Lucy’s Film: Family Fun Pt. 02


NOTE: This story is about dominance, abuse, and the difference between them. The story is told in a family setting, in graphic BDSM terms. If any of these themes offend you, in any way, do not read this story.


Lucy organized the crew, for more short connecting scenes through the day. The filming went well. They filmed outdoors for the morning. The incoming clouds were a sign that they would have to film indoors for several days. Most of the outdoor scenes were already in the can. There was enough sun to film one more scene outside.

The scene where Lucy left to visit her relatives, was filled with tension. They all said goodbye, with hugs and chaste kisses. When Lucy stepped out the door, Frank followed her out, closing the door behind them.

When Frank and Lucy were alone on the porch, Frank pulled her to him into an embrace. She struggled with him for a moment, before Frank overpowered her. Frank looked at her with cold eyes. He spoke with menace in his voice.

“Kiss me goodbye mother. Don’t make me slap you again.”

“Please Frank. This is not right. I will not let you abuse me, like Betty does.”

“Yes you will, mother. You’ll do what I tell you to do. Kiss me or I’ll slap you right now.”

Lucy kissed Frank on the cheek. Frank slapped her.

“Kiss me like you kiss your cunt licker. I’m jealous. You love her more than you love me.”

“That’s not true son. I love her differently, not more. Please don’t do this. It isn’t right. Your relationship with Betty isn’t right either.”

“You have nothing to say about what is right. You, and your cunt licker, have set the tempo of this house. You want to live in perversion? I’ll join you in your perversions. We’ll all become one big happy, perverted family. Kiss me like the pervert you are.”

Lucy pulled from Frank. As she turned to walk away, Frank pulled her back. He slapped her hard.

“Listen to me bitch. I told you to kiss me. I will not allow you to disobey me. I will not put up with it. I want your love even if it is perverted.”

Lucy was crying as she kissed Frank on the lips. Frank broke the kiss. He slapped her again.

“That was not a perverted kiss. Do it right. If you do not, I’ll take by belt off right now. I’ll use it on your ass. I’ll open the door and do it in front of your lover.”

Frank was glaring at Lucy. She kissed Frank with tears rolling down her cheek. Frank slid his hand up the front of Lucy’s blouse. He fondled Lucy as she kissed him. It was a full kiss, without passion.

Frank accepted the kiss. He smiled as he released her.

“Go visit your relatives. Betty and I will get to know our new family while you are gone. We’ll all be so close. Sally and Melody will both be in love with me by the time you get back.”

Frank leered at Lucy. Lucy looked at Frank, with pleading eyes.

“Please Frank, leave them alone.

“I would not think of ignoring my new family. You brought them to me. You brought the perversion into our house. Betty is already in love with Melody. They play together all of the time. I’m sure, Sally will join her daughter in their play. Get the fuck out of here bitch. When you return, I’ll teach you how to kiss me properly.”

Lucy turned from Frank. She almost ran off of the porch, crying as she left.

Lucy thought the scene went well. She could feel the tension between them. She knew that the camera caught it. The rest of the afternoon they filmed the interaction between Frank and Sally. They filmed it with Melody involved, and then with Betty involved. The scenes included Melody and Betty. The tension was between Frank and Sally.

Sally became more and more upset. She was frightened, as the scenes progressed. They filmed a scene after dinner in the living room. They were watching television. Betty smiled at Sally, as she pushed Melody onto her knees before her.

Betty pulled up her skirt without baring her genitals. She lay Melody’s head onto her thigh. Her eyes were shining with arousal. Sally watched, as the tears welled up in her eyes. The fear of Frank, flashed into her eyes.

“Betty is so in love with your daughter. Maybe they’ll find the same happiness, you and Lucy have found. I’ll be left out. That will not be fair.”

Frank glared at Sally.

“You don’t want me to be left out of our happy family, do you Sally?”

Sally stood up. She ran out of the room, openly crying. Jim reset the cameras. They filmed the scene again. Jim gave his approval, then they broke for dinner. Lucy was pleased with the progress of the filming.

Lucy called the cast together. She was feeling left out. She had written the story to feature the new stars. She wished she had written a larger role for herself. She missed being the star.

“Tonight we’ll film in the big bedroom. Sally and Frank will be alone in the first scene. The second scene will be Sally, Frank, and Betty. Sally, you were perfect in your role last night. You must remain unhappy about your role. You know that your daughter has been abused, by Frank and Betty. beşiktaş escort You know that there is nothing you can do about it. You are upset that Lucy has not, or cannot, do anything about it. You hope she will solve the problem when she returns. You have not seen Frank dominate her. She is your only hope. You are afraid of Frank. You do not like men. You are repulsed by men in general, and Frank specifically.”

Lucy looked them over. She felt good about the upcoming scene. Sally was obviously unhappy. Frank was bold and confident. Betty also looked bold and confident. She was becoming used to being dominate. She was happy in her role.

“Get your costumes on. They are the same ones you wore for the afternoon shooting. Film call one half hour.”

When everyone was ready, Lucy gave them their final instructions.

“This scene is a continuation of the living room scene. Sally left the room in tears. Frank follows Sally to her room. Melody was being abused on her knees before her mother. Betty, put melody on her knees, make her serve you right now.”

Lucy went to Sally as Betty followed her instructions. This time Betty pulled her skirt all the way up. She wore a garter belt and no panties. Betty pushed Melody’s head to her vagina.

“Eat me little bitch. Eat me like a good little slave.”

Lucy spoke into Sally’s ear, as she watched Betty force Melody to serve her.

“Your daughter is being abused. You know this is what happened, when you left the room. You’re heart broken. You’re afraid. You are repulsed. You don’t know how to stop it. You are not strong. You depend on my strength. Cry for your daughter.”

Lucy let Sally watch. Sally became her role. She had no difficulty becoming her role as she watched Betty abuse her daughter. She was crying openly.

“That’s it Sally. Go to the bedroom. Lay face down on the bed. Cry for your daughter and for yourself. Frank has the script. Follow his lead.”

Sally left the room sobbing. Lucy called Frank to her.

“Let her cry for the camera. You’ll dominate her. Have no mercy for her tears, or her plight. Your pleasure is important. Your driving need to dominate the whole house is what is most important. Domination is more important than your sexual drive. Sex in this scene is for domination not lust.”

Lucy held Frank at the door, while she watched Sally crying on the bed. When the time was right, she sent Frank into the room. Frank walked into the room with confidence. He was grinning. He was happy with his role and this scene.

Frank pulled Sally’s head up by her hair.

“You look so sad. You should be happy, seeing your daughter falling in love with my sister. She’ll be just like you. She already likes to lick pussy. She already likes to be on her knees. She already loves the whip. You must get in touch with your new family.”

“Get out of my room. How dare you. Leave me and my daughter alone. I’ll report your abuse. I will not tolerate it.”

“Yes mother dear. It’ll look so good on the report. Betty is comforting your daughter right now. Melody is so upset finding out her mother is a pervert. Betty will testify that you raped her. She’ll tell everyone how you made her watch, you and Lucy fucking in such perversion. We’ll tell the whole world, about how you lick my mothers cunt. And, how you gave your daughter, and my sister, to your lover.”

Sally broke down in total tears.

“Please leave. I don’t want to do this. My daughter doesn’t want to do it either.”

Frank laughed out loud.

“Your daughter loves to do it. She calls Betty mistress. You’ll call her mistress also. Your wishes are not important. My pleasure is.”

Frank pulled her head up. He glared at Sally as he slapped her.

“You’ll call me master.”

“Go to hell. Get out of my room.”

Frank laughed again. He walked to the dresser and pulled out Lucy’s whip.

“That is no way to speak to your master. I’ll have to teach you. You’ve forgotten the pleasure of being commanded by a man. You’ve forgotten the pleasure of a man’s love. You’ll serve me like your daughter does. You’ll love to serve me like your daughter loves serving me.”

Frank whipped Sally. She tried to get away from his fury, and his whip. Frank was enjoying her tears, and his dominance.

“I’ll beat you until I hear you call me master.”

Sally began to scream from the pain. She held out as long as she could. Sally was sobbing hysterically.

“Please leave me alone. I beg you, please.”

Frank smiled. He did not stop his whip. He let his whip punctuate his words.

“Bitch. I gave you an order. I didn’t tell you to beg. Call me master or I’ll bring Melody into the room. She can watch me beat your ass.”

Please, leave her our of this.”

Frank stopped his whipping long enough to slap her as he barked out his commands.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch. I want to hear you call me master. Nothing else. I am your master. I am your daughter’s master. I am Betty’s master. When beylikdüzü escort your cunt licking slut, my mother returns, I’ll be her master also.”

Frank continued using his whip. He stopped, when he heard Sally obey his command.

“Yes master.”

Sally’s defeat showed in her whole body. It radiated from her eyes.

“Get on your knees when you call me master. Bitch.”

Sally slid off of the bed. She knelt before Frank. She lowered her head.

“Yes master.”

“Strip bitch. Kneel naked before your master. Just like your daughter does.”

Sally was totally miserable and totally afraid. She stripped off her clothes as she knelt before Frank.

“Yes master.”

That’s better. Kiss me like a devoted slave.”

Frank sat down onto the chair. He was grinning. He pulled his erection out of his pants. He stroked it as he lay back smiling. Sally crawled over to kneel between his legs. She knelt up. Her kiss was full, without passion.

“That’s a start. You’ll kiss me better than that, soon. Masturbate for me. I want to see passion in your eyes when you kiss me again. If I find no passion from you, I’ll bring in your daughter. She kisses me with passion. You can learn from her.”

Sally masturbated. She was determined to please Frank. She wanted to save her daughter. She knew it would not help. Her only hope was to satisfy Frank. Even as she did, she was sure that Betty was abusing her daughter in the next room.

Frank pushed her head onto his erection. He masturbated with her mouth as she masturbated with her hand. Frank beamed with his power and control.

Frank used the whip lightly on her back and ass. The blows were for stimulation. The pain he delivered was to bring her passion up. He already controlled her.

Sally found pleasure in her submission, and from the sting of the whip. The pain melted into pleasure without her volition. She did not want to be aroused. Her vagina took control of her body. She was breathing hard as her hips rocked. She was humiliated by her own arousal.

Frank brought himself up to orgasm. He brought his pleasure up, as an instrument of his dominance. Frank took great pleasure in covering Sally’s face, and filling her mouth, with his semen. Frank pushed Sally from him. He stroked his softening erection as he smiled down at her.

“Finish masturbating. I like to watch a whore cum. You’ll cum with your hands. Or, I’ll find my pleasure from your pain. This time, there’ll be no pleasure from your pain.”

Sally rolled onto her back. She closed her eyes. She pretended that she was masturbating for her mistress. Sally fond a small ragged orgasm. She began crying again as soon as she did.

Frank pulled her up onto her knees as he pulled her head down to his soft cock.

“Get it up. I want your wet pussy. I’ll show you what you’re missing. You’ll beg for a man’s love soon.”

Sally used her mouth, and hands, to raise Frank’s erection. Frank used the whip to kiss her body as she licked him. He used it lightly. He used it like foreplay to raise her passion. Sally did not want to react to the whip. She did not want to cooperate with Frank in her violation. Her vagina did.

Sally was wet and open, when Frank’s erection returned.

“Now I’ll listen to you beg. Beg like a street whore. Beg for my cock. Call me master.”

Sally’s defeat was complete. Her body was defeated. Her mind was defeated. She no longer had the will to fight. She did what she did best. She obeyed.

“Master. Please fuck me. Please use your cock on me. Use my mouth. Use my cunt. I’ll bring you pleasure. I’ll obey you, master.”

“You forgot to offer me your ass. I want to hear you beg for my cock in your ass.”

Sally began to cry. The fear came back into her eyes.

“Please master, I have never done that. It frightens me.”

“Don’t snivel like a child. Melody gave me her ass. Betty gave me her ass. Your lover, my mother, will also give me her ass. Beg bitch. Offer me your ass. I’ll take it, whither you give it to me or not. We are only talking about how much pain you’ll receive before I take it.”

Sally heard the words fall from her mouth as if a stranger was using her voice.

“Yes master. Please give my your cock. Take my ass. I serve you.”

“Get on the bed. I’ll have you cunt first. I’ll hear you scream with passion, or with pain.”

Sally climbed up onto the bed. She lay back with her leg’s open. She cried in her humiliation. Frank smiled for the same reason. He knelt up next to Sally.

Frank used her mouth. He casually fondled Sally. He was intensely happy as he violated her with his fingers. The camera recorded his pleasure. Lucy was pleased as she watched.

Frank knelt between her legs. He slowly pushed his erection into her open vagina. Sally’s hips fucked of their own accord. Sally could not deny her love of submission. She fucked Frank. Even as she fucked him, she did not want to not be aroused.

Sally was in total passion as beyoğlu escort she fucked him. Sally’s passion turned to full lust. She fucked Frank totally. She gave her master her lust, and her words. She again felt as if she were listening to someone else.

“Master. Take me. Take me completely. Use me. My passion is for you, master.”

Sally raged into her orgasm. It did not raise Frank’s passion. He was in full control of Sally, and his erection. He continued to fuck Sally as she screamed out her orgasm. He brought her past that orgasm into another. Frank continued fucking her. Sally’s orgasms began to roll through her like waves. One rose as another fell. She was totally lost in her lust.

Franks orgasm began to rise without his will. He wanted to continue. His erection demanded it’s release. Frank’s orgasm was full and complete. He found his orgasm kneeling beside Sally, as he ejaculate into her open mouth.

Sally did not swallow his offering. She let her mouth fill, then sucked Frank. She let the semen fall from her lips as she did.

Frank waited for only a moment. He handed Sally the tube of lubrication.

“Get your asshole ready bitch. Get your cunt wet as you do. Offer me your ass. Call me master as you do. I own you. I own your daughter. I’ll have your ass just like I took Melody’s ass. If your cunt is not wet. I’ll bring Melody in. I’ll fuck her ass while you watch.”

The mention of Melody’s name brought a new set of tears to Sally’s eyes. She was totally defeated. Sally used the lubrication on her asshole. She masturbated as she did.

“Master, my ass is ready for your use. My cunt is wet. Master, I offer them to you.”

Frank stroked his cock back to an erection. He was pleased with Sally’s submission. Frank positioned Sally on her knees making sure the camera could see her. He used the lubrication on his erection. Frank smiled deeply, as he slowly violated Sally’s ass. She screamed as he did.

Sally faked the scream. He ass was used to receiving an erection. She loved to be fucked this way. She had to act, to keep her pleasure hidden from the camera. Sally loved this part of the scene.

Frank finished by withdrawing his erection from her ass, and pushing it into her mouth. Sally did not have to act out, her disgust and humiliation. She had always hated doing this. She had done it before. She knew that it excited the audience. She was a professional.

“Cut. Good job. Take a break. Film call ten minutes. Get your costumes on for the next scene.”

Lucy and Jim were pleased with the scene. Lucy called the cast together to lay out the next scene.

“This next scene is Frank and Betty dominating Sally. Sally has been tormented throughout the day by Frank. Frank has openly fondled Melody in front of Sally. Frank has made Sally watch Betty as she took Melody. We will shoot these scenes later. This is the next night after Frank dominated Sally. Frank wants to make sure that Sally accepts Betty’s domination of her. Sally has prepared herself for bed. She is glad that Frank has not ordered her to his bed tonight. She thinks that she will be alone for the night. The scene opens with Sally brushing her hair at the vanity.”

Sally was dressed in a prim nightgown. She wore nothing under it. Betty and Frank both had robes on. Frank wore only his robe. Betty wore a set of black heels with red silk stockings. She wore a brief black corset. She carried a whip.

Sally looked shocked, then frightened, as the pair walked into her bedroom. Sally’s tears welled up into her eyes, when she saw them.

“Please, leave me alone. Please.”

Frank walked up to her and slapped her.

“Bitch. When I enter the room you’ll kneel and call me master.”

Sally laid the brush on the vanity. She slid to her knees. She was crying as she lowered her head.

“Yes master.”

“My sister is new at being in charge. I’m here to watch, and to make sure you obey her. It’ll turn me on. When I am pleased at your submission to my sister, I’ll go fuck your daughter. I love her tight ass.”

Sally’s tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Yes master. Please take my ass. Leave my daughter alone. I’ll please you.”

“You already please me. I love your ass, as much as I love melody’s ass. You won’t please me tonight. You’ll please my sister. You’ll call her mistress. You lick her mothers cunt. You should love to lick Betty’s cunt also. You’ll kiss her whip, just like you kiss my mother’s whip.”

“Yes master. Mistress, I kneel before you.”

Betty smiled, as her eyes filled with excitement. She was in her role. She did not have to act. She loved being dominate. She loved seeing Sally on her knees, as she called her mistress.

Betty walked up to Sally, and stood over her. Betty’s eyes were sparkling with her excitement. She removed her robe with a wicked smile on her face.

“Strip before your mistress. Kneel naked before me.”

“Yes mistress.”

Sally removed her nightgown. She lowered her head and her eyes. She cried softly in her humiliation. She cried for her daughter.

Frank sat back in the chair. He idly stroked himself as he watched. Betty walked around Sally to stand in front of her. She lashed her tits leaving bright red marks behind. They would not turn to bruises. Betty smiled with satisfaction as she heard Sally scream from the pain. Betty held the whip up to Sally’s face.

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