Lucky Break


This was the day I had waited six long weeks for. Six weeks since I had made the dumbest mistake of my life, by accepting a lift home after a party from a guy who had too much to drink. Sure, I knew he’d been drinking, but it was raining and home was only a couple of blocks away and nothing could happen in that short a distance, could it? Well now I knew only too well that it could, but six weeks ago I had been a typical carefree 19 year old who thought she was bombproof. The car had skidded on the greasy road, and although it could have been much more serious, I didn’t exactly count myself lucky to come away from the crash with my left forearm and right elbow broken from where I had been thrown forward into the dashboard.

Now six weeks later the casts were to come off. The left cast wasn’t too bad because it only came to just below my elbow, so at least I had been spared the embarrassment of asking for help with things like going to the bathroom. I still needed help fastening my bra, but mom wasn’t always here and I could hardly ask dad or my 21 year old brother Simon, so mostly I just didn’t bother wearing one. This wasn’t too much of a worry, because although I have decent sized boobs, the shoulder to wrist cast on my right arm was bent at the elbow across my chest, so mostly it wasn’t easy to tell that I wasn’t wearing anything under my top.

However, the casts were coming off today, so I slipped a bra into my bag, so I could pop into the ladies’ room at the hospital and make myself decent. I had dressed early, intending to catch a bus to the hospital, but Simon had offered to drive me, so I still had a couple of hours to kill. I glanced out of the window and pulled a face. The trees outside were swaying violently in the wind, and I hated the way the wind always played havoc with my long hair. I took a ribbon from my drawer to tie my hair into a ponytail, then I realised the impossibility of the task. Calling out to Simon who was playing a video game in the living room, I asked him to do the honours.

As he took the ribbon he glanced down at my unfettered boobs and grinned. “You’re in fine shape today Sis.” he chuckled.

Reflexively I crossed my other arm across my chest and poked my tongue at him. “Just do as I asked, moron.” I retorted.

“That’s no way to talk to your big brother.” he laughed “Especially when you want a favour.” Before I could react, he wrapped the ribbon loosely around both casts and put on a mock evil leer. “At long last I have my baby sister at my mercy.” Suddenly his face went serious. “Christ, I really would have you at my mercy, wouldn’t I?”

I froze, suspecting what he meant, but not really sure. Holding the ends of the ribbon together, he slowly and deliberately slid his hand under my shirt and on to my breast. Despite myself I felt my nipples stiffen at his touch and tried to pull away. “No, Simon, you can’t do that, I’m your sister.”

“I know Sis, that’s what makes it all the better.” he said quietly, squeezing first one breast and then the other.

Even though I knew it was wrong, I had to admit his hands felt good, and what’s more he made my boobs feel good. As my breathing came heavier I shook my head. “No, please don’t Simon, stop, please.”

“Don’t worry Sis, you can always say you couldn’t stop me,” he whispered softly, pulling my shirt up to expose my trembling tits. “God they look good.”

I swear I wanted him to stop, but I could offer no resistance as he eased me down onto my bed, lifting my bound arms up to take my nipple between his lips. Although I knew that I could easily pull my arms free, I told myself he was right, and that I couldn’t stop him, so I relaxed a little. The simple fact was that deep down I really didn’t want to him to stop. After all, it did feel nice and so long as all he wanted was to suck my tits, where was the harm? It wasn’t as if I’d never had them sucked before now. A bit of tit sucking was a standard reward for a guy after a date, and I had even given a couple of them reluctant hand jobs to calm them down. It didn’t have to mean anything, I had only let guys feel my boobs because for the most part I was too indifferent to stop them, but I had never allowed anyone to touch me below the waist.

With Simon it was different. Maybe it was because he was my brother, I really didn’t know, but for the first time I actually liked what he was doing with my breasts.

At first I was so intent on the sensations that were going through my nipples that I didn’t realise he had slipped his hand under my skirt. My eyes widened at the shock of feeling my own brother’s fingers on my panty covered slit, and I tried to sit up and push him away, but I was no match for his strength. “It’s OK Sis.” His tone was reassuring, but I was still uneasy. “I won’t go any further if you don’t want me to.” I really didn’t want him to go any further, but I was afraid to speak in case I provoked him.

True to his word he left his hand where it was, holding it still and resumed working on my nipples. Simply knowing where his fingers were resting was starting to get to sisli escort me and I was both ashamed and excited to realise I was getting moist. What made it worse was that I could feel his pulse through his fingertips where they rested on my clit and I started to tremble. My arms were beginning to ache with the weight of the casts, and I had to lower them with the inevitable result that they pressed his head more tightly against my chest. He seemed to take this as some sort of encouragement, and his fingers started to move slowly along the line of my pussy. I tried to push my bottom into the mattress to get away but the springs pushed back, pressing my crotch tighter against his fingers.

Again I tried to rationalise, repeating to myself that he had me at his mercy, and anyway all he was doing was stroking my panties. True, he was my brother and shouldn’t even be doing that, but he was bigger and stronger and had me pinned to the bed, and really there was no harm in a little tickling. Besides, as he had pointed out, the fact that we were siblings did seem to make it better, and it certainly felt nice. I offered no protest when he loosened my briefs enough to slip a finger inside the leg and part my moist lips with his finger.

So this was how it felt to have someone else feeling my pussy. I’d often done it to myself, but this was so different, so much better. When I did it myself I always knew exactly where my fingers would touch next, but now the uncertainty added a new dimension, and each time he touched the right spot it was as if sparks were flashing through my body. I parted my legs a little more, finally admitting to myself that I wanted him to caress me, and I felt a small sense of loss when he withdrew his hand and his lips.

A moment later he pulled my skirt up above my waist and moved between my legs. He fumbled around for a few seconds and suddenly the tip of his cock was against my crotch, stroking up and down the length of my slit. No longer able to control myself, I started to move my hips to increase the contact, glad I was wearing my panties because I knew that if I wasn’t I would want his cock inside me, and then there would be no going back. What we were doing now was only playing, and although I knew it was wrong I told myself it wasn’t really incest because he wasn’t actually in me. The trouble was I wanted him to put it in me, but I was hoping he wouldn’t, because what he was doing felt so good and I had already had one or two mild orgasms. My dilemma was resolved when he suddenly gasped, and a thick stream of sticky goo splattered over the crotch of my briefs.

“You pig!” I gasped, pushing him off, although I wasn’t clear in my mind if I was saying it because he had messed my panties or because he hadn’t fucked me. In a sudden moment of clarity I saw the truth. I had actually wanted my brother to stick his hard dick in my pussy! I had actually wanted incestuous sex with my own flesh and blood. To cover my confusion I hooked my thumb into the waistband of my panties to ease them away from my crotch. “Now I’ll have to change my knickers.”

Heading to the bathroom I tugged the sopping garment off and washed my wet secretions from my slit. When I returned to my room for some clean underwear, Simon was sitting on the edge of my bed shaking his head in wonder. “My god Sis, that was incredible. Nearly as good as the real thing.”

Even though it had undoubtedly been good I was in no position to judge, because I had never experienced the ‘real thing’, so I just turned my back and struggled into a fresh pair of panties. I picked up the discarded ribbon and handed it to him. “Now you can do what I asked you to do in the first place.” Standing behind me he cupped my breasts briefly before turning his attention to the task in hand.

“I love you Sis” he whispered as he tied my hair back.

“I love you too Big Brother.” I replied, and then stifled a giggle as a sudden ridiculous thought struck me. If he had put his cock in me it would have been incest, so when he pulled it out would it be outcest? Would a full on fuck be incest and outcest, culminating in cumcest? The sheer silliness helped lighten my mood a little, because now that the danger was past the enormity of what had almost happened shook me to the core. It was bad enough that my own brother had put his cock so close to my pussy, but what was even more disturbing was that I had liked it.

I looked at the clock with a start. What had happened had taken longer than I thought, and grabbing my bag I urged Simon out to his car. I kept up a constant stream of meaningless chatter on the way to the hospital, and I was relieved when I was only kept waiting a few minutes. The small electric saw the nurse used to cut the casts set my nerves jangling, but the ordeal was over more quickly than I had anticipated. After a final check by the doctor I was declared fully healed, and discharged with a caution to take things easy for a couple more months.

In the confined space of the car on the way home I wrinkled my nose. “I need a shower.” I told Simon. “The stink şişli esc of six weeks of unwashed sweat on my arms makes me want to throw up.” He grinned and pinched his lips together with his fingers, and I took a playful swing at him, careful not to distract his attention from the road. The movement made my boobs jiggle, and I realised that I had forgotten to put a bra on before I left the hospital, so I crossed my arms hoping he hadn’t noticed. The last thing I wanted was him getting more ideas, because frankly I wasn’t sure I would have the will to resist, and I could no longer use the casts as an excuse.

As soon as we arrived home I grabbed my robe from my room, and locking the bathroom door firmly behind me I undressed and stepped under the shower. I couldn’t be sure how long I stood luxuriating in the stinging spray, but suddenly the water ran cold and I stepped out with my nipples standing up like hard rubber thimbles. Wrapped in my robe I picked up my clothes and returned to my room, standing for a moment flexing my arms before the mirror, thankful to be free of the weight of the casts. After drying off I donned a clean set of underwear, and turned to pick out some fresh clothes. Catching sight of the ribbon, I remembered the use my brother had put it to, and acting purely on impulse I looped it round one forearm, then twirling one around the other bound the two loosely together. I studied the effect in the mirror, pleased with how my breasts swelled up from the top of my bra, and was surprised to feel a tingling in my crotch.

“It looks much better like that than in your hair.” Startled, I tore my arms free and spun round. Simon was leaning against the door frame with a cheesy grin on his face. As he straightened up I held up a hand, palm out, unaware that my sudden movement had loosened my robe.

“You stay right where you are.” I ordered, but he took a step towards me.

“Why, Sis? Don’t you have any idea how beautiful you look?” I hesitated and he took another step. “You are you know.” he said softly. Another step. “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” One more step and he was standing right up close to me. I stood transfixed, unable to move as he closed the gap between us. “I love you Sis.” It was the second time that day he had said that, and I looked him in the eyes.

“I love you too Simon.” I responded. “But not in that way.” Even as I said it I knew that the growing wetness between my thighs said I was lying. Without touching me he lowered his face to mine, and although I hadn’t intended to I returned his kiss in a decidedly unsisterly fashion. I pulled back in confusion and looked at him pleadingly. My eyes were saying “No” but at the same time my nipples were screaming “YES!” I both wanted and dreaded his touch, and breathed a soft sigh of relief when the decision was taken from me by his hand closing on my breast.

Unable and unwilling to resist, I stood mutely as he unfastened my bra and slipped the straps down my arms. He held me at arm’s length and studied my naked breasts, before pulling me to him. I could feel his growing bulge against my lower abdomen as he kissed me again, and I unbuttoned his shirt, suddenly needing to feel his bare chest against my hard nipples. His hand moved down over the soft roundness of my stomach, and inside the waist of my panties, and as his finger found my clit I knew that this time there would be no half measures. This time it would be the real thing. This time my brother would push his hard cock into his sister’s virgin pussy. In the space of a few hours the thought of incest had changed from repugnant to the most desirable and exciting thing I could imagine.

Clinging to him, I drew him with me as he lowered me to the bed, lying quiescent as he slid my panties down my legs and dropped them to the floor. Totally naked to his gaze, my excitement grew as my brother stared avidly at that which only Mom had seen since I was a small child.

Very gently he parted my lower lips and sucked in a sharp breath. “Holy fuck Sis, I can’t believe you still have your cherry! I mean after all the boyfriends you’ve had I felt sure you would have had it popped long before now.”

It was true, I had certainly had more than my share of admirers, but what he didn’t know was that every one of them had dumped me after a couple of weeks, when they realised I wouldn’t let them get past my tits. It hadn’t been because I placed any great value on my virginity, after all who did these days? No, it had been more a case that when I went that far I wanted it to be with someone who meant something to me, and none of the guys I had dated qualified.

Now it was different, because my brother meant the world to me.

This time I wanted to be fucked, and we both knew it. Maybe it was because he sensed there would be no stopping, but he took his time, gently exploring my slit, moving my swollen bud from side to side, and occasionally touching a tentative fingertip to my cherry. It was almost as though he was patiently wakening my senses, so that when the moment arrived I would escort sisli be fully primed and prepared for the ultimate act. He could have stuck his cock in me the instant he took my pants off, and I would have welcomed it, but he seemed intent on making sure that when it did finally happen, it would be as perfect a moment as possible.

My hands went to my boobs, pinching and teasing my puckered nipples, and as passion overcame my nervousness I opened my legs wider. He moved in close, and I felt his hot breath as he slowly and deliberately touched his tongue to my clit. Fingers of fire lanced through every cell of my being, and my back arched until only my heels and shoulders were touching the bed, as I sought desperately to maximise contact between my burning pussy and my lover-brother’s delightfully questing tongue. For what seemed an eternity he licked up and down my crack, instinctively varying the pressure of his versatile tongue according to my needs, bringing me to peak after peak of glorious orgasm.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better he withdrew his tongue and moved up over me. Wanting to remember every precious detail, I concentrated my attention as he carefully positioned the rubbery tip of his stiff cock. In my mind’s eye I could see my pussy lips being prised apart by his cock head, and then I felt the gentle but unrelenting pressure on my hymen. I winced a little as the delicate membrane surrendered to the probing of his glorious pole, but any discomfort was more than dispelled by the sense of wonder of having my cunt stretched and filled by my brother’s throbbing tool. He held still for a few moments until I adjusted to this new sensation, and then he started to move inside me.

“Oh my god, he’s fucking me!” I thought as I was swept away on a tide of elation. “He’s really fucking me! My big brother has his cock in his sister’s cunt and I love it!”

Simon’s rod felt like an iron bar encased in soft rubber as he drove in and out of my silky wetness, and I encircled his hips with my legs, pulling him into my unexplored depths. The momentary pain of my lost virginity was forgotten in the ecstasy that his plundering shaft was bringing to my wonderfully cock filled twat, and the joy his mouth was bringing to my trembling tits and puckered nipples. His wiry bush scrubbing against my engorged clit with each stroke sent me soaring to new heights, and my cum gushed out to coat his balls just as his love pole exploded, bathing the hidden crevices of my well fucked cunt with my first ever load of my sweet brother’s love essences.

He continued pumping until he was drained, then pulled out to lie beside me breathing deeply. “Holy shit Sis, that was fucking sensational!” he panted.

In total agreement I smiled at him, too overcome to find the words to tell him how I felt. My eyes travelled down his body, and I looked for the first time at my brother’s still hard tool, standing proud and streaked with my cherry juice. I was a little surprised, because when it was inside me it had felt much bigger than the just over seven inches I was studying. Not that it mattered, because as far as I was concerned, the way it had filled me and pleased me it could not have been more perfect.

I jiggled it playfully. “Come on Brother. I have plans for this, but not in that state.” He laughed with delight as I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the bathroom and under the shower. I stood holding his cock, stroking occasionally to keep it hard as he carefully washed between my legs. It was a little disappointing having to lose his precious cum out of my pussy, but if I wanted him to eat me again I needed to be as clean and fresh as the first time. When he was done I took the washcloth, and as sensuously as I could I rinsed the mess from his cock and balls, then turning off the shower I crouched down and encircled his bulbous cockhead with my lips. The mushroom shaped head felt like a marshmallow with a hard centre, and I bobbed my head back and forth, sucking and licking, taking a little more into my mouth with each forward movement, until almost his entire length was engulfed.

Entranced by the feel of his love muscle in my mouth, I licked and suckled eagerly, pausing for a few seconds each time I sensed he was nearing the edge. Determined to give him as much pleasure with my mouth as he had given me with his, I drew it out for as long as I could until, unable to hold out any longer, he took hold of my head and fucked my mouth furiously until he gasped and his salty sweet nectar plummeted down my throat.

We spent the whole of the day entwined, exploring and adoring each other’s bodies, each time we made love surpassing the last. Towards late afternoon he had just finished pumping yet another load of cum into my cunt at the climax of yet another erotic frenzy, when we were startled by the sound of a car door slamming. “Oh fuck! Look at the time! Mom and Dad are home!” Simon went into panic mode, but I calmly pushed him off me and told him to scoot. Wiping my cum filled pussy with my discarded shirt, I pulled a loose fitting dress over my nude body, and by the time our parents came through the front door I was halfway down the stairs to greet them. My brother turned lover came down a couple of minutes later wearing slacks and tee shirt, and we exchanged knowing glances.

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