Lunch Break part two


Lunch Break part twoI was so embarrassed.Those girls knew I was a sissy for his thick black cock, and I knew they were watching me, standing in front his car as he pushed his door open. I dared a look over my shoulder, and saw their faces in the window. The one with the big tits waved at me, like I was one of the girls. What the fuck?! I’m a sergeant for the fucking sheriff’s office, not some faggot for big black cock… I turned back to him, through the open door, for the whole world to see, his FAT COAL BLACK COCK slid out of his shorts. He spread his legs so I could get a good look at it, but we all knew I was getting in with him, a stranger, for God’s knows what!He didn’t even let me buckle up, and hit the gas as soon as my ass hit the seat, and door slammed shut as we sped off.Don’t buckle your belt. Slip those pants down, lemme see that azz.I didn’t even know I was doing it, but I did. He put his big paw on my ass cheek, squeezed and pulled on it a little before pushing me tummy first onto the seat. He dropped the back down so I was laying face down, ass up, and he slapped my booty hard, and laughed.That’s a nice big fuckin azz, baby! Ima tear that up, dontchu worry. Ima get all up in that shit, and you’ll never be the same.I tried to push myself up, but he shoved me back down, and grabbed me again, taking my whole cheek in his hand. kaçak iddaa He pulled the leg holes of my undies together, and grabbed them both, making a thong, pulling them up against my little hole, before ripping them off my butt.Look at that fat bubble butt… DAMMMN!I guess I do have kind of a bubble butt, but his hand was so big that he could palm it in one hand. He reached between my legs, and pushed his finger against my hole, wiggling it in a little, before pushing it up inside me.Uhhhh! I groaned. So embarrassing, but it felt… good, I guess. I felt, wanted.We stopped quickly, and I felt a rush of cool air as he lowered my window. I looked up and saw three black guys on the sidewalk. My man laughed, and the men stared down at my naked bottom.Lookatwhat I got, boyz! I caught a phat azz that likes black dick.Oh shit- She fire- dat azz tho- gimme someadat! They reached in and groped me, one reached under and rubbed my dick.Her clit gettin hard, innit?She’s all mine this time, bruh!He laughed and pulled away. I was mortified. I had become a bimbo, a piece of meat, and he spanked me again. I asked him if I could put my pants back on, and he laughed, grabbed them and tossed them out the window.We pulled into his driveway, and he opened his garage and got out. Hurry up now, we wasting time!I didn’t have any pants, didn’t know where I was, kaçak bahis exactly, and now I was getting out in broad daylight. I hurried after him, covering myself with my hands, but he closed the garage door before I could get in, and I panicked and rushed to the front door.I looked to the street, as I hit the doorbell repeatedly… there were several people who saw me! The door opened, and he stood there, towering over me in the door. He blocked me from getting in, and said,I got you, baby gurl.He reached down to my bottom and pulled me into his arms. I wrapped my legs around him, and he carried me inside and closed the door. My phone rang in my shirt pocket, it was my wife!I gotta take this or she’s gonna freak out!He nodded and I picked up.Hey honey, I uhh, I’m out at lunch, and I can’t talk right now–He grabbed the phone away, and pushed me down on my knees. “Honey?! HONEY?!” was all I heard, as I found myself with my nose in his crotch. His BIG BLACK COCK rubbed against my cheek, hanging down from his shorts. I was in trouble.He squeezed his shaft, smearing the head against my lips, and then the strangest thing happened. I parted my lips, and carefully took as much of his cock head in my mouth as I could fit.”HONEY!”He put the phone up to his mouth.Who dis? It’s Lora, WHO IS THIS?!Do me a favor, facetime me- I gotz sumthin to show you, illegal bahis Low-rah!There was a pause and then that weird ring came, and as he hit the button, I saw my wife’s face on the screen out of the corner of my eye. It was just a flash, because he pushed into my mouth, and I shut my eyes as they started to water. He fucked my face, as I choked on his cock head, trying to see the screen through my tears. But I knew she was watching.She was silent at first, and then she finally said,Oh my God, that cock… that big fat black cock! Honey! You’re… you’re sucking his cock! Not for long, she ain’t.He set the phone down on the couch so she could see us, picked me up, and shoved me on the chair, pulling my hips back. He spat warm spit, loudly onto my hole, then again into his hand, rubbing the head of his meat. I gasped as he smeared his BIG BLACK COCK against my bottom, pushing my cheeks apart with his stiff bat of dick.Honey! What are you doing?! Are you gonna let him… are you gonna fuck him?! DON’T COME IN HERE, JAMIE!Jamie’s my daughter, but that– none of that mattered anymore. I forgot her, forgot my wife, forgot my life, as that hot cock head pushed against my opening hole. I wiggled back on him, moaning in a voice I didn’t even recognize.Oh my God!Was all I heard her say, just before I moved back on him enough to take his head up inside me. Or was that my voice that said that. I was so confused, I was dizzy, and I was being fucked for the very first time.8132 South Merrill. Come if you wanna see what Ima do to this azz-PART 3 coming soon-

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