Love Revealed


Unashamedly she shows herself to me, unabashedly smiling as she pierces me with her green-blue eyes. Eyes like the awakened summer lake, full of life and yet so deep. She wets her own lips, licking them with that snake-like tongue of hers. Her soft red lips on which I love to rest. Her eyes like those of a predator, a cat that knows she’s caught the mouse. Her thin fingers are used to spread the outer lips of her wondrous orchid. Those full, fleshy outer lips that protect the sensitive inside. Her pink orchid like some flesh-eating flower, snacking hungrily on her long index finger as she lets it slip inside. Only to pull it out covered in her nectar, nectar more delicious than any honey. Her orchid disappointed to let it go sticks to finger as long as it can.

Spreading the petals of her orchid further she’s showing me her inside as well as her outside, my mind at first wandering amongst her hills and valleys soon settle on her deep cavern. Her hungry second mouth that never seems to get enough and which I can never get too much of. Salivating in it’s hunger I soon feel myself respond in kind, nibbling on my own lips in my desire, almost drooling in it. Gently tracing my own soft lips with the tip of my tongue as if to prepare it to make contact with something delicate.

I undress in front of her, slowly. I want to show myself off to her like she is doing to me. I want her to see everything, but slowly. Her fingers playing around her carnivorous flower and as I watch them I want to lick them and replace them with my own. Pulling off my t-shirt I run out of patience, suddenly I just have to taste her. Almost flinging myself onto the bed I soon do, diving in for her.

I devour her legs, her lovely legs. My mouth, my lips can’t get enough of her skin. As I come closer she waves her fingers in front of my face and I snap after them like some hungry animal, hoping to catch one in my mouth. In the end my efforts pay off and I do, slowly licking her fingers like the most delicious pieces of candy. Closing my eyes as I focus on her taste, making it into my whole universe. Twirling my tongue around her finger. She’s got the fingers of a piano-player, long and thin. Exquisite in their own way.

The taste of her almost gone from her finger she pulls it out and I let my eyes feast upon her flesh once more. Smiling like a drunken fool at her mound of Venus, a fool drunk with desire. Her delicious bush like some exquisite fur, it looks so soft and I feel like it’s calling out for me to touch it. But under that soft fur lies a hot-tempered animal and it’s only just beginning to awaken…

I let my own thin fingers play in her soft fur, like a child touching a dog or a cat for the first time I delight in the sensation. bursa escort Playing with the hairs between my fingers, letting it caress the palm of my hand only to then turn the hand around and let the fine soft hairs on my hand mingle with the slightly thicker hairs of her bush. Hungrily, yet softly, I kiss my way up to it. Up to that hungry flower, that hungry animal, that warm cavern, that place of pleasure…

I brush my cheeks against it, I want to feel it, her, against my whole face. To feel her female beard against my clean-shaven face. Behaving like a cat that’s trying to mark it’s owner with it’s own scent. Only in this case I’m more likely to acquire her scent. Enjoying it’s smooth caress as if it was some piece of exquisite fabric. Stopping only to kiss the skin around it.

Gently placing a hand on her mound of Venus I slowly spread those lips of her, using my fingers to keep them apart. Reaching out with my eager tongue I finally make contact with her carnivorous cunt, exploring it carefully as I dream in her taste, dreaming of drowning in her juices, getting drunk on her wine. She moves her legs to catch me in a vice-like grip, as if I were in any way eager to escape. Who escapes from heaven? My tongue finds her love-bead. The pearl in her magnificent oyster, what a priceless pearl it is. Swollen by desire I can’t help but play with it. Each shudder from her coming eruption telling me I’m doing right. Her fingers exploring my hair is the icing on my cake, an extra I don’t require but thoroughly enjoy.

She asks me to stop and spreading her legs she pulls me up into a kiss. Her first mouth seems if possible even more hungry than her second one. The second a ravenous beast but her first a volcano, melting me down with her red-hot lips. Her hands at first keeping me captive, but soon I’m locked to her lips and her wandering hands finds their tickling way over my stomach to my belt, pulling it out. Soon she’s pushing and pulling down my pants, I’m too drunk on her kisses to bother. Her nimble fingers creeping in between the confining fabric of my underwear and my soft skin, tearing at the frustrating fabric between us two and our jointly aimed passion. Her nails digging into my bum making me bite my lip. This never abused part of me aching for a woman’s rough touch. My rebellious member getting caught, trapped in the underwear as she tries to free it. Freeing it with her fingers she grips it, my pleasure in her hands, to be in her hands.

Gripping it softly, like a weak and sensitive animal. It grows in her fingers and her touch becomes unbearable, each tickle an endlessly teasing pleasure. Making me want it to stop and more, unbearably addicting. Gripping it harder she rubs my sensitive spearhead bursa escort bayan against herself, playing with it as if her toy, but isn’t that what I am? Her man-sized toy? Eager to amuse and to please her. Breaking off the kiss I beg her to let me in, to let i enter. To open wide the gates of her paradise and let my most eager body-part seek heaven within. Her behaviour changing from the gate-keeper to the friendly inn-keeper. Welcoming me inside into her warmth.

At first feeling like the most sensitive conquering army ever as I slowly push myself inside, her flesh soon accommodates my battering ram. Soon flowing more like a piston in a well oiled engine than a camel through the eye of a needle. Pushing my passions home her moans emphasise our shared delight. Sinking into her and taking her, conquered by the softness and warmth of her as my blood runs wild inside of her. Guided inside her fingers find a way of pushing me even further in. Both of us so close together, skin to skin, nothing else needed. Slowly thrusting, slowly accelerating my inner engine. Each thrust a piece of heaven, infinitely tempting, filling me with passion as it tempts me further. Lips colliding in breathless burning kisses as the key works the intricate lock. Getting wilder as my engine picks up speed and power. Demented desire leading to love-bites on my skin, on my lips.

A soft pause and she makes me roll over, her obedient dog that never misses an instruction. Getting up she pulls my remaining clothes off in a frenzied attack. As if hating them passionately she frees me from the confines of my pants and socks. Hot-blooded passion flowing through her veins with increased power and speed she jumps me. Keeping me down like an expert wrestler as she claims her price, at first from my lips, and then my hips. Her hills dancing before my eyes as she uses me to my utmost pleasure. Free from clothes and held captive by my lover, captivated by her mind and body, her eyes and hips. Her rolling rhythm driving me insane as my hungry fingers seek out her hills to play with. Lowering my eyes I see my snake vanishing into her grass and feel it finding heaven and oblivion in the same place.

Jointly we reach the gallop, like a herd of horses stampeding we’re unstoppable. Racing through sheer desire, powered by mad passion. melting together into one, one fused body on it’s way into disintegration by way of an internal explosion. Soaking the sheets beneath my back with perspiration, making them stick to my clenched rear. My joints feeling like steel as every touch of pleasure adds to the build up of pressure in my limbs. Shaking as we go further along the curve which can only end one way. My hands acting like her sports-bra as she goes further and escort bursa faster in turning me into pieces and taking me completely. I feel my mind going to pieces under her assault.

I beg her for a pause, like a horse begging it’s rider. When she slows I pull her down into a kiss. A kiss so liquefying that I forget my purpose at first but then manage to roll her over, she’ld never have allowed me to order her. She accuses me of being sneaky. I get back at her by devoting my mouth to her mounds before she begs me to enter her again. I revel amongst her hills until the old urge overwhelms me to and I feel the need to send my troops once more unto the breech. Once more storming through the wide-open gates of her welcoming fortress. This time elevating her for a better entry. Control is soon lost to both of us, if we ever had any.

Running wild and going crazy I can’t help but admire her lust-filled and pleasure-amplified beauty. Her hands seeking out that part of the male anatomy which we share with females even though only females have a use for them and twisting them only stiffens my resolve, her small torment nothing when compared to my inner passion. She smiles at pain she causes me through my nipples. But we’re both disintegrating under our joint assault against our minds. My steel-stiff frame shuddering under early warning-signals, her female flesh shuddering from the same delightful torment. Holding on to her legs as if they’re my only support, my only anchor in this world.

Entering the home stretch I reach down to kiss her and I’m trapped, captive in the prison of her lips, held there by her arms, her tongue. Insatiable kisses as bodies go primal. Pulsating pleasure and impatient desire getting more and more desperate, boiling over in our blood. Pushing back not to come too soon. Wanting to wait for her. Going insane as I do so, seeing her arching her back, over and over, feeling her earthquake-like tremors spreading into my body. Making me loose myself. Tap dancing along the edge until it all becomes to much. Keeping the blatantly absurd pace as an inarticulate groan tells me of her pleasure and I tumble over the edge. Flowing, again and again. Like a repeated tidal wave into her chaotic flesh. Shuddering together as disintegration reaches it’s peak. Embracing as our bodies overflow with each pent-up piece of pleasure, each part of passion, each loving caress that we’ve given and wanted to give each other. Carried away on a tsunami of our own desire, of our own creation. The storm within swept away for a while by the power of released passion.

Returning slowly, calmly, to our senses. Drunken with recent ecstasy and soothed by it we slowly kiss. Each limb like molten rubber our tired bodies rest together as our joyful minds bask in the light of our shared love… reiterated promises of which we express to each other… promising a future of renewed happiness built on what we already have… no matter how the world might look…

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