Look into my eyes – Pts 1 and 2


Look into my eyes – Pts 1 and 2Part OneMy wife had told me that I ought to occupy myself more and needed to develop an interest. She’s a member of various local groups, amateur dramatics, women’s institute etc etc, and I guess I did rather slouch about the place. So I started looking at courses in our local college. A course on car maintenance looked interesting and I duly went along one evening for registration. As I loitered in the registration hall, looking for the car maintenance desk, another one caught my eye. It said “Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis for Stress Relief”. I wandered over to have a chat. The guy at the desk explained that some of the course would be about self-hypnosis for relaxation and so on, but there would also be sessions on its history and on actually hypnotising other volunteer students. I was intrigued. I had always been interested in the subject and found myself signing up for the class, and not bothering with the car maintenance.As I walked home I found myself getting rather excited at the prospect of maybe being able to hypnotise people, and found that I was beginning to fantasise about hypnotising my wife. For this reason I didn’t tell her the truth but led her to believe that I had indeed signed up for the car maintenance sessions.I’ll not bore you with the details of the class, suffice it to say that the initial sessions were mainly about history and ethical questions, followed by the stress-reducing and relation techniques – all very interesting and valuable. But after half term and with a few people having dropped out of the class, we began to tackle the actual skills I was so interested in. We learned about suggestion and how to identify people who are susceptible to hypnosis, and about how it is an altered state of consciousness, in which the subject is, in a way, allowing themselves to be suggested to. I must keep some of this stuff to myself though – for, I hope, obvious reasons. But I can say that I became pretty good at putting other students into hypnotic states. Could I do it to someone who wasn’t in the class though?Well, I had an obvious subject at home. But I had to be careful that my wife didn’t sense something odd was going on. I developed a little story about getting something in my eye and as she peered at me, I explored her susceptibility using some simple steps. She passed with flying colours and I felt confident that I could put her into the required trance state. I set my plans.One day I was all ready for my experiment. My wife and I were both home for the day and had no expected interruptions or visitors. I had been fantasising about what I would get her to do, and was keen for this to be something of a sexual nature. I wanted her to get dressed in her sexiest underwear (something she was reluctant to do as she got older) and then to take photos of her. Then I thought I might take a video of us making love. I would have some souvenirs at least. I was rather hyped up and worried that I would not be able to succeed with the mission.Anyway, at about 11 am I plucked up courage and got her to look into my eye again, pretending that I could still feel something there. A minute later and she was under! “OK, Sue,” I said, “until I clap my hands twice, you will do as I say, happily and without complaint. When I do clap my hands twice, you will exit this hypnotic state and will remember nothing that happened while you were in it. Do you understand?”“Yes, Alan,” she replied, in a flat monotone.“Come upstairs to our bedroom and get changed into the underwear that I shall choose for you.”“Yes, Alan.”So we went to our bedroom and I selected a red satin corset, red satin full-cut panties with black edging and black seamed stockings; then I watched her as she stripped out of her everyday clothes and was transformed with the sexy outfit. I got her to put on some high-heeled red shoes and to make up her face, ensuring lots of eye make-up and deep red lips. She needed my assistance in lacing up the corset and I used my hands to ensure her lovely C-cup breasts fitted into the corset cups nicely. They were beautifully uplifted, almost in danger of spilling over the top, but her nipples were just about hidden from view. “Stay there while I get my camera,” I told her and went out of the room. Suddenly I froze as there was a ring on the door bell. Curses! Maybe it was the post? Sue was safely in our bedroom, so I went downstairs and opened the door. “Hi Alan,” it was our best friend Chris. I realised I couldn’t have ignored the door bell, it would have been suspicious, and Chris would be bound to mention his visit either to his wife or to Sue, and I’d have no convincing answer as to why she didn’t see him or open the door, since our car was outside.“Oh, hello Chris – is everything OK?”Damn. Chris explained that he was out for a walk and had dropped in for a chat. Hoping the trance would last and that Sue would stay quiet upstairs I felt I had to ask him in and offer him coffee. How soon could I get rid of him? I started to think of some excuses. “Is everything OK, Alan? You look, well, distracted.”“Oh, I’m fine thanks, güvenilir bahis Chris” I stuttered, but clearly didn’t convince him. He asked after Sue, wondered where she was, wondered if he could get his wife to join us and go out for lunch, etc. It seemed he knew she was in, but was concerned why she hadn’t greeted him as she would usually do. I don’t know if I did the right thing, but I had known Chris a long time, and knew that he had secrets of his own, for example I knew that he sometimes visited prostitutes in the next town. So I ‘fessed up and told him all. He was flabbergasted, but clearly there were thoughts flying round his head. He went a bit red in the face and paused before he said “Obviously I’ll keep it to myself – have no fear about that. You’ve been a good friend and never told Mary (his wife) about my little dalliances. It’s just that I’m so turned on by the thought of Sue waiting in her sexy underwear upstairs… could I join you some way?”The dirty devil! I thought about it – this was potentially dangerous. If Chris joined us, would the trance break? Would this test the suggestibility too far? But it was a sexy idea…“Yes, OK” I said, “give me a minute and I’ll call you.”I went upstairs to find Sue sitting on our bed, humming to herself. “Hello, love. Sorry I took a while. If you’re ready for our photo shoot, let’s get going. Did I mention that Chris will join us – he’s very keen to see you in your lovely underwear you know.”“I like Chris” she said, still in that monotone. I called him up.As he entered the room his face lit up. Sue looked magnificent and Chris looked like all his Christmases had come at once. “Oh my God” he breathed.I went to get my camera as Chris stood ogling my wife, who just stood up and looked at him. “Hello Sue” he said. “Are you OK with me being here?”“Yes, Chris. It’s always nice to see you.” “She’s talking like a robot,” Chris said to me as I re-entered the room.I told him not to worry about it, it was just part of the trance. Then I went ahead and started taking photos of Sue as Chris sat on our bedroom chair and watched. I began with straightforward demure-ish shots of her, sitting, standing and so on. Then I started to get more adventurous and asked Sue to get on all fours on the bed, which meant her panty crotch was elevated and presented towards me when I stood behind her. This was a very inviting sight. Her legs were slightly apart for balance and her red shiny panty gusset was stretched across her crotch, slightly indented where it went over her vagina. I heard Chris’s breathing deepen. “Oh My God, Alan – that’s fantastic. Your wife has a magnificent body.” It was true, in that position her full breasts hung down within the corset cups and her pert arse was thrust back. I had a huge erection in my jeans and an unbelievable scene was unfolding in front of me. I let Chris get closer to Sue for a better look. He got his face right up close to her gusset and sniffed her loudly, then sucked in his breath. “Pheww – lovely” was all he said. “We’re going to touch you now, Sue” I found myself saying. “You’re going to really love it”“Yes Alan. That will be lovely. I will love that. Thank you Alan and Chris,” she droned.I went up to her and began to fondle her breasts over the cups of the corset. Chris tentatively began to stroke a thigh, looking to me for approval. I nodded at him and then moved my hand onto her panty gusset, while passing Chris my camera. “Get some shots of this for me please, Chris – in fact, turn it to movie mode and let’s capture the whole event!”I rubbed over her panty crotch and Sue let out a little moan of approval. Chris was filming in close-up as I run my hand over her panty gusset, concentrating pressure where I knew her clitoris was located and over her bum-hole. She squirmed slightly and pressed herself back against my fingers. Lovely!I maintained the action and Chris pointed out that Sue was getting wet, a little stain was appearing at her gusset. We were as quiet as possible so we could hear sucking wet noises from her pussy as I continued the massage. I moved my hand up to her panty waistband and slipped it inside the back of her panties, slipping it down until I felt her sopping wet vagina. Chris was filming one-handed, having got his prick out of his trousers and holding it in his other hand. I put four fingers in Sue’s pussy and frigged her slowly, the wet sucking sounds getting louder and now being joined by Sue panting heavily. “Oh fuck, pull her knickers down, Alan, I want to see this!” said Chris. So I withdrew my hand and got hold of her panties at each side, then slowly (for best camera effect) eased them down over her bum cheeks. Her arse-hole and open vagina now came into view, and I put my fingers back up her. Then I let Chris have a go too, while I took over filming duties. This was insane – here was my best friend frigging my wife on my bed, while I filmed it!“Fuck me – your wife’s pussy is lovely. It’s so wet. Does she usually get like this? And she’s gripping me tightly with her pussy lips too. Wow she’s fantastic. Sue – you’re fantastic!”“Thank türkçe bahis you, Chris. This is lovely. I’m really enjoying it!”I got my dick out of my jeans, got hold of the camera again and moved to Sue’s face. Without any command, she took my tool into her mouth and began to lick and suck me, as I slowly thrust in and out of her face. Sue had never been a fan of oral sex, though happier to receive than to give, but in her hypnotic state she was totally uninhibited. I thought she might gag if my prick went too far into her throat but in seconds she was taking my whole length, letting it stay fully in for a few seconds and then allowing me a further thrust. Chris still had his fingers up Sue’s pussy and was furiously wanking himself at the same time, then he shouted “Oh, that’s it, I’m cumming” and spunked out over the bed sheets. That was enough for me, Sue being wanked off by Chris and with her mouth round my dick, brought me to the verge of orgasm too, but I was beaten to it by Sue’s body racking back and forth as she came from Chris’s attention. As she bucked with her pleasure I erupted into her throat – which she hardly seemed to notice!I told Sue to lie down and rest a while, then Chris and I went into another bedroom for a chat. “I just want to carry on looking at Sue’s pussy and giving her a feel” said Chris, “this is bloody amazing – I’m so turned on by it all, it’s fantastic!” I told him we had to be careful, his wife would be suspicious if we took too long, and we had to have a convincing story that Sue would accept when she came round – where had the missing time gone? We agreed we’d have a bit more fun, but then plan another session soon; I told him I was happy for him to join in. And, to my surprise, I was; this was such an exciting thing I would be bursting to tell someone about it, well I had Chris to share the excitement with!So we went back to the bedroom and there was Sue lying on the bed, still in her corset and stockings, but with no panties, patiently waiting.“Open your legs up nice and wide, love, Chris wants to have a good look at you” I said. She smiled and did as she was told, opening her shapely legs and lifting them up and apart. Then she put a hand on each buttock cheek and pulled herself open even more.“Like this, Chris, is that OK?” she intoned.“Oh yes baby, that’s great” groaned Chris, as Sue’s vaginal lips, sticky with her juices, unstuck and opened up so we could see down into her pussy. “Pose for us, love” I instructed and got my camera to capture this wonderful scene. I took shots of her on her back, legs splayed, close-ups of her crotch area, pussy and arse-holes glistening. Then we got her on all fours again. Using a vibrator we keep in a bedroom drawer, we got shots of that inside her too, and Chris happily held it as he probed inside her. All the time Sue smiled and complied with all requests. Eventually we got Sue to lift her breasts out of the corset cups, for some reason we had been pre-occupied with her twat! Sue folded the cups down and freed her tits for our attention. Chris traced his fingers over her nipples to get them erect, though they were hardly in need of much help, and had a little suck on each of them. We were running out of time, Chris would need to leave soon so he could carry off his story of staying for a chat after dropping in on us, and I needed to get the room straight, Sue re-dressed as before and all tidied up. I had an idea for a finale though.“Sue, we’re going to stop this soon, remember I will clap my hands twice and you will forget all that happened, you will have had a lovely sleep, you were very tired! I am going to get my dick out and you will sit on it, while Chris will put his prick in your mouth and you can suck him off. How about that?”“That will be lovely, Alan. I’m looking forward to it” she replied.So I sat on the edge of the bed with my erection pointing skywards, while Sue manoeuvred herself over me and sat herself down on my dick. She was still soaking wet and I slipped right up her to the hilt with no problem. I cupped my hands over her boobs and began to caress them. Chris took his knob out and advanced on Sue who smiled as she took him down her throat. Then we pumped away. I put one hand down and massaged her clitoris and soon felt her beginning to shake, a usual sign she was about to cum. “She’s cumming, Chris” I warned and we both sped up on our thrusting. Sue was bucking wildly and both us men rose to the challenge, simultaneously spurting into her, one at each end. As Sue subsided we both stayed impaled on her for a minute or two, enjoying the sensation of her warm hoes gripping us, then we withdrew.“I need to do a pee” said Sue. I looked at Chris.“Get the camera, Chris” I said. “Sue, you can pee for us now – we’d both like to watch you. It will be good to see your pee coming out of your lovely wide open and wet pussy. Use this bowl and I’ll make sure it all goes in! Get on all fours again, open your knees nice and wide, lovely. When you’re ready!”I took down an antique bowl from the window-sill and held it under Sue’s open crotch. Chris had the camera güvenilir bahis siteleri on movie mode and got into position to capture this. Sue’s pussy-lips opened slightly and a little dribble of piss began to come out, I moved the bowl to catch it. Then there was a gush and Sue pissed heartily, her pee splashing into the bowl, her pee-hole open wide. When she had finished we got some great views of her dripping wet lips and her open pee-hole.It was time for Chris to leave us. With a nod and a wink I said I’d be in touch and he went smiling on his way. Returning upstairs I got Sue to take all her clothes off and get back into her everyday things she had worn earlier. I put everything away where it had been, re-made the bed and cleaned up the bowl. Then I got Sue to lie on the bed and said “when you come back, you will realise you fell asleep on the bed. I will have just come up and found you.” Then I clapped twice.—000—Part TwoWell I had fun over the next few days I can tell you! Sue completely accepted that she had fallen asleep and she showed no signs of remembering anything about what had happened. We’d even met Chris and Mary in the town for coffee and we sailed through that, though I caught Chris giving Sue wistful glances now and again, and he winked at me a couple of times.I was keen to pursue my photographic ambitions with Sue and these had gone swimmingly. I even bought some studio-style lights to use with my camera for better results. Sue had a great stock of underwear in a special drawer in another room, and I made good use of these, getting her to try on a range of see-through panties, open-crotch knickers and quarter-cup bras. It was great. I confined my self to evenings so had the curtains closed and used the light set-up. After getting Sue tranced-up I’d tell her what outfit I wanted her to wear and she would comply. I helped her make up her face, using models on the internet for inspiration. When ready I would instruct her in the poses and get her to strip off item by item, getting her into suggestive and downright dirty positions as she did so. All the time she smilingly acquiesced.“OK Sue, now I want you to lie on your back, with your legs open as far as they will go. Lovely, that’s just right. Now – move your knees back slightly towards you so your pussy opens up for me. That’s great. Hold that pose while I insert your panties into your pussy. Here they come, lovely, just help me push them inside will you? Great, they’re right inside. I’ll just get a few shots like that. Now, I’ll just put a couple of fingers in your bottom. Pull it apart a little bit for me – lovely. I’ll just use a bit more lube, just squeeze it on my fingers. Here we go, relax. Ahhhh, right up your arse. Very nice and tight. Do you like that? I can see you do. Now slowly pull those panties out of your vagina for me, while I snap away. Fantastic. Excuse me while I just frig your bum-hole for a minute, keep holding your legs up so I can get a good view. Oh, I think I’m going to have to get some relief. We’ve never had anal sex have we? Let’s give it a try. Are you up for it?”“Yes, Alan, I’m sure it will be lovely.”“Here we go, relax while I put my prick on your bum-hole. Now try and open up for me. Great. A little more. Push back at me slightly. Ahh, there we go, my prick is just inside your sphincter, it’s very, very tight. Oh shit, I want to go in further. Ok?”“Yes, Alan, it feels nice. Put more up me please”And I went in. All the way. Sue groaned and a smile came on her face. A smile came on mine too. She was very well lubricated and I slid in and out of her bum for ages before I couldn’t stop myself exploding up her rectum. Then I brought her off by inserting my fingers into her bum and her pussy with one hand while attending to her clit with the other hand. She went off like a rocket.“Stay like that, Sue, while I get some more shots. I love to see your open crotch and your pussy and arse-hole all wet and slippery and with cum oozing out. Wonderful. God, your pussy is so wet I could probably get my whole hand inside. Look, I’ll lube it all up and have a go. That’s it, keep wide open and pull those lips apart. Well four fingers are right in with no problems, let’s try the thumb as well. It’s so wet I think I’ll get my fist in easily, Sue. Yes here we go.”Sue gasped as my hand went into her pussy. I had never felt anything like it as my fist was enveloped in her womb. Her pussy lips gripped me tight at the wrist and the walls of her vagina felt slippery against my skin. I rotated my hand and Sue began to moan as she orgasmed yet again. As she did so her vagina closed on my wrist with a huge pressure, I felt each contraction. Eventually they died down and I withdrew my sopping hand from her. Sue lay back down and fell into a deep contented sleep.This made tidying up a little difficult as I had to undress her and get her into her standard nightie, but made it easier to get the photo equipment stacked away. I had to wake her up momentarily for the double hand-clap. She initially looked surprised, as if having been woken from a deep sleep (in fact, she had!) and then drifted back off again.I watched her closely the next morning, but once again there was no sign of her remembering anything. I did notice her rubbing her bottom a few times during the day though!(More parts to come…)

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