Loving Aurora Ch. 04


[A new chapter of this long-form incest romance, carrying on the story of Thorfinn’s love affair with his younger sister Aurora. This chapter takes place a few months after the events of Chapter 3.

Be aware, this story features hardcore brother/sister incest, now with an element of (gentle) nonconsent/reluctance that will be further explored in future chapters. There are also some scenes of pissing and exhibitionism. Avoid if those themes trouble you.

Tags: Brother/Sister Incest, Nonconsent/Reluctance, Big Cock, Piss, Exhibitionism

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged over 18.]


Summer had come to a close. The days were steadily growing cooler and more blustery. The early sunsets were beginning to catch Thorfinn off-guard on his homeward commute each day, and the nights increasingly had a bracing chill to them. The leaves were changing tree by tree in the city parks as autumn crept up like a rising tide.

Today, though, it still felt very much like summertime. The Sunday afternoon sun blazed down from a cloudless sky, mirrored in blinding flashes by the glass of the skyscrapers downtown. After a week of overcast, intermittently rainy days, it was once again hot enough to sunbathe. The beer gardens and pavement cafés were doing thriving business. Even with the window rolled down and his shirtsleeves rolled up, the interior of Thorfinn’s car was warm enough to make him sweat lightly. He sipped from a large cup of iced coffee and scrolled reflexively through his social media, finding little of interest there. He hoped his sister wouldn’t keep him waiting much longer.

He was parked in the narrow paved lot behind a low-rise, somewhat shabby-looking photography studio, a few blocks north of the waterfront. This part of town was in the process of gentrifying, but still a little rough, not somewhere he’d usually go on a weekend. He’d been surprised when Aurora said her next photoshoot would be here. Apparently, this studio had been set up to take advantage of the trendy, up-and-coming area. Thorfinn thought it was more likely the owners had been attracted by the cheaper commercial rents.

Three figures emerged from the studio into the bright sunlight. Thorfinn looked up from his phone, squinting against the glare reflected from the skyscrapers in the distance. Three girls in their early twenties, all of them shapely, skimpily-dressed, and showing plenty of nicely tanned skin. Aurora’s fellow models. None of them as lovely as her, in Thorfinn’s opinion, but all certainly easy on the eye. One in particular, a petite brunette with perky little breasts and a slightly haughty expression, reminded him uncomfortably of Genevieve.

The Genevieve lookalike bid her friends farewell and marched straight to her car without a backwards glance. The other two girls, apparently in less of a hurry, paused by the studio doorway for a cigarette. They stood in the shade of the roof overhang and chatted indistinctly to each other while their smoke hung around them in the still air. Thorfinn wondered how well they got on with Aurora. And whether she flirted with them.

The door swung open again, and this time Aurora walked out, brushing back her long dark-blonde hair with her fingers as she stepped into the sunshine. She was a vision of casual, effortless perfection. Her long legs were superbly sleek in stonewashed blue skinny jeans, her midriff bared by a skimpy cream-white crop-top that clung tightly to her young breasts. These were her own clothes, not the ones she’d just been modelling, but they looked so good on her she could have come straight from the catwalk. She carried herself with an assurance that bordered on arrogance.

But when she saw her brother’s car waiting for her in the lot, her detached poise vanished and she immediately broke into a heartwarmingly enthusiastic smile. She said something cheerfully to the two smoking girls as she passed them, probably just a hasty goodbye, and hurried towards the car, her handbag swinging from one shoulder. The sun caught the brighter highlights dyed into her hair, making them glint and glow like an angel’s halo.

Thorfinn felt an eager grin of his own cross his face. The sight of his little sister was an instant dopamine hit like no other. The way those skintight jeans showed off her legs made his cock start to swell with desire. It was obvious, from the jaunty way her breasts bounced under that tiny top, that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

As Aurora approached the car, Thorfinn swung open the driver-side door and got out, the unseasonable heat of the day prickling his skin. He stretched his stiff shoulders, hearing the joints click, and turned to greet the girl he loved.

Aurora was in heeled sandals, bringing her slender five-foot-eight frame close to six feet tall, but she still had to rise up a little way to kiss her six-foot-four brother. Her soft lips parted, her tongue searching for his, and he tasted her sweet breath in his mouth. As they kissed, she caressed his face nurdağı escort with her hand, stroking her thumb over his cheek in an affectionate semicircle. Her other hand brushed down the muscles of his broad chest, slipping lower and lower, down over his abs and under the waistband of his shorts, until she found the thick root of his cock and gave it a firm squeeze.

Thorfinn was aware of the two girls by the doorway watching the kiss and giggling to themselves. Even if they couldn’t see exactly what Aurora was doing, the motion of her arm was surely making it pretty obvious.

“Your friends can see, babe,” Thorfinn warned through the kiss. His cock was gradually hardening under Aurora’s fingertips. The shorts were long, loose and comfortable, but he knew they wouldn’t be able to hide the bulge.

“It’s cool. I told them you’re my boyfriend,” Aurora whispered back. Her kissing was insistent, almost aggressive, as though she wanted to assert her ownership of him. Her sleek body stroked up provocatively close against him, while she kept her teasing hand on his cockshaft. Her perfume, today a floral fragrance spiced with cinnamon, was subtly and sweetly intoxicating.

“Photoshoot got you in the mood, huh?”

“I’ve been waiting for your dick all fucking day,” Aurora replied bluntly, in the breaths between her kisses. “Literally had to go to the bathroom midway through to change my panties, I got them completely soaked thinking about you. It was so hard to keep a straight face during my shoots. I honestly thought about texting you for a booty call at lunchtime.”

Thorfinn curled his arm around Aurora’s delicate waist. “You should have. I would have come running,” he told her. He wasn’t kidding. He might have been more self-controlled than her, but he was no less horny. They hadn’t had time for their usual Sunday morning fuck today, as Aurora had needed to set off to the studio first thing. Even having her gone for a few hours was frustrating as hell. Thorfinn planned to split that sweet tight cunt wide open as soon as they got home.

Aurora eventually decided she’d been demonstrative enough, planting a final firm kiss on her brother’s lips and withdrawing her hand from inside his shorts. She spared her fellow models a quick farewell smile, making sure they’d seen her performance. It had all been deliberate, of course. She wanted an audience; she always did.

“Are you trying to make them jealous?” Thorfinn asked her, as they got into the car together.

“I already know they’re jealous,” Aurora giggled, strapping herself into the passenger seat. “I showed them some photos of you earlier. They think you’re gorgeous. They said you should try modelling, too.”

“That’s their professional opinion? I’m flattered.”

“They aren’t professionals. They’re still just newbies, like me.”

Thorfinn shrugged. “I take my compliments where I can get them.”

“Well, I also told them what a good fuck you are,” Aurora added, matter-of-factly.

Thorfinn gave her a fond but weary smile as he started the car, reversing carefully out of the parking lot. “Not everybody in the world needs to know that, babe.”

“We got to talking about our sex lives between shoots. Which is part of the reason I’m so horny now. I might have…overshared a bit,” Aurora said sheepishly.

“Of course you did,” Thorfinn sighed.

Aurora bit her lower lip in that cute way of hers. “They didn’t believe me when I told them how big your dick is. So I showed them a pic on my phone.”

That took Thorfinn by surprise. He gave a snort of almost affronted laughter. “Aura, come on. Those pics were meant to be just for you. I gotta have some secrets.”

“Look, if you didn’t want me to brag about you, you shouldn’t have had such a monster cock.”

“So, should I show my friends the nudes you send me?”

“I’d be fucking insulted if you didn’t!” Aurora laughed. Her hair gleamed in the sunshine as the car turned onto a wide sunlit boulevard, a crown of gold around her pretty head. “Have you told anyone you’re dating a fashion model yet?”

“No, but I did tell my work buddies I’m fucking this hot, dumb slut,” Thorfinn said nonchalantly. He eyed the slow-moving downtown traffic for an opening. “Some total airhead with amazing tits, who lets me treat her like a fuck doll and sucks my dick like it’s her job. I didn’t tell them her name.”

“You are such a prick,” Aurora huffed, feigning deep offence, though she couldn’t seem to suppress her naughty grin.

The truth was, Thorfinn would have loved to tell his friends about her. The foolish romantic in him wanted the whole world to know how much he loved Aurora. But her being his sister was something of a complication. So, when friends and co-workers asked if he was seeing anyone, he generally spun them some vague spiel about ‘playing the field’ and ‘not being tied down’. He kept the dating apps on his phone to maintain the illusion, though he hadn’t even opened them nurdağı escort bayan in months. He was honestly getting sick of the lies, necessary though they were.

It had now been almost three months since he and Aurora had first made love. Three months of increasingly frequent visits, him driving out to the countryside to see her, her taking the train into the city for long weekends. They’d initially tried to space their liaisons multiple weeks apart, to allay their parents’ suspicions, but had found they couldn’t bear not seeing each other for such long stretches. They’d started meeting up every fortnight, then — more secretively — every week.

Finally, midway through the summer, Aurora had signed up with a small modelling agency that specialised in ethical fashion. She’d done a bit of part-time modelling during her teenage years, and after much discussion with her brother, decided she wanted to resume it on a more serious level alongside her tennis. It was a fun way for her to make some money while satisfying her exhibitionist streak. More importantly, her photoshoots gave her a legitimate excuse to come to the city on a regular basis.

It was wonderful to have her around so much; a life partner, not just an occasional lover. The sex was as fantastic as ever, but the simple, everyday intimacies they shared — showering together in the mornings, going for a run together in the park, cuddling together in front of a movie after dinner — made it even better. It was that gentle sense of connection that Thorfinn had been missing since he split up with Genevieve. And even his best days with Genevieve paled in comparison.

If only it didn’t all have to be in secret. If only they could be open about their relationship, with their parents, with their friends. If only they didn’t have to live in perpetual fear of discovery.

They drove along the waterfront under a crystal-clear blue sky. The wide river shimmered invitingly in the sunlight, plied by tour boats packed with sightseers taking advantage of the good weather. The air in the car grew hotter, to the point of borderline discomfort. Aurora fished a bottle of fruit-infused mineral water out of her handbag and took a long thirsty swig. She fanned herself with one hand.

“Was Loretta there today?” Thorfinn asked, as he waited for a particularly slow-moving pickup truck to cross the intersection ahead. Loretta was a Dutch stylist that Aurora had met on one of her earlier photoshoots, and whom she seemed rather enamoured with; she kept bringing her up as a prime candidate for a future threesome. Thorfinn had seen a photo of the girl, and had to admit she was a hot piece of ass, though he was still unsure about bringing someone else into their bed. A threesome with Aurora and Loretta would undoubtedly be hot as fuck, but it would also carry a real risk of their incest being revealed.

“No, she’s out of town this week. Seeing her girlfriend,” Aurora said. She put a sulky emphasis on the word ‘girlfriend’. Thorfinn could imagine her disappointment. For his own part, he was moderately relieved.

“So she’s gay? Probably not gonna want my dick in her, then.”

“You turned me straight again. You can probably do the same to her,” Aurora replied flippantly, sipping her fruity water.

“Babe, you are many things,” Thorfinn chuckled. “But straight is not one of them.”

“Mm, fair point. You’re the only dick I want any more. I’m basically a pure lesbian otherwise.” Aurora adjusted her seatbelt, her hands fidgety and restless. “You know what I’d really love? If we drove to cousin Anya’s place right now, and spent the whole week fucking her senseless.” She said it with a very convincing seriousness, and a wistful look in her eyes. No doubt she was thinking of her ill-fated attempt to seduce their sweet, innocent younger cousin.

“That’s a long drive, and she’s probably still terrified of you after that time by the pool.” Thorfinn decided not to add that he would personally love to watch Anya and Aurora pleasure each other, or that he often fantasised about fucking the two girls side-by-side. Making them listen to each other’s hot moans as his cock ravished them, spilling his seed inside their unprotected pussies, leaving them both violated and exhausted and gloriously happy. It was a dangerous topic to dwell on. Partly because he knew, if he let her, Aurora would gladly make that fantasy come true.

Aurora gave a frustrated sigh, tilting her head back against the headrest. “I know. Fuck. I’m literally too horny to think straight,” she muttered. She turned to look impatiently at Thorfinn, placing her hand firmly on the mighty bulge of his manhood. “Could you find us a shortcut home? If I don’t have this thing inside me soon, I’m gonna lose my fucking mind.”

Thorfinn grunted through his teeth as he felt his sister’s slender fingers stroke down his thigh, following the long outline of his stiffening cock. She slowly tightened her grip as her fingertips escort nurdağı reached the thick, swelling head, squeezing it through the fabric of his shorts. He forced himself to keep his eyes on the road. It was going to be a difficult journey. “I’ll see what I can do, babe.”

“If the traffic’s too bad, I guess we’ll just need to fuck at the next red light,” Aurora said, as if that was the most logical conclusion.

Seconds later, the traffic lights straight ahead flicked to red, and she gave Thorfinn a wryly expectant look.


Thorfinn used every trick he knew to get them home quicker, without openly breaking the traffic laws. Aurora grew more jittery by the mile, her expression becoming anxious and distracted. She kept her hand constantly on her brother’s semi-erect cock, looking at him imploringly, something close to desperation in her lovely blue-green eyes.

Whenever they passed a quieter side-street, Thorfinn was deeply tempted to pull over and fuck her right then and there, but he kept driving. It was broad daylight, and in any case, he wanted to fuck her properly, not waste himself on a clumsy backseat quickie.

And sometimes it was good to keep a girl waiting. It made her all the more eager.

By the time they got back to Thorfinn’s apartment building, they were both positively raring to go. Thorfinn was painfully aware of how obvious his bulge had become as he walked through the entrance doors. A few of the other tenants were milling around in the foyer, and they definitely saw it, judging by their furtive stares. Aurora hurried ahead of him to the elevators with a spring in her stride, laser-focused on one thing only.

At least they had the elevator to themselves. They kissed like horny devils all the way up, her tongue darting eagerly into his mouth, his hand fumbling up under her crop-top to caress her breasts. When they reached Thorfinn’s floor, the two of them almost sprinted down the — thankfully empty — corridor to his front door. Thorfinn, who was now sporting an enormous, unwieldy and unconcealable tent in his shorts, struggled to keep up with his impatient little sister.

Aurora’s top came off the second she crossed the threshold into the apartment. She didn’t even wait for the door to swing shut before flinging the slutty garment aside. The sunshine pouring through the living room windows gleamed on her naked breasts, those full, firm, high-set natural beauties, with their sweet red nipples standing up perky and erect. They were big tits, not huge ones, but they looked spectacular on her sleek torso, accentuated by her slim waist and the hard definition of her abs and obliques. She’d always been a very fit girl, but now, between her tennis training and the stricter diet demanded by her modelling, she was in what had to be the best shape of her life.

“So I’m the ‘airhead with amazing tits’, huh?” she said drily, resting one hand on her hip, pushing her breasts out at her shamelessly staring brother.

“‘Amazing’ doesn’t do those justice,” Thorfinn replied. His hard cock throbbed and strained for release like a chained animal. It wanted to be deeply, passionately, violently inside that superb young body.

Aurora smiled with gentle pride. She brushed back her hair and kissed Thorfinn’s lips in thanks, pressing her tits softly against his chest. Then she went to her knees before him and reached for his buttoned fly.

There was a gleam of lust in her eyes, edged as always with a slight apprehension, as she undid the buttons and helped her brother work his erection free of his overburdened shorts. Thorfinn’s cock swung out into the sunlight in all its glory, massive and weighty, the huge engorged head nosing free of the foreskin. Thick, winding veins pulsed under the skin. It was so hard it ached; the tip oozed pre-come in glistening drops.

“Fuck, I swear it’s extra huge today,” Aurora breathed. Her fascinated hands closed around the midpoint of Thorfinn’s penis, feeling their way along its great smooth bulk.

“Probably because I’ve been thinking about you so much,” Thorfinn replied, grinning eagerly. He loved how delicate his sister’s fingers looked in contrast to the cock she was holding. They’d measured his shaft against her forearm before; at full mast, it was very nearly the same length.

Aurora stroked it slowly, almost thoughtfully. “When I showed Lucy and Imogen your dick pic at the studio, they asked how you even fit inside me.”

“And what did you tell them?” Thorfinn asked, placing his hand on the delightful swell of her breast. He squeezed, not hard, just enough to feel her warm flesh yield.

Aurora showed her teeth in a sweetly wicked grin. “I told them you don’t. And that’s why I love you.” She rose up and kissed him, a deep, wet, lustful kiss, while caressing his cock with feather-light fingertips. Then she stood back, kicked off her sandals and yanked down her skinny jeans with all her impatient strength.

Her long legs were tanned a fine pale gold this late in the summer. The abstract tattoo on her right leg was a webwork of dark curlicues on her smooth, flawless skin. Her tennis-toned muscles flexed enticingly as she struggled out of those tight jeans. Underneath them, she wore a tiny pair of black panties, which she skinned down with her thumbs to bare the beauty of her shaven vulva.

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