Loosening Up Bk. 11 Ch. 01-05


Chapter 1 – Home Again

Dave was asked by Chef Bobbie Wyatt to give the blessing at the Thanksgiving dinner for the section of the Circle that he’d been assigned. The Circle for the most part wasn’t religious, but they were spiritual and thought of themselves as connected and bound to each other and to a greater universe, much of which remained unknown but which provided for them in surprising ways.

As had quickly become custom, she’d had to divide the Circle into three groups to facilitate feeding between three- and four-hundred Circle members, pledges, and their guests. Thus, there were the noon, two o’clock, and four o’clock dinners, complete with every possible side dish, appetizer, and what not anybody could think about to eat. As Bobbie had done in the past, she even rented some portable ovens to help cook the many turkeys and dishes needed for each sitting.

Dave and the rest of those in his sitting stood and held hands as he spoke. “We gather in the name of love, friendship, and relationship to give thanks for the exceptional blessings the Universe has provided to us. Speaking for myself, especially after having been away from the Circle for six months, I feel blessed to be home again with the men and women whom I love and who love me. I hope each of you feels the love we share, right here, right now, and for all time. Bless each other and thank you Universe for the many privileges, gifts, and graces you have provided. Go in peace; go in kindness; go in love. Namasté.”

Everyone in the group raised their hands in the air as a gesture of gratitude, and then they sat. The servers immediately appeared with over a dozen large turkeys and followed that up with tray after tray of side dishes. Bobbie had lined up men and women to carve the birds and strategically placed them around the table. They had been taught by her and her sous chefs how to best and most rapidly slice and dice up each bird, and did so with alacrity. The meal was pure perfection.

The conversations at the table were positively vibrant, even for guests visiting for the first time, some in the initial stages of realization about what the Circle was and what it represented. In many cases, families had been intentionally been split apart to different tables or even different sittings.

Dave had Gabbie Carson’s father opposite him, flanked by Kat Marbury and Cricket. Sue Gaylord’s mother sat next to Dave on one side, and Tracy Swanson’s mother on his other side. He’d met Gabbie, Sue, and Tracy during his six-month trip of the eastern states, and they’d each opted to come and pledge the Circle.

As he precisely and rapidly sawed thin slice after thin slice of white meat from the bird he’d been assigned, Dave responded to questions from the group around him. Each parent had been provided one of Cricket’s book about the Circle as well as the complete set of DVDs from the TV series at least a month earlier. There should have been no excuse for any parent to be surprised by the Circle, their mores, or the membership.

Erin had also made access to the Circle’s website available to all of the parents and guests. On that site, they could review the biographies of each person in the Circle and see their picture. There were also over a thousand candid photographs taken at various Circle events such as some of the theme parties, most recently Halloween, which Dave had missed since he was traveling. Those snapshots taken around the patio during the day made it clear that semi-nudity was the usual dress code, at least when there were no visitors and when the weather cooperated.

Some of the celebrity guests in the Circle were also present at various sittings: Scarlett was down the table from Dave, and Felicity Jones had been at the first sitting Owen Bennett. Ashley Steerman was assigned to the third sitting.

Ashley and Dave had agreed to do a short concert on the patio after the dinner from the last sitting had been cleared away. Ashley had new recordings for many of the duets they sang together that consisted of only the band for the two of them to use karaoke style.

Kim Swanson, Tracy’s mother, taught middle-school in Pennsylvania. She asked many questions about the home schooling that the Circle did for the younger children. The oldest children in that group were approaching ten, yet they were taking some English and math courses usually taught in junior or senior high school. Kim wanted to know how they could accelerate the students so rapidly. The discussion interested some of the other parents.

John Carson, Gabbie’s father, had gotten a tour of the Circle Airport from his daughter earlier. He was an aviation enthusiast and fascinated that Dave had been able to buy his own jet, and had access to all the other planes hangered at their nearby facility. Gabbie was well into her flying lessons and had soloed two weeks earlier with Doug as her flying instructor. John got into the details of the Circle Flying Club with Dave, as well as the steps he went through to get his various ratings.

Sue Gaylord’s Ataşehir Esmer Escort mother, Ruth, wanted more information about what it was like to be one of Dave’s wives. Neither Dave nor Sue nor any of Dave’s other wives had kept a secret that Sue was special and was on the ‘wife track’. Cricket was able to join into that discussion since she’d been one of Dave’s wives for almost ten years. Ruth was not convinced that Sue’s decision was a wise one, but didn’t dramatize her disagreement over the meal. Dave expected he’d hear more from Sue later.

Dave had to laugh, because at one point there was a discussion with Kat about the video editing that she did. Kat kept the discussion about the technology and the special effects that could be added, but the subject matter for most of her work remained unmentioned – pornography. Kat’s mother knew specifically what her daughter did, and had even done a video with Mike Holiday’s Circle-X Productions. Careful readers of Cricket’s book or the biographies on the Circle website, also ended up knowing about the operations and subject matter. Alice and Emily’s bios even mentioned the AVN awards they’d won for being the best MILF and mature woman in videos a few years earlier. In this discussion, however, Kat talked about editing a film dealing with the red tide that often plagued the Gulf of Mexico.

After the last meal sitting, a group of the younger men swept through the patio arranging chairs, benches, and chaises in large semi-circle arches around a make-shift stage. At seven o’clock, Ty Winter came out and introduced the following hour: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Ashley and Dave.”

The pair started with a new song that Dave had just learned, Canyon Sweetheart. They did a few of the standards as did Ashley: Texas Dawn, Burning Angel, and Two Loves. Dave did a solo and then he and Ashley did a few more songs before they ended for the evening to great applause.

For Dave, the Circle was the most important audience he’d ever sung before. This was family, and he didn’t want to disappoint by hitting a sour note or muffing some lyrics because he’d forgotten the words. As it ended, he realized that he’d done pretty well.

Ashley and Dave kissed and then she bumped him with her baby bump. She had a couple more months to go, but she had that ‘I’ve swallowed a beach ball’ look to her, plus her waddle had started when she walked.

After returning to the Circle from the concert in Dallas, and leaving his 1988 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail locked up in a storage locker in a hangar at Love Field, he’d never lacked for female companionship. He was still loved by all the women in the Circle, and each hoped for some intimate time with him.

With the passage of each day, Dave had been able to please five or six women, but he carefully dispensed his favors to ensure he was always able to respond in a way to pleasure his partners, and to be ready for the next woman in line. Their pleasure was paramount in his mind.

Thus, in just over two weeks since his return, he’d been able to reaffirm his love for about a hundred women in the Circle, and also to reconnect with some of the women who’d come to the Circle hoping to pledge and become members.

Throughout his time at home, he’d been regular in his exercise regime, his meals, and been religiously taking his supplements, hormones, and prescription drugs to aid in his sexual performance. The combination seemed to be working, at least he hoped he hadn’t left anyone disappointed.

After many in the Circle came to congratulate and thank Dave and Ashley for singing, Ashley grinned at Dave and said, “I have a little surprise for you at the house, if you can come down to Perimeter Road.”

Dave told the gorgeous country singer, “I left the rest of tonight open for you or whatever you want to do.”

Ashley laughed, “I had you several times in Dallas, so I feel we’re good, but as you’ll see, there’s someone else that misses you. Two of them, actually, but you only get one tonight. I’m feeling bloated after the dinner and then performing so I’m going to bed early. You and your surprise can stay up all night fucking or loving or whatever.”

Dave drove Ashley down to her home on Perimeter Road in one of the golf carts. Kyle and Marina had been at the dinner and driven home earlier, so there was another cart there already. The Circle now had about two dozen golf carts and they prowled around all over the property. One of Millie’s jobs as the Circle Concierge and Handy Person was to ensure that each was in running order and gassed up or charged up; most ran on EneRG cells, but a few used gasoline.

As they went into the house, and small blonde bombshell of a girl hurled herself in Dave’s arms, kissed him passionately, and nearly hugged all the air out of him.

“Coral! What a nice surprise.”

“I’ve missed you, Dave. I hoped we’d connect this weekend.”

“You didn’t go home for Thanksgiving?”

“Nope. Officially, I’m helping Ashley and preparing for final exams. Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort In reality, I’m caught up with my assignments and reading, I am helping with Kendall, but I wanted to be here in case you had time.”

“You’re at the university?”

“Freshman, and I got permission as a first semester student to pledge Kappa Delta Alpha because my entering GPA was so high. I’m kind of a straight A student and nothing seems to be changing in that regard now that I’m in college. Next semester, I signed up for some sophomore-level courses, and a special projects course with Tatiana on robotics.”

“Aggressive. Where are you living?”

“The school required that I live in the dorms my freshman year. I have a cute roommate I’ll introduce you to someday. She’s your type according to Ashley: cute, short, stacked, and fuckable – a spinner. She’s also a little shy, but you’ll like Cheyenne. She’s even from Wyoming, but she flew home for the holiday weekend so she’s not around until Monday.”

“But you’re here, and that’s more important right now,” Dave told her.

They kissed again. Coral checked in with Ashley, “Can I take him up to my room?”

Ashley gestured her approval, “I’ll take care of Kendall. You’re off for the rest of the night, plus it’s Kendall’s bed time.”

Kyle laughed. Marina said, “Leave something for me to enjoy tomorrow. I love him, too.”

Coral pulled Dave along towards the stairway to the second floor.

Dave probed as they walked, “Am I to take it that you are also pledging the Circle and not just KDA?”

Coral looked back and grinned, “Yes. I know they have some deal with the Circle, but I’m running a 4.00 GPA right now, and I don’t want to wait. I haven’t been here to the Circle compound as often as I like since school started, what with everything going on there, but I have come by a half-dozen times.”

Dave chuckled, “Were any of those Friday or Saturday evenings?”

Coral laughed, “Why, as a matter of fact, they were all Friday or Saturday evenings. Ashley even got me a couple of sponsors to help me integrate in and meet people – Rose and Danica.”

“Oh, they’re great. Both have pretty much grown up with the Circle. So, guess you’ve met some of the men?”

Coral stopped at the top step, “Yes, and I have lots of burgeoning love affairs with about eight men here and from what they say, they are loving me, as well. I guess I could tell you a few of them: Matt, Toby, Chet, Eliot, Caleb, Jaxon, and I met Barry and Wes, but we didn’t hook-up like I did with the other men.”

Dave admonished, “Don’t forget to build relationships with the women in the Circle.”

“Oh, I haven’t. Ashley tutored me on that score. I have learned a new skill that I think will put me in good stead with them. I have learned to … eat them out … or whatever you call it … after they’ve had messy sex. I kind of like it. I remember you said that good sex was wet, sticky, gooey, often nasty, and odiferous. I’m having fun playing in that kind of sandbox … but right now, I want you to mess up MY sandbox.”

She pulled her t-shirt over her head exposing her hot teenage breasts. She yanked down her athletic shorts next, leaving her naked and standing in the hallway outside her bedroom. She crooked a finger and beckoned Dave into her room.

* * * * *

Dave awoke with a copious quantity of tit flesh pushing against his body from each side. He cranked one eye open and turned his head to either side: Coral and Marina, both smiling at him.

Knowing he was awake resulted in one hand from each woman taking hold of his swelling cock and starting to fondle. Of course, the more they played, the more there was to hold and play with. When he was fully extended and starting to change color, Marina mounted the shaft at Coral’s suggestion. Coral straddled Dave’s mouth, allowing him to excite her again after their night of sexual pleasure with each other.

Coral didn’t last long before she came due to his talented tongue, and fell off to the side. Able to see and feel, Dave focused some fingers on Marina’s clit and nearby erogenous zones. He joined her as she had her first orgasm of the day.

Dave kissed Marina, “I’m surprised you’re here.”

“I gave Kyle his wake-up blowjob and came in. You two were asleep and so cute together. I’m glad you slept here so I could be with you. I missed you.”

“I missed you, too. Is there a plan for today?”

Marina poked at him, “It’s Black Friday. The plan is shopping, but first, you need to go up to the patio and help Odessa serve omelets. We have lots of visitors and some of them will be hungry for something other than cold cereal or leftover turkey.”

Dave sat up, “I smell like pussy. I need a shower, plus you’re all messy.”

Coral said in a jaunty tone, “You go shower. I’ll clean up Marina. It won’t be the first time, and I sure hope it won’t be the last. We’ll come up for omelets, too.”

Dave showered, dressed again in what he’d been wearing the Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort night before, and took one of the golf carts to shoot up the quiet streets to the main circle of homes. He walked between two of them to the patio.

Odessa was there, setting up the small three burner gas stove that she used to do omelets. Dave walked up and kissed the dark brown girl. He’d barely seen her since returning from his trip, so this was a bit of a reunion for the two of them.

“I missed you, but I got great reports about your omelets,” Dave told her after their hug.

“This is fun. I love this job, and I love seeing so many people. I feel this is my real home now and not St. Croix.”

“How’s school going?”

“Straight A, and they’ve declared me to be an official senior in the pre-med program. I graduate in May. I’m into some heavy science courses this year – Biochem, Genetics and Molecular Biology, and a course called Anatomical Physics. Next semester, I also take Pathogenic Bacteriology and Immunology, and Advanced Organic Chemistry. Then I start med school over the summer. I already aced the MCATs.”

“You getting any advice from our resident doctors – Tim Faurst or Adesh Githra?”

“It’s too early. They both keep in touch frequently and add some nice words to motivate me. Both have invited me to do part of my clinical rotation with them. I see them socially, too.”

Dave laughed, “Socially? You sleep with them?”

“I have, but more typically I fuck them when I’m awake,” she laughed. “I’m still popular around here; nothing has tapered off. I thought after the men tapped a black girl, they’d go back to their sweet white meat, but I seem to be treated just the same as any of the other women.”

“And if that changes, there’s a posse of men that will beat-up any person that treats you otherwise. You are a special woman, like all the women, and deserve to be treated that way and not as some special piece of ass on a temporary basis.”

“Oh, I love you, David.”

“And, I love you, Odessa. Come on, we have lots of omelets to make this morning.”

Dave set up another omelet prep station next to Odessa’s, and as more and more people arrived for breakfast, they were soon very busy, occasionally having all six burners actively engaged in omelet cooking. Emma joined the pair as their waitress; so, as each completed omelet was set on a plate, she hurried it across the patio to the person that ordered it. Emma usually wore a monokini, but because so many parents were around, she also had on a t-shirt that said, ‘Stop undressing me with your eyes – use your teeth!’ It provoked a lot of interest because she was obviously bare underneath.

Dave, Emma, and Odessa teased each other as they worked. About nine-thirty, the demand for omelets all but ceased so they made their own breakfasts and then sat together. Dave was able to catch up with both Odessa and Emma.

Dave had met Odessa at Mark Worthington’s villa in St. Croix. She’d been working part-time, serving omelets to anyone staying there and also being part of the kitchen and house cleaning crew. Dave had learned her aspiration to become a doctor as well as how unlikely that was to happen given her home and work situation. Together with Owen and the Bennett Foundation, they’d put her on a full scholarship to get her medical degree. Along the way, they’d also reached deeper into her family to help her parents with better jobs, especially her father who’d had a serious injury from an argument with hit-sand-run driver on night when he was walking home. He’d been brought to Sarasota for proper medical attention.

Emma Roberts he’d met when she’d been attending a class temporarily taught in one of the Circle classrooms by Marie Thereaux on Anthropology. Dave had been a guest speaker at her class talking about the Circle. He’d made a sweeping invitation to anybody in the class interested in the Circle to just ‘hang around’. Emma, Luke, and Zoey, along with their professor Marie, had done just that, eventually becoming Circle members.

Emma and Odessa had a side conversation while someone stopped by the table to chat with Dave. When he turned back, they were both smiling at him with come hither looks.

Emma said, “Neither Odessa nor I have been with you since you got back from your long absence. Could we coax you into going someplace and letting us reestablish our love-connection with you?”

Dave smiled, “I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. I think I can offer up my bedroom, although I wasn’t there last night and don’t know what condition it’s in.”

Odessa smiled, “I love your big beds. Let’s try there. If that doesn’t work, we can come back to my little cubby hole here in the core. I do have a king-size bed, but Dave’s is much better.” She tittered, “Other people may come in and join us.”

The three dropped their dishes and cutlery off in the right bins, and then headed into the hallway heading for Dave’s home.

Chapter 2 – Skye

Dave sauntered up to the patio bar at what was euphemistically called the ‘changeover time’. He was only wearing a towel around his waist. It was the time of evening when copulating coupes declared the first round of lovemaking finished, and when many in the Circle sought new partners for a second round. Usually, that was around ten p.m. or a little later.

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