Subject: Los Gallos Resort -Chapter 15g Chapter 15 � The Mayor’s Party � Part 7: The Finale The Murphy twins were talking quietly to each other after Mayor Escobar had just told them they would be the star of the final show. “What do you think he meant by THAT?” Austin asked his identical twin. “I dunno, but it sounds like it will be �”, Adam started to reply. Then he recalled something that Senor Juarez had said to him in the limo, after swallowing the hotel manager’s creamy load: “The mayor has a special way to make a boy orgasm that is similar to what you just experienced, only it’s a bit more intense. Do you think you can handle it?” Adam continued, “I think it has something to do with what Senor Juarez said in the limo, about a special way to make a guy cum.” Carl approached the boys. “Ah, amigos, do not be afraid. I promise you will enjoy this like nothing else. You won’t forget this experience for a very long time.” Carl’s reassurances put the boys more at ease, though their curiosity remained. While Carl was talking more with the twins, the waiter boys (Mark, Jake, Yuki, and Benjamin) were busy getting everyone else drinks and bringing in some chips, pico, and guacamole for the guests. As the tuxedo clad boys were finishing up their final deliveries, Tomas gathered them and lauded them for the fine job they had done all night. “We’ve were going to finish up in here watching Adam and Austin blow their loads. You are free to stay and watch if you want, or if you want to go play in the pool now, that’s fine too.” If the younger lads had any idea how interesting the “Austin and Adam show” was going to be, they might have stayed for that, but without knowing, the 4 boys made a quick exit to the pool. (It was probably not a bad thing that they left Tomas thought to himself, it leaves a little mystery should one of them come to a party in future years and be the `star of the finale’.) “Hey boys, wait,” Tomas called out to them as they were nearing the door to the pool, “can you take Eduardo and Peter with you, I think they would enjoy the pool as well.” Mark paused by the door and waited. Tomas switched back to Spanish and told Father Rodrigo’s altar boys they were allowed to go play in the pool also. The mayor addressed the room. “If everyone will have a seat, we will get started with the finale.” The men in the room took up seats near the two slings, many of the men pulling a boy into their laps. Father Rodrigo and Father Andres had Mikael between them on a small love seat. Marcelo had rejoined his hunky army captain in an oversized chair. The colonel had commandeered Yuto and Chief Fuentes had Tristan on his lap. All over the room the men were gently stroking the soft skin of a nearby boy, anxiously awaiting the start of the show. The mayor led the red headed twelve year olds to the slings and with the help of Carl and Senor Juarez, lifted the boys up and into place. With their feet threaded through loops attached to the sling supports, the puffy puckers of the boys faced the room. Both boys had been fucked by both priests, and Austin also got a quick fucking from the police chief. Neither had managed to cum though. Yet. Senor Juarez began to speak as the mayor retrieved a box from a nearby cabinet. “The father of these two boys has asked us if there is something we could do to get them to enjoy bottoming more. I told him yes. I think after getting fucked tonight while their buttons teased their cocks, and what you are about to see, they will be begging for cock in their tight little bums quite often from now on.” The mayor removed two slightly curved butt plugs from his box of toys and held them up for the room and the twins to see. “First, were going to slide these inside their tight little bums,” the mayor said as he applied some lube to each plug. Austin looked over to his brother. “That’s no big deal, hardly as big as Josh,” he said, referring to their older 14 year old brother. The mayor carefully adjusted the angle of the plugs to that the tips would press against their young boy’s prostates and slid them into place. Both twins let out a moan of pleasure as the plug popped into place. The pressure on their prostates pushed a bit of precum out of their thin uncut Irish cocks. The mayor motioned for Carl to come up. The German man came to each boy and unfastened their plastic cock cages. The release of tension on their balls and sudden freedom, along with the plug stuffing their asses, caused both boys to become fully hard in just a few seconds. Both of their pink heads strained to push out from their tight, pale foreskins. Carl took each twin’s cock into his mouth, savoring the bit of precum that had collected. “Hmmmm, delicious boys,” Carl exclaimed as he sat back in a nearby chair. Both twins were confused as to why this was a big deal. The plugs stuffing their asses felt nice, as did Carl’s brief licking of their plump cockheads, but they were so far unclear how this was going to be so special. That is until the mayor turned the dial on each of their butt plugs. He started them on the lowest setting, which meant about every 25 seconds the plug would vibrate. Each vibration sent tingly feelings all throughout their bums and cock. While the boys were focused on this new sensation, the major subtly tightened the loops around the boy’s ankles. As the red heads in the slings began to moan with each pulse from their plugs, Carl made his way around the room and removed the cock cages from the other 4 boys. As the boys and men watched the twins begin to squirm in delight, erections began sprouting all over the room. Soon all of the men were lightly stroking the cock of a nearby boy, returning some of the pleasure that had been given to them earlier in the evening. The mayor turned the dial on the bottom of each plug to the next level. This slightly increased the intensity and length of each vibration gaziantep travesti in the plug. Adam started to reach for his swelling cock. The mayor grabbed his hand. “No, mijo, not so fast. No touching,” he said as he wagged a finger at Adam. He instructed the boys to grab the supports behind their heads. Then he slipped soft leather cuffs over their wrists, locking their arms into place. As the vibrations continued the boys began to moan and talk to each other. “This feels so fucking good,” Austin told his brother. “Oh yeah!” Adam responded, as he bucked his hips up as another wave of delight flowed from the plug and through his privates. As the twins were grooving on the feelings from their plug, the mayor was quietly gathering additional equipment for the next phase. The mayor had two of the latest E-stim units with multiple attachments. E-stim units deliver mild electrical shocks and are used for many medical purposes such as muscle recovery and strengthening. Applied to right places, they can also deliver mind blowing orgasms. The mayor had used them to give himself many intense hands-free orgasms, but his favorite thing to do was to use them on young boy cocks, slowly driving them to explosive orgasms. Before applying the electrodes, the mayor first increased the butt plugs to level 3, causing the vibrations to come every 15 seconds or so. “Feeling good boys,” the mayor asked. “Oh god yes!” exclaimed both boys. They both looked around the room, noticing all the eyes were on them. They also noticed everyone was hard as a rock. Almost everyone had someone else stroking their cocks as they watched. The mayor attached the electrodes to the base of each boys cock and another near the tip, just below the frenulum. “These are going to add a new feeling to your dicks,” the mayor told them. “I think you’re going to be amazed.” The mayor connected the leads to the control unit and fired the first stimulation to the electrodes attached to the boy’s cocks. The cocks of each boy twitched noticeably and both boys gasped as the unusual sensation hit their cocks for the first time. “Eventually I will speed up that sensation, and you will have the most explosive cum ever. And you’ll forever think of that feeling every time there’s something in your ass, or … even when you think of something in your ass.” The mayor slowly began increasing the frequency and level of the current through the boy’s cocks while also slowly inching up the level on the vibrating butt plugs. Soon both boys are breathing harder and faster between louder and louder moans of delight. The twins were arching their hips up off the slings with each pulse from the e-stim unit. Soon both boys were stringing together long and loud exclamations. “Oh good, oh my fucking good, yes, yes, oh shit, oh shit.” “Anyone wants to give their mouths something to work on to quiet them down?” the mayor asked. Marcelo and his captain friend accepted the invite. Each approached a twin from the side of the sling and pushing their hard cock into the boy’s mouth. The mayor adjusted the settings on the butt plugs and e-stim unit down a few notches. He wanted the red heads to focus on sucking the cocks in their mouths. But he also wanted them to build slowly and could tell their orgasms were starting to work themselves up way too quickly. Marcelo and the captain wasted no time driving their cocks into the waiting throats, giving both boys a face fucking. Both red heads were amped and eagerly sucked at the cocks presented to them. They felt the diminished level of pleasure coming from the plugs and e-stim and had surmised the quicker they finished their blow jobs, the quicker the juice would be turned back up. Marcelo and the captain watched the boy’s cocks twitch as they slowly fed their cocks into their warm waiting mouths. The captain felt his explosion beginning to build and placed his hand on the back of Adam’s head and began face fucking the boy harder. Marcelo took cue and did the same with Austin. Soon the captain and Marcelo were squrting a load of sperm into the boy’s mouths. A fair amount was left on each boy’s upper lip and chin when they were done with their last spurts. The twins tried to lick the missed drops into their mouths, but found they were just out of reach of their searching tongues. “Hmmm, well that’s a hot look if I ever saw it,” said the mayor referring to the sticky goo on the boy’s faces. He slowed edged the settings back to their previous levels on the plugs and e-stim control units. Both twins arched their hips up as the strongest current yet pulsed through their identical rock hard 4″ penises. “Maybe we can add a few more loads to their pretty little faces before I make them squirt,” said the Mayor, addressing the room of hard cocks. Mikael had been sitting between Father Rodgigo and Father Andres, slowly masturbating each man with one hand, occasionally taking one cock into his expert cock-sucking mouth. The priests were returning the favor, slowly stroking Mikael’s 3.5″ cut wiener. Both men were nearing another climax and heeded the mayor’s invite to drop more cum on the faces of the bound red heads. Rodgigo and Mikael took up positions near Austin and Andres was alone with Adam. All three furiously stroked their swollen members over the face of the boy below them. As the great feelings flooded their holes and cocks, both twins were beginning to thrash about, moaning in delight. The feelings in their pelvis like nothing they had ever experienced. Mikael and Rodgrigo were the first to shoot. Mikael’s still immature watery load spraying all over Austin’s chin and neck, with a little finding its way into Austin’s mouth. “Hmm that tastes so sweet,” exclaimed Austin. Just as he finished speaking a thick squirt of hot jizz escaped from Father Rodrigo’s uncut cock, landing across Austin’s nose and cheek. Austin could feel the warmth gaziantep masaj salonları of the load as it began sliding down his cheek. Andres was close behind with his load, which initially stuck to his penis and foreskin, before finally flinging its way into Adams short red mop and forehead. As the padres and Mikael made their way back to the sofa, Mayor Escobar added more charge to the e-stim unit and turned the butt plugs to max vibration. This sent the boys pumping their hips into the air, fucking an invisible ass above them. “Oh, fuck, OH MY GOD,” yelled Adam, “DON’T …STOP…(GASP)… SOO GOOOD, GOTTA CUM… PLEASE DON’T STOP.” Austin added his own begging, “YES! PLEASE, MAKE ME SHOOT, PLEASE!” As both boys pleading and thrashing continued, Mayor Escobar cruelly cut the juice to the stim units and backed off the vibrations in their butt plugs. “Not quite time, boys, almost, almost. I think maybe you suck one more cock each while I fix you up for the finale.” “NO, GOD, PLEASE,” Adam begged, “I was almost there!” “Me too,” added Austin. “Stop begging and suck me,” said the Colonel as he slapped his hard cock against Adam’s cheek, picking up a little of Father Andres load, before pushing it into his mouth. Adam obediently began nursing the colonel’s swollen cock. Beside him on the other sling, Austin was licking and sucking on Chief Fuentes’ swollen member. As the boys were occupied with the cocks in their mouths, the mayor was busy at the other end of the slings, changing the connections on the smooth Irish boy cocks. He replaced the top plain contact with a specially shaped sound that extended into each boy’s piss hole about 3/4″ and then wrapped around base of the cock head of each boy. Each electrical impulse would now hit the most sensitive parts of a boy cock � the urethra and the frenulum. They wouldn’t last long once he turned the juice back on. As the colonel and the police chief pumped their stiff dicks into the each twins mouth, Mayor Escobar turned the e-stim unit back on, sending the first pulse of electricity down the sound and into the heart of the twin’s stiff little cocks. Both cocks twitched and each boy let out a muffled scream of delight as their eye’s bulged out in surprise. The colonel let his cock slide from Adam’s mouth. Adam was breathing heavily as the second jolt hit his cock. “Oh, jesus, oh fuck,” yelled the boy, “that’s so fucking awesome.” Austin added his agreement . “This is the fucking best,” said the other twin. The mayor turned the butt plugs to their highest settings. A steady constant vibration was now pulsing on each boy’s prostate, with stronger pulses coming intermittently. The twin’s moans grew louder, much to the delight of the men and other boys watching. “It might be best to keep your cocks out of their mouths now gentlemen,” the mayor suggested to the colonel and Chief Fuentes. “I wouldn’t want them to bite you when they cum here in a minute.” Had the boy’s understood Spanish, they would have been excited to hear that they were going to finally be brought to orgasm. The Colonel and police chief took over masturbating their own cocks with one hand. With the other they began playing lightly with the small nipples of the writhing 12 year olds below them. The nipple play helped elevate the boys to an even new level of bliss. Both boys were moaning and cooing between deep breaths as their long awaited orgasm began to build once again from deep inside their smooth bodies. Mayor Escobar made the final adjustment, maxing out the electrical pulses on the e-stim machine. The sharp pulses were now coming twice per second down the wires that were inserted into the piss hole of each boy. The boys began a low pitch scream (more of a constant whine of pleasure really) as they arched their backs and thrust their hips madly. The colonel and police chief went from gently rubbing their nipples to pinching them. Watching the boys lurch in pleasure was hot enough both men reached orgasm almost simultaneously, coating each boys face with more hot man goo. The boys were so absorbed in the incredible feelings being delivered to their cocks and asses that they didn’t even notice the jizz hitting their face. The entire room of men and boys had stopped any sex play and were watching the tethered red heads twist in delight. (Of course the show had everyone hard as a rock and they were all gently pulling on their own cocks as the show continued). Adam was the first twin to cum, announce his impending orgasm with a loud yell of “OH fuck yesssssssssssssssss.” The first blast of cum from his cock shot the electrical sound from his cock onto his belly. Adam’s load continued to spray out with several more pulses, so quick and fast it appeared to some in the room that he might have actually been pissing. As his orgasm subsided, the major turned the vibration on Adam’s butt plug off, allowing the boy to slowly begin to regain his breathe. “C’mon now Austin,” the mayor said, “It’s your turn now.” Austin could tell someone was talking, but he didn’t really hear anything that was being said. The vibrations in his ass and the voltage being applied to cock had him rabbit fucking his hips in the air, trying to bring on his long overdue climax. When it arrived, he too screamed out loud, yelling “Dadddddddy” as a constant stream of cum gushed from his hard cock. His sound didn’t dislodge though, causing his thin load to spray all over his chest, his face and the sling in small droplets. A lot of his load covered Chief Fuentes’ arm and hand, which was still busy rubbing Austin’s nipples throughhis orgasm. (The chief of course took sample of the boy’s delicious cum by licking it from his arm and hand.) As both boys came down from their fabulous climaxes, the colonel and police chief helped released their hands and legs as the mayor gently removed the butt plug gaziantep escort bayan from each boy’s ass. He observed that each boy’s hole was considerably looser than they were when he had installed the device. The men slowly helped them up from the slings, holding the boys to make sure they didn’t pass out from standing up too quickly. Both boys were weak in the knees but eventually steadied themselves with the help of a nearby man. The entire room gave them a huge round of applause as they stood. The twin’s smiled with pride as the surveyed the room of smiling men and boys, most of which were still hard as a rock. The men in the audience began yelling compliments to the boys and the mayor. “Best finale ever Mayor”… “fucking hot as hell boys, amazing” … “excellente.” “Thank you boys,” said the mayor, handing each boy a towel to wipe the layers of cum from their faces and chest. “Why don’t you head outside for a quick shower and maybe jump in the pool with the younger boys to cool off,” he suggested. As the red heads left the room the mayor fetched some bottles of beer for the rest of the group, boys included. The men enjoyed their cervezas while they relived some of the best moments of the night. They also cuddled a bit one last time with the naked boys and teens as the party wound down. A couple more men rubbed out a final load, but for the most part everyone was spent and let their erections fade. The Mayor’s Party � Wrapping it up (Prologue) Carl followed Austin and Adam as they left for the outdoor showers and pool. He overheard their conversation. “Jesus fucking Christ Adam,” started Austin, “that was unbelievable. I never cummed so hard, ever.” “No shit! Me either,” responded Austin. “My whole body is still numb. I feel weak.” “Yeah, same here!” Carl caught up to the twin red heads. “You know boys,” Carl said… “I just wanted to tell you that the mayor’s vibrating butt plug will have done wonders to loosen up your little boy pussies. For the next couple of days anyway, you’d have no problem taking the biggest of cocks. I think you father will be especially interested to know that.” Carl winked at the boys as he delivered the last of his message. Austin and Adam had been fucked often by their 14 year old brother Josh and a few men with smaller cocks, but neither had yet been filled by their dad’s 9+ inch thick piece of meat. Prior to tonight, neither boy had really enjoyed being a bottom, they just tolerated it at times. Both boys began to imagine their dad stuffing his thick cock into their ass. Normally, this would make them cringe. But now things were different. The thought of being filled with thick cock subconsciously made them both remember the mind blowing orgasm they had just experienced. Instead of dreading the thought of their dad fucking them, both boys were now mildly turned on by the thought. The twin’s showered the dried cum and sweat from themselves and jumped in the pool completely naked. The younger “waiter” boys had shucked their tuxedos long ago and were swimming around in the white speedos that they had worn underneath. They had been having a blast going down the slide and playing on the water trampoline, and generally just being boys. Tristan had joined the group too after his incident with cock cage and was doing full flips on the trampoline, impressing everyone. Father Rodrigo’s altar boys, Peter and Eduardo, despite the fact they spoke no English, had managed to make friends and were splashing around with the other boys, wearing only their thin worn soccer shorts. Apparently, play is a universal language. It helped that Benjamin could speak a tiny bit of Spanish � at least enough to exchange names and ages. The twins went down the slide a few times and then joined many of the other boys on the water trampoline. The talk of the boys on the tramp was the impending boy-only (no adults allowed) party / orgy they were going to have back at Los Gallos. The plan was not to invite anyone that could shoot, but somehow the twins managed to talk the other boys into letting them come. They were still only 12, so they got a pass. But they had to promise not to tell anyone else, especially the older boys Marcelo and Yuti. The talk of the boy-orgy stopped when the rest of the boys came out to play in the pool, while the men stayed inside and cleaned up a little. The younger boys, Eduardo and Peter included, surrendered the tramp and pool to the older boys and found their way into the hot tub. Benjamin had been the main one speaking with Eduardo and Peter, since he knew some Spanish. He really liked the Mexican boys and Benjamin was smart and aware enough to realize that they were poor and he felt sorry for them. This gave him a great idea. Tomas was walking by the hot tub carrying a bag containing clothing for all the boys. Benjamin approached him. “Tomas, do you think we could invite Eduardo and Peter to come back to the resort with us? We’re planning to have a �”, Benjamin said, catching himself before spilling the beans about the planned boy orgy. “Sleepover party,” he finished. “I don’t see why not. I don’t know if it will be possible, but I can ask the padres for you,” Tomas responded. Tomas thought it was sweet that the poor Mexican boys had made friends and was happy to encourage it. He also thought Peter had a nice little ass and thought maybe if he got him back to Los Gallos, he might get a chance to play with it. Tomas went and spoke to the priests, who figured out a plan to allow the boys to be gone overnight without worrying their families. Father Rodrigo would accompany the boys back to Los Gallos (where he might find some hot action himself) and Father Andres would go cover off things with the boy’s families. After giving all the boys some time to enjoy the Mayor’s pool, Tomas returned the clothes they had worn several hours before, when they arrived to get ready for the party. As the clock neared 11pm, all the boys, including Peter and Eduardo filed to the limousine to return to the resort. Peter and Eduardo were astonished by the limo of course. But not nearly as astonished as they would be by the resort, where good food was plentiful and free AND both boys would lose their cherries in a few short hours.

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