Loss of Amateur Status Pt. 05


To fully understand the context of this narrative, I would recommend you read “Loss of Amateur Status.” Parts One, Two, Three and Four.


The next day I rang Cruella and told her I needed to talk to her. She demurred but I insisted. I think she anticipated that I may have something to say about the monetary disparity I had accidentally discovered.

She answered the door in what appeared to be exercise gear. I assumed she was either on the way to or had just returned from a gym session. The look was actually rather edible; dark colored form fitting lycra that flattered her figure.

“I think you have some explaining to do regarding my remuneration. Clare mentioned a figure of $200.”

She sniffed. “I don’t do pro bono work. I think a fifty- fifty split is entirely fair. You should be grateful for the work.”

Typical. Cruella assumes the right to dictate to me what I am worth and I am expected to be appreciative. There was no way I was going to leave it at that. The desire to cut her down was compelling. I quickly deliberated my options. A degree of humiliation combined with undeniable elements of authority as well as a hefty sexual emphasis. Aha!

I took her by the wrist and pulled her towards the nearby couch. I seated myself and pulled her onto my lap. I maneuvered her body so that she was face down across my legs in the classic spanking position. She was making little squeals and squeaks that became louder as I pealed back her shorts, tossing them on the floor thus exposing a very fine pair of buttocks. She was just possibly a little too wide hipped for some people but as I have mentioned, her beautiful olive skin really set off what I thought was a quite magnificent butt. I took a moment to appreciate the view. I gently cupped and fondled each firm orb which seemed to calm her. We can’t have that I thought. Her bottom was requiring another type of attention from me.

“Agatha. You have been a very bad girl.” She stiffened on my lap. She would have to be very naïve not to predict where this was headed. “What do bad girls get Agatha? No idea? Let me help you.” I raised my hand and gave her gave her tushie a good clean slap. She jerked at the sudden blow and bellowed more in surprise rather than pain. The second more vigorous swipe elicited a response that was definitely driven by pain. She was now writhing, trying to free herself, but it was easy to hold her in place.

“What do bad girls get Agatha?” I again goaded her. I punctuated my question with another forceful smack. Again she bucked and shrieked. I now had a very self-satisfied smirk on my face. There is nothing more pleasurable than controlling a defenseless Cruella.

After another dozen smacks she was gasping raggedly for air and her movements were more reflexive rather than any real attempt to escape. Her bottom had reddened nicely. It almost looked hot to the touch. My peripheral vision suddenly dragged my attention to the door. I realized immediately that we had inadvertently left the door open and that someone had entered unannounced.

An elderly woman was standing in the doorway with two saucer eyes and a saucer mouth; it was Ms. Stickler. I had met while I was laying Cruella’s slate. I put her down as a snooping old cow. Once I mentioned to Cruella that a Ms. Stickler had come around while she was out, Cruella really let fly with the invective. “That prying bitch sticks her nose in anywhere she can.” I gathered she was the self-appointed moral compass of the apartment complex and notorious gossip. She would find fault in anyone and anything.

Description time; I guess she was in her 60s. A tiny, birdlike person. Well under five feet and maybe only 70 pounds. She was genuinely miniature. Her hair was short cut and dyed a mousy brown color. A slender plank was what I thought of when I surveyed her figure. No distinguishing prominences at any level. A not unattractive face if you are into wrinkles and crows feet but I would allow she could have been attractive several decades ago. Several decades ago was also where her clothes appear to have emerged from. Ridiculous ruffles at the neck and wrists although the skirt was short enough to expose a spindly calf.

Without even really thinking about it I gave Cruella another smack. She jumped. Ms. Stickler jumped too, in our direction. Hmm. Interesting cause and effect loop here. I repeated the slap. Same results although çıtır escort there was another change to Ms. Stickler. All expression had fallen from her face and she was now looking totally blank. Each further spank seemed to make her hop a little closer until she was mere feet from us. Cruella was still blissfully unaware we had company. I looked Ms. Stickler in the eye and continued with my commentary, “You have been a bad girl.”

She stepped toward me. “I have been a bad girl,” she whispered. Cruella heard this and instantly stiffened and then tried to scramble to her feet. I gave her a last meaty smack and allowed her to rise. She turned to face Ms. Stickler with a look of horror on her face. Cruella was aghast. Her reputation was going to be in shreds. How was she going to live this scandal down? Her hands flew to cover her nakedness and she scuttled from the room. Probably a wise move to make yourself scarce right at the moment I thought. Ms. Stickler didn’t acknowledge her in any way. She seemed totally focused on me.

She shuffled even closer. “I have been a bad girl,” she repeated. She reached down under her skirt and to my extreme surprise started removing her undergarment. A rather plain set of small white knickers appeared and were promptly discarded onto the carpet.

I was still seated on the couch and I was more than a little startled when she crawled onto my lap into the same position Cruella had been in a moment ago. She flipped up her skirt and revealed the smallest bottom I have ever seen on a grown woman.

I assumed I was allowed to touch so I laid a hand on the twin orbs. I ran my fingers over it but the skin was so soft and smooth I could barely feel it. My hand almost completely covered her entire saggy little bottom. A tiny, silky, miniature butt.

Cruella had taken cover from this bizarre apparition behind the kitchen counter. I looked at her with a questioning expression. She just shrugged and shook her head.

“I have been a bad girl,” she repeated again.

I again rubbed my hand over the fleshy little cheeks and decided that she had indeed been a bad girl. My first smack was tentative, an experiment if you will. She wriggled in my lap.

“Oh Papi, I have been such a bad girl. I deserve to be punished.” Another, firmer blow elicited a moan of unmistakable pleasure. As a delivered her deserved punishment I realized that the naughty little minx had insinuated a hand under herself. I could feel it moving between one of my thighs and her groin. She was giving herself a nice little tickle up while I was giving her tushi a nice big tickle up.

I looked again at Cruella peering over the kitchen counter. I mouthed, “Close the door.” Cruella glanced at the door and then nodded animatedly. Clearly she agreed that the arrival of a fourth party would be less than desirable. She tiptoed across to the door. Detection by Ms. Stickler was equally clearly something she wished to avoid. To ensure that the old biddy did not glance towards the door, I fixed her head in its current position by grasping a handful of her thin brown hair. Cruella was still bare-ass naked. So intrigued was she with developments that she hadn’t even fetched herself a garment to cover herself. Her splendid bottom was still a delightful pale crimson from my previous efforts.

I reached under her to explore Ms. Stickler chest. Not much going on there. Featureless. But persistence did reveal the existence of what I took to be a small, pleasantly hard nipple. I gave it an experimental tweak and was repaid with a rumble that I, for the sake of my conscience, took to be pleasure.

After a few minutes of unremitting corporal punishment, I felt her stiffen. Her back arched for a few seconds and then she slumped down onto me. Orgasm I presume? I wondered whether I should continue with my treatment but this question was unmistakably answered when her right hand came around behind her back and placed itself palm upwards on her bottom. Cease and desist.

Looking for alternative entertainment I took a punt and maneuvered my hand between her legs. A quick reconnoiter of her pubic area just was too tempting. Holy Lubricated Labia SpankMan! She was drenched! I inserted first one and then two fingers into her gash and delivered her a minute or so of relatively gentle, old school finger fucking. She seemed to enjoy this as she started making mewling demetevler escort bayan sounds and began writhing around on my lap. All of this contributed to me developing an erection any professional would be proud of. The size of her canal seemed in proportion to the size of the rest of her body and I entertained salacious thoughts about experiencing its tightness in a more intimate manner.

These hopes were dashed when she began to slide herself off my lap. How disappointing. I was fascinated with the idea of taking our little encounter to the next level.

I was fully expecting her to scurry away in a manner similar to Cruella but instead she slithered onto her back on the ground in front of me. She raised her skirt to expose her pubic area and then, holding her legs under her knees, pulled them open and back. She was as exposed as a woman could be. Well knock me down with a sledgehammer. I am pretty sure that was an invitation to engage in coitus!

“I deserve to be punished,” she murmured. “Mount me.” I hesitated. “Please.” she whispered in a pleading tone.

Now, there are serious issues about consent to sexual activity. But when a woman is lying on the floor, naked from the waist down, holding her legs apart and pleading to be mounted? I think I have consent.

As I casually unbuttoned my fly, I contemplated the prospect of having sex with her. Although she wasn’t the most attractive woman, she did have three intriguing factors in her favor. She was… One: the oldest, Two: the smallest and Three: ostensibly the most desperate women I have ever had the opportunity to fuck. I went down on my knees between her spindly legs and drew my pants down to thigh level. This drew her attention and she focused intently on my crotch. When my main man sprang into view she threw her head back so hard it bounced on the carpeted floor.

She was so tiny that I felt like I was a goliath looming over her. I lined myself up and leaned into her. She hissed and huffed. Her considerable lubrication was indispensable. She had a hand to her mouth and appeared to be gnawing a knuckle. I soldiered forward until after a considerable effort I was wedged fully inside her. It was a delightful sensation. She was unmistakably in some pain but there were no indications that she wanted me to stop.

I steadily built a firm, stable rhythm of a sort that could be described as good, hard and deep. My lunges were slowly shuffling her across the carpet. To slow our progress towards the far wall I needed to get a solid grasp on her scrawny little body. Her shoulders were too low to effectively grip on so I contemplated putting my hands under her bottom. Inevitably this would mean that she would bear the bulk of my weight and frankly, I thought it might be dangerous for her. I estimated that I was approaching three times her mass. Being the innovative person that I am, I found that if I laced my hands together over the top of her head, which was at the level of my chest, I could give myself effective purchase.

This new configuration allowed me to really plow her furrow. Her grunts and groans became louder and were interspersed with apologies to Papi for being a bad girl and entreaties to him for punishment. Evidently she was completely obsessed by either a vivid personal fantasy or some rather dubious previous experience.

She was so short I couldn’t easily see her face but I could certainly hear her. A mixture of mild pain, physical exertion and considerable pleasure. I was startled when I felt her mouth latch onto one of my nipples. No woman had ever done that and indeed I had never really considered my own nipples an erogenous zone. In that I was mistaken. It was quite an intense sensation and consequently it spurred me on to even more enthusiastic hip hammering.

Her arms were now out stretched in a sort of crucified manner and they had started a sort of flaying motion. Given the pelvic pounding she was taking, maybe crucifixion had a vague element of accuracy.

I saw movement in the kitchen. Cruella was still making a furtive assessment of our activity. I grinned and shrugged my shoulders. She lifted her hands in the air in a WTF gesture and bobbed down so that she was barely visible but still able to observe proceedings.

I wondered about aiming for a more southerly orifice but if I extrapolated the tightness I was currently dikmen escort bayan experiencing, I think I would find penetration torturous if not unachievable. Regardless of that lost opportunity, I was well on the road home. I saw no need to ask permission or inform her that I was about to come inside her. The whole experience was just so surreal and impersonal I thought I would simply suit myself. With a final flurry of enthusiasm I spent myself inside her. I waited until my breathing had steadied and then

carefully rolled off her. I pondered what would happen next. Contemplating her form with limbs all akimbo, I was reminded of a ragdoll that had been carelessly tossed aside. Had I injured her? She sluggishly rolled over and gradually raised herself up onto her hands and knees. As she slowly crawled away I saw that her skirt was bunched up onto her back. This treated me to a gorgeous if rather depraved sight. Her muff was a mushy looking mess, sodden with white streaks of my semen striping her thighs. I was a little abashed to see that there was a smallish carpet burn at the base of her back. It was disconcerting to think that my vigor had caused her physical injury.

She came to a chair and lifted her torso onto it, keeping her knees on the ground. She appeared to be resting after her exertions. I could unmistakably hear her ragged breathing. I was intrigued as to what her intentions were. After a minute or so, she struggled to her feet and started limping towards the door. She opened it and disappeared.

Cruella quickly appeared and locked the door. She was still sans clothing below her waist as was I. We looked at each other in bemusement. I could see Cruella’s mouth twitching and before we knew it we were both laughing deeply. She picked up Ms. Stickler’s abandoned knickers and waved them at me with an impish grin on her face. “I don’t think we will have a problem with her loose tongue.”

“I think we will have to consider that one a freebie however,” I smirked.

“Under the circumstances then, am I entitled to a freebie?” Cruella replied coyly.

“That might be possible,” I replied assertively. “But we need to clarify our business arrangement. I hardly think a 50 -50 split is fair. I am doing the hard yards after all.”

Cruella looked thoughtful. “You are doing the yards I agree. And I am sure that as long as you can keep it hard, you are probably worth 75 – 25 in your favor.”

“So,” I replied, “Every time I shag someone, you get $50 for my efforts?” She nodded. “I will agree to that but you must pay full rate yourself. From now on.”

She giggled innocently. “So I get my freebie?” I nodded my assent.

“Sit down,” she husked. “I have been doing some research and there is something that I want to try on you.” This had me a little worried. I was never really one to be the guinea pig. She sized up my currently limp member, latched her hand on, took a deep breath and engulfed me. I flinched as she took me into her mouth. Logic told me to brace for an unpleasant impact.

To my amazement I felt a tongue swirl lasciviously around the head of my cock. Cruella’s head then began a series of bobs which were skillfully matched with the movement of her right hand. Meanwhile her left hand was applying a gentle, sensual massage to my balls. Even though I had climaxed only a few minutes earlier, her efforts were putting the wood back into my pecker. I was transported to fellatio paradise! “Agatha, where and when on earth did you learn to do this?”

“Isn’t the internet wonderful? I knew you were disappointed the first time I…” she hesitated.

“Went down on me?” I added.

“Yes. That. So I did some research and practice. Watch this.” She again lowered her head and began a sequence of movements that took me deeper and deeper into her mouth until, after about 30 seconds of effort, I was embedded to the hilt. I almost let out a cheer of commendation. She couldn’t maintain it for very long a pulled out with a gasp and a small gag. She looked up at me sheepishly. I smiled my approval down at her.

“You have been a very good girl Agatha.” She beamed and continued her labors. So effective was her new technique that, after a few minutes, I bade her to stop as I was near a final conclusion. I raised her to her feet and took her in my arms. “Thank you Agatha.” I then kissed her deeply and with no small amount of passion. At first she was startled but within seconds was responding with equal fervor. It was extra-ordinary to think that it was our first kiss. It was not long before we were in the bedroom and Agatha was cashing in her freebie.


I might be able to squeeze another part out of this scenario if the feedback is positive.

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