Maddy Cums Home


**All characters are at least eighteen and older.

“It’s me, Madison. Your daughter.”

The pretty eighteen year old almost felt naked as the man who’d just opened the door stood there staring at her, momentarily speechless. He seemed skeptical as his eyes roamed boldly over the curvaceous terrain of the girl’s body. She had firm, oversized tits that were very generously displayed in the pink tank top she had on. They were bigger than her mother’s ever were. She also had longer, shapelier legs and an ass that looked sublime in a pair of light, grey yoga pants. It wasn’t necessarily the ideal outfit for meeting her father for the first time since she was two, but it had been comfortable to travel in.

Madison was also prettier than her mother ever was, even when Wendy had been the same age. But with her long, raven dark hair she was hoping the resemblance would be clear enough to keep the man from closing the door in her face.

Sam looked older than his daughter expected, but he was also much better looking and in much better shape, too. There was even a little grey hair on his temples. He was wearing a loose tank top that showed off broad shoulders and muscular arms. He was also wearing a pair of linen shorts that looked expensive. Seemingly satisfied the girl was who she claimed to be, Sam brought his eyes back up from her tits to her face. Most men stared at her tits anyway, so it wasn’t like she wasn’t used to it. But this was her father, and there was something kind of intimidating about him before he even opened his mouth to say hello.

The girl’s nipples went stiff with tingles. Sam finally invited her in, curiously eyeing the suitcase and overstuffed backpack she lugged through the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” he asked. No hello. No excited welcome of his long lost daughter.

Madison started to feel even worse than when her mother kicked her out of the house a three days ago. Sam obviously had no idea the girl was coming. She probably should have expected her mother would do something like this, but after the blowout they’d had, then being shoved on a bus for the two thousand mile trip, there were other things on the girl’s mind. She just assumed this total stranger who also happened to be her father would know she was coming.

“I thought Mom must’ve called you,” Maddy said, on the verge of tears and afraid of being put out on the street for the second time in a week.

“Your mother and I haven’t spoken in years,” he said dryly. “Her choice. Not mine.”

Sam’s tone made the girl feel like she was being blamed for whatever her mother had done to make them hate each other. Maddy didn’t have a clue. All she ever knew was that her father had left when she was two and didn’t want to have anything to do with either one of them. So far, it looked like it was the one thing her mother had ever told the truth about. This guy sure wasn’t happy to see her.

It fell on Madison right then and there to explain the situation. Her mother had vowed never to allow the girl back into the house again. She’d been completely disowned, although she anxiously avoided explaining why. She simply said that Wendy had said her father could deal with her now. He was her only living relative, and there was nowhere else for her to go.

Sam just seemed irritated and confused. At least he didn’t appear to be mad, except maybe about being caught off-guard.

“Now I have to do something I never thought I’d have to do again – talk to your mother,” he said with an exasperated sigh. “Just wait here.”

Madison didn’t even sit down. She just stood waiting in the middle of the living room of the huge, top-floor condo while she watched Sam go out on the balcony and make a call on his cell phone. It wasn’t long before he was pacing back and forth. He’d closed the triple set of sliding glass doors behind him, so all the eighteen year old could hear was the muffled sound of her father speaking in an angry tone, then listening, then talking again, and then listening some more. This went on for a while. His voice kept getting louder and angrier sounding, until he finally disconnected the call and roughly tossed his phone onto a round patio table.

Maddy felt like her life was in the balance while her father turned his back to the glass doors and leaned on the low, balcony wall. He just stood that way for a while and she didn’t move a muscle. The tears started to flow then. She was sure her father wasn’t going to take her in.

It was a shitty feeling when no one wanted you. Maddy didn’t really mind about her mother, but her lifelong fantasies of finally getting to be a daddy’s girl weren’t working out at all. Not even Phil really wanted her after all the promises he made.

Phil was Wendy’s latest boyfriend, and it had been looking like he and the girl’s mother might end up married, officially making him Maddy’s stepfather. Maddy had been excited by the idea of having a stepfather, and she as much as she never got along with her mother, she was determined to do anything she could to help along Wendy’s relationship with Phil. The girl was so devoted to the idea that she eagerly çapa escort consented to sucking Phil’s cock when he first tried talking the girl into it. He’d said she could be his girl even if he was married to her mother.

But when she was being honest with herself, Maddy had just wanted to suck Phil’s cock. He was one of her mother’s nicer boyfriends. He wasn’t bad looking, but the teenager liked that he was forty years old. The only other time she’d sucked cock was for a guy in her class at school. She liked dick, but didn’t usually like the guys they were attached to, especially the ones her age. She was even willing to let Phil have her pussy. But the way things turned out, all he did was yank down her top and play with her tits like every other guy in the world wanted to. Then he sat down and pulled out his cock. It was already hard, and Maddy got down on the floor at his feet and eagerly started sucking and stroking his cock.

Maddy loved the way Phil had gotten so hard for her. He was throbbing like crazy in her mouth, and she finally felt like she was somebody’s special girl. But then Wendy came home unexpectedly and caught them in the act before Maddy could even suck the cum out of the man’s cock. The teen barely had her top back over her tits by the time her mother had kicked her out of the house. Wendy had been mad at Phil, too, but she didn’t trying kicking him out of the house, only her own daughter.

It was much too embarrassing to admit any of this to Sam, though. He’d probably call her slut the way her mother did. Yet what did it even matter now? Wendy had probably told Sam what happened, and Madison would be trying to figure out where to go. At least if her mother hadn’t put her on that bus she’d still be back home where she had friends she could call. But she’d wanted to come here. She wanted to know her father, and for him to know her. Even more, she wanted him to love her. She had no idea what that would be like, but instinct told her it would be the most amazing feeling in the world.

Sam finally came back in. He seemed calmer now, even though he was still looking at Maddy like some kind of stranger. She guessed she kind of was. He was just as much a stranger to her. Yet he was a stranger she’d thought about every day of her life, always imagining what he was like, pretending he would love her desperately if ever given the chance to know her. That wasn’t working out the way she’d always imagined even though there was something about being near him that made her nipples tingle and swell.

The way he was looking at her made Maddy sure her mother had told him about sucking Phil’s cock. She was just waiting for him to think of what to say about it, but then he just told her he was going to need her help moving a few things out of her room.

Her room? “Does that mean you’re not making me go?” she asked, her mind starting to spin with confusion and relief.

Sam frowned at her and shook his head. Then he picked up her suitcase and told her to follow him. He led her to a room on the rear side of the condo. There was a bed in it, and Sam set his daughter’s suitcase on top of it. It was a corner room, with windows on both sides, and one side looking out over the ocean.

“If you help move a few of these boxes to another room, this one can be yours. I thought you’d like being able to see the beach from your window.” His tone of voice was dry, like he could’ve been reading the morning headlines from the newspaper, but Maddy’s heart nearly stopped. A minute ago she was sure she was getting kicked out on the street again, but now she was looking at the most incredible view and being told this was hers. She didn’t know what to say, but Sam just started picking up boxes and moving them to another room.

Maddy started to help, and it was just a few minutes before they had the boxes stashed in the closet of another bedroom where Sam had some exercise equipment set up. He took another couple of minutes to show her the other rooms. There was his bedroom, which was just across a hallway from hers, the exercise room and another where he had a home office set up. There was also one of the biggest, nicest bathrooms Maddy had ever seen. Then there was the large, open kitchen, dining area and living room where she first came in. There was the triple doorway onto the balcony along with another single doorway at the end of the hall between their bedrooms.

While Maddy started to unpack and put her clothes into the dresser, Sam left the room for a couple of minutes. He came back in carrying a laptop and set it on the small desk in the corner of the room.

“This one’s kind of old and slow, but you can use it for now until we can get you a newer one. How about your phone? Will you need a newer one?”

Maddy didn’t know what to say. She was in a mild state of shock. Her father was being so nice now, even though his tone was dry and matter of fact. She pulled her phone out of her backpack and showed it to him. It was a couple of generations out of date. Sam frowned.

“Okay, we’ll get you a new phone, too. If you’re going cihangir escort to be living here I want you to be able to be in close touch.”

Maddy’s skin tingled at the way he said ‘close touch’. She knew he just meant it in a normal way, but she’d never had a father to have to tell where she was or where she was going, or have to tell how her day went in school. She never had a father to tell her she couldn’t wear an outfit like the one she had on now, or say she couldn’t go out to a party because she had homework to do. She didn’t know why he’d want to pay that much attention to her now after her mother had put it in her mind that he never wanted anything to do with her. Would Wendy lie about something that important?

“Yes, sir,” she finally said, quietly.

“We can go shopping tomorrow,” he said. “We’ll get whatever you want for your room and new clothes if you want too. You live by the ocean now, so you might want some things for the beach. We might as well get you the new computer and phone at the same time.”

“Oh wow. Okay, sir, if you think so.”

“I think that would be best,” he said.

He was making her nervous in a way that made her nipples stiffen and tingle. She almost wished she was wearing a bra under her revealing, pink tank top, but he seemed to like looking at them every chance he had. Maybe he thought she was pretty. Even sexy. And the thought of that actually started to make her pussy tingle as hard as her nipples. The girl’s viciously ripe body and pretty face had always earned her a lot admiration, but the thought of actually having a dad who thought she was hot made her feel weak.

But Sam was so hard to read. He wasn’t like any of her mother’s other husbands or boyfriends.

“I wouldn’t want to be a burden,” she finally said meekly.

Sam frowned again. “You’re not a burden. You’re my daughter.”

Maddy’s face flushed hot. She knew he could see her blushing and that only made it worse. Her eyes even started to well up with tears, but she tried to blink them away. Even Sam started to look a little flustered.

“Thank you, sir,” Maddy said.

Sam then left her alone to settle into her new room. She got most of her things into drawers, then looked around to see what she might want to get for the room when Sam took her shopping the next day. When she suddenly discovered him back again, standing in the doorway she nearly jumped.

“You don’t have to call me sir,” he told her, looking as serious as he had since the moment she came in. She wondered if he ever smiled. “I’m your father. Since we really don’t even know each other I don’t expect you to call me Dad, but it’s weird having you call me sir. It’s better if you just call me Sam for now.”

“Oh. Okay, sir. I mean Sam.”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“Thanks for letting me stay,” she told him before he could leave. He still made her nervous, but it was beginning to feel easier to talk to him.

“You don’t have to thank me. I’m your father. This is your home.”

It was the last thing she expected to hear. “I guess,” she replied, unsure of herself. “I know you weren’t expecting me. I thought for sure Mom would’ve told you I was coming. And I know this isn’t what you wanted?”

“What do you mean?” He looked confused. She didn’t think he looked that way very often.

“I mean I know if you had a choice you’d rather I was back with Mom.”

“Where the hell did you ever get an idea like that?” he said, irritated.

“From Mom. She’s been telling me that since I was little. She said you didn’t want to have anything to do with either of us.”

For a few seconds it looked like he was going to explode, but then he seemed to calm down again. “She would do something like that,” he nearly spat.

Then Sam turned and disappeared from his daughter’s doorway. Maddy felt a little confused, but she went back to making a mental inventory of things she wanted to have for her room. Five minutes couldn’t have gone by when her father came back yet again. This time, he was carrying a large shopping bag in each hand. He just came in and sat down on her bed, then started taking packages out of the bag and putting them out on Maddy’s mattress.

“This was for when you turned three,” he said, taking out the first. “And this was for when you were four…” He kept going like that until there was a package on the bed for every year up until now.

Maddy took a closer at the boxes. They were all post marked about a week before the date of her birthday, and they were all marked Return to Sender. She could hardly breathe.

“You sent all those to me?” she managed to ask.

“Of course. Your mother sent them back. She said you didn’t want them.”

“I never even saw them!” Maddy cried. “I can’t believe she would do that!”

“I can.”

Maddy started to calm down a little. “Yeah, I guess I can, too,” she said. “I can’t believe you sent me a present every year.”

“They’re yours, so I’ll just leave them with you. You probably don’t even want half of them now, since you’re bigger now.”

It happened esenyurt escort so quickly Maddy wasn’t sure if her father’s eyes drifted over her tits when he said it.

“I want all of them,” she said.

Sam stood up. He seemed to tower over his petite but ripely curved daughter. After a moment’s hesitation, he stepped close and put his arms around her, hugging her in tightly. Maddy wanted to melt against him and put her arms around him. His big, solid body was crushing her huge tits, making the constant throbbing in her nipples feel more intense.

“I’ve thought about you every day,” he told her. “I always wanted you so much. Your mother lied to both of us.”

Maddy started to cry. “I love you, Daddy.” She didn’t know him, but she knew she loved him. He was her father and he wanted her. That was all she needed to know.

“I hope so,” he said, tipping her chin upward. “I love you, too. And I’m so proud of how beautiful you turned out to be.”

She started blushing again. And she was painfully aware of the way her tits were touching his body. She was afraid of soaking a huge dew stain into the crotch of her light colored leggings. No one had ever told her she was beautiful. Phil had told her hundreds of times she had amazing tits when her mother wasn’t around, but he’d never said she was beautiful. She wished it could’ve been Sam to touch and feel them instead of Phil. Sam was her dad. He loved her. He deserved her so much more. He was her dad and even though they’d been separated all her life they were still connected. All the birthday presents were physical proof. The emotional proof was in the growing heat within her young body.

“I wish I coulda lived with you instead,” she told him, pressing the side of her face against his chest. Sam just wrapped her up even tighter in his arms.

“Me, too. I always wanted that. But you’re here now, and you’re never going anywhere.”

“Oh, Daddy,” she sighed, feeling like she could just melt against his big, solid body. She was barely even aware of calling him Daddy. It was something she’d done in her mind only a few thousand times, but the words seem to just slip out of her mouth like the most natural thing in the world. Sam heaved a deep sigh that pushed his broad body against the girl’s highly conspicuous tits. It made her nipples tingle even harder, and without panties on under her yoga pants she could feel the unavoidable trickle of girl honey into the fabric.

Sam’s hands moved from Maddy’s back to her hips. His fingers were touching the sides of her ass and she just wished he’d grab onto her cheeks and squeeze them as hard as he pleased. She wondered if he was thinking about the same thing. How could he be touching those parts of her ass and not be thinking about it? The stirring growth in his shorts against her body wasn’t something they could just ignore.

It was one thing to discover her father wanted her after all, but to see he wanted her so much it made his cock get hard was more than Maddy ever imagined. The bulge in his shorts kept growing, and the bigger it got the harder Maddy’s heart was beating. It didn’t even occur to her to think it was weird. It made sense to her. She didn’t care what anyone else would think.

However, all too soon, Sam was backing away. He looked serious again and more than a little uncomfortable. He mumbled something about letting her get settled into her room and left.

Maddy was left with a wet pussy and a hot, sticky feeling in the crotch of her yoga pants. She was dying to touch her pussy and make herself cum. It would have been even better if her father came back and kissed and fingered her until she exploded with love and pleasure. She couldn’t imagine anything better, but maybe her dad was right to break it off before things went too far. Fathers and daughters weren’t supposed to feel things like that for each other. But if it was so bad, why did it feel so good? Why did it feel so strong? The more she thought about it, the more she realized what people said about dad/daughter love had to be wrong.

Yet Maddy held off on relieving the ache in her moist pussy. She was just as curious to open all the packages her mother never let her see every year on her birthday. Sitting down on the bed, she opened them all, one by one, from the earliest to the most recent. Each one was the perfect gift for the year of her life it was meant for. Her father had obviously put a lot of thought and effort into choosing just the right thing. It only made Maddy love him even more. She was amazed to see the proof that he never gave up on her even though her mother had put up a barrier between them for so many years. That’s real love, the girl thought. Not what her mother gave her. And certainly not what Phil gave her, which was only him trying to get his stiff dick in his stepdaughter’s mouth.

Maddy’s nipples were swollen and aching as much as her pussy now. They were boldly conspicuous through her well stretched tank top, but that didn’t keep her from leaving her new bedroom to go find Sam. He was out on the balcony, sitting at the round, patio table just staring out at the view, but when his newly arrived daughter stepped out he turned his attention to her. Maddy noticed the way his eyes drifted over her beautifully displayed tits before moving up to her face. It made her feel good to see how much he liked them. She wanted to be everything she could be to him, even if they were basically meeting for the first time.

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