Male Sex Slave for My Senior Neighbors Part 1-

Male Sex Slave for My Senior Neighbors Part 1-Note: This is a ficticious story. All events and people in this story come from my over-active fantasy life.When my wife and I first moved into our townhouse, one of the first things we noticed was that we were the youngest couple in our development. We were in our 40’s and everyone else seemed to be retired (ages 60 and up). This was fine with us, as it meant living here would be quiet, if not boring. However, as I soon would learn, the “boring” neighborhood was going to change. My wife and I had been at our place for about two years when we noticed that the townhouse across the street was being sold. We knew the couple that lived there were moving to an assisted living facility. The house was only on the market for a couple of weeks before it sold. My wife and I were curious about what the townhouse sold for, and who our new neighbors would be. With the help of the internet, we soon found out that the place sold for a good amount of money (which was good for us, if we were ever going to move). The next question was who would our neighbors be. We kept an eye on the house as the moving trucks came and went, but we never saw who was moving in. One very hot summer day, while my wife was at work (and I was working at home), I went out to get the mail. As it is with most townhouses, our mailbox and our neighbor’s mailboxes are in the same location. I opened my mailbox, got my mail, closed the box and locked it. As I was turning to leave, I heard a voice behind me. A female voice said,”Hi. I’m Barb. You must be our new neighbor.” I turned my head and saw…boobs…giant, big as my head boobs. Boobs in a tight yellow shirt, no bra boobs. Breasts with aereoles bigger than silver dollars. Breasts with nipples that looked like thumbs, like little cocks poking through the yellow fabric of that tight shirt. I stared. I gawked. I focused my eyes on those gigantic, beautiful tits. Fantastic, deep cleavage. I knew I should look away. I knew I should look at the person’s face, but I could not stop looking. niğde escort “Oh, someone likes Grandma’s titties.” I heard her say. It was a stern voice, and it was then that I looked up at her face. My new neighbor. Barb, She was not smiling. I quickly stammered out an apology. “Oh hi, I’m sorry…I…I’m Tim.” I said. “Well TIM, it looks like your little dickie got hard looking at Grandma’s fun bags.” she said. It was true I already had a hard dick, and, because I wasn’t wearing any underwear, I guess it was visible through my short pants. She continued, “TIM your blushing! You think I’ve never seen a boy’s boner before? Are you still thinking about squeezing these titties? You want to suck on my hard nipples?” At this point, she grabbed one tit in each of her hands and rubbed her nipples. My mouth dropped open and I stared. I felt pre-cum coming out of my hard cock. I didn’t know what to say or do. She let go of her breasts and stepped in close to me. Immediately, she reached over and grabbed my cock and squeezed hard. She put her red, lipstick covered mouth inches from my face and said, “If you want to see Granny’s boobs, come over to my house in half an hour. And, DO NOT touch your little pee pee, before then.” She put more pressure on my dick and twisted it hard. Then, she turned and walked toward her house. I stood there in a daze. What the hell just happened? I was so turned on, but also so confused. I walked back across the street to my place. My penis was no longer hard (thanks to my new Barb’s attack on my cock), but I was still very horny. I was also leaking pre-cum and there was a wet spot on my pants. As I walked in my door, I wondered what I was going to do. Of course I wanted those breasts. I wanted them in my face. I wanted to carress them and suck on them. God, those nipple were huge. But, this was my new neighbor. And I was married. I suddenly realized my cock was very erect again. I unzipped my pants and started to jerk off. Precum leaked out the top. I stopped and remembered that I was not to touch escort niğde my “pee pee” if I wanted to see those boobs. Shit. I put my hard cock back in my shorts and zipped up. I looked at the clock. Twenty minutes to go. My mind was racing. I might cum just thinking about what might happen when I went across the street. I watched the clock and those were the slowest minutes of my life. At the twenty-five minute mark, I made a decision. I would go to my neighbor’s house and I’d apologize. I’d tell her that I was married, and I couldn’t have sex with her. I made my decision, and walked across the street. My heart was pounding as I rang the doorbell. When the door opened, there was my big breasted, BBW neighbor, wearing a powder blue, lace bra and panties, with a short negligee that went to the tops of her thighs. The negligee covered most of her bra and all of her panties, but it was sheer, and her nipples were jutting out and her large areolas were clearly visble. Shit. My resolve instantly failed. There was no way I could say no to this. Her cleavage was amazing. My cock sprung up in my pants. “Come in and take your clothes off.” she said. I immediately did as she commanded. I was under her spell and I would do anything she asked. When I was naked, she walked toward me. She smiled, then suddenly, viciously, she slapped my cock with her hand. “You will not fucking cum until mommy is satifsfied. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” She grabbed my balls and twisted them as I let out a yell. She let me go and pushed me toward a couch. “Now lay on the couch and don’t you dare get any of your cock juice on it.” I laid down on my back and she began to straddle my face. I looked up at her light blue panties and noticed that her crotch was dark blue. She was soaking wet. A second later, her wet panties were on my mouth and she was sitting on my face. She had a knee on each side of my head, and was grinding her pussy on my nose and mouth. “Lick mommy. See how wet mommy is. Get your tongue in there and taste.” I licked and sucked at her wet underwear. niğde escort bayan Then, I heard her say something that blew my mind. “Thats it. Get all that cum out of my pussy. You like daddy’s cum, don’t you. I knew you were a faggot that likes cum. Get all of daddy’s jizz out of mommy’s wet cunt. Lick that wet, smelly cunt.” Oh my god, I was eating man cum. Was she serious, or just talking dirty? She reached down and pulled her panties to the side, so I could get my tongue inside her. “Tongue fuck my big cunt. Get every drop of daddy’s cum. Lick my clit. Suck on it like its daddy’s cock.” At this point, she put all her weight on my head. I couldn’t breathe, hear or talk. She suffocated me for 30 seconds, then moved so I could breathe. She sat again, this time moving her asshole down on top of my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and felt it entering her ass. I heard her moan. She lifted up slightly so I could breathe, then sat on my face again as I tongue fucked her hairy butthole. She began rubbing her clit with her fingers as she rode my tongue. Suddenly, she came, and sat full force with my tongue in her anus. I could feel her asshole contracting with her orgasm. Slowly, she removed her ass from my face. As she did, she asked if I still wanted her tits. I was so horny. I needed to cum so bad, and I really wanted to suck on those lovely tits. I said, “Please let me suck your beautiful breasts.” When she was off the couch, she told me to sit up. “Now you can suck my titties.” I looked over at her. She had removed her negligee and her bra. There were those huge boobs, with wonderful silver dollar size areolas. There were those big suckable, thumb size nipples. And they were all covered in cum. I looked at her smiling, then looked to my left and saw an older man stroking a rather large cock with big balls. “Well? You already sucked daddy’s cum from my pussy. Don’t you want to suck his cum from these?” She took her finger and rubbed some cum from her boobs gently on one nipple. Then, she put that finger in front of my face and said, “Suck it like a cock.” I did as she said. She smiled, and pushed her cum covered titties toward my face. As I licked all the jizz off those beautiful tits, I heard her say to the old man, “I think we found a new slave.” To be continued-

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