed.” We shouldn’t, but… “Maybe you should come down here instead,” I tell him. He seems to like that idea, because he smiles. “Okay.” Then he leans in and kisses my cheek before hopping off the couch. “See you later,” he whispers before running towards the stairs, and as he heads up, I find my heart beating and my cock only getting harder. “Uncle Leo.” I hear my name, but it sounds so distant, like I’m at the bottom of a well or something. The voice gets closer and clearer, though, and after a moment, I feel a weird sensation near my shoulder. “Uncle Leo, wake up.” I manage to let out a little groan as I come to, the weight of my body more apparent than ever. But as I’m pulled from sleep, I realize it’s not just *my* weight that I’m conscious of — it’s Eli’s, too. When I open my eyes, I see Eli lying on top of me, smiling. “Hnnghuh?” is the only noise that comes out of my mouth. Eli laughs a little. “Hi.” I don’t even remember dozing off. I blink a few times, realizing that I’m still in all my clothes from earlier. I must have lied down to rest my eyes and then completely passed out. Someone even put a blanket on me, which Eli is so cozily lying on top of. “What time is it?” I say groggily. It’s pitch black outside, and the only lighting in here is one of the small lamps in the corner that gives the living room a soft, minimal glow. “Umm…” He squints over at the clock hanging on the wall. “3:42?” “Jesus, kid,” I sigh, rubbing my forehead. “Do you want me to let you sleep?” I can hear the disappointment in his voice, so I appease him. “No, it’s okay,” I tell him and smile a little. “I’m up.” It’ll take me a few more moments to really wake up, but I’ll be fine. I just reach over and run my fingers through his hair tenderly. “Good,” he says, sliding up a bit to peck my lips before he leans over the couch. He grabs something off the floor and says “I brought something” as he sets a magazine on my chest. I laugh. “Seriously?” It can only possibly be one kind of magazine: porn. “Yeah,” he says with a smile. “I wanna look at it with you.” I take it in my hands and glance at the cover: a Color Climax magazine. “This one of the magazines your dad gave you?” I ask. “Yeah,” he says, peering at the cover with me. It’s a photo of a threesome, featuring two guys and a girl between them. The focus is on the girl, though, who’s handling two cocks with a sensual expression. You can’t even see the men besides their thighs, midsections, and (of course) their hard, dripping cocks. “I haven’t looked at it yet.” “I’m shocked,” I say with a grin, starting to leaf through the pages. He stops me before I get anywhere, though. “No!” he says, taking the magazine. “We gotta look at it *together*.” I chuckle a bit before saying “Fine, fine.” I stretch lightly. “Wanna get under here with me?” He grins widely before nodding and then burrowing his way between my body and the blanket. I grunt as he shifts around and then settles with resting his back flat against my torso, the sides of our faces touching. “Is this okay?” “Yeah,” I tell him, one of my hands resting on his inner thigh. Fuck, he’s so warm. “You wanna handle the magazine?” “Okay.” Eli takes charge of our entertainment, holding the magazine up as he slowly goes through each page, soaking in what he sees. The magazine features up-close shots of blowjobs, various states of undress, both men going down on her simultaneously, and tons of different fucking positions. Everyone is hairy and natural, fucking raw and unabashedly. I never thought a magazine would stir me so much — but all things considered, it’s probably just because I have company. We talk about each of the pictures and what we find sexy about them. Turns out Eli likes a lot of the close-ups (especially the penetrative shots) and any picture with cum in it. I prefer the far away shots, myself, because I like seeing everyone’s full bodies as well as the scene around them. Eli finds that interesting because those are his least favorite — “boring”, he calls them. I just smile, understanding. He’s still young. Seeing a zoomed-in picture of a dick doing what it does best is probably the most exciting thing he could see at this point of his life. When we get to a picture of some up-close pussy-eating, I feel my cock twitch a bit. It’s certainly a hot sight, but I can’t do anything about it. Eli’s resting right on my dick. “Girl parts are so weird,” Eli comments, inspecting the picture with a studious expression. He hates the word “vagina” for some reason. “Boy parts are weird too,” I tell him, moving gebze escort my hand from his inner thigh to his crotch and giving him a little tickle. He laughs. “I like them better though,” he says. “Yeah?” I keep my hand on his groin, noticing how hard he is in his pajamas. I stroke him lightly with my thumb. “Definitely.” “What do you like about ’em?” I ask curiously. “Umm…” He sets the magazine down, thinking about it for a moment while I touch him slowly. “I don’t know,” he says with a shrug. “They’re just so cool. And they make cum.” I chuckle. “Yeah, you love cum.” “I love *your* cum,” Eli says cutely, tilting his head towards me and giving me a wicked little smile. It makes my cock twitch again. I bite my lip slightly, but Eli quickly leans in and pushes his lips against mine, snagging a long kiss. Simultaneously, one of his hands slip under the blanket to rest on top of mine — the one that’s groping him. He moves my hand up and down his little bulge for a few moments before guiding my hand right into his pajama pants. I feel my fingers touch skin and slip past the waistband of his briefs before I make contact with what he really wants me to touch. Eli lets out another signature whimper once my hand starts rubbing his cock. He raises his hips up slightly, pushing against my palm, eager for more contact. I just hold onto him tightly. I slide my other hand up his shirt, my rough, slightly calloused fingers nudging against his nipple and making his breath hitch. He squirms slowly, rhythmically. This boy has got me raging fucking hard. We kiss like this for a while, keeping things slow, letting the magazine slide to the floor. I make sure my touches are deep and deliberate, letting my rough hand roam his tender skin while I jack him off unhurriedly. I’m sure I’m making quite a wet spot in my own underwear, but I’m more focused on my nephew right now. It’s all about making him feel good. Eventually he pulls back, panting slightly. “I’m getting hot,” he says. I smile a little. I can definitely feel the temperature shift under the blanket, especially near his groin. “Wanna take these off?” I ask, tugging on his pajama pants. It’s a little too cold to fool around without the blanket (especially if we’re going as slow as we are), but he might be more comfortable with less layers. “Yeah,” he says, biting his lip as he starts moving around under the blanket, clearly taking his pants off of his hips. When he gets them off, he kicks them out from under the blanket, and I hear them land on the floor with that unmistakable thud of clothes hitting carpet. He shifts onto his stomach now as he gets on top of me. “Better?” I ask. He nods, smiling and then leaning up to kiss me again. I hum against his lips, letting my hands slide around his body. That’s when I notice he took off his underwear, too. I chuckle as I feel the smooth globes of his ass, and I rest a hand on each one as he pushes his hips against me. He’s grinding slowly, and I can feel the muscles in his ass tightening and loosening over and over again. When he pulls back from my lips again, he looks at me with his glasses slightly askew. “You should take your pants off.” I smile slightly. “Should I, now?” He nods. “Please?” I chuckle a bit before giving him a simple nod. “Back up a bit,” I say as I reach down. He kneels between my legs as I undo my belt. Once I get it open, he quickly takes over, undoing my button and fly and then trying to help tug my jeans off my hips. As he helps me get my pants off completely, I can’t help but notice that I was right: sure enough, there’s a dark wet spot in the front of my boxers where the head of my dick has been leaking for the past, what, thirty minutes now? Eli tosses my jeans to the floor before looking at my crotch. He grips my hard-on through the fabric and I let out a little grunt but let him feel out my length. He gives it a few squeezes before he peels back the waistband, pulls my cock out, and goes down on me without a word. I moan out softly, watching his lips wrap around the head of my cock and suck gently. I comb my fingers through his hair before resting a palm on the back of his head while he simultaneously strokes me and bobs up and down. The sounds of him sucking me off are incredible: small gags when he takes me just slightly into his throat, sloppy slurps as he works back and forth, gulps as he swallows down a mix of spit and precum. Fuck, he’s so sexy. I wish I had a magazine of *him*. Better yet, tapes. Eli pulls off slightly, holding my cock up gingerly and lapping at the head of it. I watch him lick his lips and hum as if tasting something savory before he glances up at me and notices me looking. He smiles. “You have the best dick.” I laugh. “Tasted a lot of dick, have you?” I tease. He just blushes and laughs before letting go of my manhood and climbing up my body to kiss me again. I hold him close, giving his butt a firm grab before starting to tug him up more. He gets the hint *real* quick, pulling back from my lips and then sitting squarely on my chest. I lick my lips as I nudge his groin a little closer to my face and inhale his boyish fragrance. It has a sweet quality to it, and it makes my mouth water. Leaning forward, I part my lips and take his hard nail right into my mouth, eliciting a chorus of soft moans from him. I suckle on just the head for a moment before rocking my head back and forth, engulfing him completely each time I move down to the base. Eli grunts and grips my hair tightly before he starts moving his hips on his own. I smile slightly, holding onto his ass as he starts gently fucking my mouth. It’s more of a grind than anything else, but I let him do his thing while my hands explore. I bring one hand right down to my cock, stroking it slowly, and with the other hand, I slide my fingers between his cheeks and gently rub his little starfish. That makes Eli moan out even more, but he quickly bites his lip to keep quiet — which is good, because I clearly am not thinking. Quite fucking bold of us to be fooling around with Wes and Tanya right upstairs when we’re not even behind closed doors. The fear of getting caught causes my desire to make Eli cum increase tenfold. I press insistently on his hole — not with the intention of penetrating him, but just to add that sensation he likes so much. I also tighten my lips around his cock and let my tongue go wild. Eli whimpers a little more at the increase in tempo, still rutting against my face. Then, eventually, those sweet words come out: “I’m gonna cum, Uncle Leo.” I don’t stop, not for a second. I keep up my pace until I feel Eli’s fingers gripping my hair even more tightly. It hurts a little, but I allow it, more interested in feeling how he trembles and shakes until he finally squirts his cum into my mouth. I hum appreciatively, swallowing down his little load before pulling off gently. He pants, his eyes closed for a moment, and I smile up at him, giving his dick a small kiss. He giggles slightly, opening his eyes and letting go of my hair. “That was good,” he says breathily. I laugh. “Thank you. Or, you’re welcome?” “Both,” Eli says. I give his still-hard pecker one more kiss before asking him if he can help me out. He turns his head towards my stiff member and immediately turns around, hopping off of my chest with surprising energy. Oh, how envious I am of his youth, being able to spring back into action so quickly. He straddles my stomach with his back facing me and takes my cock in his hand. I can’t see what he’s doing, but I can feel it. Oh, I can feel it, his expert fingers that have become so accustomed to my cock. He spits down on my dick to make it nice and slick too, and I hear those wet noises clearly — only broken up by the sounds of my soft moans. I close my eyes, tensing my legs as my orgasm approaches. My breathing gets a little heavier, and Eli, who’s stroking me with both of his hands, increases his pace, sensing that I’m close. “Fuck,” I groan, and something catches in my throat just as I’m about to cum. I’m silent as my hips raise a bit, lifting Eli up slightly, and I hear him giggle before my moan finally comes out. A split second later, cum erupts from the head of my dick. My cock throbs and throbs, spewing several shots before finally ending. I relax my body, tired all over again, resting my eyes. I feel Eli loosely playing with my cock, which is getting soft in his hand post-orgasm. I hear a sucking noise, though, and when I open my eyes, I ask him what he’s doing. He turns his head back towards me when he’s in the middle of sucking my cum off of one of his fingers. I can see his hand has a rope of my load on the back of his wrist, and it makes me wonder how messy it got. “You got it all over me,” Eli says. I laugh tiredly. “Did I?” “Yeah. All on my shirt.” Eli turns around in my lap to show me his now-messy shirt, splattered with cum-stains. “Sorry,” I say with a little laugh, though I’m impressed by my load. It’s on his thighs, too. “That’ll wash out, don’t worry.” “I know,” he says, and I smile slightly. He knows that very well by now. I watch him as he laps up the cum off the back of his wrist before he rests back on top of me, making me grunt a little. He shifts to his side a bit, though, moving his legs off my lap just enough so that he can continue fondling my spent cock, still sticking out of my boxers. “I wanna sleep here with you,” he says softly as his fingers trace the head. “We don’t wanna get in trouble,” I remind him. “We could put our clothes back on,” he suggests. I give his butt a little pat. “Still suspicious, don’t you think? If we’re all cuddled up on the couch in the morning?” Eli just shrugs. “I could pretend I had a nightmare or something.” I laugh a little. “I guess that’s not a bad idea.” He looks at me. “So you’ll let me stay?” I sigh through my nose. Maybe I’m feeling particularly sappy today, but seeing him smile at the prospect of simply sleeping with me makes my heart swell and my hesitations take a backseat. “Alright,” I tell him, and he beams before kissing my cheek. I make him change his shirt, though (as well as bring the magazine back upstairs), so he quickly heads upstairs to change into different pajamas. When he comes back down, I have my underwear back on (even though the leg of it is damp from Eli rubbing his cum-splattered thighs on it) and he’s donning a tight little Superman t-shirt with the same pajama pants from earlier. I lift the blanket up for him as I rest on my side, and he hops in with a happy smile, pressing his back up against my torso — even making sure his ass is nice and snug against my crotch. I put my arm around him, holding him close and then kissing his neck. “Sleep tight, cutie.” Eli laughs from the tickling sensation of my scruff against his sensitive neck. “G’night, Uncle Leo.” He brings my hand up to his face briefly so that he can kiss my knuckles. I smile to myself as we rest together, perfectly comfortable and toasty under the blanket. I feel so incredibly blessed, so insurmountably fortunate. What a way to welcome in the new year, huh? A handful of hours in, and I get to cuddle with my little lover through a cold, winter night. Still, it’s just another day, isn’t it? It may be a new year, but it’s the same old us, the same old love that binds us.

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