Mamma Mia – A Tale of Two Mommies


“We need a little more feminine energy around here.”

Tommy had no idea what Mia meant by that, but he suspected that whatever it was, he wasn’t going to like it. In spite of his curiosity, he knew that stopping his worship to ask questions would only result in pain, so he continued his devoted licking of his shemale stepmother’s ass while jerking off her 8-inch cock.

Mia laid back in her lounge chair and relaxed, smiling deviously as the shape of a wicked plan came together in her mind. Her time spent gradually breaking Tommy’s spirit over the past month had been fruitful, he was now her wholly devoted fuckboy sex slave, and she knew that she could rely on his complete obedience, even if it involved his own mother. The wickedly delicious thought of the depraved acts he was about to willingly commit for her pushed Mia over the edge. Her balls clenched tight against her body as she yanked Tommy’s head up fiercely by his hair. She forced his mouth down over the twitching head of her cock just as the first stream of thick cum came blasting out. Tommy shlurped up Mia’s seed with practiced expertise, miraculously not choking until the last mouthful when she gleefully told him her idea:

“We’re going to invite your mother over to join us.”

Later that afternoon, Tommy struggled to maintain his composure while talking to his mom over the phone. Not one to let any opportunity to humiliate her stepson and drive home his complete subjugation to her whims, Mia had forced him to make the call while riding her cock cowgirl-style. She laid back in bed as he straddled her and bounced on her cock, and only once he was far gone in the throes of pleasure from impaling himself on her did Mia hand him his cell phone and tell him to make the call. Somehow Tommy managed to tone back his panting long enough to make quick plans for his mother, Julia, to come over to the house the next day for lunch. His voice quivered for a moment when Mia roughly seized his hips and pulled him down roughly until he bottomed out, but he quickly hung up so that he could surrender fully to the joys of being his stepmother’s fucktoy.

Julia was approaching middle age, but the years (and the lifestyle afforded by her divorce settlement) had been nothing but kind to her. She was tall, around 5’8″, with a slim but curvy build honed by years of devoted exercise. As a trophy wife, and then a divorcée, she’d always had plenty of time to take care of herself, and her body was her meal ticket. Topping that off was a pair of glorious 34E beasts, the best that Stan’s money could buy. After years of pressure from him to get implants while they were married, Julia had gone out and had them done immediately following their divorce as a not-so-subtle “screw you”. Her long blond hair, baby-blue eyes, and cherubic smile were the icing on the cake, and in the years following her divorce Julia had never lacked for male company, churning through boys not much older than Tommy at will. Unfortunately, that behavior tended to alienate her from him, so she was pleasantly surprised by his invitation, even if he had sounded a bit odd over the phone.

Julia composed herself and put on a beaming smile as she knocked on Stan’s door, eager to make a good impression. But when the door opened the smile froze on her face as alter eyes shot wide in surprise. Rather than seeing her strapping 18 year old son as she’d expected, she was met by a Brazilian bombshell. With the well practiced eye of a single woman, Julia quickly sized up the stranger. Like Julia, she was a knockout, with a curvy body and a great set of tits, but that was where the similarities ended. Julia was fair skinned while the stranger was deeply bronzed. Julia had blond hair and blue eyes, but this other woman had black hair and hazel eyes. Finally, Julia was dressed conservatively, hoping to win over Tommy, while the other woman was wearing a sexy bikini under a sheer sarong.

Julia stood a few inches taller, but the unexpected sight of this woman whom she quickly identified as a potential threat put her on the defensive. Sensing that she may have stared for too long, Julia tried to break the ice.

“Tommy didn’t mention that he’d have any friends over for lunch, but no matter, I’m Julia, his mom.”

“A pleasure,” Mia replied as she took Julia’s offered hand, “I’m actually his stepmother, Mia. I asked him to invite you over so that we could get acquainted, but he must have forgotten to mention me.”

Julia struggled to mask her rage with a fake smile, but a hint must have still slipped through. Damn that bastard Stan, of course he’d remarried some South American bimbo, and she would bet that “Mia” was years younger and more than happy to indulge Stan’s secret little fetishes that had led to their breakup. Julia was fuming as she followed Mia into the house that had once been hers and into the dining room where two plates with salad were laid out along with two glasses of wine.

“Tommy thought that giving us some time alone kartal escort to begin with might help us to get to know each other a little better,” Mia offered as she gestured Julia to her seat.

I already know enough about this bitch, Julia thought to herself as she sat, but at least there was a full glass of wine to get her through the upcoming banality of pretending to make nice. She took a long slow sip, and waited for Mia to make the first move.

The small talk was predictably awful, but as the lunch dragged on Julia found she had a harder and harder time focusing on what was being said. She felt a little buzzed from the wine, but she was also having a hard time keeping herself from fantasizing over Mia’s body. Julia didn’t usually swing that way (apart from some brief experimentation in college), but there was something magnetic about Mia’s exotic beauty that sent shivers down her spine and straight between her legs. There was a growing predatory gleam in Mia’s eyes that would normally have set alarms blaring in Julia’s mind, but as she surrendered to the blanket of fuzzy horniness engulfing her, all she could do was daydream about their lips meeting for a slow, sensuous kiss.

She was confused when her daydreams came to life, as Mia leaned across the table, pulled Julia’s face close to her own, and kissed her passionately. Julia felt she must have truly been dreaming, and when Mia pulled away and told her to sleep, she drifted quickly into unconscious oblivion.

Julia woke up groggily, but quickly snapped to full awareness when she realized two critical facts: she was naked, and she was bound. She had no more idea of where her clothes had gone than she did of how she’d gotten here, or of what kind of device she was strapped to. Her wrists, knees, and ankles were all tightly secured to the base, keeping her in a doggy-style pose. A broad leather cushion under her abdomen helped to support her, but it didn’t extend up to her breasts, which dangled freely. As Julia struggled to process her strange situation, she looked up and saw Mia staring down at her from her perch on a chair.

She still carried a glass of wine in her hand, but gone was her bikini and sarong from before. In their place was a black leather corset that prominently displayed her chest and a matching pair of thigh-high boots. Mia’s self-assured smile only added to Julia’s rapidly growing rage.

“What the fuck did you do to me, you bitch!”

“Nothing yet,” Mia responded with an infuriating calm as she swirled her glass of wine, “but apparently an older woman like you just can’t handle a glass of wine any more.”

“Like hell, you drugged me! What is this, another one of Stan’s sick little sex games? Well the two of you can fuck right off, I’m done with him.”

“No, this has nothing to do with Stan, but we don’t need him around to have a good time, now do we?”

Mia stood as she spoke and as she did her 8-inch cock sprang free from between her legs, pointed straight at Julia’s mouth as she advanced.

“I knew it!” Julia shouted as she struggled to pull back, “I knew you had to be some kind of fucking freak, playing out all of Stan’s dirty fantasies.”

Mia clucked her tongue and shook her head. “If you’re going say rude things, we’ll have to find something else for your mouth to do.”

Julia tried to fight it, but Mia easily slipped an O-ring style gag into place and fastened it securely behind her head. Unable to resist, Julia became acutely aware of the fact that her earlier arousal had not faded, and that she now had a massive juicy cock inches away from her face. As she breathed in Mia’s intoxicating aroma, she felt herself getting even wetter. By the time Mia brushed the tip of her cock against Julia’s lips, she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to fight back.

Then it began. Mia slid her full length straight into Julia’s gaping mouth and down her throat. Julia was no stranger to deep-throating, and readily relaxed her neck muscles and timed quick breaths through her nose with Mia’s pounding thrusts. Saliva began to drip from the corners of Julia’s mouth, but more embarrassing was the dripping juices running down her thighs. She hated to admit it to herself, but this was turning her on. She was being forced to submit to exactly the kind of kinky shit she’d left Stan over, at the hands of his freak new wife nonetheless, and in spite of her rage her body was betraying her.

By the time Mia climaxed, sending shuddering bursts of cum blasting down her throat, Julia had moved from anger, to acceptance, to begrudging enjoyment. This was all so wrong and so humiliating, but that only added to how hot it all felt, and even Julia had to admit that Mia was irresistibly sexy. But when Mia pulled her still twitching cock out of Julia’s mouth and removed her gag, the anger surged back in full force with the realization of what had just happened.

“You fucking pervert, who do you think kurtköy escort you are?”

“I’m Mistress Mia, and I will be re-educating you to show me proper respect.”

“The fuck you will, Stan might play along with your sick games, but Tommy won’t.” Julia raised her voice, straining to yell as loudly as she could, “Tommy! TOMMY!”

But Mia just smiled down at Julia, as if it were all a joke, but only she knew the punchline. “Tommy,” she said cooly, “you may come in now.”

Julia’s look of confusion devolved into abject horror when she heard someone come crawling on all fours into the room, then saw him come into view. It was Tommy, completely naked except for a black leather collar and some kind of steel cage around his cock and balls. Julia struggled to process what she was seeing as he crawled up to Mia with his head hung low, seemingly deaf to her cries for aid.

“What do you think Tommy,” Mia asked with a wicked grin, “should we show your poor mother what kind of slut you are?”

Tommy said nothing in response, but looked up to give Julia a brief apologetic look of shame before turning away from Mia and raising his ass in the air. Shock crystallized in Julia’s mind, paralyzed her as she watched Mia mount Timmy and sink her impressive tool right into his waiting ass. Mia locked eyes with Julia, staring her down as she pounded her son from behind. It was clear that this wasn’t the first time they had done this, and it was equally clear from the look on Tommy’s face that as wracked with guilt as he was, he was still enjoying the ride. He moaned with pleasure as Mia ravaged him without pause, despite his obvious reservations, he was too far under her sway to do anything but submit to his stepmother’s lewd domination.

When Mia finished, pumping her second load in the past few minutes into Tommy’s ass, Julia was still speechless, watching numbly as drips of cum oozed from her son’s caged manhood.

“What, nothing else to say now that you’ve seen our happy family?” Mia taunted. “Well you’ll be seeing plenty more of Tommy, he’ll be helping me in your re-education.”

Tommy didn’t say a word as he helped Mia complete her devious setup for his mother. They set up machine behind her with two pistons, each topped with a dildo, inserting the larger one into Julia’s dripping pussy and the slightly smaller one into her ass. When the machine turned on, the pistons pumped in and out in sync, alternately filling each of Julia’s holes. Next they fastened a Hitachi wand vibrator between her legs, ensuring it would remain pressed against her clit no matter how she squirmed. A big screen in front of Julia was set up to play a continuous loop of many of Mia and Tommy’s sexual liasons, which Mia had made and kept just in case she ever needed extra leverage. The final touch was an electronic shock collar around Julia’s neck. It was programmed to deliver increasingly powerful shocks anytime it sensed that Julia had closed her eyes or looked away from the screen.

Only near the end did Julia snap out of her stupor enough to say anything. She begged Tommy to stop this, to let her out, but he only looked back at her sadly, shook his head, and said, “I have to be a good boy for Mistress Mia.”

Left alone in the basement, Julia tried to make sense of her situation as best she could while getting fucked in both holes and being forced to watch porn featuring her son and his dominant shemale stepmother. It was all so strange, so far from the bounds of normal life that she couldn’t even begin to fathom it. And her own rising excitement made it difficult to focus. In spite of how wrong everything was, it was hard to fight back her body’s physical response. She loved sucking cock, the bigger, the better, and Mia’s had definitely fit that bill. And with her pump primed as it were by her blowjob, the dildos and vibrator mercilessly assaulting her nether regions were forcing her into ecstacy. She tried to close her eyes and focus on the physical sensations, but the escalating shocks from her collar soon became unbearable, forcing her to open her eyes and watch the video of Tommy sucking Mia’s cock outside by the pool. In her state and being a devoted cocksucker, Julia couldn’t help but feel a thrill as she watched Tommy cradle Mia’s balls while jacking her off directly into his mouth. The memory of the rich taste of Mia’s cum was seared into Julia’s memory, and at the thought of it she was pushed over the edge into a series of explosive, body shaking orgasm. But the machines and the screen didn’t stop when she came down from her organic high, and Julia soon began to cry as she realized how powerless she was.

The passage of time lost all meaning for Julia over the course of the next week. She was mostly alone in the basement with only the ever present whir of the pumping dildo machine, the buzz of the vibrating wand, and the carnal sounds of Mia and Tommy’s seemingly endless sexcapades to keep her maltepe escort company. She’d tried screaming and yelling for help at first, but she quickly realized that there was no one to hear her. Periodically Mia or Tommy would check in on her to add more lube to her dildos, or adjust her vibrator to be in firm contact with her tender clit. The first time Tommy had come in alone Julia had tried again to beg him to rescue her, but in spite of the pained look on his face he didn’t even acknowledge her pleas.

In the beginning Julia had also begged for food, but it soon became clear that her only sustenance would be what she sucked from Mia’s cock. The first couple of days she’d made a token display of resistance, and Mia had used the O-ring gag to ensure Julia’s compliance, but as Julia’s resolve weakened, her lack of resistance became apparent, and Mia felt confident enough to fuck Julia’s face without any such protection.

The degredation of Julia’s mental state was shockingly rapid. The combination of sleep deprivation, hunger, and the humiliation of being forced to watch her own son getting fucked by his shemale stepmother would have been potent enough on their own, but the ultimate ingredient in Julia’s rapid decline was her constant state of sex-fueled haziness.

Although she’d often fantasized about it, Julia had never really indulged in her love of sex for its own sake, always using it as a tool to control the men around her. But now, strapped down and fucked non stop by a pair of dildos and a vibrator, Julia’s long repressed inner slut was unleashed with a vengeance. She tried to resist, but the constant stimulation pushed her into a state of nearly perpetual orgasmic bliss. Constant surges of hormones overwrote her brains inner circuitry, making it easier and easier to slip into mindless pleasure. The only time she slipped out of her high was when she had moments of painful clarity about what was happening to her and her son, and so she gradually trained herself subconsciously to not even think about it, and to focus only on the unending waves of pleasure coursing through her.

After a week, Mia was satisfied that Julia was ready to be forever broken to her will. When Julia saw Mia come into the basement, she reflexively opened her mouth and began salivating. She tried to hide it, but she was secretly eager for her regular feeding. Mia’s cum was so delicious, and she was honored to feast on a cock so strong and beautiful. But Mia didn’t go straight to Julia’s head as usual, but instead stopped off to her side and shut down the machine that had been pumping twin dildos in and out of Julia’s ads and pussy nonstop for days on end. Mia pulled them both out, leaving Julia feeling strangely empty, then quickly popped a large plug into her ass, filling at least one of her holes back up. Julia wondered with a surge of lustful hope if Mia was finally going to bury her beautiful cock in her dripping pussy, but instead Mia walked quietly around to Julia’s head, leaving her desperately unsatisfied. That was when Tommy walked in and Julia’s jaw dropped.

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw that for the first time Tommy’s cock was freed from its chastity cage, standing straight out and clearly ready to go to work. In her addled state, Julia couldn’t help but bite her lip as she reflexively began to fantasize about what she could do with that big piece of man-meat. She caught herself, realizing that she was staring at her own son, but she couldn’t wholly erase the urge from her mind, and she was starting to think that it would be easier to forget and to return to a state of mindless passion.

Tommy walked up being Julia and paused, waiting for his signal from Mia. As Julia looked up at Mia for some hint of what she was planning, Mia nodded, and Tommy plunged his manhood fully into Julia.

Julia’s eyes rolled back in her head as she gasped in pleasure. The steady pumping of the dildo machine had kept her at a steady level of sexual excitement, but the raw and ragged fucking she was now receiving was another matter entirely. His body slammed into hers with every frantic thrust, sending shaking quivers down her spine. In her endless torment she’d longed for a real cock to fuck her as only the real thing could, but now that she had one, it was her son’s. Julia longed to let herself slip into the abyss of pleasure, to shut off her mind’s objections and pay heed only to the waves of pleasure coursing through her as Tommy plowed her pussy, but hesitated knowing that if she crossed that bridge there would be no going back. Then she felt Mia’s hand on her chin, lifting her face upwards. She opened her eyes, first staring at Mia’s perfect cock, then tracing her way up Mia’s wide curves and full breasts, all the way to her face.

“I am your Mistress,” Mia began, “I chose when you feel pleasure, and when you feel pain.”

At Mia’s signal Tommy pulled out of Julia and began spanking her ass, hard. Julia cried out, first from the loss of the cock she’d been riding, then from the stinging slaps Tommy delivered. Mia waved to Tommy and he stopped, the resumed fucking Julia with redoubled intensity.

“Surrender to me, give in to the pleasures I offer, and there will be no more pain. I will allow you to serve, just as your son, taking your rewards from my body.”

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