Lusting for Grandmother


Chapter 1

This all happened this past summer while I was on vacation before heading off to college. My name is Rick, I just turned 18, and I live in a nice suburb with my folks and younger sister. My parents are both professionals. My dad runs a big think tank in town where they do all kinds of research on nature and shifts in weather. My mom is a sociology professor at the local college, following in her father’s foot steps. To say my parents are intellectuals is an understatement. In fact I still don’t understand how my sister and I turned out so normal. The one nice thing, though, is that they really never set a lot of rules. They very liberal in their thinking and always have very open minds.

I am a pretty average student, much to my folk’s disappointment. I participated in a number of school sports, including golf and tennis. I’m pretty popular in school, with most of the jocks amongst my best friends. My real problems are with the girls in school. While I have no problem getting them to go out with me, when they find out how little experience I have in bed they all drop me like the plague. I could get one of the nerdy girls to stick with me, but it’s not what I like. Reminds me too much of my parents and their relationship. Besides I couldn’t be seen with anything but a hot chick or I would never hear the end of it from my buddies. What I really needed was to hook up with someone who would show me the ropes and not ridicule me for my lack of experience.

My sister Julie was just the opposite from me. First of all, she was one of the hottest girls in school. She has long blonde hair and a body that just won’t quit. She is about a year and a half younger than me, but far more experienced. In fact she was very popular with all the jocks and it wasn’t hard to figure out why. On more than one occasion I’ve heard her sneak a boy into her room and fuck his ass off. I’ve even thought about asking her for some help, but she wouldn’t go for the incest thing. She’s far more interested in making fun of my lack of sexual experience and making me the butt of her jokes with her friends.

One of the nice benefits of having my dad’s work along with my mom’s position is that we live in a real nice home in one of the finer neighborhoods in town. In fact our home is one of the nicer ones with a large pool and tennis court. This accounts for some of my sister’s popularity, besides the fact that she puts out. We have every toy and luxury you could think of, which often makes our house the hang-out of choice.

It was early in the summer that my mom announced over supper that she had heard from her parents and that they were coming to spend a few weeks with us. mom’s parents were both retired and spent most, if not all of their time traveling around the world. It wasn’t unusual to go a year or two and not hear from them except for an occasional postcard. This last period had been close to two years since we last saw them. My granddad was a science professor at a major university until retiring a few years ago. My grandmother owned a bookstore near campus until she sold it when my granddad retired. You would think that they would be nerds like their daughter, but they are just the opposite.

While my mom has always got her nose in a book, my grandparents are fun and lighthearted. They are both in their golden years, my granddad is about sixty eight and grandmother sixty five. Granddad was tall and very handsome, with a real style about him, while my grandmother was still quite attractive. She was about 5′ 6″ with a cute shape and wispy, strawberry blonde hair. I have always called her “gam”, a toddler’s mispronunciation of “gram” that stuck. They are both very active and I think it keeps them young.

They arrived early one morning and it was great seeing them and hearing all about all the places they had traveled to. Mom had warned us about keeping our friends visits to a minimum while her parents were here so they could have a nice relaxing visit. I didn’t mind so much, but my sister acted like it was totally unreasonable and warned that she wouldn’t be around much.

Chapter 2

Both my parents took vacation time so they could be home with my grandparents for a couple of weeks. The first couple of days my Mom had them on the go visiting, shopping, museums, etc. I barely saw them except for at the end of the day, so it was nice to hear that they would be taking it easy for the rest of the trip. Over dinner they asked me about school, sports and girls. I avoided the last subject best I could and concentrated on answering questions about school, work and my latest sports endeavors.

When Gam heard about my making the golf and tennis teams she asked if I could give her some free lessons. It seems that while she plays both quite a bit, she has some bad habits she would like to work on. Traveling so much doesn’t give her much chance for individual lessons.

“Sure Gam, name the time, place and sport and I’m all yours.” I said.

“OK. How about tomorrow morning bağcılar escort we head out to a driving range to work on swing?” she asked.

“You’re on. But we don’t have to go to a driving range. Dad cleared an area out on the edge of the property as a driving and putting area for me.” I responded.

“Terrific!” she said, smiling brightly.

The next morning I was in the kitchen finishing a glass of orange juice and sitting there with my folks when my grandparents walked in. My grandmother caught my eye immediately. She was dressed in a nice looking golf outfit that consisted of a green v-neck short sleeve shirt and a blue wrap around skirt that ended above her knee. The thing that grabbed my attention was my grandmother’s figure in this outfit. Up until now she had worn mostly loose fitting outfits that really did nothing to show what might lie beneath. But in this attire it was hard to miss just how good a shape she was in.

Now don’t get me wrong, she wouldn’t pass as anything but a woman her age. Her face, neck and hands have the wrinkles that you would expect, but the tone of her frame was quite a surprise. She has round, firm, softball sized breasts, a trim waist with just a bit of tummy fat, round hips and what looked like a fairly firm ass. Her legs are her best feature with trim thighs leading to shapely, slender calves and ankles. I couldn’t stop watching her as she moved around the room getting breakfast. From behind you could easily mistake her for a woman my mother’s age, though she has it all over my frumpy mom.

We were both done and heading out to the back with golf clubs in tow. Gam started drilling me about girls as soon as we were alone.

“Aw, they have been off and on.” I told her.

“No one special?” she asked.

“Sometimes. I was dating a girl by the name of Ali for a part of the spring.” I said.

“And what happened?” Gam asked.

“Uh…you know. We just went our separate ways.” I replied

“Why?” she pursued.

“We just wanted different things. You know…I like mature women.” I said, grinning and bumping my hip into hers.

“Flatterer!” Gam yelped, bumping her hip back at mine.

We set up around back and started with long drives. I went first and hit a couple into the woods about 200 yards away.

“Very impressive!” Gam said. “Now keep an eye on my swing, I’ve developed a nasty slice.”

She laid her ball on the tea and took a couple of practice swings before addressing the ball. She set her feet and then swung her hips a couple of times to set herself. I was watching her swing as she drove through the ball and her swing was causing her to lift her heels off the ground too soon.

“Try keeping your feet flat and bend more at your knees and use your hips to drive through the ball” I suggested.

“Uh..I think I know what you mean.” Gam replied.

As she set up I crouched down on my knees to get a better look at the club going through the ball. As she swung through, she really made an effort to come out of her bend and stretch on her backswing. What this caused was her skirt to ride high on her legs exposing a good deal of the back of her thighs. In my position I could see her entire thighs all the way to the edge of her panties. She froze in that position to watch her ball and I couldn’t help but kneel there and admire the nicest set of legs I had ever seen. I felt a stirring in my groin and an immediate guilt that this was my grandmother I was ogling.

She turned and looked at me as I quickly raised my eyes to meet hers.

“Well, what did you see?” she asked.

“Uh….that was better….try it one more time.” I said.

She nodded and put another ball on the tee. This time my attention was solely on my grandmother’s hips and legs. I watched intently as she swung her hips while lining up at the ball. Watching her ass sway back and forth underneath her skirt I tried to picture what it would look like without the skirt and quickly felt a lurch in my pants. As she swung I followed the hem of her skirt as it dipped and then quickly climbed the back of her legs and strained against the pull of her hips. The skirt continued its hike up her legs as she stretched onto her toes, revealing the bottom of her silk panties. Once again she froze as she watched her ball, the sun glistening on her tan, sculptured legs. As I stared I felt the blood rush to my dick and inflate it to its full hardness. Unfortunately her ball sliced off to the right, bouncing off a tree.

“Did you see that?” she turned and asked.

“Uh…yea.” I said sheepishly as I redirected my gaze up to her face. “You’re still coming off your stance a bit too soon. Try it again”

“Can you show me?” she asked.

I was in a sudden panic at the thought of getting to my feet in my condition.

“Uh..sure….put another one on the tee.” I said and waited for her to get another ball out of her bag and start to place it on the tee.

With bahçelievler escort her back to me I quickly got up and took my place behind her. She glanced back at me and then turned her attention back to the ball.

“Is my grip alright?” she asked.

“Uh…here try this.” I replied as I reached around her and placed my hands on top of hers. I was careful to keep my hips back and avoid any contact between my straining hard-on and my grandmother’s ass. I backed off as she practiced her swing, my eyes glued to her hips and ass. I felt compelled to help her with her swing and moved back in behind her.

“Gam, like this.” I said as I reached around and grabbed her wrists and directed a practice swing.

I was close enough to her that I could feel the slightest bit of contact between her ass and my crotch as I fought to keep my hips back. Unfortunately in this position I couldn’t really guide her swing. I had no choice but to move in closer, causing my dick to come into contact with her ass. We tried another swing and I could feel her ass bump into my crotch as she swung back and again as it swept up and across my cock as she followed through. I prayed she didn’t notice as I quickly pulled my hips back at the conclusion of her swing, my dick now throbbing in its full extension.

“I think I need to try that a couple more times.” Gam said without turning to look at me.

“Sure” I replied, breaking out into a cold sweat.

Then she did something I wasn’t ready for. As she wiggled her hips and I took grip of her wrists, she moved herself back into me, pressing her entire frame against mine. No mater how I tried I couldn’t avoid having my pulsating dick pressed firmly against her wiggling ass. We tried a swing and the firm caress of her ass as it pressed against my cock brought excruciating pleasure that I felt down to my toes.

Once again she didn’t seem to notice as we set our feet again for another swing.

“Can you go through this slowly with me Rick?” she asked.

“Oh..sure.” I responded.

We slowly swung the club back and then forward as I gave her some tips on what to concentrate on. All the while I could barely concentrate as the sensation of my dick rubbing against her ass was driving me to further depths of lust. As we then set for a real swing I couldn’t help myself as I pressed my crotch so tightly against her I swore I could feel my dick rest between the cheeks of her ass. Through the swing I could feel myself nearly cum as my dick slid against her parted cheeks.

At the end of her swing Gam suddenly stiffened and I knew she felt it.

“Why don’t we each just hit a few.” she said as she turned and faced me, her eyes quickly glancing down at my crotch and then back up at my face.

We hit a couple dozen balls into the woods in a strained silence as I felt just horribly about what I had done. When we were done Gam put her clubs away and looked at me and smiled. “Well that was fun.” she said as we turned to go back to the house.

As we walked she reached down and grabbed my hand in hers.

“You know dear, its tough being a teenager. Hang in there. Trust me, some young woman is going to come along and she will be getting far more than she could have hoped for.” she said with a smile and then she winked at me.

Chapter 3

I felt a bit uncomfortable around Gam the rest of the day and night, although she seemed to be over it. Every once in a while she would shoot me a knowing glance and smile, and I couldn’t figure out if she was just teasing me or taking pity. Imagine her thinking “the poor thing, no girlfriend and he can’t control his erections around his own grandmother”.

I sort of hid in my room after supper and was about to go to bed when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find Gam standing there in a pair of silk pajamas. They looked rather baggy and didn’t really flatter her in any way.

“Hey! I was wondering if you would be up for a little tennis tomorrow?” she asked.

“Uh….sure…I guess.” I responded, shocked that she wanted to.

“Great. How about right after breakfast, before it gets too hot?” she suggested.

“Sure. Sounds good.” I said, managing a smile.

“OK. It’s a date. Good night sweetheart.” Gam said and then leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

“Uh…Gam…about today…I…” I started, but couldn’t finish.

“Forget it. I have.” she said, smiling.

I immediately turned red and looked down at the floor.

“Ohhh. Listen, all teenage boys have hormones bouncing off the wall. Its no big deal.” she said, taking my head in her hands. She then pulled my head towards hers and kissed me on the lips. It was brief, a couple of seconds or so, but her lips were so soft and warm that I could feel a spike go through my groin.

“Uh..well goodnight.” I said and quickly closed the door before my condition became obvious again.

I climbed into bed and despite my best bahçeşehir escort efforts I couldn’t stop thinking about her. The lingering feeling of her kiss and the memory of my swollen member pressed against her ass caused my erection to fully inflate. I quickly grabbed the bottle of hand cream I keep in my nightstand. I pulled down my shorts and lathered my dick until it was slick enough to allow my hand to slide up and down smoothly. I then began reliving the morning, sending sparks along my shaft. Within minutes I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and the feeling of release coming over me. I shifted my thoughts to the kiss moments ago and the feel of her lips on mine. In seconds I could feel my hot cream race up my shaft and explode all over my chest and stomach. It was a very intense orgasm, punctuated by the image of me holding my grandmother and kissing her passionately. My mind raced from image to image of her, causing my dick to spew more and more of my hot baby juice all over my stomach and hand.

When it was over I felt weak and spent. I quickly cleaned up and hoped into bed, feeling sleep overtake me.

I woke the next morning and quickly got dressed. I threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for my tennis match with Gam. I got downstairs and everyone except Julie was there. Gam and Granddad were still in their pajamas, eating breakfast.

“Hon, as soon as I’m done I’ll go get ready. I can meet you out at the court.” Gam said.

“Oh, big tennis match today?” Granddad asked, smiling.

“Uh huh. I’m hoping to get a few tips from our resident pro.” Gam responded, smiling at me.

“I heard you were very helpful with her golf swing yesterday Rick.” Granddad said.

I immediately blushed at what Gam might have said to him.

“He was. It was nice having him all to myself for a while. ” Gam responded, winking at me.

“Uh..I’ you out there Gam.” I said, beating a hasty retreat before we could get too far down the path of what happened yesterday.

I slowly walked down to our tennis courts with my glass of orange juice and sat down on one of the wooden benches. Sitting here, I had my back to the house, so I wouldn’t be able to see her coming until she opened the gate. I sat there with my mind still reviewing everything that happened yesterday and last night and I was determined to control myself today.

About twenty minutes later I heard the gate swing open and looked to see my grandmother enter. I watched her stroll on to the tennis court. Long, slim, tanned legs stretching to unimaginable heights and then disappearing beneath a very short blue, pleated tennis skirt. It barely covered the twin globes of her round rump. It was a blue one piece tennis outfit that consisted of a tank top with white piping around the edge and a matching skirt with the same white piping along the bottom. I swallowed and hoped that I wouldn’t get a hard on right then and there before she’d even tossed the first serve.

She stepped forward and stooped to pick up a wayward ball and I flushed as the tender flesh of her inner thigh and the bottom of her round ass was exposed from beneath the skirt. She had on a pair of black panties that really made the contrasting white flesh of her thighs stand out. I noticed that her ass, though a bit on the wide side, still had a nice shape to it and appeared to have little droop.

She rose, concentrating on bouncing the tennis ball and I noted with admiration her slim but well toned arms as she held her racket casually. Her long, strawberry blonde hair was tied up neatly in a ponytail that flipped around as she moved. She was constantly pushing back strands that flitted about her face. Now holding the ball in one hand, she looked up and smiled at me.

“Ready?” she asked.

I could only nod weakly, dazzled by that smile and those luminous blue eyes on a pleasant face, high cheekbones and a pretty pink mouth. My pulse was beating hard and I knew it wasn’t from the thrill of a tennis competition.

I stretched my taut muscles and tried to loosen up, tried to focus on the game at hand, pulling my mind away from my distracting fantasies about my grandmother.

She hit the ball with a smooth stroke and it bounced easily in front of me. I lined it up and hit it back. We had a short rally to warm up and then played for serve. I watched her sixty-five year old body maneuver around the court. Shapely calf muscles and firm thighs flexing as she planted her feet then shifted quickly to a new position. Her concentration and tennis skill was evident as she hit a cross-court forehand that whizzed by me. I flashed her a smile. “Nice one. Your serve.”

“Thanks,” she replied with a small smile.

She set up for her serve on the baseline and threw the ball high in the air. As she bought her racket back and moved forward over the ball her nicely rounded breasts pressed up against the blue sleeveless top. I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were slightly hard poking obviously through the fabric and her bra. With barely a second to spare I wrenched my concentration back but, lucky for me, her first serve hit the net. I shook my head wondering how I could ever get through this game being as distracted as I was.

Her second serve sailed across the net and hit the service court. I returned it with ease, winning the first point.

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