MAKING KAY CUMMy neighbour Kym and I had grown up together and gone from innocent playmates to lovers and explorers of sexual limits. We had experimented with group masturbation including jerk-off sessions where my male friends would stand over her well developed young body and spatter her from head to toe with semen.Her cousin Kay came to stay for a few weeks one winter while her mum recovered from an operation and she was the strangest looking girl I had ever seen. At 16 she was only 4 foot 9 inches tall with broad hips and a huge butt, short thick legs and massive DD breasts. With short red hair and buck teeth she was the sort of girl that most guys would walk across molten lava to avoid and she had never had a boyfriend.Kym was the opposite quite tall and pretty with small pointed boobs and a tight arse kept in trim by netball and swimming. They had to share a room and Kay would always get dressed for bed in the bathroom while Kym just stripped off wherever even in front of her dad and brothers.She decided after a week that her fat, shy cousin needed some education so arranged for them to both stay home from school and said I should do the same. Once her parents and brothers were gone I jumped our back fence, made my way around the reserve and in through the back door. Kym hadn’t got dressed and was just in a cute short blue night dress with thin straps that let nevşehir escort the front gape open and give an uninterrupted view of her tits, tight belly and bushy pussy. Kay was in shorts and a t shirt but hadn’t bothered with a bra so her tits slapped into each other whenever she moved. Kym made us some coffee and in the kitchen I asked what was going on. She grinned and said “I just want to put on a little show for Kay, show her how to suck a cock and things.”I’d figured we weren’t going to be playing Monopoly and my cock got hard thinking about maybe seeing little fat Kay naked and playing with herself while she watched us. I didn’t think it would go much further than that. Sitting on the couch beside Kym I could clearly see one boob just about hanging out and her pink nipple fully erect. I said “I can see your boob Kymmie and it’s making me horny.” Kay giggled and pulled her legs up against her chest in her short skirt I could see the backs of her huge thighs and lots of dark hair poking out of her blue panties.Kym reached over and grabbed my cock through my shorts. I hadn’t worn anything underneath so she was able to get a good grip on my pole as she slid across and tongue kissed me while I rubbed her right boob. “Do you want to see his cock?” Kym asked her cousin who was giggling so hard she just about rolled off the chair and just nodded. I stood escort nevşehir up and Kym pulled my shorts to the floor them pushed me back on the couch. Kneeling beside me she made room for Kay to get up close to my throbbing knob then Kym told her to touch it. First she rubbed the head a little then wrapped her fat hand around the shaft being careful not to bump my balls in case she hurt me. “Rub him a bit” Kym told her and in seconds she was rubbing the first boy’s cock she’d ever touched and doing a good job. Kym moved her head over the top telling Kay to keep rubbing as she licked the pre-cum off my head them slid it into her mouth. I hadn’t wanked for 2 days and was having trouble holding back. I told Kym I was close and she just nodded and kept sucking while Kay started to move her hand faster. As she felt my cock start to jerk she pulled her head away in time for my first spurt to land in her hair and the next few go on my shirt and run down Kay’s hand. Kay was squealing and giggling and saying “Holy Shit that was great” and putting her hand back around my softening cock to get a repeat.Kym told her that boys couldn’t cum one after another like girls could but she was sure I would get hard again if they put on a strip show for me. She told Kay to stand up and stood behind her, putting her hands under her shirt and lifting her heavy boobs then dropping nevşehir escort bayan them. Kay started to pull her shorts down and Kym told her to wait as she didn’t want me to see it all at once. Slowly she eased Kays shirt up until the bottom edges of her boobs and big pale nipples were showing. They were already pretty hard but with Kym rubbing and pulling them she soon had them sticking out more than half an inch and bright red. Kay was rubbing her butt against Kym’s legs and obviously getting pretty horny. Kym pulled her shirt right up and over her head giving me a great view of those massive tits flopping back down almost to her belly. Then Kym told her to lie on the floor on her front and began to tug her shorts down until her huge white butt was fully exposed.Grabbing one huge cheek in each hand she pulled Kay’s butt wide open showing her hole and a surprising amount of hair that grew right up to her lower back.”How would you like to be the first in there honey?” she asked with a cheeky grin and Kay giggled again as her cousin ran a finger over the tight little virgin hole. Kay was a virgin in every sense never been cunt or arse fucked and never even sucked a cock. With her shorts right off and Kym now fully naked as well she rolled Kay onto her back and began rubbing her huge hairy bush with the palm of her hand and letting one finger slip between a very thick pair of lips. I had been rubbing my cock and it was almost fully hard again in just a few minutes. I went all of the way when Kay said she wanted Kym to kneel over her face while I fucked her so she could watch really close up.TO BE CONTINUED….

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