Long Weekend


Long WeekendToday is Friday August the 20th…I am taking a couple days off to have a long weekend. I wake up and it is still dark outside and I can’t go back to sleep. It is five oclock in the morning. So I decide to go on the computer and check out email and such. I go on instant messenger first and when I log on I find my friend on. I had told him I was taking friday and monday off so he tells me he can’t be on long he is headed away for a long weekend too. He tells me that he is going away with a friend of his..So I tell him to have fun and see ya when ya get back. I log off and decide to snooze for a couple more hours. I get up take a shower and head out. I have a few hours of things to do. I have to go to the libray then visit a friend and then go grocery shopping. I get all this done and it is now noon and I pull in the driveway. I bring all the grocery’s in and put them away. Now my favorite job and that is house work. When I got done it was now three oclock and I decide to head out to get some late lunch early dinner. I go get in the car and back out the garage. I see this car pull up behind me and who ever it is doesn’t look familiar to me at all. I get out of the car and so does he. I really can’t believe my eyes it is Sam. I run up to him and give him a hug and kiss. Then yell at him for not telling me he was coming. I ask him if he is hungry cause I was going to grab a bite to eat. I ask if Texas Roadhouse is OK and that is where we are off for. We get there and get seated. We order and then we just sit there and talk. Like we don’t do enough of that on IM but this is different. He is in he flesh in front of me. I take my sandle off and start rubbing up the side of his leg and my foot is now rubbing his cock. I can feel it getting harder. I really want to rub it with my hands and even suck on it but can’t because of where we are. Our food finally arrives but I can’t take my eyes off of him. We finish eating and head back to my house. He pulls up in the drive way and says he needs to check into the hotel down the road. I said oh no your staying with me. He didn’t make hotel arrangements he wanted to see what I would say..I guess I passed the test. I show him his room and then showed him around the house. Last room I showed him was my room and we are standing by the bed and we both look at each other undressing each other with our eyes.I go for his shirt and take it off tossing it on the floor. His hands start to take off my shirt. I start to unzip his sarıyer escort pants and I slip them off. My pants come off quickly both of us standing there in under clothes. He thinks he is cute and takes one hand around my back and unclasps the bra with one hand. I am impressed. I take it off and we take the rest off and jump in bed. Both of us sitting on the bed just holding each other. I then start to rub his cock and it is getting so hard. I now go down on it with my mouth sucking on it taking the whole thing in. Next I staddle his legs and slip his cock in and ride it going slowly at first and then really start taking it faster. Oh god he is going so deep and hard now. I am getting so wet. He takes me and turns me on my back and he is now going in me even harder. Ahhhhh I feel him hitting my gspot and I cum all over his cock..I then feel his warm juices squirting in me. We are both sweating and decide to take a shower. I grab the towels and wash cloth. We both hop in and the hot water is spraying down both of us. He backs me up against the shower wall and lifts my hands above my head. I feel his warm mouth on my breasts sucking on them and ending up sucking on my nipples till they are thick and hard. I have a seat in my shower and I sit down and he is now sliding his cock in my mouth. I again feel this warm squirting mmmmmm it tastes so good as it drips down my throat. We finish up with the shower and help each dry off. We just get comfortable and I fix us both a snack and we watch a movie I rented. We are sitting on the couch just holding each other. It’s now getting late so we both go to bed. We just lay there and talk till we both fall asleep.I wake up in the morning and I feel this arm over me so I wrap up in both of is arms. He wakes up and he gives me a kiss and says good morning. I get up and get dressed and make some breakfast. So were sitting at the table and he asks what do you want to do today. I say hurry and eat and get ready I know where we can go. So we get in the car and head down towards Tucson. We go about another hour and fifteen minutes and we are at the winery. This place is so beautiful with the mountains all around. Before we head to the actual building I stop and grab some lunch to go. We get to the winery and I buy a couple bottles of wine and we go upstairs for lunch. Then we head out on the balcony and look over the scenery taking it all in. Your arms feel so esenyurt escort good around me. We stay for about three hours and then head back up towards Phoenix. We get back to the house and it’s about 7:00 at night and we decide to get a pizza for dinner and then go in the hot tub. We eat and then get ready to get in the hot tub. We both get in and we are laying in the bed part of it just talking and touching each other. Well the suits don’t stay on very long. You are laying on top of me and my legs are wrapped around you. Your cocks slides into me so slowly but hard. It feels so good. Then you sit in one of the chairs and I sit on your lap and ride you. Your mouth is all over my breasts and nipples. We slide a towel around each of us and get out of the hot tub. Head in the house and change and watch a movie. I fall asleep with my head on your shoulder and I wake up and your dead asleep. I wake you up and we head into the bed room and just sit and talk for a bit and fall asleep in each others arms.The sun wakes me up the next morning and I watch you still sleeping. My head is on your chest and can hear your heart beating. I feel your hand starting to rub my back..You say good morning and give me a kiss and ask what I want to do today. I say today is up to you. So you decide you want to go see a movie. I said I am up to that. I even say you can pick the movie. I fix some breakfast as you check the internet for movies. You find one and it is an action movie so it starts in two hours and so we get ready and go. We get to the theater and walk in and sit down waiting for the movie to start. We are up in the back row and the movie does being and so it’s dark… I feel this hand go around my shoulder and down the front of my shirt. Your hand is massaging my tit and getting the nipple so hard. I go to unzip your pants and start to rub your cock. I feel it getting so hard and thick. Want to feel you cum in my hand. Your hand goes down my pants and you are rubbing me oh so gently and I am starting to get wet for you. You slide two fingers in me and I am fighting from squirting all over your fingers. We leave the theater and head back to the car to finish this up. Both seats are as far back as they can go and I am sitting on your lap and your cock is in me so deep and I am riding you so fast. mmmmm I feel this warm squirting in me and I have cum all over your cock. We head back to the house and we clean up and then go out to grab avrupa yakası escort a late lunch early dinner. I take you to this place called YC’S a mongolian beef place. So after dinner we decide to go to this sex toy shop called fascinations. We go off on our own for a bit and I find this one thing for you. I go purchase it and hide it in my purse so you don’t see it. I meet back up with you and you say your done so we leave. Get in the car and you hand me this bag and it’s a silver bullet. Always wanted one which you knew. I took the bag out of my purse and hand it to you and you open it. It is a pair of leather panties with two cock rings on it. We go back to the house cause we both can’t wait to use these new toys. We both get comfortable for the night and you come out with these panties on and wow….Your cock is already so hard mmmmmmmmm. I have my nightie on with nothing on underneath and I take out the bullet and you help me with it and turn in on. Oh god I am going crazy my legs are just twitching so much don’t know how much more I can take. You turn it up more and I squirt all over your hands. Then I take some lubricant in my hands and start to rub your cock and it is getting even harder. I tell you I have never seen it get has hard as this. Then I take the bullet and rub it along the sides of your shaft and I am rubbing your balls at the same time. It doesn’t take you long to cum. I lick the head to get all the cum off and then go down on your cock getting all that cum in my mouth..Tastes so good. It’s getting late so we both go to bed. You start to talk about going back home tomorrow and I tell you to shut up don’t want to think about that right now.Well it’s Monday and I have to say goodbye to you. You are up and you start putting things together and put them away in your suit case. You come over to me in the bed and sitting right besides me. Holding me. You can tell I am down cause I do have to say goodbye in a short while. I ask if you want some breakfast and you say no you will eat something at the airport. So I get dressed and I walk you out to your car. I thank you for surprising me with your visit and we have had so much fun. I give you a hug and kiss goodbye not wanting to let go. But you get in the car and I watch you leave..You honk as you turn the corner. I go in the house and about a couple of hours later you call to tell me that you are about to board the plane. Again you say goodbye and that you loved the time we spent together. Then that night I am in bed and on Instant messenger and you pop up and say HI…So we talk and get on cam for about a half hour and I can see your tired and tell you to go to bed and sleep. I thank you for everything and tell you I hope you enjoyed your time with me cause I know I loved having you around…I tell you good night and hugs and kisses.

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