It had been an OK party so far.

I was in Los Angeles for the week, enjoying spending some time with my cousin. While Paul and I were not real close, he was good for a free place to stay. So when he got invited to a party I was naturally invited also.

So here I was, in a town 2,000 miles from home on a Friday night, drinking beer with people I did not even know. What a dull way to spend the night. Well, at least there was a keg for me to pull from.

Most of the people here were kids. 16, 17, maybe 18 years old. There were a few around my age (25), but those that were female were either butt ugly, or with their boyfriends or husbands. But I did go ahead and dance with a few of the girls. One of them was a hot little thing, with titties that were obviously unencumbered by a bra because of the way they bounced all over when we danced. But she was probably no more then 17, and 3-6 years for pussy is not my idea of a good time.

After we finished, I went to the bathroom, and then decided it was time to go outside for a little breather. Los Angeles in April is fairly mild, so I did not need a jacket. Only 65 outside, a far change from the 20 and 6″ of snow that we had back in Albuquerque. I was wearing a light jacket, more for the damp breeze then the actual cold. Compared to what I had been used to, this was practically a summer heat wave.

I went over to the far corner of the backyard, enjoying the cool night air, and looking up at the stars. Not that I could see many through all the light. But they were there. And it kept me from having to actually look at the couple pressed against the wall near the entrance, groping each other in the darkness. Well, at least somebody is getting lucky tonight.

I was about to sit at the patio table when I suddenly saw a flare of light a few feet away. I looked, and saw a young girl lighting a cigarette.

“Oh, excuse me, I did not see you there” I said.

A soft chuckle sounded through the muted sound of the DJ playing in the house. “It’s ok. I came out here to get some fresh air. You are more then welcome to join me if you wish.”

I smiled and took a seat, trying to see exactly who I was talking to. “My name is Mandy” she said. My eyes were finally adjusting to the darkness, and while she was a pretty little thing, I realized that she was far to young for me.

I had noticed her hanging out near the DJ off and on throughout the night. Barely 5 feet tall, with probably the longest hair I had ever seen. I had looked at her off and on throughout the night though. She was wearing a black dress which fit nicely on her. While on a normal gal it probably would have reached mid-thigh, it fell below her knees because of her short stature. And the glasses she wore gave her a big-eyed innocent look. She embodied the phrase “Sweet 16 and never been kissed” if I had ever seen it.

I introduced myself, and she said “Oh yea, you’re Paul’s cousin. He told me you were gonna be here this week. What do you think of LA so far?”

We then started to talk about my visit, and all the places I had been so far. I had done some of the usual tourist things. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and a few other places.

“Yea, The Whiskey is pretty good, if you can stand all the punks and jerks there. I prefer some of the more quiet clubs myself. That one is just to “hip” for my taste.”

I took a closer look at her after she said that. “How long have you known Paul?” I asked, wondering how old this girl really was. I found it hard to believe that she had been to The Whiskey if she was 16 as I thought she was.

She laughed, and replied “Oh, I have known Paul since he was a Sophomore. We dated for a little bit, but he was just to immature for me at the time, so we both kinda moved on. But we are still friends.”

Well, I knew Paul was 21, so she must be around the same age. I took a closer look, and she again gave that sweet laugh. In addition to her hair and eyes, she had the most stunning smile I had ever seen. “Let me guess… I know exactly what you are thinking.”

“Oh really? And what do I get if you are wrong?”

Another chuckle. “If you are wrong, I will go and bring you another drink. And if I win, you have to go get me a drink. Deal?”

“You’re on.” I said. I figured that if nothing else, I could use another drink.

“Well, I bet that you are wondering how old I really am. Right?”

All I could do is shake my head. “Yep, you got me there. I have to admit, I find it hard to believe that you are over 21. Tell ya what, how about double or nothing? Let me try to answer something this time.”

“OK champ, you’re on. Tell me, how old am I?”

OK, she had said that her and Paul had dated when he was a sophomore. Since that implied she was older, I assume she is 22. “22” I said, with a grin on my face.

“Nope, sorry. Wrong again. If ya wanna know, I’m 23.”

Woah, no way! “Really? You’re 23!?! Wow, I could never have guessed even close, if I had not known Paul’s age. But I bet you get questioned a lot.”

“You know it! It is hard for me to get into a new club at first, because they all think my ID is fake. I have often had to show my drivers license, ID card, work ID, and credit cards just to get into a bar or club. Now about that drink…”

I knew when I had been beat. I stood up and bowed, saying “Yes my lady, and what shall I get thee, a cup of ale?”

“Naw, I think I have had enough beer for the night. How about a wine cooler? Since you are playing fetch boy for me tonight, the least I can do is provide the alcohol. In the fridge in a paper bag is a 4 pack of wine coolers. Feel free to grab yourself one if you like.”

I bowed, and went to do just that. While I ran the little errand, I started to think that maybe this party might not be so bad after all. And hot damn, she was 23! I took a quick peek into an upper cabinet, and was rewarded with wine glasses. I opened one wine cooler, and poured it into both glasses, putting a second bottle in my jacket pocket, and returning to the backyard.

I could see the whiteness of her teeth in the darkness when she saw the wine glasses. I could feel the reaction on my own face (and in another place) when I saw that. “That is a smile I would do anything for” I told myself as I sat down, this time on the patio loveseat next to her chair.

“What shall we drink to?” I asked.

“Hmmmm, how about new friends?”

“Agreed” I said, looking into her eyes as we touched rims and each took a sip. Not a big wine cooler person normally, I have to admit, this did seem to be the right drink for the occasion. And this was much better then most of the “wine soda” that I have had in the past.

We quietly talked, and she told me about her and Paul. It seemed that they were each other’s first serious relationship. They had dated for about 7 months, until Paul’s interest in his Nintendo started to take more precedence then she did. All I could do at that is shake my head. I knew my cousin had a few screws loose, but to give up this girl (no, lady now, no matter how she looks) for a video game was insane.

“I guess that after the first few times, he just took it all for granted. So we both went our separate ways. But we became friends again after some time. Is why I knew he was looking forward to your visit.”

I shook my head and said “Wow, my cousin is a real fool. To choose a game over you? Did you say he was your first?”

Mandy nodded. “Well, not really. I had been with a couple of guys before him, but I was his first. But after about 3 months, I guess he thought I was only there for him when he needed some. That got a little tiring, so I decided to move on. Besides, at that time I was a serious smoker, and Paul always had a good stash of grass.”

I nodded at that comment. “Yea, he still does. I don’t use it myself, but he probably has a hit every day or so I think.”

“Yea, that figures. I am clean 3 years myself” and she knocked on the wooden patio table in front of us.

“Wow, that is good. I never got much out of the stuff myself. But I think it is great that you stopped. Now if the two of us can get together, maybe we can get Paul to knock the shit off.”

“Yea, I wish. I have been trying for years. I gave up trying. But at least all he uses is grass. Will you excuse me for a moment? I have to go use the ladies room.”

“Of course” I answered, and am proud that I remembered to stand up when she did. The smile she rewarded me with told me that the gesture was appreciated, and she told me she would be right back.

I was treated with the sight of her hips swaying, silhouetted by the light coming from the patio door as she walked back into the house. Damn, but this girl has a body! Not being a real big “tit man” myself, her small dimensions there (maybe a B cup) did not disappoint me to much. But her nice hips and tight bottom was a thing of beauty. And the 3″ heels she wore added just the right amount of sway to those hips.

I topped off our glasses again, killing the last of the two bottles I had brought along. I was just starting to wonder where she was when she came back into view. Her long hair blew slightly to her side as she walked back, and I could see that she had another wine cooler in her hand.

“I thought we were about out, so I went ahead and grabbed another one. I hope you do not mind.”

I stood again as she got closer, saying “Not at all, I had just finished the last bottle refilling our glasses.”

Mandy smiled, and this time took a seat next to me, instead of in the chair she had been using. I sat down again, and handed her glass back. She took a sip, then turned slightly in her seat to look at me.

“I have to admit, is rare to meet a true gentleman nowadays. Do you always act so gallant?”

“Only when I am with a pretty girl” I admitted, winning yet another oh her laughs. I had to fight to look into her eyes, having a glimpse of her thighs because of the position she was now in.

“Thanks, is nice to hear that. So how much longer are you going to be in town?”

“Well, I plan on going home on Monday. I do not have to be back at work until Wednesday, so that gives me a full day to rest and take care of things before I have to go back. But I have to admit, am actually kinda sad to see it end now.”

“Oh? And why is that?” she asked, one eyebrow arching slightly as she pulled out another cigarette.

I pulled out my lighter and another smoke for myself, lighting them both before I responded. “Because I finally met somebody here that seems worth knowing, and now I have to leave her.” I tried to make that corny line sound as honest as I could, because it was true.

Mandy placed her hand free hand on top of mine, and told me she actually felt the same way. “To bad it is Paul that lives here, and not you. Any chance you will be coming back out here?”

I told her that my next vacation would be in the summer, and that I would try and make it back here if I could. But because of my work, that was sometimes hard to predict. But I did occasionally spend time on the road, and sometimes even came to LA for an overnight stop.

We then spent another half hour or so talking about our jobs, and a few other things. She actually made a pretty good amount of money for being only 23. But I found it amazing that somebody as pretty as her was single.

I am sure I could have seen a blush if there was enough light to see by. She seemed to exaggerate a shudder, and I asked if everything was ok, if I had said something wrong.

“Oh no, everything is ok. I am just getting a bit chilled here is all.” She wrapped her arms around herself, rubbing her arms to prove the point.

Being the gentleman that I am, I stood and removed my coat, gently pressing her forward on the shoulder so I could wrap it around her.

“Oh no, I can’t do that. Is not fair if you get cold…”

I told her it was , I was used to much colder temperatures then she was here in LA. I won another of those smiles and felt my blood race at it. Damn, but she could charm the gold fillings out of a miser with that smile.

I decided to take a chance, and sat back down, placing my arm along the back of the loveseat behind her back. Still smiling, Mandy turned so her back was diagonal to me, and leaned her back against my side, her hand resting on my thigh. Of course I did the natural thing, and moved my arm from the back of the seat to rest across her upper chest, resting on her outside shoulder.

“Hmmmmmmm, nice” she said softly, snuggling against me.

We continued to softly talk, cuddling like that. I have to admit, I had never felt so comfortable with a lady that I had just met. We were talking like old friends, and sharing things that I rarely shared with others.

Mandy shifted slightly, and arched her back, obviously uncomfortable being in that position for so long, so I removed my arm, letting her shift if she wished.

She turned her body so her feet were resting up on the seat (shoes on the ground I noticed), and I placed my arm across her back, giving her what support I could. I both expected, and yet was surprised at what happened next.

Somehow, we were just kissing. Not a passionate “I want you now” kiss, but a nice tender “I want to do this just because” kiss. I found my other hand reaching across her belly to rest on her waist at the same time her arms went around my neck. We broke and looked into each other’s eyes, then moved to kiss again.

I slowly lowered her back onto my legs, and I bent over to continue the kiss. Time seemed to stand still as we continued kissing. I let my hand caress gently along her waist.

I felt the warmth of her skin under the dress, and gently moved it up and down, just a few inches at a time. Mandy kept one hand behind my neck, the other one running through my hair, caressing the back of my neck, and softly touching the side of my face.

I was amazed. Somebody that was a total stranger an hour ago was now kissing me with great skill. Be both began to get caught up in the kiss. As I felt her fingernails scratch along my neck, I started to move my hand up and down more and more. I was now caressing her hip, feeling the swell out from her waist, and could almost feel her pelvic bone through her hip. This girl had no meat to spare on her body, but had just enough to give those curves a fully fleshed feeling. And as I ran my hand slightly higher up her side each time, I could feel her breathing deeper each time.

I was gently tracing her ribs against her side when I felt her shift slightly in my lap. Now it was obvious that I was getting a hard-on against her back. But I did not care, and she did not either. She rolled slightly towards me, and I moved from her lips to kissing the side of her neck.

Mandy moaned softly, as I kissed back along her jaw line, reaching her ear and gently nibbling on it. Her hands moved down to gently scratch my back, and I continued my kissing and gentle bites.

At the same time, I started to caress her side with my thumb. And I resumed my hands slow movement up and down her side, each time moving up slightly higher. I was not thinking as much of trying to cop a feel, as much as giving her a chance to stop me if I went to far.

But 10 minutes later, we were still kissing, and my thumb was now gently caressing the side of her soft breast. And her breathing had moved to almost quiet moans. This girl had a VERY sensitive neck! Mandy had moved almost on her side now, her face buried against my belly, and almost kissing me through my shirt. I was moving from her throat back to her neck, then kissing along her shoulder not covered by her dress, then back to her ear again.

I slowly moved my hand forward, waiting for her to pull it away. But if anything, she pressed herself tighter against my hand as it cupped her breast.

Oh my, but what breasts she had! It fit perfectly into the palm of my hand, and I could feel her nipple, hard through her bra, pressing into the palm of my hand. I moved back to her lips, kissing her deeply as I massaged and caressed her breast. With gentle massaging motions of my fingers, I could feel her moans into my mouth, her nipple seeming to grow even harder against my palm.

I slowly moved my hand across her chest, feeling her bra gently with my fingertips. I felt my breath catch as I felt the front clasp of her bra. I pulled the material together in the front, twisting it so that it would come open in my hand. I could feel her take a deeper breath as it came free in my hand.

I moved my hand slowly back to her breast, this time under the cup of her bra. I could feel her nipple against my palm now, very large and very hard. It felt so very big for such a small breast, on such a small girl. I could only compare it her own finger.

While Mandy had small hands, her nipple felt to be about the same size as the first part of her pinky. Very large around, and very long. I moved my hand down slowly, as our tongues dueled in our mouths.

I caressed her areola with my fingertips, tracing a circle around her distended nipple. I could feel the smooth skin around it, and even how it was crinkling up with excitement. I had only felt that when the gal I was with was VERY excited, so I knew that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

I continued to caress and play with her nipple, and felt her hand moving to the crotch of my jeans. I was glad now that I had decided to wear loose jeans, because it let her actually get a grip on my cock through the material.

I am not sure how long we were like that. It may have been 10 minutes, it may have been 2 hours. Time seemed to both stand still, and race by. I switched hands and breasts, letting my left hand rest under her neck and reach down the front of her dress, starting to caress her other breast as she rolled onto her back, arms going around my neck again.

As I moved to kiss her neck again, my hand started to caress her belly, moving slowly downward. I could feel how smooth and flat it was, actually making a small cave as I moved down. I found her navel, and played with it through the fabric of her dress.

Mandy moaned softly “I am not like this, but it feels so good, and so right, I don’t want to stop.”

I whispered softly into her ear that it was unusual for me also, but if she wanted me to stop, I would. “No” was all she said, and started to gently bite my ear at the same time my fingers started to caress her panties through her dress.

Mandy’s right leg bent up at the knee, pressing it against the back of the loveseat. As she did this, her left leg slid off of the seat as she set it on the ground. This was a silent request, and I wasted no time thinking about it. I kissed her deeper, slid my hand up her thigh, slowly feeling the soft smoothness that spoke of her shaving very recently. I waited for her to protest, ready to stop as soon as she let it be known I had moved up far enough. However, that soft “no” and restraining hand never came, not even when I reached the apex of her thighs and started to caress her through her panties.

We shared a low moan, each of us moaning into the mouth of the other. Her panties were silk, and she felt very… humid was the only way I can use to describe it. Hot, wet, and the desire was obvious as her hips rotated back, making her mound even more prominent. It took all the willpower I had not to just dig in and touch her everywhere.

It had been a long time since I had been this intimate with anybody. And while I wanted to do nothing more then toss her onto the grass behind us and fuck her silly, I also felt a kind of special attachment already. I knew even more as I gently slid my hand up to the top of her panties, and slipped it down under them.

I moaned deeply as she did, sucking on each other’s tongue as I slipped my fingers through her pubic hair. A small neat patch it felt like. I slowly caressed downwards, until I felt the very top of her cleft.

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