Looking Good


My name is Chrissy. I’m 20 years old. For a long time now, I have suspected that I am bi-sexual. Up until the events I am about to describe, I had not had anything sexual with another woman. Plenty of men have come and gone. I love sex with men, but I often fantasize about women when I am masturbating. I wanted to wait until I had experienced another woman before I could say that I was bi or not. I didn’t know how to go about “getting with” another woman, but one day it kind of just happened…..

I had just gotten home from my college class. It was 6:30pm on a Friday night. It had been a very long, stressful week and I was looking forward to settling in for what I thought was going to be a relaxing night. At about 7:00pm, my sister Carla called me up. “Whatcha doing?” She lived about 20 minutes away but we still didn’t get time to see each other much. “Oh I just got home, I’m thinking of having a bubble bath and vegging on the couch tonight.”

“What, you have to be kidding me. It’s Friday night, and you’re going to stay home? That’s so unlike you!”

“I know, but it’s been such a long week.”

“Well then you need to get out and have some fun. You’re coming with me to Tigers tonight. It will be fun, I promise.”

“Oh Carla, I don’t know…I’m just so tired. I’m not really up for the bar scene”

“PLEEEAAAASE Chrissy, just come, if you aren’t having fun, then you can leave okay?”

Well, I figured there was always tomorrow to relax; I couldn’t let my sister down.
“Okay, I’ll be out there in an hour, I need to shower and stuff.”

“Thanks Chris, you won’t regret this…See ya soon”

I hung up the phone, and almost called her right back to tell her I changed my mind, but I knew she would be disappointed, so I dragged myself into the shower. Usually when I am in there, I turn the detachable showerhead to massage and masturbate with it, but today I was even too tired for that.

I finished getting ready and drove out there. When I got to her apartment, she wasn’t ready yet. She answered the door in a towel.

“I can’t believe you aren’t ready to go yet!!! I gave you an hour, what were you doing?”

“Sorry, I had some stuff to do first, I’ll be done in 10 minutes kay”

I watched after her as she walked into her bedroom. I noticed that she looked like she had lost some weight. Carla is about 5’7, 230lbs, with huge tits, 42DDD, long blonde hair, green eyes, and beautiful. She is a big girl. She isn’t the type that is lazy though. She’s very active, but just likes to eat! Anyways, I commented escort bayan şişli on the fact that she lost weight.

“Do you really think so?” She yelled from the bedroom.

“Yeah you look great. Absolutely”

“Awesome, thanks”

I guess I should describe myself as well. We look different, but have some of the same features. I’m 5’6, 200lbs, with C38 tits. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and been told by lots that I have a very pretty face.

Anyways, I sat down on the couch to wait for her. I guess I fell asleep. I opened my eyes, and looked at the clock. It was almost 10pm. It was dark in the apartment. I went to Carla’s room, and looked in. She was asleep on her bed.

Well isn’t this great, I thought to myself. She makes me come out here to have fun, and then we both fall asleep. I contemplated leaving or staying for the night. I was so groggy; I decided to just stay the night. I wasn’t going to sleep on the couch though, not after the pain it already caused me after only 2 hours. I went into Carla’s room and pulled up the covers to get under the blankets with her. I was shocked to see that she was naked. I didn’t want her to know that I had seen her naked, but I didn’t know what to do. I decided to just get under the covers, after all we were sisters, we’d seen each other naked before, a long time ago, mind you, but nevertheless, no big deal, I laid down facing away from her and tried to fall asleep. But all I could think of were her gorgeous naked breasts so close to me. I couldn’t believe I was thinking of my sister this way. I rolled over so that I was facing her, and pulled the blanket back. I just stared at her tits. I wanted to touch them so badly, but I was too afraid of what would happen if she caught me. I didn’t know how she felt about lesbians and all that, and besides we’re related, I didn’t know what she was into, so with every strength in me, I turned back over and fell asleep.

Some time later, I woke up. Carla was gone. I got out of bed to go look for her. She was in the bathroom. The door was slightly opened. I turned to go back to bed, and heard a loud moan coming from the bathroom. I tiptoed closer and listened. I heard the moan again. I pushed the door open just a bit and could just make out her legs on the bathroom floor. She was obviously lying down. I thought maybe she was sick, so I opened the door all the way and when I saw her I gasped. She was fucking herself with a vibrator. She looked up at me when I gasped. Her eyes widened, but sarıyer escort then they rolled back in her head, and she started to fuck herself faster, moaning and groaning, screaming and writhing all over the floor. Finally she came. I just stared at her. My heart was pounding and my pussy was throbbing. She was still lying there with her eyes closed. I muttered that I was sorry, and ran back to the bedroom.

A few minutes later, she came in the room.

“Chrissy, I’m sorry about in there, when I saw you, I should have stopped, but I just couldn’t, I needed to finish, you know.”

I turned to look up at her.

“Uhhh yeah, that’s okay. No big deal, we all do it right.”

“Yeah…but I have to tell you something. It really turned me on to see you there watching me. I haven’t cum that hard in a loooong time.

“Really? Umm…you looked pretty uhh happy when you did cum.”

She smiled. “Chrissy, can I ask you something?”


“Did you ever think about, you know, having sex with another woman?”

Whoa, did I hear her right? “Well, yeah I have a few times, you?”

She let out a big sigh and sat on the bed, suddenly relaxed. “Actually I have had sex with a woman before.”


We both stopped talking, not really knowing what to say. Then Carla leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It was just a soft peck. She pulled away and looked me in the eyes. I grabbed her head and pulled her lips to mine again, and this time we kissed full, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I was so horny. We made out for a few minutes, and then she put her hand on my breast and started massaging it. I pulled away from her, and took my shirt off; I undid my bra and let my tits fall free. She immediately put her mouth around one of my nipples and started licking and sucking it. That felt sooo good. I don’t know what it was, the fact that it was my sister, or the fact that I was just so damn horny, but I’m not usually aggressive in bed, and I felt myself wanting to get aggressive with her. I pulled her mouth off of my tit and pushed her over so she was lying down. She was only wearing a bathrobe, so I undid the tie and pulled it open. I had all of her at my every whim. She was so fucking hot. I started sucking her tits like a little baby. She had such big nipples. She was moaning, “God That Feels Good, don’t stop….” I wasn’t planning on it. I sucked her nipples until they were rock hard. I wanted to take things slow, but I couldn’t help myself. I spread çapa escort her legs and dove into her clean-shaven pussy. I just did to her what I would want done to myself. I ran my tongue up and down her cunt and sucked on her big, hot clit. Her pussy was soaking. I stuck two fingers inside of her and started fucking her and sucking her clit at the same time. She was just going crazy. I looked up at her, and saw the sheer pleasure in her face, and I came right then, without having anything touching me. Fuck she was hot. I didn’t want to ever stop eating her delicious pussy.

“Oh god Chrissy, that feels soooo goooood. Make me cum, I need to fucking cum NOW!!!!”

I started fucking her faster and faster, I slipped in another finger. Three Fingers, in and out.


Her calling me names just turned me on even more. Finally she came, I didn’t know women could cum as much as she did.

“Now it’s your turn honey.”

At this point I still had my pants on. She undid them, and pulled them down off of me. She pulled off my soaked panties, and held them to her face. “MMMM, I can tell you are going to taste good.”

She lightly grazed her tongue up my slit. I didn’t know if I could take any teasing. I grabbed her head and stuffed it into my pussy.

“Fuck the foreplay, just make me cum bitch!”

She started eating me with expertise that showed me she proved she had done this before. She tongue fucked me, and rubbed my clit with her fingers. Suddenly I felt her finger at my asshole. I had never had this done before, but as soon as I felt her finger go up there, I knew I was going to cum.


I couldn’t believe I was even saying those things, but at that point I didn’t care. I just concentrated on what was being done to me. Suddenly I came….my head whipping around, I couldn’t keep still. Carla had to hold me down so she could keep sucking me. I came over and over and over. She just kept eating my pussy. She looked up at me, with juices all over her face. She never looked so beautiful. I pulled her up to me and we kissed again, tasting ourselves on eachother’s lips.

“I’m glad we did this Chrissy, but I have to tell you, that I actually haven’t done this before.”

“You haven’t? But you were sooo good.”

“Yes… I didn’t want to tell you because I thought you would want to try stuff more if you thought I was experienced and thought I could teach you, but it was my first time.”

“Well, it was MY first time definitely, and I’m ready for my second time, let’s go have a shower!”

So we had our first time, 2nd time, and many more times after that.

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