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My husband was engaged to a German girl who lived in a suburb of Frankfurt in the early seventies. While sorting through some of his old photos I came across over a hundred photos of Inge. I was astounded at how beautiful she was and how much they seemed in love in many of the photos. When I asked Tom about why they never got married he told me the following story:

I was a teacher for The Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Frankfurt during 1971 to 1973. During that time it was nearly impossible for anyone associated with the American military to meet a nice German girl. It seemed like there were “Gast Haus Girls”, who wanted to smoke as many cheap PX cigarettes and drink as much beer as they could get the GI’s to buy them, and then there were “nice German girls”; who would never dream of going out with an American.

The fact that I was a civilian and had long hair, as well as being a schoolteacher is the only reason that Inge gave me a second look. Inge was twenty-two years old and well educated. She had a good job at a pharmacy and helped support her mother and sister and brother. I made decent money during the school year and we weren’t poor, but we had to budget our money closely.

Inge was a virgin when we started going out and we did not sleep together until we had been seeing each other for more than two months. After about six months we more or less moved in together. Inge would stay at my apartment about four days a week and at her mother’s about three days a week.

We had decided to go to Norway and Sweden together when the school year came to an end. I had nearly three months off work with no checks until September, but had saved enough money to get me through that period. Inge could get a month holiday in late June so she could come with me.

We drove up through northern Germany and Denmark to the top of Norway and came back south via Stockholm, Sweden. In Stockholm we realized that money was getting a little tight but figured we had enough to get us back to Frankfurt. I knew that I would not be able to do any traveling for the remainder of the summer, but figured that I could survive until my first paycheck in September.

On the way down to Copenhagen our Volkswagen Campmobile started to behave badly. When we reached Copenhagen we took it in to a Volkswagen Dealer and we were told that the engine had to be replaced and that the van was out of warranty. The cost would eat up the remainder of my summer savings and leave us just enough money for gas to get home according to the estimate. However, repairs took longer than the VW garage figured and we could not sleep in the van while it was being repaired, so we had to find the cheapest hotel we possibly could. By the time the car was repaired and we paid off our hotel bill we would not have enough money for gas back to Frankfurt or even meals.

We wondered the streets of Copenhagen looking for some sort of employment with no success. In the area of our hotel there were very many “live shows”. Inge had asked me exactly what a live show was and I had explained to her (I had been in Copenhagen before) that they were live sex acts on stage.

When we saw a sign that said, “Tonight’s performance cancelled Female performer wanted”, Inge asked what did I think they would pay us to make love on stage? I was horrified! She laughed and asked Bostancı Escort me if I thought I would ever see any members of the audience again.

Finally she talked me into going with her to speak to the manager. The manager was very interested in Inge, but made it very plain that he did not want me. Inge told him that the only way she would have sex on stage was if it was with me. I was more or less speechless throughout the whole interview as much of it was in rapid fire German. The manager told Inge that the pay was 700 Kronor a performance (nearly $150 at that time) for women and 200 Kronor a performance for men, but that he would not pay me anything as I was not a ‘professional’ and that he could not be certain of my ‘abilities’.

Before I could say anything Inge agreed that we would be the next evenings performance. We figured that after we paid off the hotel bill we might have enough money for gas to get home.

The next evening back stage I could not believe how packed the theatre was. Our ‘act’ was to come out dance around the stage to one song and then strip off each other’s outfits and get up on a revolving platform where Inge would first perform oral sex on me before intercourse.

Well you know what they say about, “The best laid plans of mice and men…” When we got up onto the platform and Inge took me in her mouth I could not get an erection. She tried and tried and the audience began to grumble and catcall and that made the situation worse. Finally chants for a refund started and Lars the manager pulled the curtain shut on our act.

Lars came storming onto the stage and said, “This is why I did not want your boyfriend. I was afraid that this would happen and that is why I had Bruno come in.”

“You get off the stage!” he said to me.

“And you” he said to Inge, “stay right were you are if you want to be paid.”

Inge gave me a frightened look, and before she could make up her mind what to do, Lars stepped out onto the stage from behind the curtain and told the crowd that the show would go on and that they would not be disappointed. He then said, “Now ladies and gentlemen….Bruno!” The curtains began to open again and I was hustled to the wings. Standing in front of the curtains was the biggest black man in a tuxedo that I have ever seen. He stepped onto the platform and picked Inge up and began to dance around the stage with her. At first you could see the fear in Inge’s face, but as the dancing continued she began to relax. The sight of her dancing totally nude with a giant of a black man in a tuxedo had the audience spellbound. I watched as they did a torrid tango and Inge began to show the first signs of arousal. I could see, we all could see, that her nipples were now totally hard. Then I noticed her licking her lips and knew that she was becoming totally aroused by the dancing and the situation.

Bruno stepped up onto the revolving platform and held out his hand for her. Inge took his hand and stepped up onto the platform.

Then they began to kiss and I began to feel my first pangs of jealousy.

From the wings I could hear Inge beginning to moan through the kisses and could see her begin to rub her nude body against the still fully clothed Bruno. Bruno’s hands were caressing every inch of her body. I stood by watching stupefied as those massive black Bostancı Escort Bayan hands caressed the sides of Inge’s breasts, her ass, her sides, and her thighs.

Inge’s hands were now on Bruno’s chest unbuttoning his shirt. Bruno shrugged off the shirt and Inge began to kiss his chest. The audience could tell, I could tell, that the passion was no longer an act. Inge dropped to her knees in front of him clasping the back of his legs above his knees as she leaned her head against his monstrous bulge. Then she began to undo his belt. When his pants dropped around his ankles it looked like he had a cantaloupe under his briefs. Inge’s hands slid up the front of his legs until they were on the bulge under his briefs. As the stage revolved I could see her looking up into his eyes with a look that was a combination of lust and worship as she slowly pulled down the briefs.

The platform had revolved enough for me to only have a view of his ass as the briefs came down, but allowing the audience a profile view. Suddenly an audible gasp swept through the audience, and a few minutes later, as the platform revolved I saw why. His penis was massive and it still was not fully erect!

We all watched in total silence as Inge began to lick the head. The penis was so big that she could only get the head of it in her mouth! I watched in horrified fascination as she lifted it and licked the underside of his shaft with increasing frenzy as he began to fully erect. I don’t know how big he was, but I do know that he was easily twice as big as me. Its girth was so big that Inge could not encircle it with one hand and it seemed to keep growing!

Bruno then had Inge lay on her stomach while he stood over her facing her feet. He then bent down and grasped her by her hips and lifted her into the air until she could drape her legs over his shoulders. Inge was now upside down facing the audience as Bruno began to lick her inner thighs. He then wrapped one arm across her waist and brought her closer to his mouth until his chin was resting on her vaginal lips. At first he rotated his chin until it was glistening with her juices and then he lowered his head and his tongue began to dart into her.

Inge had her hands on Bruno’s legs just above his slightly bent knees and as the platform turned I could see that her fingernails were digging into his skin. Our eyes met and I helplessly watched as my fiancée licked her lips and began to whimper in growing need. I could tell that Inge truly wanted him; that the act was no longer an act. I was torn by jealousy and anger at myself for not being able to get an erection on stage even though I was now fully erect. I thought of rushing onto the stage and pulling her away from him and finishing the act, but I knew that was not possible and… and I had to admit to myself, although I did not do so at the time, at least not consciously, that I wanted to see her take that massive black penis.

Then Bruno put his hands just under her arms and effortlessly brought her to an upright position sitting on his shoulders with her hands wrapped around the back of his head and his nose buried in her naval. Bruno’s tongue began to lick her body as he lowered her down the front of his torso onto his erection. He stopped lowering Inge when the tip of his penis was just at the entrance of her vagina Escort Bostancı and then as the platform continued to turn he began to bounce her up and down so that just the tip of his manhood was disappearing into her. Inge clung to him with her arms and began to cry in frustration as she tried to wiggle herself down onto him. She kept repeating something in his ear louder and louder that at first we could not hear over the music. Then she began to practically scream, “Please, please, for God’s sake please give it to me!” in German.

Then Bruno spoke for the first time and said to the audience, first in Danish, then in English and finally in German, “Do you think she is ready?”

He would not lower her unto himself any more until the audience shouted back a resounding, “YES!” When he finally stopped supporting her weight Inge slid down on him only a few more inches and then started wiggling and rotating herself until gradually she was fully penetrated. As she was doing so her gasps became more and more audible to everyone in the small theatre. She began to more and more frantically hump his body as he supported her with his hands under each cheek of her ass. Then suddenly he lifted her off him, did a spin with her and lowered her onto the platform and mounted her in the missionary position and continued in that position until it was obvious that she was becoming incoherent. Inge was babbling, “My poor pussy, my poor pussy” in English and “Bumsen, Bumsen, Bumsen” in German. When she was probably only within seconds of her orgasm Bruno rolled off of her onto his back in utter confidence of what she would do. Immediately Inge straddled him and had his cock back inside her as she gyrated up and down on it. Suddenly she started shouting, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as she started her orgasm. Bruno was still pumping himself into her and I could not tell if he had cum or not until he suddenly pulled himself out of her and a plume of sperm shot up into the air hitting the underside of her chin and her neck. Inge grabbed him in time to take the third ejaculation in her mouth and face as the audience began to applaud.

When we got back to the hotel room I wanted to have sex with her. Inge became angry with me that now I had an erection that would not go away, but when it was needed I could not get one. She told me that she was much too sore and tired to want to do anything but sleep and turned her back to me.

The next morning I wanted to leave for Frankfurt, but Inge told me she had promised to do another show that evening. When I said to her, “But what if I can’t get hard on stage again?” She answered, with the hint of a sneer, “Not with you, with Bruno and his friend.”

My heart dropped to my feet. I think I knew then that it was over, but when Inge said, “We can use the extra money and he has offered to pay 1200 Kronor to do two men at once”, I still held the hope that she would be doing it for us and the money and not for the sexual excitement of it.

Of course I was wrong and that evening proved it to me conclusively. What I witnessed was her complete and voluntary undoing. They turned her into their willing sex toy. I watched as the audience went wild and she seemed to glow in their adulation as she took her bows covered in a sheen of sweat and sperm.

We had a tremendous argument afterwards and she confessed to me that night that as soon as we got back to Frankfurt she would be quitting her job, packing her bags and catching the next train back to Copenhagen. She had been offered full time employment at the theatre and had accepted!

After I dropped Inge off in Frankfurt I never saw her again.

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