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Subject: Making of Daniel 41 The Making of Daniel Chapter 41 You must be 18 and over 16 in the UK to read the story, and if so….get naked and enjoy! Cum was still slowly draining from the head of my still rock hard cock, as it lay dormant against my stomach. Scott got up from the bench, and stood over me; I could see jizz still dripping steadily from his softening cock, as well, leaving my cum drenched asshole empty, barren, and wanting more. Sean was wasting no time – his tongue began licking every bit of spunk off my stomach and chest. He was like a vacuum cleaner, running his tongue up and down my body; eating and slurping up the puddles of Scott’s cum that was splattered all over me. I love him! Scott grabbed my hard cock, and stood it upright, holding it steady, until the head of my dick was pushing against his tight ass lips. Slowly he began lowering himself onto my fat, pulsing 10 � inch cock. He was using cum as lubricant, and it was working just fine. I watched his face as the head of my cock penetrated his tight ass. His look of desire waned as he continued to bend his legs, sinking my cock further and further up his hot, tight, asshole. The pleasure of my cock slipping slowly into him continued to fade for Scott, and by the time I was balls deep inside him, his eyes were a bit watery, and he didn’t move a muscle, except for an occasional gasp of breath. But I didn’t care, my cock was content as he sat there, letting his ass form around my hard, fat cock. Sean was content. as he continued licking every inch of my chest and face, lapping up every ounce of cum, every drip he could find. He even licked the bench once or twice, consuming any and all spunk that had erupted from my engorged cock while Scott was fucking me hard, making my huge load of jizz explode all over me. And as his, or should I say; Sean’s, tongue moved down from my stomach to my groin, he licked until his tongue was up against Scott’s balls, not allowing him to get to the large puddle of cum around the base of my cock. He looked up at Scott. “Dude, his cock is so huge ” Sean said. “Take your time, believe me, it’s well worth it.” Scott smiled at Sean, as he sat perfectly still, with my hard 10 � fat cock impaled deep in his ass. I could tell his body was accepting my engorged rod, as his ass was loosening it’s vice- like grip on my hard cock. Scott was soon moving slowly up and down, gently riding my cock. And I just waited patently, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before I was bucking my hips, and fucking his ass so hard, the bench would break beneath us. Sean, who’s hard cock was oozing a steady stream of pre-cum, was again standing behind me, his balls still directly over my head. Even though his cock was hard, his balls hung well below the base of his stiff rod. They were smooth and hair free, making it easier for the clear liquid oozing from the tip of his cock to flow down the underside of his hard flesh-covered rod, and continuing to slide down his loose-skinned ball sack, over the two large orbs, and drip right on my tongue. And as I was enjoying Sean’s juices, Scott’s body was gaining momentum, as he began to bounce freely on my hard cock. His eyes were closed, as he pushed his body up and down with his legs, fucking my cock hard, taking every inch of my fat fuck tool deep inside his tight hot asshole His moaning and grunting was echoing throughout the small dressing room. As was mine! As I looked up at Sean, I could tell bursa escort he was getting hot and ready for some action, as his cock, which was towering over my head, was so hard, it was almost white. And the clear gooey liquid that was once oozing a steady stream, was now almost pissing out of his cock and into my mouth, which was now covered in his sweet cock juice. “Sean!” He looked down at me….. “Fuck me! My ass is full of Scott’s cum; it will be so fucking hot!” I said, knowing that only he heard me. Scott’s was still lost in his own sex. I didn’t have to ask him twice. He lifted his left leg over the table, as I watched his two sack-covered balls swing to the right, and his hard cock bounce….. and Sean was gone from my view, until he pushed my legs apart, and then I felt his hard cock push up against my balls. His fingers were instantly deep inside my ass, exploring my dark moist area. I knew what he was looking for, and it didn’t take long for him to pull out a wad of cum, and shove the spunk covered fingers into his mouth. Finally, after several more fingers full of Scott’s cum, Sean grabbed my waist, and shoved his hard wet cock, deep into my ass. And when I say shoved, I mean he plowed his cock so hard and deep inside my asshole that he squealed, as his balls slammed hard against my ass. “Fuck!” I groaned loudly, as my ass was now full of his 8 inch cock. And fuck he did! Sean’s hips began pivoting back and forth, in almost a gyrating motion, as he leaned back on his hands, almost lifting my ass up off the bench, as he drove his hard cock in and out of my wet, very fucked asshole. The room was soon awash with many different sexual sound – the slapping sound of Sean’s ass against the wooden bench, the soft sound of Scott, as he road my cock, which did occasionally reached a very loud crescendo, and the slapping of skin against skin filled the room. And then it happened – I don’t know if it was just the angle we needed, but when Sean pushed up on my ass, shoving his cock further up my hole, Scott and I instantly shot our wads. Cum was flying everywhere, as Scott continued to vigorously ride my cock, while his own cock was spewing spunk like a geyser. And my own cock was dumping heavy volumes of my white, hot, ball juice deep inside his fuck hole. And even though I was in the mist of one of the hottest orgasms of my life, I could still feel Sean’s cock pulsing in my ass, as it filled me with his thick, creamy seed. I really don’t know how the whole store didn’t hear us. And maybe they did, because we were fucking like wild men, and, as we were all totally into our own fucking intense orgasms, we blew our loads loud and hard. After our O’s subsided, we all just laid there exhausted. I was covered in Scott’s cum; my face, body, and even in my hair. It was everywhere, and even my ass was soaked in cum. I knew my cock would be, even though I couldn’t see it yet. As Scott was still sitting on top of me, breathing intently, my cock was still implanted deep inside his ass. Scott bent down and kissed me, our lips met, and our mouths opened. He licked some of his still warm cum from my face, and fed me some of his seed with his tongue. And at the same time, Sean was pushing my legs up, and his tongue was working hard, eating my asshole of the load of his cum that he had just deposited. The knock on the door startled us into silence. “Scott…. Tony is looking for you,” Jake whispered from behind the door. bursa escort bayan And the look on Scott’s face let us know he had to go, immediately! He jumped off the bench, his ass making a sucking, plopping sound as my cock was pulled abruptly from his tight, oh so warm, wet hole, and he was on his feet in seconds. He threw on his pants, and it didn’t matter what he did, his cock was still so hard he couldn’t conceal it within the denim. “Dude, take these” I said, holding up the pair of CK’s that I had worn in. They were still wet with Sean’s cum, but when he put them on, and pulled his jeans over them, it did what he hoped. His cock, although still prominent, was covered enough to be presentable. Both Sean and I were sitting on the bench, still naked, while Scott dressed. He leaned in and kissed us both before heading out the door. I looked at Sean, and we both smiled, as we reached for our clothes. He was so hot in those jeans, with the top, white band of my Calvin Klein’s prominently wrapped around his waist. As we walked out the main door of the store, our new A it gets dark so early, and cold! It had suddenly become so cold, my balls were riding high against my cock. But as I opened the back door to the house, the heat hit me and I was soon warm again. As usual, I didn’t get far. First, off come the shoes, and, at the same time, my jacket hit the floor. I didn’t even have to unbuckle my pants, as I can just pull them down over my naked hips, and as soon as my shirt hits the floor, I am naked again. As I began to gather my clothes and head up the back stairs to my room, I heard it for the first time. Someone, or someone’s’ were in the family room, and from the sounds I was hearing, they were having some sort of wild sex. YEA! Quickly, I dropped my clothes on the bottom step and headed towards the family room. As I get closer, the sexual sounds got louder and more pronounced.. I knew now that my mother wasn’t involved, because I could hear two or three very deep, very manly moans and groans coming from the room, as I rounded the corner of the main stair case. The sounds emanating from the room were making my cock semi hard, which was bouncing heavily, as I neared the door to the family room. However, my cock wasn’t prepared for what my eyes were seeing…. it instantly boned up, slapping hard against my bare pubic area. FUCKING A! I don’t know how I didn’t see their car, but there they were – the Italian studs! Tony and Tommy, the guys we fucked with yesterday at their father’s pizza place. They were all completely naked, including my father, and I watched in total amazement as they were tag teaming him with their fat, Italian, uncut cocks. Tony was behind my dad, his huge cock so deep inside his ass that they looked like just one mass of flesh, as Tony was effortlessly fucking his ass, while Tommy’s massive cock was balls deep inside my dad’s mouth. His Italian uncut cock was so far down my fathers throat, that long strands of saliva were actually drooling from his mouth. And Tommy just kept pushing and shoving his hard cock deeper and deeper, ignoring the fact that he was almost choking my father with his long fat cock. I know my father would have been crying out in ecstasy had it not been for a mouth full of cock. It took me a minute to really grasp the fact that my father was being fucked by a guy. I remember Dave saying something about he and Sven, but didn’t really process the thought. escort bursa But with what was right in front of me….. it was processing for sure. They were both working my dad over hard, and from both ends. My sexual needs overtook the shock of seeing my father with a cock up his ass, along with the obvious…. I could see my father’s hard cock swinging wildly between his legs. Pre-cum was draining from the head of his hard, fat cock. And as Tony continued to unmercifully slam his rock hard cock in and out of my father’s ass I made my way over to the three of them. As I approached them, no one paid attention; they were all quite lost in their own sexual actives. So I got down on my knees and moved under my father, immediately sucking his leaking fat cock deep into my throat. His cock began fucking my face hard, shoving his cock down my throat; not from his own hips, but from the force that was coming from behind him. His cock was being pushed deeper and deeper into my esophagus; I actually gagged a time or two as he was being fucked so hard by Tony, that his cock was being rammed into my mouth. “Yo… Tony…. switch!” Tommy said, in his deep Italian accent, as he pulled his long cock from my fathers mouth, which made a plopping, void sound from my father’s tight lip grip on his cock. No words came from Tony; just another vacuum, void sound, as he withdrew his own long, hard, uncut cock from my fathers wet, loose asshole. I took the time to rest my mouth, but that didn’t last long, as Tommy’s cock was deep inside my father’s hole almost instantly. I felt my father’s ass get slammed so hard, his balls actually hit my chin. He would have yelped, I am sure, if he could, and I think I heard some sort of distress, but it was all but muffled, as Tony’s ass-soaked cock was now as deep in my father’s mouth, fucking it, as Tommy’s cock was fucking his ass, and as my father’s cock was fucking my mouth.. Now, I have been sucking on my father’s cock for a few months, and my throat has gotten very used to his gigantic, patriarch cock. So I was fine, and couldn’t wait for him to unload, because nothing tastes better than a mouth full of my dad’s fresh spunk! And all of a sudden, it was like a chain reaction – one of us popped, causing the others to bust their nuts at the same time. All I know is that my mouth was suddenly so full of cum that it began seeping from my lips, as I couldn’t swallow fast enough. My Dad’s cock continued pumping out huge volumes of jizz, filling my mouth, as I desperately tried to swallow all of his sweet offering. It had been an awesome day, and, even though school was starting again tomorrow, I was still psyched when we all sat down to dinner. Mom, who, of course was fully dressed, had brought home some KFC, my fave! Dad had actually put on some boxers, as I am sure his ass was still quite sore, loose, and possibly still full of Tommy’s cum. I had showered and cleaned up from my afternoon of hot sex, and, like my two brothers, I was still completely naked. Just a normal dinner around our house, lately. “Daniel, seeing that your birthday is right around the corner,” my father began, immediately getting my complete, undivided attention. “And your grades have lived up to your end of our expectations, I thought we should go check out a car for you. You did pass all your drivers ed classes, didn’t you?” he said, knowing full well that I passed them just last month. “Holly shit, dad! No way…….. can we look at 4 Runnners, please. They are so cool! If you liked Daniel, follow him and get updated on future chapters, and other stories on facebook. (Yes, once again, I am trying a page) sign up with e-mail aol or look for Michael Dee.

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