Lustful Revenge


All day studying again. Vanessa was getting tired of this. All Sunday spent reading through pages and pages of Psychology theories. Well, trying to anyway. Her boyfriend Steve had been interrupting her thoughts all day, making the study even harder to bear. Images of there love making, tied to the dining table kept surfacing and swimming through her mind. Finally she decides enough is enough; it’s time to do something about it.

Slipping into her pink tie-up undies, and matching pink bra, Vanessa admires her shapely figure in the full length mirror, fastened to her closet door. She notices the toned muscles of her calves, her eye tracing up the tanned skin to see her flat stomach and curvy hips. Wrapping her half naked body in a three-quarter length jacket, Vanessa slips into dangerously high heels and heads for the door, her chocolate hair flowing behind her in a wave.

Taking the steps two at a time, Vanessa thinks to herself, “After last weeks dinner, it’s my turn to do the seducing.” Reaching the landing of her man’s apartment, she draws the keys silently from her deep jacket pocket; sliding it into the lock, and turning slowly. She hears as the tumblers click over, one at a time, and eases the door open, twisting delicately at the knob. Glancing in, her hazel eyes scan the room in search of what she has come for. Not able to see him at first, she hears the clatter of a keyboard from within, and delves further. Slinking through the door she closes it behind her, resetting the lock and softly treading toward the stereo. Reaching for the other large pocket of the jacket she slips out a cd and sets it in place, cycling through before Ben Harper’s “Sexual Healing” flows from the surrounding speakers.

Rotating the dial slowly Vanessa floods the apartment with soft guitar chords, and straightens herself, ready to attain her aim. Gently pulling at the knot of the waistband, she slides the jacket off both shoulders and lets it trail down her body, all the way to the floor. Beyond she can hear the keyboard has stopped its monotonous tapping. Knowing she is about to give Steve a much needed break from essay writing, she strides confidently toward the study, her sexy lingerie hugging her breasts and sides. Rounding the corner, she glimpses the quick look of surprise on his face, as it changes to an expression of powerful lust. Making the first move, she steps forward and seizes his head in her hands, pulling him up against her as she kisses him passionately, her tongue canlı bahis delving into his mouth, licking over his lips, and pushing against his tongue.

Grabbing him around the waist she guides him to the bedroom, pushing him backwards, Steve falls onto his back, caught by the soft springs of the mattress. Standing above him at the foot of the bed, Vanessa bends right down at her hips, her hands coming to rest on the top of his thighs. Sliding her hands up, the rough denim against her palms, she lowers her head to kiss the bulge forming under the zip, before preceding higher up, letting her breasts brush up against him as she slides higher up to his lips. Kissing him deeply, Vanessa unbuttons his jeans, pulling the zip down in one sharp movement. As she dips her fine fingers under the sides of his briefs, Steve feels his pants being slowly pulled off his legs, till they are cast aside to the floor. Vanessa raises herself once more and steps her knee onto the bed, bringing the other up to sit atop Steve, her heels falling to the floor.

Pushing himself up, he slides his fingers up the taught muscles of Vanessa’s back, leaning up to bite gently at her neck. Her head held to one side as she feels lingering kisses running down her neck, Vanessa pulls Steve’s shirt up, and over his head, throwing it behind her. Feeling his hands underneath her bum, lifting her as they kiss, Vanessa sits up on her knees. Moving from her mouth Steve begin to nibble at her ear, down her neck and over her shoulders. Kissing down, over her breasts, biting gently at her hard nipple, he rolls his tongue down her side, until he reaches the soft pink ribbon holding one side of the undies together. Gently he bites at the ribbon, pulling his head slowly back, untying the ribbon and exposing Vanessa’s curved hip. Kissing across her stomach, his lips moist and delicate against her supple skin. Finishing at the other tie, he takes the ribbon in his teeth and pulls the knot through. With this, the pink undies fall to his side, where he lifts them and tosses them off the bed.

Looking up at Vanessa, he slides his hands up from her bum to her back, his fingertips velvet-like against the skin as he traces up and unhooks her bra. Pulling it down her arms and off, he feels Vanessa’s hands around his back, pushing his chest up against her firm breasts. She leans down and kisses Steve deeply and lovingly, as she feels her breasts moving up and down against him. Ever so slowly she eases herself down, feeling the head bahis siteleri of Steve’s hard cock sliding into her pussy, juices dripping, beading down his shaft. As Steve bites increasingly harder at her tender neck she pushes down further, gasping as he enters her deeply. Sliding further and further down, she feels how hard he is inside her, filling every inch of her, stimulating every wall. Finally reaching the base, she wraps her long legs around his back, holding him tightly against her. Slowly, holding her bum in his hands, Steve lifts Vanessa back up sliding out slowly, before lowering her back down, feeling the warmth surround him as he penetrates deeply, kissing and nibbling at her neck the whole time. Vanessa begins to slide up and down on his hard cock, gaining rhythm as she holds him hard, before slowing down and stopping, just as he is close to climax.

Reaching behind her, Vanessa brings up a pair of soft handcuffs, bringing her legs back around, resting on her knees while still keeping Steve deep inside her, wet and warm pussy. Pushing him back, Steve hits the bed as Vanessa lifts his arms up to the bedhead, cuffing him there and leaving him powerless. With Steve lying flat against the bed, Vanessa continues her slow rhythm, rotating her hips as she lifts herself up, twisting them as she plunges back down, feeling him hard inside her, pushing against her inner walls.

Speeding up, she hears her man moan as he comes closer and closer to orgasm. Her hands pushing against his chest, she pumps into him harder and harder, hearing him take a deep breath, she knows he is about to come, lifting herself up, sliding his shaft out of her hot, tight pussy, right up to the head, she digs her nails into his chest as she pushes back down in one sharp hard movement, looking into his eyes and hearing him moan loudly as he shudders, bulging inside her as he comes, trembling beneath her. This is too much for Vanessa, and she feels the explosion well up inside her. Throwing her head back, she lets out a deep, loud moan, feeling wave after wave of the orgasm shoot through her. Her muscles contracting around Steve’s hard cock.

Leaning down to kiss him softly, Vanessa’s lips brushing gently against his as her head turns and her tongue slips past his lips into his mouth, pushing up against his, she uncuffs him. As soon as he is free, Steve rolls over quickly, throwing Vanessa onto her back, and kissing her lovingly.

Taking the cuffs from her hands Steve implements his bahis şirketleri revenge, lifting Vanessa’s arms up as he kisses her, cuffing her to the place he had been held to moments earlier. Kissing down her silky skin he kisses at her breasts, his tongue tracing delicately over her nipples before gently biting them. Kissing further down her body, he traces the tip of his tongue down and around her hips, guiding him further down. With a long, slow, sweeping lick of his tongue, Steve traces up the outside of her pussy lips, dipping in and rubbing against her vulva, head pushed deeply into her moistness as his tongue brushes over Vanessa’s clit. Running back down his tongue hardens and flicks at her clit. Flicking back up, slipping wetly over the spot, hearing Vanessa moan as she feels it stimulating up her body. Carefully, out of Vanessa’s view, Steve draws the vibrator they bought together up from the side of the bed and pushes it up, underneath his tongue. Pointing his tongue forward, and keeping it hard up against her clit, he turns the vibrator on the lowest setting.

Lying back, cuffed to the bed, Vanessa feels the incredible feeling as Steve’s tongue vibrates delicately against her clit, sending a surge of sensation up her body. Lowering the vibrator from his tongue, he starts to flick slowly at the spot, easing the tip of the smooth vibrator into her, and sliding it up. The gently shuddering of the metal transfers into her body as Steve plunges the vibrator further into her, still tickling at her clit with his tongue, getting faster and faster as his tongue flashes up and down. With it fully inside her, Steve turns the speed up making it buzz faster inside her, sending a ripple of impulses shooting inside her.

Her hands cuffed above her, Vanessa takes a sharp deep breath in as she feels she is at the point of climax, feeling his tongue flicking quickly against her clit, and the vibrator at full speed inside her. Buzzing and shuddering, she exhales powerfully, moaning and trembling as his tongue and the vibrator continue to stimulate through the orgasm as she trembles and moans, feeling the stimulus bringing a second wave to the orgasm, making her moan even louder. Feeling her thighs gently squeeze around his head Steve knows she has come, and, sliding the vibrator out and onto the bed, he glides up her body, kissing her forehead and telling her how much he loves her, whispering in her ear.

Rolling onto his back he surrounds Vanessa’s body with his arms, feeling her leg wrap around him and her hand resting on his chest. Lying there breathing together, they stay silent, speech unnecessary, everything communicated in their touch as they hold one another as only lovers can.

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