Making Dream Cum True

Big Tits

I am a 22 year old small petite girl. 5’3″, 100, 32a, blonde and shaved.

I love making guys fantasies come true. True stories from a few years back. I was 18 and working as a barista for summer. The boss a 37 year old decent looking guy was always checking me out. Morning shift was only him and I and others did not start till 10AM, which would be the time I would leave. That gave me a lot of one on one time with him in the morning. Morning’s were busy too but it did not stop me from teasing him often. I would wear tight low rise pants showing my thongs. I would bend often to pull things off the shelves under the counter to show him my tight small ass. I dont have a big cleavage but I would leave my top buttons open to let him peak down my top. I would also talk about how I did not get any sleep as I was out partying and he would ask if I had a bf or not and I would dismiss by winking saying well I am too young to be tied down to one man. I let him believe I was a fun loving girl (which I was and still am).

It had been 2 weeks of teasing him and I know he wanted a piece of my ass bad. One morning when Derek (boss) was a little grumpy I asked by putting my hands on his hand if everything was ok and he mentioned things have been tough at home with his wife. I gave him a hug and held him long enough saying it will be ok. Given he was almost 6 foot I could feel him holding me and smelling my hair. I pushed my petite body far enough to feel his bulge against my waist. As the day went on I would tell him to smile and touch him enough. I was flirting with him too and he started enjoying all the sexual tension between us. But he was a decent guy and I knew he will not make the move unless I give him a green light.

It was time for me to leave so I asked him that I was looking for some over time money and was wondering if I could close the store tomorrow rather than open it. He agreed and told me who will be working acıbadem escort that shift. I made the innocent girl pout and said I don’t like them and was wondering if he and I could close the store tomorrow rather than work with those jerks. Derek was not sure of my intentions but I know he would not say no to spending one on one time with me. All was set and next day I was working from 6PM to 11PM shift. I came dressed in my regular tight pants and had the bright red thongs under that. As the store was left to us, I pulled my thong strings higher for him to see and all evening teased him by bending and touching him. It was time to close. I told Derek I had a party to go and if he did not mind I would like to change. He said go ahead. I went into the ladies room, left the door open so he could see me in the mirror with my back to him. I pulled my top off, dropped my bra and wore this bright colored shiny party tube top. I pulled down my pants and stood staring at myself in the mirror, my ass towards the coffee floor knowing Derek may be seeing me. I was not sure but I stood a whole minute checking myself out. Then I pulled this mini skirt, which was so small that it barely got past my thongs and covered my tight ass really snug. I wore some sexy heels, did my make up and stepped out.

Derek’s jaw almost hit the ground watching me dressed so slutty. He whimpered and I asked what was it. He said nothing. I insisted and walked closer to him touching his arms playfully asking him to spit it out. He spoke softly and said he was surprised my parents will let me go out dressed like this. I asked, ‘what do you mean like this?’ He got flustered (and it was all fun for me) and apologized. I insisted he had to tell me what he meant. He finally said it softly, that he thinks I was dressed very proactively for a 18 year old. I had him where I wanted. I stared right at him, walked akbatı escort close, pulled his head down to my height and whispered in his ears….Derek do you think I look slutty in this dress? He went red and said no! I held him down and whispered…But I think I do and I dressed like this for you! It was like a shock to him and he stood straight pushing himself away. What do you mean, he whimpered?

I mean that I dressed slutty to get into your pants or lets say let you get in my skirt. Now will you Derek? He was shocked and was not sure if this was a bait or I was serious. I walked to him, took his hands and walked us to the back office. As soon as we were in, I walked to the table, bent over on the table for support, spread my legs open, pushed my ass towards him and showed him my thongs clearly as I stood bent over. I turned my head around and seductively said, Derek I need you to fuck this pussy. Derek being the nice guy was still in shock so I turned around, walked to him and took his mouth and gave him the biggest kiss as my hands held his ass. 5 seconds into the kiss the man in Derek woke up and he knew this was for real. His hands were suddenly on my tight ass and almost pushed the skirt up as he kneaded my ass as we kissed. We pulled away after a minute and I said again…Derek I want you to fuck me hard!

Derek had his jeans down in seconds and I say a good 6 to 7 inch cock. I took his cock in my mouth by just standing in front of him but bending at my waist. As I sucked him standing in the office, he pulled my skirt up to see the thong string disappear in my ass crack. He has the best view of my tight ass and he was enjoying having a 18 year old suck a married 37 year old cock. I love the taste of cum and his pre-cum tasted good. I sucked him while he played with my small tits and ass. After sucking him, stroking him I walked to the desk, turned aksaray escort my back to him, spread my legs and told him to fuck me. My pussy was wet with anticipation and Derek came behind, pushed my thongs to one side and pushed his hard cock in my tight pussy. He started to fuck me deep and fast and would have ended up cumming in a minute had I not stopped him. I stood up making his cock come out. I turned around and asked him to sit in his chair. Once seated I walked to him, pulled my top off and pulled my thongs off. I wore my mini skirt and heels only. I asked him to touch me all over and tell me what he is thinking.

Derek had his hands all over me as I stood in front of him. He would bite my nipples, feel my ass and thighs and use his hands over my tits and firm belly and work it down to my wet pussy and finger fuck me. He kept telling me how much he has missed fucking someone so young. In fact he was 21 when he fucked someone who was 18 and since then he has either been with someone older or with his wife. He said how much he wanted to fuck me for 2 weeks and how he was always hard watching my ass and body and thongs. I told him how I deliberately teased him all this while. It only made him hornier and this time he said….Cindy I want to fuck you and cum in you.

I told him to enjoy and I straddled him, took his cock in my wet pussy and sat on him. We started to fuck on his chair. Me riding him like a cow girl and he was a great ride. I had my hands on his shoulder, my hair all over his face, moaning and screaming as he fucked me. I played with my clit by leaning back and moaned even louder. He had his hands on my perky small tits and I grinded on his cock till he came hard. His cumming in me made me cum too and I screamed loud and dug my nails on his shoulder. We sat with his cock getting limp in me. We got up, cleaned and got dressed. Derek was excited as hell and kissed me often and asked if we could fuck more. I told him I am here for 2 more weeks and if we close the store any other time he can fuck me. Needless to say he wanted to move me permanently to evening shift for 2 weeks but it did not work for me. But we did fuck twice more before I left.

He always had this fantasy of fucking a young girl and I loved making it true for him.


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