Living with Fran


Fran and bagged to live and sleep together after a month’s dating.

It seemed the right thing to do.

When we were together it was like a fever broke over us and the problem was always, finding somewhere in an office environment where we could share some private quality time together.

Fran had already been warned by her manager definitely no fraternising in the office vicinity and she was at high risk of being sacked if she was discovered when about to make it in the cloakroom.

“We need to do something baby,” she cried looking disgruntled, her face flushed.

“I am in my prime and need you.”

Fran always looked top notch in her slim office gear, she looked good in black which complimented her figure and her shock of fluffy red hair did things for me too.

We talked about it and the inevitable came up.

“Look, Fran – I know we have only known each other short time but move in with me, that’ll solve everything, yes?”

She smiled, she looked gorgeous when she smiled like that.

“I thought you’d never ask, I think we both know what we want by now” and she wrapped her arms around my waist and treated me to the most succulent roaming kiss ever.

So all looked perfect and I was in my element having Fran every night.

That bursa escort went on for a week. She is the most passionate girl I have ever known and I enjoyed her to the full.

Only one small problem arose though. I started work an hour before her and it was getting forever more difficult to stop her doing those wonderful things she loved to do to see me off.

“I have to get to work Fran, you know that” but she was away in her own world concentrating deeply on the job in hand (and mouth)

In a while she paused, told me she just couldn’t help it, She loved to awaken me with a lot of generous spoiling and oral and it was certainly lovely, the feeling of her enthusiastically making me grow in her mouth, the feel of her tongue there and the sound of her deep suck. How could any guy not enjoy that, especially after having the same the evening before and enjoying the most lustful and passionate mutual oral? That is how it was for the first few nights and mornings and I was generally able to getaway in time for work.

But her habit became more frequent and lengthy and she just would not let go of me no matter how much I attempted to forcefully pull myself away from her.

“Sometimes we just have to learn to let go. You know what they say about having too much of a good thing bursa escort bayan Fran?”

But she was not conscious of the world until I managed at last to roll over and make space between my cock and her mouth.

“Oh come on my cock-a-leaky” she cried, that was her pet name for it. “Baby, leak for me just a little before you leave. Don’t you’ve me any more, Are you going off me. Or perhaps I am too much for you?”

She knew how to persuade me so in order to get a quick release, that I may make the office on time, I relaxed and let her have her way.

“Just a quickie now Pete, you know how I like that?”

I might have know it would not be just the oral buy amazingly, although she had just made me cum again I was able to maintain a suitable erection which she took with pleasure those sweet shapely white thighs wrapping around my back and pushing me in deep with her heels pressing into my spine.

The quickie was sublime and I adored her motion,

Eventually I managed to get away from her saying I would be done for by the time I got to work and she relented saying just along as wasn’t tiring of her.

Seeing her in the office later she was in the general office and I was in sales which was separated by a glass partition .

We had grown so infatuated escort bursa with each other that even after we went for living with each other, the deep lust was still there at work, when we met at break time,

All I wanted was to get inside her skirt, she was just so gorgeously filled and I adored those lap creases which somehow lured me on for yet another quickie in the cloakroom

Then it became evident that the thrill was having each other illegally in the office environment. There was something about it what made is special and exciting, working our ways we could do things without getting caught.

It was all part of the thrill. Of course she had to have her oral’s worth but that was easy for me to keep watch that the coast was clear. If someone did come in it was a quick slurp and save for later, I dismissed myself into a cubicle and waited for the all clear, keeping myself suitable inflated with some gentle massage, and in no time at all I was being spoiled again.

“You don’t need to spray there with Brut Baby!” she whispered. “I can still sniff your body scent beneath all that, which s always impelling.”

We had time for me to take an oral of her – just time, it was a quick five minutes because, as usual, Fran had gone overboard – but head beneath skirt was always exciting and I adored tasting her through her red silk undies which were delightfully moistened following her passion with me

But Fran will always be my special girl and I can never get enough of her.

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