Love is NOT all You Need


Jamie hated Valentine’s Day. She hated the hearts, the color red, the flowers, and above all, smug couples she had to endure every year. Which was ironic because she was in the flower business. Her job was to make sure that all those poor saps who spent three times too much on roses had their flowers delivered on time.

Her mother, God bless her soul, would send her three dozen red roses every year from “a secret admirer.” And while she knew her mother was just being thoughtful, the eleventh year of roses seemed to send her over the edge.

“I despise this holiday,” she lamented to her boss Aaron as they sorted out yet another delivery crisis. “Can’t these people just be original and buy chocolates?” she asked, rolling eyes for the fifth time that morning.

“Whoa, what’s with you?” he asked, his blue eyes scrutinizing her from across his desk. Aaron was the most beautiful man Jamie had ever met, and while she did everything in her power to maintain a professional distance, she still entertained daily fantasies of tearing the clothing off of his toned body. She probably would have quit her job years ago if it wasn’t for the fact that she was madly in love with him.

Of course, he had a girlfriend. Her name was Liz, and she was perfect. Not in that escort kartal normal kind of perfect, but in the “she could be a model” kind of perfect. Not only was she beautiful, but she worked for a non-profit that saved puppies, and from what Jamie had gathered, she was an excellent cook.

“Nothing,” she replied, shuffling some papers and looking away to avoid further scrutiny.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you weren’t getting laid these days,” said Aaron.

Jamie’s head whipped up at the response. Aaron had never been this casual with her, and his joking tone made her unsure how to respond.

Aaron lowered his voice a little and continued, “I think you might have earned a spanking with that attitude.”

Jamie could only stare at him as he stood up and made his way around the desk. “Well?” he said, “This is what you get for being a brat. Stand up.” She stood up, she could feel herself getting wet at the idea of Aaron spanking her, but he was joking right? This was just to mess with her up wasn’t it? And what about his girlfriend?

“Well I’m glad to see you can follow directions,” said Aaron. “Now bend over my desk, it’s time for your punishment.”

Jamie obediently placed her hands on the desk and bent over. The first maltepe escort smack made her yelp, more from surprise than pain, she hadn’t entirely believed him when he had threatened to spank her. The second one landed squarely on her butt cheek and she felt tears come to her eyes as his hand collided with her backside.

Aaron soothed her stinging skin with soft caresses before spanking her for a third time. “From now on, this is your punishment when you have a bad attitude,” he said. “Do you understand?”

Jamie nodded her head once and remained standing.

“Turn around, I still think there’s something to be learned here,” he said.

Jamie turned and met his blue eyes once again. She wanted every inch of him, but instead she waited.

“I like you Jamie, you’re interesting and spunky and I’ve wanted you from the moment you entered my office with your sad little resume and begged me for a job,” then he kissed her hard, his tongue reaching deep in mouth until Jamie thought she might faint from excitement.

Sensing her readiness Aaron flipped her around so she was once again facing the desk and without hesitation pulled up her skirt to reveal her pink and black panties. With one quick tug they were around her ankles.

“Spread pendik escort bayan your legs,” Aaron whispered in her ear, and she heard the sound of a zipper and then his pants hitting the floor.

Jamie was dripping wet. It was like something out of her fantasies, but this was real. This was Aaron. She felt his hands on her hips as he positioned himself between her thighs. With one swift movement he was inside her, penetrating her deeply making her groan with pleasure.

He moved slowly at first, as if there was nothing else to do. No flower deliveries, no invoices, no girlfriend. He reached around with one hand touching her between her thighs until she gasped with pleasure as he found her sweet spot. He played with her, making with whimper with desire as he began thrusting deeper, and harder.

“Oh God,” she said, “Fuck me, oh Aaron, fuck me hard!”

Urged on, Aaron grabbed her by both hips and drove his cock deep inside until Jamie had taken every inch of him. He groaned with pleasure and whispered Jamie’s name once as his hot cum exploded inside of her.

Shaking from the release, Aaron took his time moving in and out before pulling out completely. Reaching down, he pulled Jamie’s panties up her thighs and then replaced her skirt before pulling his pants up.

Calmly he walked to other side of the desk and gestured that Jamie should also sit. Then he reached for the roses in the vase on his desk, pulled out one, and handed it Jamie while saying, “Sometimes you just need roses and a good spanking.”

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