Mandingo Night: BBC Fuck Factory Pt. 02


Interracial – Big Black Cock slut army

White girls are trained to fuck big black cocks

Author’s notes: Warning! This is an interracial story. If you need to give a lecture about faithfulness or STDs, give it to your own wife. Also, the premise of this story accepts reincarnation and karma as fact. If this offends your religious sensibilities, move along. Finally, people were just crueler 200 years ago, its a historical fact, get over it. This hopefully will be hot enough to be a Whack off story for the people who like these themes, as it does have a lot of sex in it. For those who don’t like these themes please move along. Constructive comments are appreciated, hate speech will be deleted.

If you have not read “Mandingo Night”, “Mandingo Night: BBC Blowjob Rebellion”, and “Mandingo Night: BBC Fuck Factory Part 1” you probably will not have as much fun reading this story.


This story is about a pair of pair of souls, trapped in the karma they created with each other: Leigh Samuels is a big titted blonde who was Lee Smith, Cayla Daniels is a tight bodied dark haired walking wet dream who was Cain Dalbert; both of them plantation owners in their former lives who used their slaves as they saw fit. Dashaun is a big black man who was Danisha, Marcus is a smaller, sleeker black man with a longer cock who was Mishana; both of them were the slaves of the plantation owners in their former lives. Also Tony was Thomas, once upon a time, and he remains a meddling cousin. Today’s lesson is about where you do unto others.

Toneeyah goes to the members area, but her locker is empty and locked with a key lock – not the way things are done around here at all! She hustles back to the Smiths locker room, finding it is standing room only – filled with naked, nervous women, and the smell of hot pussy is overwhelming. It takes her a while to find her locker, down in the far bottom right corner, the lowest place possible. It has a glossy picture of her, Leigh between her legs, dripping cum from her sweet blonde pussy, as Elmore’s huge cock reaches bottom in Toneeyah and her nipples are so stiff it looks like they will burst. But the true gift of the 5×7 photo is her perfect face, caught at the beginning of her cunt scream. She puts it in her locker, seeing her Brooks Brothers suit still there, and knows everything is right with the world. Another part of her sandcastle washed away, and she doesn’t miss it at all.

Entering the fuck room she sees members lined up on each wall, massage tables in front of them, and a row of around a dozen plush chairs in front of the window. The curtain is still closed, but four other Smiths are lined up on the mats between her and Cayla, Leigh obviously got there first. ‘So eager, that beaver’ she thinks to herself. She does the now standard presentation, stands, and waits for Donna to efficiently process the rest of the Monday night Smiths. Carl comes in and talks with Elmore, they speak softly and quietly up front, in which Carl does a lot of nodding and shaking of his head, smiling the whole time. Carl walks halfway back, to where he is just between the chairs and the Smiths, then loudly says “Smith Toneeyah, present kneeling and suck my cock.” She sashays over, doing her best to copy what Mandy had done in front of her that morning. Rubbing her legs with her hands as she spreads them, her milk chocolate thighs in stark contrast to Carl’s coal black skin, slowly draws her hands up her thighs. She opens her pussy for his intent gaze, teasing her clit just a moment longer than Mandy had, then spreading her fingers wide she caresses her bush, slowly drawing them up over her stomach to her firm breasts, yanking hard and pinching her nipples. Finally kneeling, she takes his half hard coal black mambo between her petite ruby red lips. One hand goes to work on his shaft, the other a blur on her own pussy, as she figures she better be wet. As a Smith, he can use her however he pleases, something to remember in how she treats others, she notes and files for later. With his big black cock up there in Elmore size territory, she figures she better be wet for whatever is coming, and she has no idea how soon. She teases him, sucking him slowly, clearly wanting to take her time with him. This is no two minute drill, it is the all day sucker she had commanded Mandy to perform. Mandy really did do a great job of that after Toneeyah threatened to whip her, Larry had certainly fallen in love with her, just like Toneeyah is falling in love with Carl’s huge snake. His knob has a deeper ridge around the edge than Elmore’s, and delighted at exploring this new toy, she starts speeding up her oral caresses.

Speaking softly as she sucks his cock Carl tells her “Oh, God Sweet Jesus! I must have been a very good boy to have your perfect face on the tip of my cock. Don’t try to take any more, just know I am eternally grateful for this moment… Oh God, I think I want to have Elmore’s baby right now… That’s didn’t come out quite the way it sounded in my head. Oh, damn, you are doing that corkscrew mop wringer thing. Fuck! Slow xnxx up, I need to talk to you. That’s it baby, suck me slow. I may never wank my crank again without spanking it to this memory. All right, Elmore says we have kind of a special situation. You were there for last night, and he wants the blowjob room run precisely the same way. I’m not exactly leadership material, plus I wasn’t there. So he gave me this option to give to you. You can be a Smith for the rest of the night, and God knows what I might do to you. He will then find another way to make this work. Or, and I think this is the option he really wants, you become Teacher again for the rest of the night and use what you learned last night to really make the blowjob hum. I of course would have to serve your every whim. God, you’re not gonna like stick things up my ass, you guys didn’t do that, right? Spank my left cheek for yes if you did it, right cheek for no if you didn’t. Good, I like that answer. So final answer, do you want to go back to being teacher for tonight? Spank yes or no and leave your hand in place for Elmore to see it. Good, I like that answer.”

“Smith Toneeyah, your blowjob skills are insufficient to make me cum. Follow me back to be re-educated.” Carl says loudly, as she kneels again in parade rest, then stands and follows him out into the hall. Once out in the hall, she says, “Carl, stop. Kneel. Lick my nappy dugout while I talk to you. I’m going to fuck you and suck you all night tonight Carl. Oh, that’s good pussy licking. You’re a good boy. But I have to warn you about something. There is a little trick my momma showed me at her whorehouse, for tricks who want to take too much time before they come. If you don’t cum quickly for me tonight Carl, you’re going to find out all about momma’s little trick. All I will say is it involves my thumbs and your ass. God knows what I might do to you. Now follow me to the blowjob room, honey, where I can get an audience while sucking off your magical big black cock.” Toneeyah giggles all the way down the hall, towing Carl by his big black magical cock.

Elmore turns to size up the fuck room. Wall to wall Smiths, two deep. Two walls of bulls. A curtain that had just opened. One hundred and fifty hot horny women, joined by as close to a hundred and fifty members as they could muster, the limit decreed by the fire marshal. Those women need to see their deepest desires brought to life on his side of the window, unable to do little more than rub off while they watch. Playtime!

Elmore wonders how Toneeyah is doing in the blowjob theater to his right, or how Denali is doing in the assfucking theater to his left. Far to the left Kitten is running the group room tonight. All very capable teachers, all at the top of their game. Time to give his audience something to see.

“Smiths, attend! Front row starting with Leigh, move to be directly across a massage table from the bull closest to the window, who does not have a Smith across from him. You will lay face down on the table. In the middle. You will roll onto your back. You will drop your head off the edge of the table to make a straight line down your throat for his cock. You will beg your bull to suck his cock. You will make it sound sweet, hot, and inviting, or dirty enough to get him interested, whatever works. Then you will suck as much of his cock down your throat as you can. You will not laugh at his balls bouncing on your forehead.” Elmore pauses to glare at his Smiths.

“These men are well hung. You will no doubt trigger a gag reflex. You must learn to push through it, and breathe through your nose. If you cannot breathe through your nose, one will be provided for you. Good girl Stacy, we are here to laugh and have fun together, this isn’t a chore like fucking that small cocked husband of yours. If you can reach getting that nose all the way to his balls, raise your left hand until I see you and call out your name. Then return to sucking him off, in slow, loving strokes. You can begin using your hands on him then. Do your best to make him come as quickly as possible while as deep as possible in your throat. Then raise your right hand until I see you and call out your name.” Elmore teases his flock of recruits.

“Bulls, when you have cum, raise your right hand. You will then move to an open chair on my left. If there are no open chairs, then you will stand behind a chair until it becomes open. Smiths, you will go to the chair closest to where I am standing right now, on the right side. You will wait for a bull to arrive. When a bull arrives, you will mount him, facing the window, so that all your friends and neighbors can see that you are a slut for any big black cock. You will take his cock all the way to the balls, if you cannot do so in a couple of strokes, you will raise both your hands. Smiths, if you are standing and waiting for a bull, and one of your fellow Smiths is already riding one? What do you do? Right again Stacy, you HELP HER OUT BY LICKING HER OUT. When he cums inside her, clean them off, and you get the next bull in that chair. Pretty simple, two Smiths, bakire porno one bull, make him cum.” Elmore explains.

“Bulls, when you have cum, if there are any Smiths on a massage table, you may fuck her or have her suck you off. Smiths, after you have made your bull cum in a chair, you get to go back to the massage table and take a nice little cocksucking nap, which as it turns out, leaves your pussy exposed for a big black cock to fill. Two bulls, one Smith, everybody is happy. Let’s begin.” Elmore encourages everyone.

Leigh moves to the massage table, lays down on it, rolls over on her back, and starts her seduction. “Hey there! You have a lovely big black cock. Oh, baby, makes my mouth water and my pussy wet just looking at it. Could I please suck it? If I make you cum in my throat, will you save yourself for me and fuck me too? I couldn’t stand a cock that doesn’t measure up to yours…mfph!” she says as she rubs her clit, ending up closing her eyes so the arrival of the cock in her mouth is a little bit of a surprise. But she relaxes her throat and slides him down to the balls, then forgets which hand she is supposed to raise. So she guesses and raises her left hand, gliding down the shaft of a nine or ten inch cock until she hits bottom again. “That’s it. Balls deep baby. Suck that cock like you know you want to, baby.” he encourages her. He has a thick knob, less of a shaft, and she enjoys having him in her throat. Remembering she is going to be fucked soon, she resumes rubbing her clit with her left hand, as her right hand fondles his balls. He has pretty good sized ones, in a fuzzy nut sack, which she gets a real close up view of as it bounces on her forehead. She wants to make him sweat and lick the sweat off his balls, if they have time.

“I see you Smith Leigh!” Elmore calls out proudly. Leigh swallows along the length, a little trick Cayla taught her after cheerleading practice years ago, as his hands find her nipples and start teasing them. He is very gentle and she wants to swallow his cum, not even knowing his name. Freed to make him cum, she pulls him almost all the way out so her tongue can get to the tip of his knob, taste the pre-cum, then deep throat him completely again.

Leigh starts working on the two minute drills, using her tongue on the balls, not finding any sweat yet, her hands on the exposed shaft, then playing with the flat ridge of his mushroom cockhead in her mouth, working her way back down. He tweaks her nipples harder, then really hard as she speeds up, forcing her to slow down without even saying anything. She finally plants her nails on his firm ass cheeks and starts digging in, forcing him forward, forcing him to fuck her mouth faster, forcing him to cum, bouncing balls be damned. Spurt after spurt vanishes down her throat, as he says “Damn! You’ve got MAD skills baby!” They raise their right arms until Elmore calls out “Good job, Smith Leigh!”

When she gets to the chairs, she sees Cayla in first position, and she is all the way down in fifth. There are still a couple of chairs between hers and the ones occupied by bulls. Then her bull arrives. He has a longer, meatier cock, which she easily takes balls deep in a single stroke, after the massive fuckstick Elmore plunged into her last night three different times, finally leaving who knows how much cum still dripping from her womb tonight. She raises her left arm, signaling he is inside her. After a moment, she realizes this same bull probably fucked her last night too, just like the rest of them. Last night she became a black cock gangbang slut, and she is never going back. Leigh loves reverse cowgirl, and she starts rubbing her hips forward and backwards. She begins flicking her clit with her free hand, while waiting for Elmore to acknowledge her. Her bull caresses her full breasts, spinning his fingertips on the tips of her nipples, sending ripples of pleasure up and down her spine. Elmore calls out “I see you balls deep Smith Leigh”, and she cums, as if Elmore gave her permission. She knows Dashaun is here somewhere, being sucked, being fucked by other women. She wants to go to him, share this, share her mouth on their joining like she shared with Toneeyah and Elmore last night, and she is cumming again. The waves get shorter between peaks, and soon her bull is climaxing inside her. They raise their arms and Elmore calls out “I see you Smith Leigh!”

She stands up, bends over, and deep throats his cock clean. The learning for her is over now, she thinks. Time for a nice blowjob nap, where she can have some fun.

Cayla drew the short straw, she thinks to herself. Only about eight inches, not much of a challenge for her. She ripples her throat, swallowing his cock to “I see you Smith Cayla”, quickly followed by another “Good job, Smith Cayla!”. Not long, not long lasting, although to be honest, he is almost twice the size of her previous white boyfriends. Perhaps he would be cumming all night long, while the others have no jism left. His big balls say that is true. She is sad she doesn’t get to taste his bedava porno cum, having completely bypassed her taste buds being down her throat and all. She is surprised to find she is the first one done. She sees Leigh stand several chairs away, and is shocked, because she always thinks Leigh will be right next to her, she is every bit as good in bed. Maybe her bull was a flop, she guesses, or more likely, she just enjoyed it and drew it out as long as she could, the slut. Leigh starts fucking her new guy in the chair and then a familiar voice says “Hello, beautiful.”

Dashaun! She practically throws him into the chair and slides his full length into her, raising her left hand, turning back to kiss him as his hands find her nipples then start tweaking them – hard! Her hips are thrusting along the full length of his glorious foot long big black shaft and she is chanting “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” over and over as the climaxes roll through her. Leigh walks past, looking at her like she has betrayed her. ‘You Fucking Slut, grabbing my bull!’ she can practically hear Leigh’s thoughts. Cayla clenches down on Dashaun as she knows every one of these bulls has already fucked both of them, even Marcus, but she couldn’t remember exactly when. She is a black cock gangbang slut, in public, even if she can’t remember who did what to whom when. Her orgasms blast through her, rippling her hips, clenching her cunt walls, so Cayla has no time for social niceties. She is getting fucked by a cock she knows and loves and she is in heaven.

It is said that a stiff cock has no conscience, nor does a wet cunt, much less the two of them together. That is certainly true for Cayla right then. “Fuck all of us sluts with every one of your big black cocks, and thank you so very much for fucking me Dashaun!” she screams at the top of her lungs as they climax together, spurt after spurt of thick cum boiling out of his thrusting hips deep inside of her, in her spunk collection. Her hips keep on thrusting, she doesn’t want this ride to be over and her climaxes keep cumming, telling her that it isn’t. But Dashaun lifts her right arm with his, even as his left arm tweaks her nipples hard, keeping the roller coaster going until Elmore sees them and the roller coaster ride of orgasms is finally over. She stands up, deep throats his cock clean, then licks his balls, finally finding the sweet sweat she craved earlier, mixed with blobs of cum and her own juices. When he at last has no visible traces of her fucking him, she heads off for the massage tables.

Leigh is on the massage table, slowly sucking a nice nine inch cock, which by her new standards after experiencing Mandingo Night, is somewhat small, but nice and thick. Then something is being pushed into her, that makes her pussy wet instantly. It stretches the walls of her cunt and she wants to see, but can’t. She is still impaled on the spike in her throat, as the huge cock keeps going and going deeper into her. She is squirming and humping and whining, but it does not stop, does not slow down. It owns her now, fully and completely. Finally it stops, and she wants to thank whoever is driving it. Then it is pulling out of her, leaving her so very, very empty, as she tries to dig her heels into his ass to stop him.

His huge tip stops at the entrance to her cunt, and she tries to beg him to fuck her, but the cock in her throat – the bastard is laughing at her and she almost bites him it makes her so mad. Then it happens. The massive fuckstick slams into her, all the way in, and it hasn’t been all the way in yet before now she realizes. She sees stars. Her pussy ripples in ecstasy while her hips twitch violently and her legs try to drive it even deeper into herself as she begins wailing around the meat in her mouth. Time seems to stop for her. The massive tool gives her no quarter, dragging her cunt walls with it wherever it goes: all the way in, all the way out, half in, half out, three quarters in, three quarters out; then in patterns her mind can no longer make sense of, as she fades from existence, replaced by a twitching orgasmic blob. Let Cayla have her true bull, she has hers. Elmore is fucking her as she has never been fucked before. She shared the threesome with Elmore last night, and tonight here he is in another, fucking her senseless with well hung man after man climaxing in her throat. Elmore makes her eat cunt for him. ‘Elmore never made Cayla eat cunt for him’, she thinks, forgetting completely about last night. Elmore fucks her. ‘Elmore never fucked Cayla’, she thinks, again forgetting completely about last night. Elmore loves her with his magical cock!

Elmore fucks her hard. He is so very happy she’s given herself to them, and they are going to fuck her well and truly, for the rest of her life. Not as tight as Toneeyah, but he has never been in a cunt as tight as Toneeyah. Leigh is a bit too obsessed with Cayla, they are like jealous lovers and he will have to fix that. Maybe a weekend with Carl, fucking the two of them together while they let out their lezzie love and collect fresh blobs of man love to lick out. Then he notices she is snoring. Three or four guys have cum down her throat since he arrived, and she was cumming hard the entire time. Finally passed out. Good girl. Sweet dreams. He left to find Stacy and thank her for being a good girl too.

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