Madame Butterfly

Madame ButterflyMadame ButterflyIn my last story “I Found a DVD”, I told of how I had witnessed my work colleague, Jane, getting cum splattered over her face from her husband and how this made me so horny everytime I saw her that I had to find ways to achieve desperately needed orgasm at work.I decided I should expand on this part of the story.So, as I mentioned, I had found videos of Jane getting cum squirted into her face and it made me sooo horny. Every time I saw her at work, we would stop and chat, usually by the photocopier, coffee machine etc. As we chatted, all I could think about was the vision of her husbands cock exploding into her face and over her tits. I would be standing there trying to pay attention to what was being said but really just feeling the wet feeling spreading through my pussy area as my slit leaked juices.After these encounters, I was so horny, I would have to disappear to the ladies’ restrooms and hope they were empty so that I could lock myself into a cubicle and bring myself off.I found myself having to do this about 5 or 6 times a day and I was becoming obsessed with Jane’s face with its hanging strings of cum. I even started to take a change of underwear as one pair simply got too wet. This didn’t help my infatuation as I just ended up holding the soiled ones up to my nose and breathed deeply while I wanked. I decided that it would not be long before my disappearances would be noticed and my work colleagues would think I was bunking off work. Try as I might though to stay at my desk, the vision of Jane rubbing her face over Pete’s cock always came to the surface and I had to get relief.I would take the bus home from work and if I had had a lot of contact with Jane, I would board the bus in a state of agitation. I was always keen to get to the back of the bus so that, if there was no one there, I could put a hand up my skirt and, pulling my panties aside, I would finger my sopping gash. In an effort not to draw attention to myself, I would not let myself cum until I walked through my front door where I would immediately strip off, sit on the floor in front of a full length mirror, spread my legs and watch myself as I worked on my pussy. I would bring myself to orgasm after orgasm.I needed something more…”efficient”.One night I trawled the internet for discreet vibrators and found exactly what I was looking for and ordered it with next day delivery.The next days was like the day before. I kept bumping into Jane and even had to have a 1 hour bahis siteleri meeting with her, which, at least, meant that I couldn’t wank for that time.When I got home, there was a small package for me. I stripped off at the same time as opening the package. It was my “Butterfly” discreet vibrator. A vibrator that I could wear all the time!!!Being naked by now, I popped the batteries into the device. It had two looped straps which my legs went through and I pulled I up into position so that its knobbly surface was pressed against my clit. The two looped straps I pulled up over the globes of my buttocks and adjusted them for length so that they disappeared up the crack of my arse.The vibrator head was connected to a remote control by cable. I picked this up and switched it to the maximum “no 5”.“YEEEEOOOOW!!!”I leapt in the air as the brutal vibrations thumped my clitoris. 10 seconds of that and I would be cumming hard but I wanted to see if I could enjoy it more. I immediately turned the remote control down to its gentlest setting “no1” which sent a steady throb through my pussy. God! I hope this is waterproof!I stood in front of the mirror with it still throbbing away and I admired how it looked on my pussy and with the straps over my hips like a skimpy thong. I put some panties over the top to see how it looked. Apart from the slight bulge at the front, it was almost invisible. I could probably get away wearing tight jeans with this on too.I decided to wear the butterfly for the whole evening. I remained naked except for the device and walked around my house with it gently throbbing against my clit.I cooked my evening meal wearing it, did some ironing, watched telly, even phoned my mum with the steady flow of juices running from my crack and teetering on the edge of orgasm for hours. I was in heaven. Eventually, at the end of my evening with madame Butterfly, I turned it up to 5 and she rewarded my patience with a mind blowing squirting orgasm which proved that it was waterproof, at least.Next morning, I excitedly dressed for work. I started with the butterfly, strapping her into place and couldn’t resist setting it to no 1 whilst I put on some panties, bra, blouse and tight jeans. The tight jeans had the effect of pressing the butterfly directly against my clit so that, even on no 1, I think I would not have been able to hold back like the night before. I switched it off. I dropped my jeans a little and fed the remote between my legs so that its cable was between my mobilbahis pussy lips (an exciting feeling in itself) and up the crack of my arse. I pulled my jeans up and popped the remote control into my back pocket.I tried to be disciplined and forced myself not to switch it on for the journey to work. As I got to work, arriving at the same time was Jane and my resolve left me. We started to chat in the foyer of the office. The vision of her dropping her mouth over her husbands bobbing cock as the last drops of cum hung from it filled my mind. I pretended to casually put both hands into my back pockets and tried to concentrate on appearing to listen as I switched to no1. The gentle throb, the pressure of my jeans and the object of my lust standing before me sent a rush to my pussy, my hard nipples must have been obvious through my blouse.By the time Jane went to her office, my knees were quivering and I rushed to my office to sit down. Sitting down with jeans on was something I hadn’t tried before and it had the effect of rubbing the knobbly part of the vibrator along my crack and clit making me gasp out loud. I had to turn it off to get some control back to my day.The day carried on with me wearing my toy switched off but everytime I moved, the rubbing sensation was exquisite as the knobbles ground against my clit.I had lasted till well into the afternoon when Jane strolled into my office and she was wearing the same dress that I had seen cum-splattered in the DVD recording. It had obviously been cleaned but was that a faint stain I could see or just my fired up imagination.I reached into my back pocket and switched to no1 while we chatted and leaned back in my chair. The throb from the vibrator was being matched by the throb from my clit. My panties felt wet and getting wetter by the second as I chatted nonchalantly. I was getting desperate now. She was driving me mad standing before me like that. In the end….“Would you excuse me Jane, I have something cumming up I need to deal with urgently”.“OK” she said with a smile and skipped out of the office.That was my cue to turn the remote up to 5. The buzzing was just about audible but I didn’t care as the brutal vibrations swept through my sopping wet gash and clit. The orgasm hit me and I let out a squeak which I tried to hide by pretending I was sneezing as the convulsions of my orgasm swept through me. I had to turn it off or I would have kept on having orgasms without control.I leaned back in my chair mobilbahis güvenilir mi to get my breath back and made a note to myself that wearing jeans was a bad idea. There was a distinct wet patch down there.I disappeared to the ladies’ room and, in the cubicle, dropped my jeans. My panties were soaked through, the small amount of pubic hair I keep was matted and wet and my lips were flapping wide open and dripping. I was feeling so sensitive that even a drying dab of toilet paper made me flinch.I put the vibe back in place with some spare dry panties over the top and resumed my place in my office.Again sitting down made me flinch. I tried to concentrate on my work but the feeling of the butterfly kept drawing my attention and in the end I had to switch it on. I set it to no3 this time, the silent but punishing mode. I sat at my desk enjoying the throb on my clit. I could feel my clean panties now as wet as the last pair as the juices ran down the crack of my arse. I was enjoying this soooo much as I teetered on the edge of orgasm for quite a long time.That was until I saw Jane again outside my office. The vision of that pretty face rubbing all over her husbands cock and balls as she gripped his arse cheeks. His cock rubbing across her face, behind her ears, under her chin. Then the moment she pushed him away but still holding his buttocks, his cock inches from her face. The twitching of the shaft, the swelling of the purple head, the eruption of cum which splattered her across the face and hair. Another eruption over her dress and tits and finally taking his still throbbing shaft into her mouth.This was too much for me. The orgasm hit me so hard I was rigid. I couldn’t speak or cry out, my body throbbing with each spasm of orgasm. I managed to get it together to let out a sneeze before anybody got suspicious. Then it happened again, gripping the desk to stop myself from falling on the floor, again another forced sneeze. Then again, a little spasm and another little sneeze. I had to reach behind me to switch the vibe off just as my boss walked into my office saying…“sounds like you re getting a touch of flu. Take the rest of the day off, we don’t want you spreading it around”. I protested but it was no good and went home feeling the cold air on my damp jean-clad pussy.On the bus on the way home, the back seat was occupied but I thought anywhere would do as the butterfly was so discreet. I sat down about halfway down the bus feeling that familiar rubbing sensation on my clit.I turned it back up to no3 and me and my poor abused pussy enjoyed the ride home.I hope you get as turned on reading my stories as I do writing them. I am always looking for ideas so any suggestions welcome. Your feedback is also appreciated.Dixx

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