Little One Ch. 04

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Cleo scampered across the yard, chasing after her favorite toy, a squeaky hedgehog. I sat on the grass, drinking a Manhattan, and smiling softly and occasionally petting Scout. It was a calm night; the birds were chirping, the sunset was just about to happen, the air was cool but not chilly and the smell of incoming rain was so relaxing. My little pet eagerly ran up and dropped the toy in my lap.

“Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl? Cleo is!” I praised and scratched behind her ears. She wagged her fluffy tail and gave a happy yip. Her hair was a mess and she had grass stains all over from wrestling with Scout in the yard. My goal was to really tire her out. It was day five of her official training and my constant teasing was making her endlessly hyper. I threw the toy again and she took off. She was wearing the purple rubber mittens with bows around her wrists and matching knee pads so she wouldn’t scrape herself up.

Training was going very well. She was keen to learn and please. I knew I was right about her when I rescued her from that auction. She was a natural submissive who just needed a patient master to allow her to relax into her rightful place. That’s not to say she wasn’t a tease or that she didn’t try to be coy. Oh, I knew when she was purposefully being a brat. Sometimes I would tell her to get out of bed and she would roll under the covers and growl playfully. Or she would take the longest route possible when I told her to come. Whenever she was a brat it just meant she wanted me to be more controlling; she wasn’t actually trying to disobey me. She thrived off being spanked or cropped and pushed around.

We played fetch until the sun went down. She got distracted by the fire flies as they started to come out and it was cute to watch her gaze lock on one specific bug and then chase it and try to get it to land on her paw. I didn’t let her do this for too long though because I didn’t want other bugs to start biting her up. Before we went in, I commanded her to relieve herself once more for the night. Once inside she drank plenty and I gave her a crunchy granola bar for a snack.

As per our daily routine, she started to go towards the stairs as if it was time for bed, but I had other plans.

“Not so fast, little one. We are not done yet.” I said deviously. She whimpered and followed me to the playroom. I knew she was curious. We had already finished training for today so to her there was no other reason to go back.

“Go present on the pad in the middle of the, princess.” I ordered. She obediently did so while I gathered a flogger, an open mouth gag, a vibrator and some rope.

“Hands behind your back.” I said and then tied her wrists together tightly. Next, I drew a chain down from the ceiling and hooked it to her bound wrists and cranked it back up, which forced her to lean forward Starzbet and place more weight in her shoulders. She whimpered and tested the strength of the bondage as always. One of my favorite things to watch was her whole body relax once she was tied. She would test to see how in control I was and if she thought she could get out, she would certainly try. She had only been able to wriggle out once, only to wait patiently for me to restrain her fully. My sweet little slave just needed to know she wasn’t responsible for anything, then she could fully give in.

“Open your mouth, puppy.” I filled her mouth with the ring gag. She immediately started drooling. Her cute, pink tongue was wiggling around, trying to push the gag out, which of course, she couldn’t.

“Oh, such a messy little slave, you can’t control your spit.” I teased. She mewled quietly in response. I held up the whip, giving her a good look at all its tassels. “Now, my sweet pet, I am going to whip you until your little ass is tingly and red, and your perky tits are hard and sore.” She moaned and slumped a little. I could see a puddle forming on the mat under her. She loved pain. Every night so far, I had either spanked her, used the crop or paddled her, testing her limits. She would be a hot mess when we were done sweaty and sticky. It always made her desperately horny, humping anything and everything until I would command her to stop. Believe me, it has taken some true will power not to just pin her to the ground and shove my cock in her. I’ve had to jack off twice a day just to keep myself from rutting like a prepubescent boy. But tonight, I planned on getting a little relief from that innocent, wet mouth.

I stroked her back with my nails, making her shiver. She loved back scratches; they made her melt like chocolate sitting in the sun. I then draped the flogger’s tails over her ass, letting her anticipate what I planned. I teased her for quite a long time, lulling her into a false calm. When I noticed her eyes starting to droop, I cracked the whip on her soft ass. She squealed and wiggled on the mat. I just laughed deviously.

“Oh, little one, it’s going to get a lot harder than that.” I warned right as I whipped her again on the other cheek. He ass bounced and started to turn red. My attack continued strategically until her thighs and ass were bright red and she was a mess of tears, drool, and whimpers. I figured her backside had had enough so I circled back around to her front. Her head was lolling to the side. I knelt down and stroked her hair while wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“You are being such a good girl for your Master. I am so pleased, little one. Do you think you can take more? Do you want me to pay some attention to your soft tits?” I stroked her cheek and gripped her chin, making her look me in Starzbet Giriş the eyes. Yes, there was pain in her but she was also incredibly aroused. She had a sort of glazed over look but her pupils were large and eager. Oh yes, she would definitely handle more. In response to my questions, she licked my hand lightly, kissing it, letting me know she was here to please me.

Who was I to deny such a pleading face?

The flogger fell on her lovely tits and the snap was accompanied by a sweet cry. God, hearing her moan and whimper just made my cock so hard I felt it would pop the button off my pants. I was hungry. Hungry for her screams, her pain, her submission. I whipped her chest until she was shaking. When I dropped the flogger, I knelt down and cradled her head.

“That’s a good little pet. You are so strong for your Master. You did so well, little one.” I cooed. She relaxed into my arms as best she could, strung up like she was. I stroked her hair and face until her shaking subsided.

I simply could not wait any longer. I had been very patient and had not used her sexually yet. Or at least I hadn’t used her directly to cum. But her wet mouth with that adorable tongue was just asking to be fucked.

“Now, little one, your master needs you to make him feel good, okay?” I made her look me in the eyes. She immediately nodded her head. So obedient. So perfect. I stepped back and started to remove my jeans, which were far too restrictive. I watched her eyes widen and regard me warily. Once my cock was freed, standing tall and proud, I walked calmly to her.

“I am going to put my cock in your mouth, okay, little one?”

She gave me an incredulous look. Not a “hell no” look, but more of a “you expect that to fit???” look. I don’t consider myself to be massive, but I am certainly not a twig. I was a good seven inches but I was more proud of the thickness. I couldn’t wait to stretch her virgin pussy with it.

“Have you ever done this before?” I asked. She shook her head, unsurprisingly. “Okay then, I want you to relax, focus on breathing through your nose. I will go slow and let you adjust. Just trust me, little one, trust your master.” I commanded in a low voice. She wiggled a little on her knees, getting a steadier position, and then lift her head up and looked me in the eyes. Such a strong little pet.

I smiled and placed my cock right on her lips, tracing the edges and leaving pre-cum dripping from her gagged mouth. Her tongue tentatively lapped at the tip, making me groan. I could not wait any longer. I waited two long months to use my pet, my slave, and I’ll be damned to hell if I did not earn it. I pushed my cock in her wet hole and nearly shook from the heavenly feeling. I threaded my hands in her thick brown hair and pulled her closer. When my cock hit the Starzbet Güncel Giriş back of her throat, I think I saw stars. All the while, she was diligently licking the shaft as best she could. I started to go back and forth slowly, letting her get a pattern for breathing down. But quickly enough, my face was going faster and faster. At this point she was just focused on breathing. I shoved my cock further down her tight throat with each thrust, making her gag each time. God, I have always loved the sound of a woman gagging on my cock, but to hear my own little slave choking, and knowing it was her first time, sent me closer to the edge faster than I wanted to admit.

I think I was only able to withstand five minutes before I came right in her hot mouth. “Swallow it all. If you spill any, you will be licking it off the floor.” I growled. As she gasped, she did manage to swallow my cum. What a good girl. “Now, use your tongue and clean me off, princess.” As enthusiastic as ever, she licked me all over, making sure she got every drop of cum off of me. When I deemed her effort successful, I backed up, put my pants back on and scratched her head. She looked utterly exhausted. Her eyes were fluttering and she was leaning forward more and more, forcing her to stretch her shoulders more.

I felt like the devil and I picked up the vibrator. My poor little Cleo looked at me with wide eyes while spit dripped from her chin. “Oh, little baby, did you think I was done with you? Tsk, tsk. I still have one more thing to torment you with.” She shuddered and mewled as I turned on the vibrator.

First, I teased her hard nipples with the wand. Her chest was a nice pink color and also slick with sweat and saliva. I teased her, making her squirm and I let the vibrations tickle her stomach. The closer I got to her drippy cunt, the more she rotated her hips, begging for the touch while simultaneously trying to escape it. I traced her pussy lips gently while rolling her nipples between my fingers. She was constantly whimpering at this point. Time to go up a notch. I suddenly place the tip of the wand right on her clit, which was poking out of its covering. She jolted and cried out, trying to avoid me. I snickered and followed her, giving her no rest. I put a single finger in her pussy and my lord it was tight. This was the first time I ever put anything in her cunt and I could feel her inside spazzing. She whimpered and begged, both for me to stop and continue. When I had her shaking on my finger and near finishing, I stopped all contact.

The sound she made was animalistic and strangled. God, it was so sexy. “I am afraid that is all you get tonight, pet.” I said casually as i turned away to put away all my devious tools. I could hear her yanking on her rope and chains and whining. She wanted it so badly. By the end of the week, when I shoved my cock in her, she would be a puddle, a bitch in heat.

Once I untied her, she collapsed into my arms, having no energy to support herself. I carried her upstairs, gently bathed her and tucked her into bed right next to me. Oh yes, I had efficiently worn her out.

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