Locked up


Locked upLocked up.Today I awoke expecting to reach down and feel my normal morning wood erection straining to get loose from my briefs. What I found shocked me in wondering what happened to me during my sleep, and why a strange metallic device was attached to my balls and cock. As I reached down to touch the head of my cock, it felt as if my six inch cock was no longer attached to my body. I felt nothing. My sack, which is hairless and has nuts of average size, was tight as my nuts tried to pull close to my body. What in the fuck happened while I was asleep? What did I do to piss off my lover? All I knew was that I had to piss like crazy, and I wasn’t sure how in the hell I could manage to relieve my full bladder, straining for release. As I slowly got up out of bed, my head started to spin a bit as details of the prior night came into clearer focus. The intense love-making session with Derek, my boyfriend of five months was hot, satisfying on so many levels. We did our güvenilir bahis usual mutual sucking of each other’s hard cocks, and just before I felt an explosive orgasm building, he pulled off my throbbing, wet, pre-cum dripping cock, and moved up to embrace me as we sensually kissed each other – the taste of my own pre-cum mixing with his saliva and his pre-cum in my mouth to form an elixir that drove us to the edge as our wet cocks pressed against our bellies. After we kissed for several minutes, I once again felt the tide rising as a tremendous orgasm approached. Sensing this, Derek rolled off me and while he sucked my nipples, playfully biting them, he watched as my throbbing cock begged for more attention. Finally, after I could not take the biting and nipple play, Derek shoved his cock in my face, to which I engulfed the entire seven inches deep down my throat. I could taste the salty slippery pre-cum on my tongue, and as he pulled out thrusting his hole into türkçe bahis my face, I drove my hard tongue into his smooth hole, causing him to moan in delight. As he continued to moan and grind his hole against my mouth and tongue, his wet cock and sack were pressing against my forehead. I couldn’t wait any longer, neither could he. Pulling out off my face, he hovered over my still throbbing cock, and immediately descended down on it in its entirety, until I could feel his sack and cock against my belly. It only took about fifteen or twenty thrusts before I erupted in one of the most intense orgasms of my life, my hot cum rocketing out of my swollen cock deep into his bowels. The intensity of my orgasm and my cock throbbing inside his hot hole pressing against his prostate caused him to erupt in his own orgasm, his volleys of cum hitting my nose and chin, where an eager mouth took each spurt of his load and tasted the sweetness of his juices. That was the last thing güvenilir bahis siteleri I remembered, as Derek rolled off and laid down next to me and we both drifted off into a deep sleep in each other’s arms.The details of the night before were now causing an erection to attempt to build inside this cage thing attached to my cock and balls. To no avail though, as the metal ring that encompassed my sack pushed down against my balls, causing an immense pain to grow in my belly, which in turn caused my growing erection to now subside. I walked into the bathroom to use the toilet to take a healthy piss when I found this note:My dearest Austin:”Our night together was magical. You’re an awesome lover, and a wonderful boyfriend. I suppose you wonder what is attached to your fucking hot cock and balls. Well, let’s just say that I know your intense sex drive, and while I’m away on business in L.A. for the next week, I just want to make sure you do not stray, and instead stay true to the wonderful thing that we have. See you in two weeks.” Love, Derek.P.S.: I have the only key. Fuck, I thought to myself and muttered out loud. How in the fuck would I make it locked up in chastity for f******n days? Stay tuned.

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