Lord William


Angel watched from her window as the stars came into sight one by one. The moon was full and golden and the air smelled of wild flowers. She could see the pond reflecting the nighttime lights and the fireflies twinkling all around in the bushes. She slipped on her silk robe and closed it tightly around her. Barefoot she tiptoed through the dark halls of the Old English castle of her ancestors.

She pushed open the heavy wood doors and stepped out into the night air. A breeze came along blowing her long auburn curls around her face and her robe tightly against her body revealing all her curves and her nipples poking out behind the light blue material. She took in a deep breath and exhaled it before making her way into the garden. The garden had become over run by weeds and wild flowers for no one took care of it anymore. But the fountains and statues still looked as beautiful as ever and she could just imagine how beautiful it must have been hundreds of years ago. The knights and ladies and lords that roamed this land must have thoroughly enjoyed its beauty.

As she approached the pond in the center of the garden she slipped on one of the marble stepping stones still wet from the rain earlier that day. She landed hard and for a moment couldn’t move. But fear quickly ran through her as she heard the sound of a horse galloping toward her.

She looked around to see a large black stallion and rider adorned in medieval attire. She thought he must have come from one of the shows in town but wondered how he arrived in the garden. He stopped right beside her and didn’t say a word. He just held out his hand and took hers helping her to her feet. And with almost no effort he then lifted her off the ground and sat her in front of him on this magnificent animal.

Angel couldn’t see his face and even though she didn’t know who he was she felt safe. Somewhere in her heart she knew he would never hurt her. With one muscular arm he held her in place with the other he maneuvered the horse along the path and back to the castle.

At the door he lowered himself from the saddle and then helped her down into his arms. Angel couldn’t figure out why she didn’t struggle or insist he put her down as he pushed open the heavy doors with no effort and carried her inside. As soon as she entered the normally dark castle she noticed a difference about it. It was warmer and bursa escort at the end of the long hall that led into the lords chambers she could see a fire burning that wasn’t there when she left. Maybe one of the maids realized she went out and would be cold when she returned. But why wasn’t the fire in her room?

He carried her into the chambers that had once belonged to the lord of the castle sometime in the late eighteenth century. The decor hadn’t changed much because it needed to be kept as authentic as possible for tourist. But as she was carried into the room she noticed everything looked newer and not like it had been sitting untouched except for being dusted for hundreds of years.

He laid Angel down on the soft fur rug in front of the fire and she finally could see his face in the light. He was handsome, more handsome than any man she had ever known. His eyes were so clear blue she could almost see right into his soul and his hair was almost as black as the night. His face was tanned and looked warn from years of hard work in the sun. He had slight facial hair across his defined features. She didn’t know who he was but yet he looked so familiar. He knelt beside her and began to untie the sash of her robe.

“Who are you?” Angel finally managed to ask.

He didn’t answer; instead he took her face in hands and softly placed his lips on hers. Giving her a gentle kiss, so soft she hardly felt it but yet it sent her soaring into another world.

His hands were big and rough but yet they were steady and gentle as he took off her robe leaving her in front of him in a sheer gown and a thong. He stood and admired her, looking at her as though he had never seen anything like it in his life.

Angel looked up at him noticing the weapons he carried. A long sheathed sword and a small dagger in the waist of his pants. The handle on the dagger was gold and finely engraved with amazing designs.

He removed his weapons and then all his clothes except his pants and boots. He stood in front of her leaving her in a trance by the beauty of his body. His stomach was rippling with muscles and his chest was solid and defined.

He knelt beside her again and looked deep into her eyes then he laid her on her back and stroked her cheek gently. He took one of her breast in his hand and moved his thumb over the nipple bringing it to an erect state.

He bursa escort bayan took the straps of her gone and pulled them off her shoulders and down the rest of her body until she lay there in front of him in only her panties. He lowered his mouth to her nipple and teased it with his teeth as he caressed the other in his hand.

Angel let out a soft moan to her own surprise. She didn’t know this man yet she felt like she did and she didn’t want him to stop what he was doing.

He moved his lips up her chest with soft kisses, continuing across her shoulder, up her neck and finally finding her mouth. His tongue teased her lips and she slowly parted them allowing him to kiss her fully. His tongue finding hers. She responded by kissing him back just as passionately.

His hand roamed over her breast and down her tummy finding her panties. he slipped in under them finding her clit and her already wet pussy. His fingers parted her and slid inside while his thumb teased her hardening clit. Her lips were swollen and beginning to ache for him.

Again he stood and quickly removed the rest of his clothes revealing a large hard cock. Its tip was shiny and wet from his excitement and the precum it produced. He moved in between her legs and with a quick jerk he literally ripped her panties off of her. He spread her legs and looked down at her neatly trimmed pussy. He ran his fingers over her and spread her lips so he could taste her. His tongue moved with precision over her clit and between her lips, causing her to lift her hips off the floor with pleasure. His hands found her ass and squeezed it gently, moving his fingers along the middle of her cheeks finding the tight hole there. He slid a finger inside causing Angel to let out a loud gasp that was quickly followed by sounds of pleasure. She could feel herself growing closer to climaxing and he looked up into her eyes and moved himself over her.

His cock pressed against her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her begging him to enter. He teased her a little moving in just a little then out again, doing this over and over until neither of them could wait anymore and he slid himself fully in her. Their moans rang out together like they were one. He moved himself inside bringing her to the orgasm he had stopped short just moments before. She tightened around him escort bursa covering his cock in her wetness.

He looked down at her with pleasure in his eyes knowing he had satisfied her. His thrusts grew harder and deeper as he grew closer to his own orgasm. She felt him swell inside her, and then begin to throb as he let out grunts of pleasure, releasing himself deep inside her.

He collapsed on his back beside her. Sweat beading over his body his face flushed and smiling. Angel leaned over above him. Running her tongue over his stomach and down to the trail of hair below his belly button. She licked his balls from the back to the front then all the way to the tip of his once again hardening cock. Her tongue teased the hole on the tip before she wrapped her lips around the head of it. Slowly she took it in her mouth sucking it, taking in more and more with each downward motion until he was fully erect again and she was taking all she could handle deep into her mouth. She looked up at him his eyes were closed and his lips parted. He let out soft moans and she sucked him more.

She straddled him lowering herself over his cock. Her pussy was warm and wet against him. He took her hips and moved her to where he could enter, lowering her onto his cock he entered her pulling her down against his hips pushing himself further inside her. Her voice caught in her throat as pain shot through her but was quickly replaced by pleasure as she began to grind her hips over him. His hands held on to her breasts as she road him. His grip was firm yet sent pleasure through her body. The sensation his cock made as it rubbed the perfect spot inside her pussy brought her quickly to another climax. Her pussy contracted tightly around him bringing him to an orgasm also. Exhausted she fell on him her head resting on his chest and his arms holding her close to him. She fell asleep there in his arms and did not wake until morning.

The sun beat against her face as she opened her eyes and found her in the garden by the pond. She looked around wondering how she got back there and then she saw a familiar face. It was the man from last night, except he was a statue. She stood and read the inscription below it. It was Lord William the last true lord of this castle. Having no relatives to leave his estate to he left it to his best friend, Angel’s distant grandfather.

Putting two and two together angel realized the fall must have rendered unconscious and she dreamed the whole amazing experience. That was until she noticed something in her hand. She looked at it realizing it was the dagger he carried at his waist.

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