Love Thy Neighbor


My husband and I live in a high-rise apartment in our mid-western city. Our neighbors in the next apartment are also a married couple, a little younger than we are.

We have a lot in common, and we have become close friends. I don’t want to use names, not even first names, because you never know who might read this.

The woman next door has a job that requires a lot of travel, and she is out of town every other week. My husband also travels for business, and sometimes they are out of town at the same time.

The guy next door and I get together for a glass of wine, or even a dinner together, when we are left alone. We have some interesting conversations, everything from politics to religion. We have a few debates, but mostly we agree. One evening after a lot of wine, the conversation turned to sex.

I told him that my sex life was good, although it had been getting a little stale until we decided to be more adventurous. He was intrigued, and wanted to know more. I was a little embarrassed, but eventually I told him we had been doing anal sex. Now he was really interested!

I said I didn’t want him to think I was some kind of pervert, and he assured me that he thought I was the sexiest woman he knew.

He started to tell me about his sex life, and he said that he had been asking his wife to let him fuck her in the ass, but she would not allow it. He was very frustrated by her refusal, but she insisted that it would be uncomfortable or even painful.

We moved closer together on the couch, and started to touch each other in a more than friendly way. We were on our own for the rest of the week, so I finally thought “why not”.

I invited him into my bedroom, and we undressed. We did not waste a lot of time with hugging and kissing. After all, we were not in love. We were just going to fuck. We hadn’t actually agreed about what we were going to do, but it seemed clear that he was finally going to get to fuck a woman up the ass.

When we were both naked, I understood why his wife had refused anal sex. His cock was enormous! It was just a little thicker than normal, but much longer than the average six or seven inches.

I have always felt it was rude to actually measure a mans cock. But if I had to guess, I think I was looking at ten inches or more, when it was fully erect!

He could probably star in porno movies if he wanted to. I have always had fantasies about large, long cocks, but this was the first one I was going to have in me.

My husband and I had been using some of the liquid KY, and I sure needed it now. I applied a generous amount to his cock, and stroked it to get it fully hard. His cock had the thick, heavy feel that I find so erotic. It was very slippery with all of the lube I had put on.

I slid my hand back and forth on his cock the way I know guys do when they masturbate. I was tempted to just keep going, so I could watch his creamy cum shoot out all over me. But touching it and sliding my hand from the tip down to his balls filled me with a strong urge to have it inside me.

In spite of all my experience, I was apprehensive about taking his long cock up my asshole. I was also excited and curious about what it would feel like, so I got into my face down position and waited for it.

I looked back over my shoulder, and watched as he moved into position. His long, stiff cock was bobbing and swaying as he moved closer to me. I reached back with both hands and spread my butt to show him I wanted it in me. I tried my best to open my asshole up for him.

He started to push it up my asshole, and the head went in. I lifted my butt up to make the angle a little better for him, and he pushed it in a few more inches.

I took a deep breath, and tried to relax. It felt good, but it kept sliding in further and further. He made a comment to lighten the mood, he said if my eyes started to cross we would know it was in too far. Very funny.

When I thought I had about all of it I could take, I reached back and I could feel he had at least another three inches of cock to go. I told him that was as much as I wanted. He began to fuck me, but with each thrust he went in a fraction of an inch further. After six or eight strokes, it was in another inch. Six or eight more thrusts, and it was in even deeper.

I was taking deep breaths like a woman in labor, and the tip of his cock was up in my stomach. To my amazement, after a few minutes of steady fucking, the whole thing was in me. When I finally felt his balls press up against me, I made a grunting, animal sound, and I was in ecstasy.

My asshole was now relaxed, and he could slide his cock in and güvenilir bahis out faster. A few more minutes of that, and he reached his orgasm. He shot his load way up in me, and I could feel each warm spurt. In my previous experiences, when the guy is finished and he pulls out, some cum runs out of me. Not so with this guy, he squirted it so far up in me that it stayed in me, it didn’t run out.

After that night, we had an arrangement. Whenever both of our spouses were out of town, we got together. I know this is cheating, but I can’t get enough of his marvelous cock.

I sucked him off one night just to see what that would be like. I couldn’t get much more than the smooth pink head of his cock in my mouth, and I had to swallow several mouthfuls of his cum. There was such a large amount because of a trick that I did. I pushed my middle finger up his asshole as his cock went into my mouth.

I understand this is something prostitutes do to get a guy to come quickly. He looked at me strangely after we finished. I assured him that it was not a gay thing, there is a physical reason why it works.

I promised him that I would help him with his reluctant wife. When she was at home and we couldn’t get together, he was dying to fuck her in the ass, but she kept saying no. I came up with a plan to change her mind.

When the guys were out and about doing guy things, she and I spent some evenings together. I would lead the conversation toward our sex lives, and she soon opened up to me. I talked about having anal sex with my husband (not hers!) and told her how wonderful it felt to have a hard cock up in you, and to feel cum squirt into you.

By the expression on her face, and the look in her eyes, I knew she was trying to imagine what it would be like. She was obviously turned on just thinking about it.

My next door lover and I continued our affair. One night when our spouses were out of town, we went over to his apartment for a change. It felt odd to be in “her” bedroom, and I was a little uncomfortable when we were getting undressed. Soon, however, we were on the bed and his wonderful cock was up my ass.

He had learned to control himself, so he didn’t come too fast. He was fucking me slowly and we were enjoying it, when the bedroom door opened! His wife was standing in the doorway with a look of shock on her face! She had returned early, and didn’t call him because she wanted to surprise him.

She burst into tears, as her husband pulled his cock out of me. I noticed that she was not making eye contact with either one of us. Her gaze was fixed on his cock as it came into view, sliding out of my asshole.

I was able to pull on my panties, which were on the bed next to me. He jumped up and put on his jeans, with no underwear because he could not find them. We were both trying to say something, but words failed us. “I’m sorry” doesn’t mean much when you are caught in the act!

He went to her side, and took her in his arms and tried to calm her down. They came over and sat on the bed, and I also put my arms around her. She finally stopped crying. Her shock was now turning into anger.

She used the clichés you would expect, and said “How could you do this to me?” And then “How long has this been going on?” We couldn’t think fast enough to lie and say it was our first time. We both were just embarrassed and silent.

She looked at him with fire in her eyes, and said “Is this because I wouldn’t let you do that to me?” He was humiliated, but he mumbled “Yes”. He knew it was not a satisfactory excuse, but it was the truth.

“All right then, do it to me!” she said, and started tearing off her clothes. I felt like I was the guilty one, destroying their marriage. I spoke up and said “Let me help you. It is your first time, and I know how that feels”. I kissed her fully on the mouth, and she knew I was sincere.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked, and I said “lay face down on the bed, and spread your legs, but not too far”. I was beginning to feel aroused, instead of embarrassed. I said “I will be in control, and I will make sure it is good for you”.

Our liquid KY was right where we had left it, on the chest at the bedside. I thought she might be offended if she saw me touching her husband’s cock, so I applied it to her instead. I pulled one of her butt cheeks to the side, and poured some KY right on her asshole. To make sure, I pushed my middle finger up her ass, and worked the lube up into her as far as I could.

She looked back at me with a strange expression. She was seeing a side of me that she hadn’t seen before. Actually, I was experiencing a side of me that I never knew türkçe bahis about! I had never finger-fucked another woman’s asshole before. I was becoming more and more aroused about directing this pornographic scene.

He pulled off his jeans, and I motioned to him to move into position with his legs outside of hers. I was now in charge, and I instructed him. “The magic word is push. Every time I say it, give her another inch”.

His cock had recovered, and it was rock-hard. She was quiet and motionless, not helping in any way. He used both of his hands to spread her butt-cheeks, so I took his stiff, slippery cock in my hand and guided it up to her asshole.

Even though he was spreading her butt as hard as he could, her asshole looked tiny. It was about the size of a button-hole in a shirt. The tip of his cock touched her asshole, and completely covered it up. I was becoming discouraged that this might not work.

I had underestimated the man. His cock was like a piece of spring steel, and he was not going to be denied. He said “More lube, please”. I put some more KY Liquid on my middle finger, and I searched her asshole for the tiny opening.

I wiggled my finger as it slid in, and I felt her tighten up on it. I told her “You are doing exactly the wrong thing. Do not clamp down! You need to let his cock go into you, don’t try to keep it out!”

I aimed his cock at her asshole, and she trembled when it touched her again. I said “push” and he pushed the head of his cock into her. She gasped and said “wait, I think it is too big”. I said “just be quiet and surrender to it”. I was into my role as a dominatrix, and I was determined to control her.

I said “push” again, and another inch went in. This time she said “ouch, stop, wait”, and I told her “shut up and let it happen”. I said “push” and it went in a little further. Of course, he could not really control it so that exactly an inch went in. But he did try.

Once again, I said “push”, and his cock went about halfway in. Her eyes were glassy, and her mouth was open, and she was breathing hard.

I remembered the comment he had made during our first time, when he tried to be funny. I told her that I would watch her closely, and if her eyes started to cross, I would tell him to stop. I said it with a straight face, and I think she believed me. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

Again, I said “push” and this time she tried to crawl away from him, making whimpering sounds. I helped him hold her down, and I pretended to be angry.

I spoke to her as if she were a disobedient, stubborn little girl. I sternly said “Stop squirming around! Just hold still and relax! You are going to take every inch of it up your ass! It is about time you learn how to satisfy your husband! I have had it up my ass many times, and it did not kill me!” Of course it was not my first time, either.

She meekly said “OK” and she seemed to just melt into the bed, completely limp. I had the weird feeling that I was the one fucking her, that it was my big cock that was going up her asshole. Being in control, with them both obeying my orders, brought out a new persona in me.

I used the magic word again and again, saying “push”, until it was almost all the way in.

I took a moment to admire what I had accomplished. His cock was embedded in her, up through the crack in her pretty butt. I spread her cheeks open, and revealed her previously tiny asshole stretched around the shaft of his cock.

She reached back and touched his cock, just like I did in my first time. She wanted to know how much was left. Then, to my great surprise, she whispered “Please give it to me!”

I obliged her, and said “push” for the last time. She exhaled as very, very slowly, his cock slid in.

Incredibly, it all disappeared up her asshole! I doubt if she would have taken it all if I had not been in control. My take-charge attitude and my commands were enough to overcome her reluctance.

I put my face up close to hers, and gave her a professional look. I said “Her eyes are not crossed, she is OK!” From on top of her, he had to stifle a laugh as I continued using his little joke. However, she seemed relieved, as if her Doctor had just told her she was not going to die after all. Someday I will tell her we were just kidding.

He began to gently fuck her, pulling his cock out two or three inches, and then pushing it back it. I had been observing from the side, but now that his cock went all the way in her, my view was blocked. I crawled down between her legs. They were spread far enough apart for me to lay face-down close to her ass. We had dimmed the lights, but güvenilir bahis siteleri there was enough light for me to see clearly.

From this vantage point, I had what the porn videos call POV (point-of-view) of his cock going up her ass.

It was fascinating to watch up-close as his cock went in and out of her asshole. The pressure as it slid in caused her vaginal lips to open, and as it pulled out, they closed again.

It continually opened and closed like a flower. She was wet and glistening with her lubrication, and for someone who didn’t want to be fucked in the ass she was certainly enjoying it.

I rubbed her clit, and put my finger up her wide-open and very wet pussy. The room was quiet now, except for the sound of all three of us breathing hard. She used another cliché, and said “Oh my god!”

I ordered him to fuck her until he finished, and he continued to slide it in and out. Since we had been interrupted, I knew he had a big load stored up. I could imagine what it was going to feel like to her when he delivered it.

I wanted to feel it too, so I put my finger up under the base of his cock, right next to his balls. I pressed on the tube on the underside of his cock where the cum pumps through on the way out. Then I had a better idea, and I used my thumb and forefinger to make a circle around his cock. As it slid in and out, it also slid through the tight ring as I gripped his cock.

I am sure her asshole was tight enough, he didn’t need any more. But I wanted to feel it when he pumped his cum into her. I put my thumb-and-finger ring right up against her butt. The only part of his cock that didn’t go into her was the small amount that I blocked with my hand.

I was willing to do anything that my creative mind could come up with. I had never felt so uninhibited. I pulled my other finger out of her pussy, all wet and slippery, and pushed it up his asshole.

I know that men over forty get this treatment by their Doctor, to check their prostate. My intention was not medical, it was erotic. I knew that putting direct pressure and stimulation on his prostate would have a powerful effect.

So as he fucked her with short, deep strokes, his cock slid through the ring I made with my thumb and finger. I had to follow him back and forth with my other hand to keep my finger up his ass.

He stopped with his cock all the way in, and he held his breath. I knew he was about to come, so I pressed down toward his balls with the finger that was in his ass.

I wanted to empty him out, and I did. He practically exploded, and I felt the cum pump through the pipeline on the underside of his cock.

I could feel his cock pulse with each spurt. Each time his cock twitched and squirted, she said “Yes!” I was not counting, but I think I heard “Yes!” five or six times.

Without letting go of his cock, or pulling my finger out of his asshole, I licked his balls all over. He quivered and shuddered as I did it. Maybe it tickled.

He pulled out, and went to the bathroom to pee, and to wash his cock. I was as turned on as she was, and I went down on her and licked her pussy until she came. I also put my tongue up her asshole, and I could taste his cum. I guess I am becoming bi-sexual. We learn something new every day.

I asked her how she felt, and she answered “I never knew it would feel like that. It hurt a little at first, but then I liked it!” I told her it would not hurt the next time, and she should get used to it, because he was going to want it that way from now on.

We remain best friends. He gets to fuck me in the ass when my husband is out of town, and he fucks her in the ass when she is home. They sometimes invite me over and ask me to be in control like the first time. I think she enjoys being submissive to me.

I have never been able to duplicate the finger and thumb cock-ring, finger up the ass, prostate massage, and ball-licking trick I did that first time. I was really inspired that night, and he said I turned into a wild woman.

She occasionally watches while he fucks me, but she doesn’t try to direct. She just masturbates while she watches, and sometimes she has an orgasm.

Their marriage has been saved. He needs to thank me. So does she.

I have considered getting my husband involved. Maybe I will arrange a long weekend trip for all of us, to a nice resort by the ocean. I will delicately bring up the idea of us trying something to make our sex life more exciting. After a night out clubbing, when the four of us are in a great mood, I will bring it up. As if I am kidding, but really not, I will suggest that the guys go back to the room with the “other” wife.

If no one freaks out, and we agree, I know what I will be in for. My husband will be surprised by how eagerly his companion for the night wants to be fucked in the ass.

I hope I can pull this off.

Life is good.

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