Luck Me – Day 01


This is pure fantasy and nothing else. To all those people who sometimes moan at me about stuff I write, go away. I have tried several editors to read my stories but none get back to me. If I waited for a reply I would still be on my first story and be totally deflated. I write because I know none of these stories would ever be true, it’s good to dream though.


My bosses boss Colin had asked me to bring him the stats from the last quarter as soon as I had them. So by 1.30pm I had all the information and went to his office and without thinking knocked and walked in as the meeting sign was not on.

What I was met with was my boss Caroline (not Carol ever) naked bent over Colin’s desk being taken from behind, her large tits swinging as he pushed in to her. When they both saw me she squealed and all he said was “Looks like you have my fuck toy this weekend.”

He moaned she squealed again as they both came together. Caroline fell on the table squashing her tits whilst he just kept carrying on pumping into her till he finally withdrew. He looked at her and said “What are you not allowed to waste? Just because there is someone here get on with it.”

Caroline got up as I watched her tits moving slightly back and for as she got down on her knees and sucked his cock. He put his hands on her head and pushed it further down her throat till she gagged a bit.

“That will do pet, get dressed and get back to work.”

Caroline got up giving me a full view of her body. Her tits which I had wanked over thinking what they looked like were better than I imagined. Her fanny had a little landing strip on and her lips were a bit puffy. Caroline walked passed me as her clothes were on the chair which was now behind me and just to humiliate Caroline a bit more he said “You will pick her up at 9am tomorrow and return her 9pm on Sunday and her name is Carol.”

I put my information on the desk and left just as Caroline/Carol was putting her tits in her bra, she looked at me and then down to the floor. The whole thing took no more than 5 mins.

I had a fuck toy this weekend.

Caroline sat across from me, as my manager. For the rest of the afternoon she hardly spoke to me. Which I thought was great. I did receive an email asking did she need to bring anything. I did not reply for a bit as I wanted to make her sweat. After 45 minutes I replied with one word. Toys.

My house is a 10 min drive from work, not far you would think but I was outside the office at 8.30am just to be on the safe side. I was convinced that Caroline or Carol as she will be called from here would not turn up. At 8.55am her car pulled in to the carpark and parked in her allotted space. Carol saw my car as she got out of hers and her shoulders dropped. She was now resided to the fact as to what was going to happen. Carol had a bag in her hand as she walked to my car and got in.

“Good morning sir” she said quietly.

“I like the “sir” bit, you should say that at the end of every sentence understand?”

As we were in a private car park and I knew there were no camera’s I wanted her to know that I was in charge from now. So without waiting to get to my house I said “Take your clothes of your top half and show me your tits and do not drop your shoulders again. When you are in my house you will always stand up right and look head do you understand?”

“Yes sir sorry sir.”

Carol took off her jacket, t shirt and bra. Her tits were firm and bigger than a hand full, as I looked around to confirm we were not being watched, I pinched her nipples hard causing her to squeal a bit.

“Are these real or have you had work done?”

“No sir they are real, they have always been firm like this. Please sir can we go?”

I slapped her tits each side just because I could. “Put your jacket on only and only do it half way up.”

“Thank you sir.”

Carol put it on and put her seatbelt across which only caused the belt to catch her jacket under her right tit exposing it complete to anyone who we stopped next to if we had to and if they happen to look.

We were soon back at my house and the first thing when I got in was draw the curtains as I did not want to Starzbet give my neighbours’ a free show. Carol came in with the bag and looked around the room. I was no different to any other living room, settee, table, TV and a reclining chair. I told Carol to take her jacket off, giving me a lovely view of her tits again. I walked into the kitchen and simply asked, “Did she want a cup of tea?”

With a bemused face and a look of slight relieve she said “Yes please sir, two sugars and milk.”

We sat at the table drinking tea for a minute till I said “Remove the rest now!” with a bit of force.

Carol stood up took her jeans down and her thong as she did her tits fell forward. So now she stood naked looking straight ahead as previously instructed. I walked around her, I put my hands between her legs and told her to spread them as I pushed 2 fingers inside her. Carol jumped a bit before spreading them and then just moaned. I went round to her ass and spread the cheeks of her ass as well.

“When I saw you in the office being fucked did you realize the door was not locked or was that meant to happen?”

“I forgot to lock it sir as master had told me to strip straight away or I would be punished and then master was fucking me and I looked up and saw you.”

“So you need to be punished for that. What’s in the bag?”

“Master told me what toys to bring for you sir, I hope they are ok.”

“Lets’ have a look, carry on drinking your tea as well.”

Carol took a mouth full of tea and with shaking hands opened the bag.

A ball gag, nipple clamps, a vibrator and a small whip was laid out on the table for me to see. Carol just stood there looking forward. I took the small whip and ran it over her body making sure I ran it between her legs and over her erect nipples.

“As you were being fucked over the desk I think you should be punished over the table as well. Lean forward so your tits hang down, spread your legs. You will count each hit and say thank you sir, understand?”

“After each hit I count it and say thank you sir, I understand.”

“One. Thank you sir.” Carol said with a bit of a squeal.

“Two. Thank you sir.”

“Three. Thank you sir.”

“Four. Thank you sir.”

“Five. Thank you sir.”

There was a small tear running down her face. There were also juices running down her legs as well. Carol was enjoying this. “Stand up and put your hands behind your head, if they come down you will get an extra hit, understand?”

I stood close enough for the slap to matter and brought it down on her left tit.

“Ow” Carol said and brought her hands down to cover her tits.

“An extra one will now be added!” I said.

Again I brought the whip down on her tit, this time she shook a bit but counted it. Each tit was done in turn till I reached ten. The last two I put on her nipples, she just looked defeated, her hands still behind her head, her head bowed.

“What did I say about looking straight forward in the house?”

Carol’s head shot up and looked at me pleadingly. “I will add it next time. Finish your tea before it gets cold.”

I had added the tea into the whole thing just to keep her off balance a bit. Carol reached for her tea, stood there naked with no marks as such but you could tell what had just happened and drank the last of her tea.

“Sit down now. Tell me how long you have been Colin’s fuck pet?”

“I had this fantasy about playing with myself in work. One Saturday knowing that nobody was in I went in and took my vibrator with me. I was watching a porn clip on the monitor and did not hear Colin come in the office. He stood behind me and just as I was about to cum he said “Hello Carol.” He had seen everything and said that if I agreed to be his fuck pet he would delete the records. If not then they would be seen by the IT dept when they come in on Monday. I was so close to cumming that I agreed. Colin told me to lean over the desk and took me from behind and I came hard. From that time on he fucks me anytime he wants. I have been giving him blow job under his desk once or twice and someone has come in. He carries on talking to them until they leave and he cums Starzbet Giriş in my mouth. He also punished me for not locking the door when you saw us as well.

I got up and went to the table picked up the clamps and went over to Carol sat back down and took the nipple in my mouth, sucked it, bit it and rolled it around my mouth till Carol flinched when I bit it again. I took the clamp put it over the nipple and turned the screw. Carol looked down and took a few deep breathes before asking me to stop. I did one more turn then did the same to the other nipple.

I had Carol till 9pm tomorrow so I did not want to get it over with in a hurry. So I set the kitchen timer for 5 mins. I gave her the vibrator and said “Play with yourself.”

I just sat and watched the show, she pushed the vibrator in and out the nipple clamps I could see were starting to hurt but the enjoyment she was getting from the vibrator was different and confused her body. The juices were flowing again as well.

The timer went off and I told her to stop. I removed the clips and she moaned as I attacked them again. When I had finished I stood in front of her undid my trousers and just said “Suck my cock now.”

Carol took my cock in her mouth and started to move up and down the shaft I reached for her tits and played and slapped them. Within minutes I shot my load down Carol’s throat, but as I had seen her do more I grabbed her head and pushed it further. When I finished I pushed her off and she sat back on her heels trying to get her breath back I just watched as her tits moved up and down, thinking how long had I wanted to do that.

“What would you like for dinner?” I asked a still naked Carol.

“I do not mind sir what is available?”

“Sausage & chips ok for you?”

“Yes sir.”

I started cooking while she just stood there naked. I think it threw her a bit more as well as she was not sure what was going to happen next, which I guess neither of us did. I was just coming up with ideas or letting my imagination run a bit.

After we had eaten I decided that we should watch some porn. Now as she had been caught watching porn I knew she enjoyed it. I grabbed a few I had and we sat and watched a bit of one before I saw a position we should try. I paused the DVD told her to stand and go over to the table. Carol’s face was a picture as she was not sure what was going on. I took her left leg and put it up on the table, and gave her a back of a chair to support herself. The film had shown a girl tied to a post with her leg tied up at an angle so her fanny was wide open. Carol’s leg was not quite high enough yet so I got a few books and lifted her leg slightly higher.

I pushed my cock straight inside her saying “Fall and you will be punished.”

I played with her tits as I pumped into her till I shot my load. Carol was shaking and was near to cumming but she had to ask.

“Can I cum sir?”

“No” was all I said and I pushed play on the player. We watched a bit more before I gave her the vibrator and said , “Play and cum.”

With her free hand she pushed the vibrator in and was cumming, she was shaking a bit but did not fall but kept her position. I walked over took the vibrator off her lifted her leg down and told her to sit and watch again. Still naked and confused she sat and watched the DVD.

I changed the DVD and another interesting one came on involving ice cubes and ice cream.

“We will do that I think. Go and get you tit covers and knickers.”

Carol looked a bit scared.

“Quickly or I will have to punish you more.”

Carol went to were her clothes were and got the items mentioned.

I got the vibrator and measure how many ice cubes in length it was. Carol was still confused.

I got the ice cream as well and decided the bathroom was the best place for this bit of fun.

“I think you should do this, I will tell you if you have done it to my idea.”

“Put your tit covers on the top of the toilet seat so the cups are up. Start putting ice cream in them.”

She put a few scoops in and could now see what was going to happen.

“Now put one ice cube in each cup were your nipple will Starzbet Güncel Giriş be.”

“Now put your tit covers on by leaning over and putting your tits in the case.”

I wanted it to be tight so when she reached behind I putted the bra so she could get the clasp to work.

Her tits were now encased in ice cream with a cube on the nipple.

“I have not finished yet. Put you knickers half on.”

Carol bent forward to put them on and I squeezed her tits causing her to shake a bit with her now cold tits.

“Put your leg on the side of the bath quickly.”

Now the vibrator had measure 4 ice cubes, so I took 5 and pushed them in her fanny then told her to pull her knickers up, I then put some ice cream down them.

Carol was now moving from one foot to the other. I sat on the toilet seat cover and said.

“Spread your legs, and stretch up so you are trying to touch the ceiling. Count to five and then lean forward to touch your toes. Then stand up count to five and squat down and count to five

And stand up again you will repeat this till I say stop.”

I watched for a bit thinking how much fun this was.

“Keep doing it, I want to hear you counting. I am going to get us a drink.”

I went to the fridge and found some cold lagers, I could hear her counting slowly.

The ice cream & cubes had started to melt so I helped her in the bath and told her to carry on. I just drank my drink. Carol was shivering as the cubes inside her were melting, the ice cream on her tits was melting and running down her body. I gave her the drink and although she wanted a drink I do not think it was the one she wanted.

I moved to the edge of the bath. “Next time you come down suck my cock each time if you do not do a good job I will put more ice cream in side you.”

Carol sucked my cock like a woman possessed each time, but I was having fun. Next time she sucked I just said “Not good enough.” Without giving her time to think, I got a scoop of ice cream pulled her knickers away from her body and dropped two in there and then pushed them hard on her fanny.

Carol came, which was a sight to watch as she was stood up shaking and juices flowed either side of her knickers.

“Please sir I will give you a better blow job next time can take my clothes off now. Please sir I will be good.”

“You can take your knickers off but the tit covers stay on.”

Carol removed her knickers as water mixed with cum dripped out of her. Her shoulders dropped.

“What did I say about dropping your shoulders?”

“Give me your knickers and sit in the bath.”

“For dropping your shoulders I am going to put more ice cream and if they will fit two cubes of ice in each tit cover.”

Carol just looked ahead as I removed the straps from her shoulders and added the ice cream and cubes. I put the straps back up and squeezed each tit.

“Lets’ try again shall we!” as I grabbed her head turned it slightly and pushed my cock in her mouth.

Carol attacked it like an animal sucking and blowing desperate to make me cum in her mouth without more punishment for it not being good enough.

I shot my load and she swallowed it all.

“Can I take my bra off now sir?”

“Yes” was all I said.

She reached behind and with a sigh of relieve unhooked it and sat back in the bath, here tits were a bit blue and the nipples were hard as I leaned across and played with them. Carol came again. I ran my fingers down her body to her fanny and pushed a few fingers in I could still feel one or two cubes in there although they were small I moved my fingers and Carol came again. Shaking as she did. She looked someone who had been a bit used. There was ice cream running of her tits there was cum on her legs and I could see my cum on her lips. What she needed was a shower.

I got the shower head let the water run till it was warm and started running it over her body. Carol just laid back, I paid attention to her face, tits, nipples and fanny washing all of it away.

Time to wake her up a bit.

“For cumming twice without permission!”

I turned the water to cold, the look on Clare’s face was shock as I directed the cold water to the same parts as I had the first time.

“Sorry sir.”

I carried on doing this for a few minutes before saying “Here is a towel when you are dry come down stairs still naked we have a few more DVD’s to watch for research.”


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