Love Lost and Found


[This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any person, place or thing is strictly coincidental. Should not be read by persons under 18. If it is, get a life. Porn is the way to go. lol. Enjoy.]

(C) Copyright 2008 M Saint


The sounds of the keyboard being used and tapped on livened up the rooms on both ends of the Instant Messenger conversation, between Lynne and Mark.

SweetGirl07: When can we meet?

GuessWho1974: We could meet anytime you like? I make myself available anytime you ask.

SweetGirl07: Okay, well, how about meeting me later around 6 o’clock?

GuessWho1974: Sure. Name the place.

SweetGirl07: Oh, I’m not good with places. Will you meet me at the park?

GuessWho1974: Which one?

SweetGirl07: Julian Park.

GuessWho1974: LOL. I can definitely do that.

An instant message box popped up interrupting Lynne typing and she recognized it as Ralph. It read:

UrManAlways05: Hey?

SweetGirl07: What?

UrManAlways05: You want to hang out? Go see a movie or something? I psyched myself up for chick flicks. I’m prepared. lol.

SweetGirl07: Oh, um, I’m sorry Ralph. I already made plans for tonight. Some other time though. Okay?

UrManAlways05: Sure. Yeah. It’s fine.

SweetGirl07: You okay?

UrManAlways05: Oh. Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?

SweetGirl05: Okay, well I do have to go. I’ll talk to you later, k?

UrManAlways05: Yeah.

Lynne clicked back to the previous post with Mark, and he left a few messages.

GuessWho1974: U there?

GuessWho1974: Lynne?

She typed….

SweetGirl07: I’m here.

Lynne paused and thought of an excuse.

SweetGirl07: Sorry, I grabbed a soda from the fridge.

GuessWho1974: Okay. See you around 6 then? How will we know each other?

SweetGirl07: I’ll wear a scarf. Light blue. I’ll be sitting on a bench by a tree near the middle of the park.

SweetGirl07: And you?

GuessWho1974: Okay. Brown jacket, and, a hat. A trucker hat. And scruffy jeans. LOL.

SweetGirl07: HeHe. Well, I’ll see you at 6.

GuessWho1974: It’s a date then.

SweetGirl07: HeHe, sure. Bye 4 now.

GuessWho1974: LOL. I’ll see you there.

Both windows closed, and Lynne jumped up to get ready. Sitting in the chair almost naked meant taking more time to get herself ready. She wore soft cotton white panties that wrapped gently against her lower hips. Her 42 D breasts looked sexy and free with no bra to support. She dropped her panties and prepared for a nice hot shower. The water felt hot, but sensual among her skin and she felt relaxed and ready to meet Mark.

————-Meeting At The Park—————-

Lynne sat down on a bench near the center of the park, by a tree, exactly the spot she mentioned. She also wore her light blue scarf. Sitting there she looked around in circles to see if he was around. Looking at her watch, it read 5:54. A few minutes early, but better early than late. It was a little chilly out, but she wore warm jeans and a nice warm coat.

A woman walked towards Lynne. She looked young, maybe 19 or 20. Her dark hair blew in the wind. She wore a black tee over a gray long sleeved shirt. Her pants ripped dark jeans, and black boots underneath. She smiled and spoke to Lynne.

“Hey there. What’s a girl like you doing sitting here all by yourself?” She asked.

“I’m waiting for someone,” Lynne answered.

The girl bit her lower lip and smiled more, taking in the sight of Lynne’s body.

“My name’s Juliana,” she introduced herself.

“I’m Lynne.” she responded.

“I saw you from way over there,” Juliana said pointing at the bleachers near the baseball field,” and I thought I would come to see how you were doing.” she finished.

“I’m good, just, waiting on someone.”

“I won’t keep you then,” Juliana spoke softly smiling. “But, if you ever need a friend, here’s my number.” Juliana reached for Lynne’s arm, pulled out a pen and wrote down her number on Lynne’s right wrist.

“Okay.” Lynne said.

“For anything, please call me.” Juliana said smiling and gave a wink. She got up and walked off.

Lynne watched her leave, until a voice spoke from behind her.

“Lynne?” A man’s voice asked.

Lynne turned around. “Mark?” she answered.

“Wow, you look great. How are you?”

“I just…I’m great. I was a little nervous coming out here, and to be honest, you look a lot better than I thought.” She admitted.

“You look exactly how I thought you would,” he too admitted.

Lynne blushed, and they began to walk around talking about different things, love life to family.

Lynne and Mark stopped where they were and looked in each others eyes. They held hands, and they leaned in to share their first kiss.

They again looked into each others eyes, and started to walk together again.

“It’s getting late, Lynne,” Mark said. “You might say no, but, would you like to come back to my apartment and have a drink?”

Lynne thought about it. Her eyes met his again, bursa escort and she said,”That would be nice, Mark.”

They walked to his apartment, and the wind grew colder than it was before. The street lights shed a glow and leaves rustled.

“Here we are.”

“Ooh, I’m so cold.” Lynne said holding herself tight.

“The heat is just right,” he said making her feel welcome.

His key slid in the slot and he turned it opening his door. He was right, the air was perfect. Warmed you up in no time without making you feel hot. Lynne smiled as he took her coat and scarf, and put them on the hook next to the door.

“I have beer, wine coolers, and liquors.” Mark said, insisting on taking at least one shot.

giggling, Lynne said,”Okay, I’ll have one shot. ONE shot of tequila.” She finished giggling again. “And, a wine cooler too.”

Mark went to the kitchen and poured 2 shots of tequila. One for him, and one for her. Then he grabbed a beer and a Wild Berry wine cooler, put all of them on a tray and served them in the living room. Lynne smiled. Mark sat next to Lynne, handed her the shot, and toasted her.

Tipping back the tequila shots until the glass felt hollow, Lynne stared into Mark’s eyes feeling mesmerized. Mark opened the wine cooler for her and sat it in front of her for when she was ready to drink it.

——————Later In The Night——————–

Lynne tilted her head back and let the liquor slide down her throat. Tequila bottle in one hand, and shot glass in the other. Mark looked on at her and lifted his shot glass to be filled again and again with hers. He felt that if she was going to drink a lot, he was going to match.

Mark swallowed his shot, and grabbed a lime wedge to chew on. He sat back and opened his eyes to see Lynne’s looking at him. “How do you feel?” He asked her.

“I feel a bit sloshed, I do.” she slurred. Her top unbuttoned some and her cleavage opened to view.

As Mark rest his head, Lynne jumped onto his lap and started to kiss his lips. He kissed her back and they held kisses for minutes on end. Lynne slid down between Mark’s legs, and fumbled with his zipper trying to open them up. Mark unfastened quickly the rest of her shirt and reached around to unhook her bra. Lynne became overcome with lust and Mark could feel the intensity as she yanked his pants down to his knees and engulfed his semi erect penis into her mouth.

“Get hard for me, Mark!” she begged, still slurring a bit. “Don’t you want me? Get hard for me.” She continued.

As Lynne kept sucking on his long member, it finally became hard inside her mouth. He moaned aloud as she stroked his cock fiercely with her hands pumping him wanting his thick semen to enter her awaiting mouth. His hands dug into the cushions.

Keeping Mark’s cock inside her mouth, Lynne raised her ass end up and pulled off her pants and panties. Her shaved pussy dripping with hot cum. She raised up and leaned back onto the arm of the love-seat, spreading her legs and rubbing her clitoris. Mark licked his lips and stroked his erection ready to give in to his lusts for her body. As Mark moved halfway down, he let his dick glide into her fuck hole penetrating deep and pushing back hard to fill her up. Lynne wrapped her legs around Mark’s lower back and he stroked in and out, in and out feeling the hot walls of her cunt swallowing and tightening at each thrust. He felt the contact of skin to skin as bodies smacked against each other with force of pleasure and pain at the same time.

“Give it to me, baby!” Lynne screamed.

Mark slammed into her making Lynne scream louder and louder, surely waking the neighborhood. He grabbed her hands and held them down as he kept going, battering and ramming her cunt. She screamed more.

“Hurt me, hurt me! Fuck my pussy!” She demanded, as he kissed her mouth and gave few more hard thrusts before a jolt, and release of cum blasting inside her vaginal orifice. Mark lifted up a bit tapping her G spot and causing her to shake and shoot cum from her already sopping wet pussy.

They both finished and lay back naked together enjoying themselves and relaxing.

——————–Months Go By————————

Lynne and Mark have been dating and seeing each other everyday since that first night they met. They both pleasured one another and made sure the other was satisfied.

Lynne was sitting around on her couch reading a book. She loved novels of suspense and terror, and also the occasional romance.

Mark was soon to be over. He promised her candies, flowers and a surprise. She could hardly wait. He was her man, and she would just be happy to see him.

A little time went by without Mark showing up, or even a call to say he wouldn’t make it. Lynne sat and drank her now cold cocoa. She was just getting up, when there was a rapid knock on the door. It made her jump, but she walked towards, and answered the door. She felt her heart sink deep into her stomach as just a few feet away stood an officer and a woman who Lynne instantly recognized as Mark’s bursa escort bayan older sister.

“What happened?” Lynne said aloud as tears welled up into her eyes.

“I’m so sorry Lynne,” Catherine, Mark’s sister spoke. “Mark was walking along the side of the road. He had flowers in his hand and candies.” Her eyes too began to gush tears. “He was struck by a drunk driver who lost control of his vehicle.”

“Oh my God! No, it can’t be!” Lynne screamed, bursting into tears.

“I’m so sorry.” Catherine said as she held Lynne hugging her and calming her cries.

As Lynne and Catherine separated, Catherine reached into her coat pocket and presented a small gray box. “Here Lynne. He had this with him.”

Lynne took it, and opened it up, and inside sat an engagement ring. A beautifully cut diamond lay atop of white gold. It gleamed in the light, and was exactly what she hoped her engagement ring would be. Tears welled up in her eyes again. Catherine wiped them away with her right hand.

“Oh my, it’s just so beautiful.” Lynne said calming herself.

———————–The Funeral—————————

The service went on with family members chatting away and upset relatives showing up drunk. It wasn’t too bad, and Lynne spoke to everyone, and was hugged by respectable members trying to show their sincerity. Lynne was happy for once. She knew that she had family even through the untimely departure of her young, loving boyfriend.

Lynne glanced over to the corner. Near flowers, cards, and notes….Ralph stood there holding his arms crossed. Lynne walked over to him.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“I used to work with Mark.” He replied. “He was like my best friend.”

“I’m sorry.” Lynne said.

“No, it’s okay. God called and he answered.”

As the service ended, and they finally buried Mark below the earth, Ralph hugged and held onto Lynne so she was alright.

“Thank you, Ralph.” Lynne said, giving him a sincere hug of thanks.

“Oh, it was nothing. I’m here for you if you ever need me.” He returned with.

Lynne let go, and left the funeral. Ralph stood in the background watching her every step of the way. She disappeared into a crowd of people who were also leaving, and cars that were driving away.


Lynne sat slumped backwards into her couch, and pulled out the number that the girl, Juliana, had given her. She made sure to write it down on paper before washing the original from her skin. She hesitated, not knowing what to say. She didn’t really think Juliana would remember her all this time later. Lynne picked up the phone from it’s place, and dialed the numbers making sure she pressed the right ones. The ling rang. Her hands shook lightly. A second ring. The other line answered.

“Hello.” A girls voice responded.

“Juliana?” Lynne asked.

“Naw, man.” the girl replied. “Juliana? Line.” she called into the background.

“Hello?” Juliana’s voice spoke.

“Uh, hi. Remember me?” Lynne asked nervously.

Lynne was about to apologize and hang up her end, when Juliana answered. “Lynne, right?”


“The girl from the park. Yeah, I remember you.” She said.

“I lost my boyfriend,” Lynne said beginning to cry.

“Hey, don’t cry.” Juliana said trying to comfort Lynne. “Look, you wanna meet me somewhere?” She asked Lynne.

“I, don’t know.” Lynne answered between sobs.

“Where do you live?” Juli asked. “Tell you what, I’ll meet you in the same spot in the park we met the first time.” Juli said, unsure if that would make Lynne cry more or say yes to.

Lynne stopped crying, and said, “Sure.”

“Alright. Give me 15.” Juli responded.

“Be there.” Lynne answered.

They both hung up, and Lynne put her coat on. As she was ready to leave, an instant message popped up on her screen.

UrManAlways05: Lynne?

UrManAlways05: I just wanted to see how you are doing.

Lynne looked at the screen, but decided she couldn’t answer now. She turned back towards the door, and walked out heading towards the empty park.

———————–Meeting Again At the Park——————–

It was dark outside, being after nine. The street lights led the way, until it was time to walk towards the middle. There, in the center, no lights glowed, and anyone could be hidden waiting. Usually, there were drug dealers making a sale, prostitutes turning tricks to make their money, and even couples having sex. As Lynne neared the center, she saw Juliana, and a tall figure standing next to her. She wanted to turn around, but instead walked toward them.

“Hey.” Juli spoke, taking a last hit from her cigarette before throwing it to the ground. “I hope you weren’t scared, but, I brought my friend Bulldog with me.”

Lynne looked at him slowly, and bulldog returned with a gentle smile. Lynne smiled back. “Why do they call you Bulldog?” She asked.

He leaned in, and still smiling said, “I just love to fight.”

Lynne escort bursa looked at him funny, but never lost her smile.

“No, that’s not why.” Juli said, giggling. “Look at his face. He looks like a Bulldog.” She finished.

Lynne giggled.

“Plus he can’t stop chasing the cat.” Juli added. “But don’t let any of that fool you. He really does love to fight.”

“Oh,” Lynne muttered.

“Don’t worry, he’s harmless.”

Lynne, Juliana, and Bulldog walked back to Juli’s place, talking about the past and everything they were going through recently. Lynne felt happy, and warm inside. A smile lit up her face as Juli told a few jokes.

The three neared a small building. It didn’t look so bad, except for a few guys that hung around on the front steps.

“I’m up on the second floor.” Juli said, turning towards Lynne.

“Okay.” Lynne responded, feeling a little better than previously.

Bulldog said his goodbye’s and walked over towards the small crowd of guys that were still by the steps. Lynne and Juli walked past them and made their way through the door. The hallway looked messy, but as Lynne thought, “At least there are no drunks passed out on the steps.”

The two made their way up a small flight of steps and turned right coming to a white door that read 2B.

“Come on in, Lynne.” Juli said as she pulled softly on Lynne’s coat.

Inside the apartment, a couch sat back against a wall. The television on the opposite end, and a coffee table sat in between. Numerous initials were carved in the table. Across the room in the open kitchen stood two girls. One wore a black tee, and baggy jeans. Her hair black, with pink tips. She had a tattoo on her neck of her name. Angel. The other girl wore only a black bra, and short black Gothic skirt. A large dragon tattoo ran up her side, and she held a piercing in her nose. He hair was dark purple. Juliana introduced them to Lynne.

“Lynne, this here is Angel. The other one here is Asia.” Juliana introduced them as.

“Do you smoke?” Asia asked Lynne.

“I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life.” Lynne answered.

Angel held up a joint, and let Lynne see it.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Lynne responded.

“It’s okay if you say no. We’ll never make you do something you don’t wanna do.” Juli assured Lynne.

“Okay.” Lynne answered.

The girls sat down on the couch, and Lynne sat in the middle.

“Do you want something to drink?” Asia asked Lynne, holding up a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Lynne grabbed the bottle and took a small gulp from it. The girls looked on, impressed, but being cautious.

Asia slipped the joint between her lips, and lit the tip as she inhaled, holding it in her lungs for a few seconds, and releasing it.

Lynne shyly stuck out her hand as the girls looked at her. Asia handed her the joint, and Lynne placed the butt in between her lips. She took a small drag, before coughing, and trying to catch her breath.

Angel grabbed the joint, as the girls calmed her and asked her if she was alright.

“Yeah, cough. I’m fine.” Lynne said feeling dizzy, but really good inside.

Juliana held onto Lynne’s side and pulled her close. Lynne felt relaxed, but noticed a feeling of need burning inside her body. She became warm, and closed her eyes.

“Lynne?” Juliana called to her.

“Yes?” Lynne answered still on cloud nine.

“Me and the girls wanted to know something.” Juli said as she still held her close.

“Yes?” Lynne answered again.

“We wanted to know if you’ve ever been with a woman.” Juli asked straight forward.

Lynne still held her eyes closed and said, “No.”

The girls looked on not knowing what else to ask, when Lynne responded, “You can be my first.”

As Juli moved and lay Lynne down on the couch, Lynne pushed her hand down her pants and began fingering her vagina. Angel and Asia looked at each other and then back down at Lynne. Her eyes still closed, and her hand slipping in and out faster at each movement.

Juli leaned down and kissed Lynne on the mouth. Their tongues wiggled against each others. Angel and Asia instantly removed their clothes, and leaned down to remove Lynne’s pants. Lynne helped them as she sat up and removed her top and bra. Lynne sucked the juices from her fingers as Angel leaned in to suck on her hard nipples. Her large, breasts hung like grapefruits, as Asia leaned in to suck on the opposite nipple.

Juli removed her clothes, removing her pants, and sliding her panties away off her hips. Her clean shaved pink slit visible to all, as Lynne grabbed onto Juli pulling her close. Juli sat loosely on Lynne’s face, as she began to lick her middle, first slowly, then penetrating her with her tongue. Lynne’s right hand slid back down, entering her hole as she pushed her fingers deep to fill her hot, dripping pussy. Asia dropped down between Lynne’s legs and sucked on her lips. The taste was enough to make Asia cum herself. Lynne wiggled her tongue as she fucked Juli’s cunt with her mouth.

“Uh, uh, uh!” Juli cooed as she came in Lynne’s mouth. Asia moved her tongue fast against Lynne’s clitoris as she finger fucked her hole making her move and moan. The built up sex inside Lynne caused her to burst, as a stream of cum shot straight out onto Asia’s face.

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