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maid service*this is loosely based on a real experience, please enjoy :)I had been messaging with “daddy” for a few months now, flirting, sexting, sending pics and fantasizing as people tend to do. we had finally made our plans to meet in person. I waited for him to text the the time and place and found myself at his home, I entered through the opened garage door as he had instructed me and found a large duffel bag with a note saying only my online handle on it waiting for me. Inside was what had to be the skimpiest maid outfit I had ever seen, even with all the porn I watch.I strip to nothing in this strangers garage, my heart beat hammering in my chest from my nerves and excitement as I put on every piece of that maid lingerie. As we had discussed before I knelt in front of daddy’s doorstep, texted him that I was ready. and waited for daddy to come let me in. after a minute or two of waiting the door opened and daddy stepped forward. a handsome man in his early forties, with a bit of a gut but looking great for a man of his age and experience.I smiled up at him as he looked down at me with a big grin as though he couldn’t believe his luck. I waited for him to invite me inside but to my surprise he closed the door behind him. he seemed to tower over me as he unzipped his pants and released his already hard cock. I let out a small yelp as he took a painful grasp of the back of head, my mouth already open from the surprise I felt as he forced his cock past my lips and into my throat. “Fuck does daddy like” he said as his strong grip on my head pushed his dick into my mouth even deeper. he pressed until I choked and then he pulled my head back giving me just a moment before he pushed my head back down onto his big daddy dick. I felt his dick slide in and out of my mouth as he easily overpowered any reservations that I had.this was not the meeting we had agreed upon. he knew I was inexperienced sexually with only some fooling around here and there. I was supposed to show up, clean his house in some skimpy lingerie and giving him a show. that was all we agreed to. a first time meeting with some flirtation and see where things go from there. but instead he had an ironclad grip on my hair güvenilir bahis and was fucking my mouth viciously. I looked up to see he had taken out his cell phone and was filming as he worked my head up and down on his warm throbbing cock. all I could do was try my best to breath as he used my mouth as his own personal cock sleeve. after a few minutes that felt a lot longer than that I felt his cock slip out of my mouth and the grip on the back of my head released. I fell forward and gasped for air. as I lay there on my hands and knees in a strangers garage I couldn’t help but feel some shame that my lust had brought me to this situation, but I was undeniably aroused as well. Then I felt cold metal clasp around my left wrist. felt my arms being forced behind my back as the cuffs closed on my right wrist as well. “what are yo…” i try to ask between gasps for air but was cut off by the feeling of a large rubber ball gag being strapped to my head. “Daddy needs you to keep quite so mommy doesn’t hear us” he said as he tightened the strap. funny how he never mentioned being married in our chats online. he took a moment to walk around and appreciate his work. I looked up at him, still trying to catch my breath though that was much harder now with the gag in place. I looked up at him and he had his phone out once again filming this entire experience as his hard cock stood out clearly ready for more attention. Daddy circled around me several times, filming me in this helpless situation. my breath was finally catching up with he dissapeared out of sight somewhere behind me. I then felt him grab my arms and drag me to my feet. I felt him lift me up and before I knew it I was sitting on a big wooden shop table. he stood in front of me, caressed the side of my head for a moment before pushing me onto my back. I felt my legs lifted onto his shoulders and he began caressing my ass. he simply held me there for what felt like an eternity his fingers occasionally entering my ass. “my god what a good little whore you are for daddy” he quietly whispered to me as he sat there filming me once again with his phone. I think he just like the way I squirmed for him while he fingered my ass and rubbed his güvenilir bahis siteleri hard cock on my thigh. he took his sweet time playing with my tight little hole then gave me a small gentle kiss on my tummy before walking somewhere off to the my side. I saw him placing his phone up on a shelf, and he took a moment to make sure he was getting the shot he wanted of his helpless little plaything sprawled out on his table in his garage. he returned to his place between my legs and I felt his tongue delve deep into my ass, he licked and kissed and fingered my hole in any way he could to get me to keep squirming and make petty-full little noises that the delighted in coaxing out of me. he teased and teased until finally he stood completely up, an I felt something much bigger than a finger pressing against my opening. “fuck am I the luckiest daddy there ever was” he said absolutely beaming with joy as he looked onto his little plaything.I felt a cool liquid on my ass and a wet lubricated finger entered me making sure I was all ready for daddy’s big dick. his finger pulled out and then immediately I felt the head of daddy’s cock pressing into me. He grasped my hips and pulled me into himself as bit by bit i felt his cock moving deeper into me. “God you’re a tight little piece of ass” daddy growled as we both sat just a moment adjusting to the feeling. It didn’t take him long to pull his cock back and forcefully shoved it back into the depths of my ass. He did that again.and again.each thrust picking up speed and forcing into me more desperately hungry than the last. His powerful hands pulling my hips into him as he cock hammered in and out of my ass. each new thrust sent a shock-wave of pleasure through my entire body, I rolled my head back. and could do nothing but accept the big cock that was trying with every new push to reach even greater depths. I let out an involuntary whimper against the gag after every time his cock slammed into me. I tried to tell him how good his cock felt in me but it only escaped as muffled ecstatic noise. it didn’t take long of his sublime cock pressing in and out of my love hole that the sensation became overwhelming and I shook while cumming. iddaa siteleri my tight little ass must have been a little much for daddy as well as it only seemed to be a few minutes before I felt myself being filled with daddy’s warm thick love. He shuddered smiled and put a hand around my throat as he came deep into my little ass. he stood there for what felt like an eternity before I felt his cock pull free from my now well-fucked ass. I could feel some of his cum start to leak from my ass when i felt something new and cold press into me.”you’re to keep that plug and my cum in you for the rest of the night” daddy says leering over me with the most devious smile I’ve ever seen. I didn’t have any strength left to try and lift myself off the table so I just lay there for a moment gasping for air. daddy walked around, phone once again in hand taking in the view of me in such a wrecked state. I felt him slap something onto my chest and I saw he had thrown some cash onto me.”that’s for the thorough cleaning, you filthy fucking whore” daddy said gleefully smiling and making a big display for his camera. eventually satisfied with his shot, daddy got all of his clothes back on and lifted me down off the table, he told me to keep quite as he released me from my bindings. “get your ass dressed quickly and then get the fuck out of here.” he said very non-courteously. when I reached for my underwear he just said “nuh uh”, “those I keep as a souvenir.” so I grab what he would let me of my clothes and quickly dress and get out of there. it was several days later and I got a notification of a new message from him, I haven’t messages him at all as I had no idea how to process just how different our meeting had been than was his message was a link to a video…one now edited video titled “naive maid whore” that was posted for the entire world to watch as I was thoroughly used by that stranger. it already had a few hundred views and it looks as though it was just posted an hour or two ago. the video ends with me spread across his shop table, legs dangling over the edge and a single line of cum showing from my plugged hole. the screen fades to black and text appears that reads “let me know when you’re ready to come clean my place again cupcake”I sit back, and send him a message. “I’ll be there when you tell me to tonight <3"all he replies with is "10 pm, don't be late" looks like i may have found a new favorite job perfect for me.

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