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It’s my first story all persons are older than 18


I would start with us standing close, my right hand gently touching your face, tilting your face up to mine (I am much taller than you) so I can kiss you. Kissing is where everything starts, I like to kiss a certain way. Softly, gently exploring your lips and your mouth. I would love it if your hair was up too. Allows me easy access to your neck and throat.

Understand for me it’s not always the destination but the journey that I enjoy. I would also like to undress you myself, there’s no rush and you’re a beautiful woman. I would move my lips to your chin and jaw next, then that spot beneath your ear. I would then turn you around with your back to me and kiss the base of your neck.

Then the fun starts.

All this time my hands have been on your hips. Now I slowly move them around to your stomach and head to your breasts. Exploring as I go I gently palm the underside of your breasts and run my thumbs over your hopefully erect nipples.

Mmmm heaven.

Part two

That girl’s seduction continues. You will find I will make some assumptions and observations just from what you have said. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

You have been happy until now to let me do as I want, you have been quite passive and I know this is not your way. You grab my hands and start to attempt to undo the buttons in your shirt, but I won’t have that and gently place your hands at your side.

I whisper in your ear, “Be still Lucy I want to explore.”

Your breath quickens as I slowly undo the buttons, starting at the bottom and working my way up. I am gentle but firm as I finally undo the last button. Being taller I can see your cleavage over your shoulder. Very nice. Your shirt hits the floor quickly as I want to see more.

My hands roam over the naked flesh between your jeans and your bra, your skin is soft with goose bumps appearing. You show your impatience by moving your hands back and grabbing my hips. You grind against me and I see a little smile when gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları you discover my arousal. I move my hands under the cups of your bra and feel the soft pliant skin of your breasts all the while kissing your neck. You shudder at my touch. I remove my hands from your boobs, you make a little whining noise until you feel me undo the clasp on your bra. I move the straps down your shoulders and you lift your arms so it falls to the ground.

I know you want to be in control and this must be torture for you, but I give you no chance to take over as I continue. I feel behind me for the kitchen chair; once found I spin you around, I look into your eye and see desire. I look at your breasts and smiling bring my fingers to your erect nipples. I give them a little tweak and you moan in response.

I sit in the chair and pull you down until you’re sitting on my lap facing me, your breasts at face level. I lean in and slowly run my tongue over your right nipple. You give a little shudder as encouragement, so I move to the left one and gently start to suckle, all the while my hands roaming over your back and your butt. You place your arms either side of my head and pull me into your breasts. I allow this for now as I use my lips, tongue and teeth to gently tease you. I pull away and pull you into a passionate kiss that leaves us both a little breathless. As I kiss you my hands wander to your jeans and slowly un-pop the button and work on your zipper. You are grinding on my cock all the while.

I stand you up and spin you around, my lips on your neck, my hands on your hips. My right hand travels to your panties, and I slowly start to…

Part three

You grab my hand just as I slip it under your panties. I tell you, “No Baby I won’t hurt you.” You move your hand and I continue to explore. I know you are turned on, I can smell you, that sweet musky smell I love so much.

I start to move your jeans down your hips being careful to leave your underwear in place. You kick your gaziantep escort bayan telefonları jeans off and stand before me in just a pair of pants.

God you’re beautiful.

You try to undo my jeans.

Not yet baby I have more to explore. I run my fingers on the outside of your pussy and feel your wetness. I run my fingers over your clit and you sag against me. You spread your feet for me and I tease your lips with my fingers. You grind against my hand wanting penetration.

Again, not yet.

I back you against the kitchen bench then smile as I slowly work my way to my knees, kissing your breasts and stomach on the way down. You look apprehensive. I slowly push my face against your pussy and run my tongue over it through your panties. You put your hand on the counter to steady yourself.

I run my hands under the back of your pants and cup your ass cheeks. Yum. I work your pussy through your pants but I want more. I know you don’t like to take your underwear off so I pull them aside and run my tongue over your labia. I hook one of your legs over my shoulder, I want deeper. I start sucking your clit as I insert two fingers into your wet pussy. You grab my head and grind my face as you ride my fingers, moaning softly. You taste so good and I love to eat pussy.

You push me away, all flushed and panting, a smile on your face. I stand and kiss you, my face covered in your juices.

We try to devour each other. You’re not idle during this time, your hands are on my belt, you undo my jeans. Your hand wraps around my cock. You pull away from me and go “God it’s so thick.”

The final act

You push my jeans and underwear down and stand back to look at me I see a twinkle in you eye and know you approve.

You move to me drawing me into a passionate kiss, your hand back on my hard member. It’s my turn to moan into your mouth as we kiss.

God I want you now.

You smile and push me back into the kitchen chair. You give me your ‘it’s my turn to play’ smile gaziantep escort bayan videoları and start to get on your knees, oh god yes I want you to, but I stop you before you can, my need is too great.

I pull you onto my lap my hands on your butt placing you so your wet pussy is resting on my hard cock. The only thing stopping penetration are your flimsy panties. God, so close. I look in your eyes, we mirror each other’s lust. I kiss you hard no longer able to be gentle with you. You lean back with my arms supporting you, I watch as you reach down. You lift slightly as you pull your pants aside with one hand and then use the other hand to rub my hard cock along your pussy.

You close your eyes as you place the head at your opening and slowly sink down on my shaft.

My god it’s so tight, it’s good that you are so wet. You look into my eyes and slowly ride up and down my shaft slowly working half my length in your pussy. I see the twinkle in your eye now, our roles have changed, you’re in control. As you slowly ride me I take you nipple into my mouth and start to suck. I can’t get enough of your tits, they are fantastic.

You must like this as you start to fuck me, your head thrown back, your eyes glazed over, lost in your own passion. “God it’s so good” I groan at the way it feels to be inside you. You look at me and smile. You stop moving. Then you slam my length into you until you bottom out.

Your eyes grow large from the feeling of fullness, you sit on my lap impaled on my hard cock, both of us looking at the other not moving, waiting for you to get used to my thickness. I lean forward and kiss you gently.

I whisper in you ear, “Lucy please fuck me baby, I need you so badly.”

You start to ride me, your face is so flushed and you’re breathing har “Oh god yes, Rob” you say. It feels so good I am going to cum all over you. I can’t just sit there any longer I grab your hips and start thrusting up to meet you. We are now running on instinct and desire, it’s a race to cum.

“God baby, I’m so close, hurry please” I say. You smile at me and tell me you’re nearly there. I take a nipple in my mouth to help you along as I suck you start to come, riding me harder. It’s too much I can’t take it any more and my orgasm hits me while you’re still coming.

It feels like it lasts forever, finally you collapse, your head against my neck as I hold you close, our hearts still pounding wildly.

All I can think is, “Holy damn, what a little fire cracker this girl is.”

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