Lost Girl Ch. 01


*Yes, I’m back. Posting yet ANOTHER story. For those of you who aren’t tired of me yet 😀 , I thought I would share this new novel. I only have the first few chapters written so far, so I am posting this first installment to give you a preview of what is to come.

It’s the first story I have written that features young adults (seniors in high school) and just to let you know up front, this will not be a story that has sex in it. It will, however, have mature situations (language, mild drug use, etc.) and also some scenes of intimacy (kissing/touching), but it will not include actual sex scenes. It goes against Literotica rules to post stories which feature underage characters having sex, so just letting you know up front not to expect any sex.

Having said that, I do plan on writing more than one book about these characters. So in the second of the part of the series, when they characters grow up and are of college age, I will include scenes of a more mature nature.

Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy this first chapter. :)*

Fate was a funny thing. Not a matter of choice, but one of chance, and something that turned up when you least expected it. During her seventeen years of existence, Claudia Strauss had not only learned to never put her trust in fate, but also resent it. After all, had it not cruelly taken the one person she’d most treasured in life?

Yet now, as she glanced out of the passenger window of her deceased father’s wood-paneled station wagon, she was coming to the conclusion that she might have to rethink her stance on the forces of the universe. After seventeen insufferable years of living in a dead-end Michigan town, she was finally getting out. But like all good things, a little bitter came along with the sweet.

After living in Fenway, Michigan for nearly two decades, Claudia would have loved relocating to somewhere exciting, like New York or Los Angeles, or even Chicago or Boston. But her mother, who was freshly widowed and desperately in need of a fresh start, had ultimately decided that their new place of residence would be Browning, Montana. With a population of just over 1,000, Browning was the sort of town you looked at from your rearview mirror, not the type of place you put down roots.

She did, however, find herself intrigued by the fact that Browning was a town that bordered the Blackfeet Reservation. According to what she’d found on the internet, the reservation was situated along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains on the Canadian border, but that had done nothing to quell the nervousness that she felt.

Even now, as she looked out at the endlessly sprawling fields that stretched beyond the road she and her mother were traveling on, Claudia couldn’t help but contemplate what kind of a life she would have in Browning. Most of all, she found herself wondering if it would be possible to find acceptance on an Indian reservation, where she wouldn’t just stick out, but be glaringly different from all of the Native people whom she would live among.

*Fantastic, she thought. *As if I don’t already feel incredibly self-conscious every day of my totally boring life.*

With skin that was as brown and richly colored as freshly ground cinnamon, there wasn’t a doubt in Claudia’s mind that she would be looked at as an outsider. Her nose, which was narrow and tilted upward just slightly at the tip, was nearly a replica of her mother’s. But her hair, which was a mass of thick, tight curls that brushed her armpit, couldn’t have been any different from that of the woman who had carried her in the womb for nine months.

Having always preferred to wear her hair in a short, soft haircut that was tapered in the back, Claudia’s mother had honey toned skin and slim, sharp features that were balanced by the side swept bangs that grazed her green eyes. The offspring of devoutly hippie parents, she’d been raised to embrace a number of unconventional values, and as such, had chosen to live the majority of her life with a rather carefree, noncommittal attitude.

Inevitably, her approach to life had rubbed off on her daughter. But as the scenery beyond the passenger window became increasingly rural and rustic looking, Claudia couldn’t help but feel a twinge of uncertainty at how deep they were traveling into such a remote looking place.

Browning, Montana.

The sound of it alone was enough to make Claudia feel like yawning, and wondering why they were moving to a town that was just as dull as the one they were currently escaping, she turned her head to look at her mother.

“I still don’t understand why you had to choose Browning,” Claudia said while resting her tilted, cat-like eyes on her mother.

“We’re not staying in Browning,” Mona said. “We’ll be living in Three Rivers, a small town located just on the edge of the reservation.”

“But why there?” Her brows furrowed in puzzlement.

“You really don’t listen to me, do you?” She shook her head and blew out a soft breath before pulling onto the shoulder of the country escort road. “I have a good friend named Winona that lives on the Blackfoot Reservation. She works as a nurse for the community hospital and is setting me up with a good job.”

Claudia watched as her mother retrieved a map from the glove box, unfolded it on her lap, and traced a finger along a route that had been clearly outlined.

“Are we lost?” Claudia asked.

“No, sugarplum. I just thought it’d be nice to pull over and relax for a few minutes. “Reading maps always did put me at ease.”

Sarcasm. That was an aspect of her mother’s personality that had gone on hiatus since her father’s death six months ago, and for the first time in weeks, she cracked a smile. Mona’s tortoiseshell bangles jangled lightly as she ran her pinkie across the map, brows gently knitting together as she leaned in to closely study the geographical chart.

It took a few minutes for her to finally locate the spot that she had been searching for, and as she did, a sound of gratification fell from her coral colored lips.

“We’re back on track, Claud. Only five miles until we arrive at the rez.”

“The rez?” She gave her mother a funny look.

“Rez is short for reservation,” Mona said in a voice that held a note of amusement.

“Oh, right,” she dryly said. “I guess I was supposed to know that.”

“Gotta learn the lingo if you wanna fit in.”

“Right.” She let out a dry chuckle. “Like learning a few slang words will help me blend in.”

“Can’t hurt.” Mona handed the map to her daughter, then retrieved a small pack of tissues from the glove compartment before opening her door to get out.

“Where are you going?” Claudia asked.

“To answer the call of nature.”

“Seriously?” She gazed out of the passenger window to look at the fields of grass that stretched out in all directions. “But we’re out in the open. Anybody could see us.”

“Take a look around, kiddo. Nothing but a bunch of cattle and a couple of abandoned buildings.”

“What if somebody passes by?”

“Then they pass by,” Mona simply said before grabbing a large scarf from the backseat. “But if you’re there to shield me, they won’t see a thing.”

Naturally, it was the last thing in the world that Claudia wanted to do. But she knew that her mother wouldn’t accept anything less than an affirmative answer, so she unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car.

With only a blanket to shield her from passing motorists, Mona had no choice but to cop a squat in the flat, open field. Luckily for her, she was wearing a skirt, so it took little effort to get her panties down so that she could relieve herself.

Claudia barely had time to position the blanket in front of her mother before the flow started to happen, and with eyes peeled for any approaching motorists, she waited for the sound of her mother’s peeing to stop.

“Oh, crap,” Mona suddenly said.

“What happened?” Certain that even the slightest glimpse would be forever burned into her memory, Claudia kept her eyes shut.

“Aunt Flo just arrived.”


“Aunt Flo. My *period*.”

“I already know what Aunt Flo is, mom. I just can’t believe you’re seriously starting your period right now.”

“Sorry to say, but I *seriously* am.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Tampons.” Her mother spoke the word firmly, and with a hint of sternness. “They’re in the glove compartment beneath the registration papers.”

Claudia handed the blanket to her mother so that she could shield her lower half, then hurried over to the car where she hastily rooted through the contents of the glove box. Gum, chapstick, a couple of pieces of hard candy and even a mini bottle of mouthwash were stuffed into the glove compartment, but there wasn’t a tampon in sight.

“Checked the glove box and didn’t find any tampons,” Claudia said when she returned to the spot where her mother was currently standing.

“You must be joking.” Mona let out a huff before asking, “Did you check your travel bags? You must have brought a few along.”

“Sorry, I didn’t.”

“Damn it.”

Mona handed the blanket back to Claudia, then took a few moments to clean herself up before letting her daughter know that she was finished.

“We need to find a gas station quick before I start bleeding through these Kleenex,” she said while making hasty steps towards the car.

Claudia nodded, then folded up the blanket that she had been using to shield her mother from passing drivers. Once they were both in the car, Mona pumped a few squirts of antibacterial foam onto her palms. Then she turned the key in the ignition and took off.

Seven minutes later they passed a sign that read WELCOME TO BLACKFEET INDIAN COUNTRY, and a few moments later they were pulling up in front of a convenience store named AJ’s Qwik Stop & Gas. After pulling into a space located at the side of the store, Monica put the car in park and retrieved a escort bayan ten dollar bill from her wallet.

“I need you to go inside and get me a box of tampons. The biggest size they have.”

“Great.” Claudia’s voice was rife with sarcasm. “As if I won’t already attract enough attention as it is.”

“Get to it, Claud. I really couldn’t care less about you being embarrassed right now.”

Mona wasn’t the type to get stern very often, so when she did it became undeniably clear that she meant business. Without a moment of hesitation, Claudia got out of the car. She headed through the parking lot and towards the door which led inside, and upon entering, was greeted by the sound of a sappy seventies ballad. She was not, however, welcomed by the owner of the store, who was a bearded Caucasian man dressed in a faded denim jacket and a wide brim western style hat.

His harsh, beady eyes stared questioningly at her, as if trying to work out the reason behind her sudden presence, but before he could stare too hard and long, Claudia disappeared into one of the aisles. Besides a group of teenagers that were parked in front of a magazine rack, she was the only customer in the store and impatiently scanned the shelves for feminine hygiene products.

She had to walk down several aisles before finally spotting the area where they were located, and lowered herself to a squatting position so she could mentally rattle off the different types that were available for purchase. Scented, cordless, ultra compact, Sport, Pearl…

*What the hell*, she thought while searching for the brand that her mother preferred. *Can I just get a normal box of tampons without all the bells and whistles*?

Her eyes finally came to land on a pack of unscented tampons, but noting that they were marked ‘travel size,’ she decided to grab half a dozen packs just to make sure that her mother would have enough to carry her through the rest of her cycle.

“Anything else?” Asked the cashier after she’d dumped the numerous packs of tampons onto the counter.

Noting the faint smirk on his face, she defiantly grabbed a couple of Slim Jim’s from the counter display and placed them next to the tampons.

“Just these.”

“That’ll be $7.67.”

She handed over the ten dollar bill and after receiving her change, grabbed her bag of items and headed out of the door. As soon as Claudia made it to the car, Mona retrieved a tampon from one of the boxes, then quickly headed for the bathroom that was a part of the attached gas station.

While she was gone, Claudia munched on a Slim Jim and watched customers go in and out of the convenience store. But by the time she’d consumed the entire beef jerky stick, thirst had kicked in and she found herself craving something cold to drink.

Recalling that she still had a bit of change in her pocket, she got out of the car and headed for the convenience store. She only made it a few steps across the parking lot before a well aged Chevy pickup began slowly following behind her. Claudia could hear the sound of its engine as it continued creeping alongside her, and thoroughly annoyed at the fact that it was trailing behind her, she turned her head to find out who was seated behind the wheel.

The driver of the car, who was a young Native American male with broad shoulders and a long ponytail, stared right back at her. Sitting beside him was a woman of the same ethnicity, and as her gaze came to land on Claudia, she gave her a look that was thoroughly inquisitive.

Clearly just as intrigued as their fellow passengers, the three teenage boys that were sitting in the flatbed gave Claudia a long, steady gaze. Glances were traded for a few more moments before Claudia looked away and continued towards the door of the convenience store.

Hey, you…”

Averting her gaze back to the Chevy, she saw that the driver of the car was staring right at her.

“Hey, what you doing out here in Indian Country, girl? You lost?”

Peals of laughter came from the flatbed of the truck where the teenage boys were sitting, and as Claudia averted her gaze to the young woman seated next to the driver, she noticed there was a shit eating grin on her face.

“No, I’m not lost,” Claudia firmly said.

“What you doing out here, then?”

“I live here.”

“Oh yeah?” His tone was rife with curiosity. “First time I ever saw a black girl out on the rez. Where you stay at?”

“It’s my first day out here,” she said. “So I’m not exactly sure where we’ll be living just yet.”


Expecting him to say something else, she continued to gaze at him. But after another few moments of silently appraising her, the driver of the car hit the gas and peeled out of the parking lot. Claudia watched as the old Chevy continued down the road, kicking up dust with its large tires. Once it was no longer in sight, she went into the convenience store to get herself a soda.

* * * *

“Here we are,” Mona said while maneuvering bayan escort the station wagon into a driveway that was bordered by overgrown weeds.

“This is where we’re staying?” As Claudia’s eyes came to land on the box style home, she noticed it was plain and simple looking, with a wooden clapboard frame.

“That’s right.” She put the car in park, then grabbed her purse before getting out of the car. “What did you expect?”

“I don’t know,” Claudia said as she gazed up at the old tin roof. “Maybe something a little less country looking.”

“It may not be fancy but it’s safe and it’s cheap,” Mona said as she retrieved their suitcases from the back of the station wagon. “And right now, that’s all we need to be concerned with.”

Claudia grabbed the handle of the suitcase from her mother, and with eyes fixed on the homey looking porch, made her way across the patches of overgrown weeds that were interspersed by low grass. The boards creaked beneath their weight as they made their way up the short flight of steps, but before they could reach the porch door it suddenly swung open to reveal a tall, slim woman who was wearing a broad smile.

“Hey, you two. Glad to see you finally made it.” Her waist length hair blew in the wind as she stepped out onto the porch.

“It’s great to see you, Winona,” Mona said as she pulled her friend into a warm hug. “It’s been too long since we last saw one another.”

“What’s it been? Nearly three years?” She asked before pulling back to give Mona an admiring look. “Your hair looks great. When did you cut it?”

“A few weeks ago. I thought it would be nice to change things up for a bit.”

“It really suits you.” Winona gave Mona a smile before turning her attention on Claudia, who stood in silence as the two women caught up with one another. “I see you’ve changed your hair as well, Claudia. Looks like you’ve added some highlights.”

“Just put the color in yesterday.” She twirled a finger around one of her curls before allowing it to spring free. “It’s always looked so big and blocky, so I figured highlights would add some dimension.”

“The golden brown color goes well with your skin tone,” she said with a smile before gesturing for them to enter the house.

With Winona leading the way, Claudia and Mona walked past the threshold and made their way to the living room, which was outfitted with comfy looking furniture that was spread tastefully about the hardwood floor.

“As you can see, the house is pretty basic,” Winona said while leading them down a short hallway and into a rustic looking bathroom with a clawfoot tub shower combination. “Everything is simply designed, but it’s all very clean.”

“Simple is good,” Mona said while following Winona to the end of the hall where the bedrooms were located. “Never been a fancy type of girl myself, so I think it’ll do us just fine.”

“As you can see, the bedrooms are located directly across from each other.” A smile crossed Winona’s lips as she added, “Not sure if that’s good or bad for you, Claudia. But the doors do have a lock.”

“Good to know,” Claudia said while entering the smaller bedroom that was located on the right. “My mom has a habit of walking in on me without knocking, so a bedroom lock is definitely a huge plus.”

A gentle smile tugged at Mona’s lips as she traded a look with Winona. “I’ll never understand why she needs so much privacy. If she’s not listening to mopey rock music, then she’s got her head in a book.”

“My Tristan is the same,” Winona said. “The only time he’s not holed up in his room is when he’s at school or hanging out at his special place.”

“Special place?” A quizzical look crossed Mona’s face.

“I’ll tell you later,” Winona said.

Mona gave a quick nod of the head before stepping into the larger bedroom, which had a polished oak dresser, queen sized bed, and small nightstand table with a blue lamp. “Where is Tristan, by the way?”

“Picking up some groceries.” A quick glance at her watch preceded the long sigh that she pushed out. “I don’t know what’s taking him so long. He’s been gone for nearly an hour now.”

“He probably met up with some friends,” Mona said while glancing out of the window that overlooked the back yard.

“Tristan is a loner. He doesn’t believe in socializing and aside from a few people at school that he occasionally talks too, he spends all of his free time on his own.”

“So he’s still just as painfully shy as ever.”

Winona nodded. “I’ve tried everything I can to get him out of his shell, but he’s built up this wall that I just can’t seem to knock down.”

“It’s probably just a phase. You know, a teenager thing.”

“It’s not.” She said it with such finality that no rebuttal could be made.

As if on cue, the screen door that led out onto the porch emitted a squeaky noise, followed by the sound of heavy boots walking across the hardwood floor. “I got the groceries you wanted,” a male voice loudly called out. “Can I go home now?”

“We have company, Tristan,” Winona replied. “Come back and say hello.”

“Yeah, alright. Just give me a minute.”

“Is that actually Tristan?” Surprise was evident on Mona’s face. “My goodness, he sounds just like a man.”

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