Made To Love You


Made To Love YouBuffy The Vampire Slayer: Made To Love YouBuffy sometimes wondered how difficult it was to alter the very fabric of reality. It couldn’t be easy. A lot of magic or something was probably going to be involved. And if you were a monk, you weren’t supposed to know about magic anyway. And if, on top of that, you were working under a severe deadline. Well… perhaps it was possible that the whole altering of reality hadn’t quite gone off without a hitch.Sometimes Buffy thought she should be angry about the way those monks had messed with her, but other times, like right now, early in the morning, with the first rays of sunlight illuminating a sleeping Dawn’s face…Dawn stirred, blinked and hazily focussed on Buffy. “Hey.””Hey yourself.””Have you been awake long?”Buffy reached out and stroked Dawn’s hair. “Hmm, maybe.””And you’ve been watching me sleep all this time?”Buffy just smiled in response.”That is so incredibly sappy,” said Dawn.Buffy leaned forward to kiss her s*ster and pulled her body close to her own.”You’re right,” Buffy whispered. şişli escort “I much prefer you awake.””And willing?” Dawn added.”Depends,” said Buffy. “Are you?”Dawn’s only response was with a kiss of her own. Buffy embraced her s*ster and what had first been an almost chaste meeting of lips now became less innocent as Buffy’s tongue pressed into Dawn’s mouth.Dawn moaned softly, happily, her hands moving all over Buffy’s bare back.Buffy broke lip contact and kissed Dawn’s cheek, jawline, neck and then her breasts. Buffy loved her s*ster’s breasts. She adored the way they felt in her hands or tasted in her mouth, but she especially enjoyed the way Dawn would gasp and moan as she rained kisses on her flesh and let her tongue play with her nipples. Five times so far had Buffy managed to bring Dawn to an orgasm simply through playing with her breasts and two of those five times she herself had been pushed over the edge at the same exact time. Nothing gave Buffy as much pleasure as pleasing her s*ster.”B-Buffy…” Dawn gasped.”Hmm?” said mecidiyeköy escort Buffy, circling a nipple with her tongue before suckling on it.Dawn moaned. “C-can we…?””Can we what?” Buffy asked, gently beginning to knead Dawn’s breasts with her hands.Dawn’s body shivered with delight. “Please? You know what I want.”Buffy did, but she wasn’t about to admit it. She had too much fun watching her s*ster squirm.”Buffy, please?” Dawn pleaded.And there it was. The voice Buffy couldn’t resist. Still, she’d be damned if she didn’t put up at least a token struggle.”But don’t you enjoy this?” she purred softly, placing another kiss on Dawn’s breasts.Buffy relented. She threw back the covers, leaned back and stopped. The sight of Dawn’s naked body had her mesmerised, enchanted with its pure beauty. Only when Dawn placed a gentle hand on Buffy’s arm did the blonde snap out of her silent worship.Buffy sat back, struggled a bit to properly entwine her legs with Dawn’s. Then she gasped and shivered when she pushed her clit against esenyurt escort Dawn’s. Her hips started moving almost on automatic, their slits rubbing together, their juices intermingling. Pleasure coursed through Buffy’s body, nearly consuming her. Blindly, she reached out to Dawn and when she felt her s*ster’s fingers brushing against her own, she took her hand and held it firmly.Grinding her pussy against Dawn’s, Buffy could feel the shivering of her body in her own, making the pleasure she felt burn all the fiercer.Dawn clenched Buffy’s hand tightly, knuckles whitening and then she screamed, her body shaking and shuddering. The feeling slammed into Buffy and she too was sent flying over the edge and an orgasm seared through her.Panting, Buffy eventually lay down next to her s*ster, unable to resist kissing or stroking her here and there.Dawn smiled at her. “I wish every morning started like this,” she murmured, before place a brief kiss on Buffy’s lips.Buffy smiled back, feeling happier than she thought the human body should be able to handle.Perhaps the whole altering of reality hadn’t gone off without a hitch. The monks had intended Dawn to be someone Buffy would protect without question and had meant for her to be her s*ster. But instead, they had made her her lover.And Buffy didn’t mind that one bit.Neither did Dawn.

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