Locke Up…New Arrivals


Locke Up…New ArrivalsIt was Tuesday – the day when new inmates arrived. Chris, a tall, white dude with a long, thick dick was the first off the bus. He was ready to get inside and sample the faggot punks this prison had to offer, the final person down the steps was Jericho. Jericho was 18 years old. He was five-foot-seven and weighed one-hundred-forty-two-pounds. His crime of joyriding had cost him dearly. Veep heard about the young, soft bitch. He was promised to him now.Veep was a medium-height, medium-build, Black man. He had gone five weeks without a pussyboi. He was ready to have his own slut. When the newbies arrived, Veep was waiting.The new inmates went through processing.Keno Reese saw the arrivals. He was on the yard playing basketball. Newbies always made him wanna fuck Winnie. He subbed out of the game and went over to where all the punks were sitting. Those punks were laughing and giggling as usual. Keno yelled, “Winnie. Let’s go!”Winnie stood up. He was only five-feet-four-inches, but he had a big booty from his silicone ass injections.“Daddy, you gonna fuck my sissy ass,” Winnie inquired.“Hell yeah, cunt boi,” Keno assured him. “Dat ass is mine.”“Ooh, Daddy!”Keno pulled his bottom boi to their cell. Inside of it, he threw the sissy on the lower bunk. The tiny sissy was elated as always with the fact that his big dick biracial Daddy was taking him away to be fucked. Winnie looked a little scared to the other punks on the yard. But, they knew he wasn’t terrified.Inside the cell, Keno pushed Winnie on the bottom bunk.“Take them got damn shorts off,” Keno commanded.“Yes sir,” Winnie replied.Keno pushed his big dick inside of Winnie.“Ohhhhh,” the bitch cried.“Take dis dick, faggit,” Keno ordered,“Yes sir!”“Damnit! I love fuckin’ this cunt boi ass!”Keno continued the anal assault.“You wanna nut, bitch,” Keno asked.“Yes sir,” Winnie answered.Keno stroked Winnie’s tiny four-inch clit.“Ahhhhh, shit,” Winnie screeched.“Cum fo’ yo’ nigga,” Keno commanded.“Keeeeeeeee-Nohhhhhhhh,” the sissy boi cried.“Hell yeah, bitch!”Winnie shot a load of sissy juice all over himself and Keno. Keno kept right on fucking his sissy. “I love being in this tight boi cunt,” Keno announced.“I love how you fuck me, sir,” Winnie exclaimed.“Fah real?”“Hell yes! Fuck me, Daddy!”Keno gripped Winnie’s big booty and thundered hard.“Ahhhhhhh, faggit! I’m finna nut in that ass,” he yelled.“Give it to me, Daddy,” Winnie bewailed.Keno collapsed on his pussyboi as he erupted with a huge load of cum. Winne felt all of the stickiness inside of him and felt totally satisfied.“I gotta bursa escort get to da li-berry,” Keno announced as he stood up.“Ok, boo. I’ll see you later,” Winnie replied.“Yeah. Can’t wait to fuck you tonight!”Veep was going crazy waiting for his new boy-toy. His fish had just finished intake and he was standing there ready to take him to his new cell.“Are you Veep,” the youngster asked.“Yeah, bitch,” the forty-two year old brotha shared.“Hi, I’m Jericho.”“I know, bitch! Fresh outta juvie!”“Yes, sir!”Veep picked up Jericho and carried him to his cell. He looked at his bright-skinned bitch and said, “You ready fah this grown man dick?!?”“Yes, nigga,” Jericho crowed.“When the last time you got fucked?”“Six months ago.”“Ah shit. You li’l ass virgin again!”Dude on the cell block were whistling as they saw Veep carrying his new pussyboi down the way. One called out, “Hell yeah, nigga!”Another shouted, “I’m cummin’ to watch this shit.” He scowled at a pretty ass Puerto Rican sissy, “Come here!”Veep said to Jericho, “You see how we treat bitches in heah! Constant fuckin’.”The cute young boi blabbed, “Yes sir!”Veep and Jericho arrived at their cell.“Welcome home,” Veep said.“Thanks, Daddy,” replied the green-eyed bottom.“Get them clothes off. Twerk fah me!”Jericho followed the order. As he undressed, the inmate from earlier showed up with the sexy Pueto Rican boi. The nigga was six-foot-even and weighted just over two-hundred-fifteen pounds. The sissy was five-eight and about one-forty. Since the warden had asked the nurse to pump all the femboi with ass injections, he had a big booty too. The convict, named Rip, slapped the boi’s ass. The sissy was called, Giselle.Veep looked at Rip and Giselle with a smirk. Then he pushed Jericho on the bed.“Take dis dick, faggit,” Veep yelled.Veep stuck his nine-and-half cock right in Jericho’s hole.“Ah shit, faggit! This some good ass,” Veep remarked.“Thank you,” the young sissy shared.“You finna get dem ass shots tomorrah!”“Yes sir!”“You gon’ be a big booty sissy fah Daddy!”“Yes sir,” Jericho cooed as Veep plucked his boipussy.Rip had Giselle on his back.“You like this big nigga dick,” Rip howled.“Yes, Rip! Fuck my big booty Puerto Rican ass,” Giselle purred.Rip went crazy on the lily white pussyboi as he watched Veep deflower Jericho.“Take it, bitch,” Veep said.“Oh, Daddy,” cried Jericho taking all of Veep’s big dick.“When was the first time you got fucked?”“When I was 16.”“Was he grown ass nigga?”“Yes sir! He was fifty-three.”“Fuck, you a li’l punk fah real!”“Yes sir!”Rip and Giselle looked on as Veep and Jericho fucked bursa escort bayan like a****ls.Rip choked the little Guido and said, “Damn, dis ass feel good.”Giselle replied, “That big dick feels good too!”“What kinda dick, slut?”“Big Black dick!”Rip pulled out and skeeted all over Giselle’s limp five inch cock. He pulled his faggit up by his long brunette hair as they continued watching Veep assail Jericho.“Damn, boi,” Veep hollered. “I’m cum in dis ass.”“Yes, nigga! Give it to me,” Jericho begged.Veep shot a load inside of his bitch.“You like dat, faggit,” he asked.“Yes, Daddy,” the boi confirmed.“Yo’ new name is Sheena.”“I like that!”“I know you do, bitch!”Veep shouted out, “Nurse, dis bitch need some ass shots.” A few minutes later an old white woman appeared and collected Jericho from the cell. He was about to get the fat ass that Veep craved.Chris Klimke had just finished his intake. He complained to the C-O about his placement with the white dudes. He was very thuggish and preferred to be around Black folks. The C-O said they only had one cell available on that block. Chris quick said he would take it. As they passed down Cell Block D, Chris and the C-O saw Macy getting pounded by Rock.The six-two, totally built brotha was going Ham on the fat sissy.“You fat muthafuckin’ faggit,” Rock howled. “Take dis dick!”“Ohhhh, nigga,” Macy screamed as he took Rock’s seven inch prick.“Got damn, baby momma! Look at dem big ass boi titties! You think you girl dontcha”“I’m a girl for you.”“Damn skippy.”Macy and Rock were oblivious to their onlookers. Rock pulled his dick out and began to cum all over his fat bitch’s moobs.Chris smiled. “I’m gonna like this place,” he said.The C-O commented, “Everyone does. Here’s your cell.”Chris was greeted by a twenty-six year old stunt queen named. Bicha. The sissy was five-foot-eight and weighed one-hundred-thirty pounds. His ass had most of his weight since he had been injected three months ago.“You’re a sexy li’l Black thing,” Chris remarked.“Thank you,” Bicha replied. “Why you over here with the bruhs?”“Cause I like Black ass!”“Oh really?”“Yeah. Get on them knees.”Bicha fell down and pulled out a very thick ten-inch cock.“Oh shit! You hung ass white man,” Bicha purred.“Yeah I know, faggit,” Chris heckled.“I like your bald head too.”“You better, slut!”Bicha sucked furiously as Chris bent down and spanked his fat ass.Keno walked past and stopped to watch.Bicha got on his knees and Christ spat on his pussy hole. Chris slid his big White dick inside Bicha.“Ah fuck, massa,” Bicha yelled.“Oh you like slave role escort bursa play, Chris asked.“Yes, massa.”“You li’l fuckin’ fag slave nigga. Gimme that ass.”“Oh, massa!”“Fuck dat Black bitch,” Keno encouraged the white man. “Winnie…Wheah da fuck you at? Get ovah heah and watch dis White nigga fuck dis Black bitch.”Winnie came running as usual. The five-foot-four-inch diminutive bottom boi gawked as he saw the site of the White man tearing up the Black sissy.“Take his dick, Bicha,” Winnie screeched.“This White boy is hung, gurl,” Bicha yelped.“Shut up, nigga,” Chris ordered.Chris slapped his cunt bitch. “You like getting fucked by your master,” Chris asked.“Yes, baby,” Bicha responded.“Master, bitch! Call me master,” the sexy tattooed white man commanded.“Yes massa!”Chris extracted his big cock from Bicha’s ass. He jerked off to completion on Bicha’s face. “Swallow this nut,” Chris said spitting on Bicha.“That’s so hot,” Winnie commented.“Hell yeah,” Keno agreed. “Watching dis White nigga fuck dat bitch got me ready to fuck yo’ ass again.”Winnie switched back to the cell he shared with Keno. Keno looked on with excitement as Winnie’s cartoonishly big butt shook from side to side. They saw a young brotha fucking a hot White punk in one of the cells. “Niggas be owning punk pussy up in heah,” Keno said aloud.“Yes, y’all do,” Winnie added.The two cell mates paused to watch the six-foot-one, one-hundred-seventy-pound, caramel-skinned dude fuck the five-foot-nine-inch, one-hundred-thirty-eight-pound skinny White twink.“Got dammit,” the aggressive top huffed.“Oh yeah,” the White bottom cried. “Fuck my ass hard, Tee!”“You like dees eight inches dat li’ ass, Alyssa?”“Yes I do.”“Tell me you like dis big nigga dick in yo’ White ass.”“Oh I love that big nigga dick inside me.”“Damn white boi! You makin’ me nut,” Tee gasped as his dick unloaded inside of the pussy bottom.Finally, Winnie and Keno arrived at their cell. Winnie knelt down and started sucking his beefy tool.“You know you the baddest faggit in dis joint,” Keno confessed.“Thank you,” Winnie groaned.Winnie’s saliva was spilling all down onto the floor. Keno was about to cum. He stopped his bitch from sucking and told him to get on the bunk.“When’s the last time you took a shit, fag,” Keno asked.“Yesterday,” Winnie informed him.“Dis li’l ass need to shit on Daddy now!”“Yes sir!”“Tight chocolate ass. Do what Daddy like.”“Yes, Keno!”Winnie relaxed and let out a big terd. Keno’s dick mashed it up. The biracial convict fucked harder and harder. He exclaimed, “You li’l fuckin’ faggit. Dat hot shit feel good on Daddy dick!”“You like it,” Winnie asked.“Hell yeah!”Keno took his dick and d**g Winnie to the toilet. He made Winnie suck his dick until he came hard and strong down the sissy’s throat.“Clean me up,” he ordered once he had nutted furiously.

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