Madison Ch. 04


Once again, I would like to thank flim62 for his help on this story.


Sara proceeded to tell me her story.

The summer before we got married my best friend Julie and I went to visit my brother at Fort Polk, Louisiana. He was doing tank training and he had called and asked our parents to come visit him. Dad wasn’t feeling well and asked if I would go instead.

You couldn’t get off work so I asked Julie to go. Julie said it might be fun to be near a base with a bunch of lonely, horny soldiers. We packed up and drove down to the base in that old VW bug convertible I had.

We got into town about 1:00 pm and checked into a motel right outside the gate that Danny had told me about. He knew what day we were to arrive and he said he would make sure he would have a weekend pass. About two hours after we checked in the front desk called and said Danny was asking for our room number. I told them to give it to him. In a couple of minutes Danny knocked on the door. I ran and let him in and jumped in his arms. He seemed a lot harder than he was when we were kids. I wrapped my legs around his waist and hugged him and kissed him all over his face. At first he was laughing and suddenly he seemed to get really uncomfortable and he pushed me off.

It kind of made me mad that he pushed me off, but he said he had just come from class and had to go to the bathroom. He almost ran into the bathroom so I believed him. He was in there a long time and I got worried.

“Danny are you OK?’ I called.

“Yeah, Buglet, I’m fine, I’ll be out in a minute.” He answered.

Julie looked at me “Buglet?”

“Yeah when he was in high school and I was in junior high, I bugged him all the time so he called me Buglet.” I explained. Julie had gone to a different school and we didn’t meet until after Danny had left for the Army.

When Danny came out he saw Julie for the first time. Julie was dressed in a tank top and a mini-skirt and not much else. We had the air conditioning on full blast and her nipples were at full attention. The one-inch protrusion on top of each of her 34 C’s made quite the impression.

As Danny tore his eyes away to look at me Julie looked at me and jiggled her tits. It was just at the edge of Danny’s vision, so he jerked around to look again, but the motion had stopped. I glared at Julie and she ran laughing into the bathroom.

“Hey Buglet, I rented the adjoining room so we could spend more time together. Is that OK?” Danny asked.

“That’s great Danny. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work with you going back and forth to the base.” I said.

“Cool, I’m gonna go get my shit.” Danny said.

I opened our side of the adjoining room and in a few minutes Danny opened his side. I walked into his room and saw that it was the mirror image of ours with two queen size beds. The head boards were against the adjoining wall. Danny was standing by one of the beds in his fatigue pants and boots. He had a glass of Coke with ice from the bucket he had obviously filled. He had already removed his shirt and I was amazed at how he had bulked up since the last time I saw him at the beach. I wolf whistled and he looked up and smiled.

“Wow, big brother, work out much?” I teased.

“The only thing to do on base, besides drinking or playing cards, is to go to the base gym, so I work out pretty much every day.” Danny explained.

I walked over to him and squeezed his bicep “It sure is working! If you’re not careful, Julie will jump your bones!”

“Gee that would be torture” Danny said. “She is really hot! She’s got great tits and an awesome ass.”

For some reason that really bothered me when he openly showed his lust for Julie. I pouted and said “Don’t you like my tits and ass?”

Danny was speechless for a moment, his mouth gaping open soundlessly. He slowly closed his mouth and said “Jeez, Buglet, you’re my sister. I don’t think of you like that.”

I pouted some more, “What if I wasn’t your sister? Would you think of me like you do Julie? Do you think I’m hot? Or are my tits too small?!?”

“Saaara, stop it. I don’t want to have this conversation with my baby sister” Danny whined.

“That’s a real manly whine you’ve got there Danny” I laughed.

“I hope you don’t mind but I asked some buddies from my squad to come party with us tomorrow” Danny said, changing the subject.

“No, that’s great, Julie wanted to meet some hunky, horny, lonely guys” I laughed.

“I can’t confirm or deny hunkiness but I can sure guarantee horny and lonely” Danny laughed in return. “I’m going to take a shower now, OK?” as he walked towards the bathroom unbuckling his belt.

“Sure” I answered as I watched him walk away.

I walked into the other room and Julie had thrown herself on the bed after her shower and was sound asleep. As I stood there, I realized I hadn’t called Mom to let her know we had arrived safely. I picked up the room phone and made a collect call. Mom answered and accepted the charges but there etiler escort was a tremendous amount of noise in the background.

“Mom, what’s going on?” I asked nervously.

“Did you get there OK, honey” Mom asked.

“Mo-om, what the hell is going on? What’s all that noise? Is Dad OK?” I was nearly screaming at her.

“Sara, Dad is OK, he’s just, just, just being put into an ambulance.” Mom stuttered.


“His heart fluttered a little while ago and I got panicky and called the paramedics. They gave him an electrocardiogram and said he had a minor heart attack. He probably had a blockage and that’s why he hasn’t felt well.” Mom explained. “The paramedics are taking him to the hospital and his doctor will have a cardiologist there to do a bypass. These things are pretty routine now, so there’s no need to worry. Dad will be out of the hospital by the time you get home, so don’t worry.”

“Dad won’t be out of the hospital by the time I get home because I will be there tomorrow!” I exclaimed.

“Sara, there is nothing you can do. Danny won’t be able to come home because he’s only got a weekend pass, so his leave will be wasted. Don’t do that to Danny.” Mom pleaded with me. “Please honey, don’t come home today. Stay with Danny. You can come home on Monday and it’ll be fine. I’ve gotta go now, they’re leaving. Bye, sweetie.”

With that she was gone. I was beside myself and Julie was asleep and Danny was in the shower. I just paced back and forth between the rooms crying and waiting for one of them. Julie wasn’t waking up and Danny was taking for fucking ever. Danny finally came out wearing just a towel. I flew into his arms still crying. He almost didn’t see me coming and opened his arms just as I got to him, he wasn’t prepared for the force of my hit and we tumbled onto the bed. I hit him so hard that the towel that was loosely wrapped around his waist was left on the floor where he had been standing. Danny was on his back and I was straddling him, my butt on his crotch. I collapsed on his chest, crying.

“Buglet?!? Buglet?!? SARA! What is going on?” Danny asked with some agitation.

“Dddddaadddy had a heart attack!” I blubbered.

“Oh shit, is, is, he, oh shit, is he ddddee…” Danny couldn’t get it out.

“Nnoo, he, he’s not dead.” I said “But he’s going to the hospital and they’re going to do a by-pass.”

Danny had been holding his breath and then exhaled. “Is he going to be OK?” Danny asked worriedly.

“Mom said it was a minor one and that they will be doing the surgery tonight, so he should be home in a few days. She told me that I shouldn’t come home tonight. She said you couldn’t make it home and back in time. She said that I should stay with you.” I said in a rush.

“Mom’s right, I can’t leave. I’d be reported UA if I didn’t get back by 5:00 tomorrow.” Danny confirmed. “I don’t want you trying to drive while you’re this upset. I also want you to stay with me.”

“OK” I sniffed “But I don’t want your friends here tonight.”

Danny laughed. “I couldn’t keep them away, no matter what. They know two hot girls from home are here and they will be here. Besides, if Mom thought there was a real problem, she’d have sent you an airplane ticket.”

I giggled “You think I’m hot?”

I sat up and wiggled my ass. When I wiggled my skirt shifted out from between us. Suddenly I realized his cock was pressing against my pussy. I looked down and saw that he didn’t have his towel on. When I looked down, so did Danny. He could clearly see up my skirt all the way to my panties and Lil’ Danny noticed, too. His cock immediately started growing and I could feel his hardness pressing against my clit. As I watched him grow I started getting wet. I looked at Danny and his eyes got wide. I could feel his cock growing and moving against my clit and I moaned a little and tipped my hips back the tiniest bit. Danny moaned, too, and then he thrust his cock hard against my soaking wet panties. That sent shock waves all the way from my clit to my brain and silenced the warning bells that were sounding. I rocked back forward and soon we were humping against one another. I leaned down and kissed my big brother. His hands left my hips and snaked up under my shirt and found my braless tits with their rock hard nubbins. I jumped off him and ran to the door. He looked at me with disappointment until he saw me close and lock the door. I turned back to the bed and he was watching my every move with hungry eyes. As I walked back to the bed I pulled my shirt over my head to reveal my little tits and diamond cutter nipples. I threw the shirt away and undid the clasp on my skirt.

“No” Danny said raggedly, and I stopped, disappointed. “Let me do it” he continued, reaching for me.

I continued my journey until I reached the side of the bed. He sat up and caught my nipple between fatih escort his lips and sucked it in. My brother sucked my entire left tit into his mouth and slathered his tongue over the nipple. He put his hands on the back of my thighs and ran them up until he was cupping my ass in his hands.

He pulled his lips off my breast and looked up at me. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

“What?” I whispered. “You have been looking at my ass?”

“Oh, yeah” Danny said as his hands gently massaged my ass. “Ever since you wore that bikini on vacation, I’ve had a hard time keeping my eyes and my hands off your ass. Every time you walk past me I can’t help but stare at your beautiful ass. Then today you jumped on me when I came in and I was holding you up by that ass. I almost came right then. That’s why I ran into the bathroom.”

“I never knew” I whispered and then I gasped as his fingers slipped under my panties.

His fingers found my dripping wet pussy and swirled around making my knees weak. He plunged several fingers into my throbbing pussy and he drove me over the edge. Heat from my pussy spread through my tummy up to my nipples and then to my face. I felt my face grow red and then another wave of pleasure buckled my knees. I crumpled under his probing, inquisitive touch and fell forward onto him. He continued insinuating his fingers into my sloppy cunt and I felt another wave breaking over me. I held tightly to my big brother as I shook and shivered as my second huge orgasm in less than five minutes consumed me. I felt myself gush through my panties and soak his pulsing cock. Danny pulled his hands from my pussy and I moaned in frustration. His hands slid up to the waistband of the panties and pulled them down. He pulled my panties the rest of the way down with his foot and I kicked them free. He then pressed the head of his hard-on against the pulsating lips of my pussy and stopped. Again, I moaned in frustration.

“Buglet, are you sure?” my big brother asked with concern. I answered by jamming my pussy down on his cock. Our pelvises met with a thunk and another wave of pleasure washed over me. My big brother was buried to the hilt in my roiling volcano of a pussy and I had never felt anything like it. I started humping him and I had managed two or three strokes when he stopped me.

“Stop Sara, please stop, I don’t want to cum too soon.” Danny was pleading with me. “Please, I need to do something, Sara, please.”

“What Danny, what do you need?” I asked. “Isn’t this any good? I know I’m not very experienced, but, I’m trying.”

“Buglet, you’re doing great, but, I have imagined this over and over and I need to do this.” He lifted me off him and stood up. “Sara, bend over and put your hands on the bed, pleeeeze?”

I started to take my skirt off and once again he said no. So I turned and put my hands on the bed, presenting my skirt covered ass to him. He walked up behind me and rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks, through my skirt. I heard him moan and the moan caught in his throat. He reached around me and caught my nipples in each hand. As he rolled and pinched my nipples he was humping his cock between my ass cheeks, still though the material of my skirt. I reached back and started inching the skirt up my ass until I had pulled it free from between us. His cock was now rubbing between my bare ass cheeks and the pre-cum started making me really slick. My big brother started humping lower and I could tell he was seeking my drooling pussy. I dropped my head to the bed, arched my back and thrust my ass back him. We were so wet from my sodden pussy and his leaking cock that on his next thrust he penetrated my cunt so deeply I thought for a moment I would be able to give him a blow job at the same time. He stopped for a moment as we both enjoyed the depth of his intrusion into his baby sister’s body. We were both breathing deeply as we adjusted to his cock in my pussy.

Danny pulled back and started sawing his throbbing member in and out of the boiling cauldron of my womanhood. I could feel yet another orgasm building. This one was starting deeper inside me and the release was going to be massive. Danny had increased his pace so that he was slamming into me. In the back of my mind I realized if I screamed when I finally boiled over Julie would have no doubt whatsoever that I was fucking my brother.

“Dannnnnnny, I’mmmm cummmming” I breathed as quietly as I could before turning my face into the bed to scream.

“Sara, SSSara I’m cummmmming ttttooo” Danny managed to choke out before his cock spewed his white hot cum into me as I felt the biggest orgasm of my life take command of my body. My legs were rubbery and Danny had to hold me up by the hips as he continued to pound my spasming pussy.

Danny finally gave up and he dropped both of us onto the bed. As we lay there panting I could feel that his cock was still in my pussy and was pulsing every few seconds. Danny scooted fındıkzade escort both of us up onto the bed and we lay in a spooning position. Danny didn’t seem to be getting soft and he was gently stroking my tits. Every time he would touch one of my nipples my pussy would clench down on his cock and he would pulse it. He wasn’t moving other than pulsing in response to my grasping, hungry pussy. I had never felt like this in my life. I had just experienced three or four (they were all melting together in my mind) mind blowing orgasms and even though I was really sore, I wanted more. My pussy was demanding more gratification and if Danny was up to it I was going to get it. I started pushing back onto his cock, seeking more.

Danny seemed to understand my need and shifted his arms around. His left arm was under my head and his hand was draped down to my tits. His right arm slithered over my hips and sought my clit. He pulled my right leg up so he could have unencumbered access to my pussy. He gently started moving his hips so that his cock was, once again, seeking the center of my core. Just as gently his left hand was twirling and pulling on my nipples, alternating between them. He was barely touching my neck and ear with his tongue and lips, just light, feathery, tiny licks and kisses. Meanwhile, his right hand was encircling my clit and would occasionally dip down to where we were joined. All the sensations that he was administering to my body seemed to converge in my pussy. A low, warm, smooth feeling was building in my sensory overloaded cunt and soon I was on the verge of another orgasm. This one was different than the others that I had just experienced. The feeling built slowly and expanded until I was tingling from head to toe. My hands and feet felt like they were asleep and my tits felt like they were alive and moving on my chest. I looked down at my tits and my nipples were longer and fatter than I had ever seen them. I was also redder than I could ever remember. My pussy felt like it had a life of its own, pulsing and throbbing. Suddenly bright lights exploded in my eyes and my entire body went stiff as a board as the orgasm overwhelmed me. My whole body was shaking with tiny shivers and then suddenly I relaxed completely. I didn’t pass out, but I felt like I couldn’t move. Danny slid out from under me and lay me on my back. I saw his concerned face hovering over mine.

“Buglet” he whispered “are you OK?”

I smiled and whispered back “I am phenomenal, kiss me.”

Danny leaned in and kissed me gently and tenderly. I summoned the strength to raise my arms and I drew him down so that our chests were together. I closed my eyes and just held him tightly.

“Danny that was wonderful” I breathed in his ear. “You are the best brother, ever!”

I opened my eyes and looked around for the clock. “What time is it?” Danny replied that it was around five o’clock.

“What time are your buddies coming?” I asked.

“About seven” Danny replied.

“Danny, as much as I love this, we need to get moving. Hopefully, Julie is still asleep and I can get in the shower before she sees me. If I don’t get calmed down and cleaned up everybody will know that I have just had my brains fucked out and that you did it. I don’t think either of us needs that. We’d really kill Dad.” I explained.

“You’re right, but how about we shower together?” Danny asked hopefully.

I kissed him again and said “Maybe sometime later, but I really need my stuff, now. OK?”

Danny sighed and said “OK” like a disappointed kid.

“Danny, stick your head in my room and see if Julie’s awake. Maybe, if she’s still asleep, I can run into the bathroom without getting dressed or her seeing me.” I explained.

While Danny went to the door I picked up all my clothes. Danny peeked in and nodded to me. “She’s still asleep.”

I got to the door and stopped and hugged Danny. “I love you Big Brother.”

“I love you too, Buglet.” Danny said as he held me tight.

I slipped through the door and picked up my suitcase. In the mirror, I saw Danny watching me. I turned and blew him a kiss as I went into the bathroom.

I hid all my sex soaked clothing in a laundry bag in my suitcase. I sprayed some perfume on the clothes and tied it closed as tightly as I could so that Julie wouldn’t smell them and the rest of my clothes wouldn’t pick up the sex scent. I hoped Danny would do something about his room because it HAD to be bad in there. After all, we had spent almost two hours fucking in there. I got cleaned up and got dressed and when I went out Julie was awake and standing there naked.

“Julie, did you lock the door?” I asked. Danny’s in there.

Julie grinned. “Maybe I want him to see!”

I scowled at her. “Maybe I don’t want him to see!” I growled as I went over and locked the door.

Julie looked surprised. “What’s that about?”

I had to think quickly. “While you were asleep I talked to my Mom and she said that Daddy had a heart attack and was going to the hospital to have heart surgery. I think if Danny saw you naked now it might ruin your chances with him. He might always associate seeing you naked with Daddy being sick. I don’t think you want that.”

“Oh jeez, Sara, I’m sorry, is your Dad going to be OK? Should we go home?” Julie seemed genuinely upset about my Dad.

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