Manson, Woodstock, Moon landing/.I meet Katie


Manson, Woodstock, Moon landing/.I meet KatieIn the summer of 1969, I hitch-hiked from Laramie, Wyoming to Michigan. I needed to get away from the Air Force for a while. I went to visit my parents at their summer home on an island in Lake Huron. I went on a ” double date” with my younger brother and his soon to be bride and a sweet and earnest young Christian woman who was a counselor at the 4-H camp next to my parent’s “farm.” Katie and my mom were friends, and she was at their house a lot. My mom was often there by herself, and my dad was working in Detroit or Ottowa, and he would come up on weekends to putter around and get drunk. During the week, Katie was my mom’s friend and companion and helped her with all kinds of things. I was sitting all squeezed up to Katie in the back of my mom’s car in a little town on an island in the middle of Lake Huron with my brother driving around the various bars and clubs on the island, Roger and Karen getting more drunk, but not touching or kissing. Katie was adamant that she didn’t drink, and I just was not doing it then, having found marijuana to be so much the better high. Katie had been sitting so close to me in the last bar, her head next to mine. She kept talking to me in a low voice over Coke about 4-H and Jesus. I was starting to think that we might not have a history after one night, but then we were riding in the Chevy back seat, as my brother drove through the summer night again, and she pressed herself to me, her warm body up against me, though there was plenty of room on the other side of her.” Can I sit close to you? I just really like you.” and it wasn’t a question, was it?Quiet now for the first time all evening, as close to me as she could get, I began, in my slow way, to sense that SOMETHING MIGHT BE UP!!!!I am far from the most astute reader of women’s unspoken messages, but Katie’s news that she wanted to be kissed was overwhelmingly evident. I expected a rather chaste your brother-is-in-the -front-seat sort of Christian girl kiss. Still, Katie, oh Katie, bless your heart forever, you sexy girl, Katie delivered me one of those, just to show me that she could, I guess, and then the kisses that started in her loins, traveled to her brain and then her mouth, lips and tongue, those kisses began to be conveyed to me.Kissing and kissing, yes, all those hormones, after all these years I cannot forget, yes, I’m still not quite sure what her game was, with the love of Jesus to inspire her and guide her, did the Blessed Savior teach Katie to push her tongue into my mouth that way? It turns out that the BS had His eye on Katie, as He had on her many incarnations through the millennia. The BS was that kind of Guy. She was well taught; indeed, she was, I felt the angels that followed her around turning a part of me to stone.Things were warming up in the back of the car. My hand, almost on its own, found its way to her breast, or I should say, the outline of her chest under her thin summer blouse, and I just touched, so light and gentle. She responded immediately. Her kisses became more intense, and she took my hand in hers, wrapped it around the form of her breast, and carefully put my fingers onto the buttons holding her blouse closed, without for a second breaking the kiss or saying a word. It was a very subtle, very feminine gesture. Not only was it so feminine, but it was also an original signal, Katie did not want me to miss. That much I understood.For some reason, my brother decided to end the evening and go home, back to my parent’s house a few miles away. He must have been aware of all the kissing going on behind him, well maybe not, he never stopped talking about baseball or football or something. He never made a move of affection toward Karen, his bride to be. Before, Katie and I were attempting some conversation. Now our bodies were tight against one another. Katie was swirling her tongue in my mouth. I was doing the same. There was just the sound of our breathing and the softest murmur from her: All we were doing back there was kissing, yeah, kissing, and a little bit of discreet touching. That carried so much erotic force for me, and the suggestion that other things would most certainly follow, wow, and then Roger pulled up into the yard, past the huge old farmhouse, and parked the car back by the barn where my mom wanted it. He got out, and they said goodnight, and went into the house, leaving Katie and I kissing and touching in the back seat on this lovely warm August night. Moon landings, Charles Manson, Woodstock, Chappaquidick, and Viet-Nam, were raging that summer, there with Katie, none of that registered much with me.I had my fingers on the top button of her blouse, and she stroked them so gently while waiting for me to sliding through the hole. I thought she was going to brush my hand away, but together we pushed that button through the hole, and the seam of her cleavage glowed in the Michigan moonlight. Katie did not speak, not a word, just her breathing, never broke the kiss. Katie wanted me, that was becoming clear – that was a new experience for me, to be with a woman who was just hungry for affection and sex. She was about to become a beautiful lover, a sweet 4-H upper peninsula girl who only in time, without looking, threw me the life preserver bahis şirketleri with a line attached that saved my life.What came next in our lovemaking were three more buttons coming loose, and still more kisses.The process of writing this is great for me, a visual person, because now I can see Katie’s face, which had vanished from my mind’s eye, I thought forever, but what a delight to find that it is not gone at all, how wonderful that is.I nuzzled her chest and the part of her breasts my mouth could reach. Are the tops of a woman’s breasts, that part displayed as cleavage, any more or less sensitive than the parts cupped in the bra? Sixty-seven years old, and I still don’t know. All my wife will say is, “It depends.” I moved my head up and was kissing her mouth again. There was a moment when I knew her bra was coming off soon, She knew it, The gods of Eros who were probably putting this show on for their guests knew, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph most definitely knew it, But there was a moment of anticipation before anything happened. It is sweet to focus on that memory. She was a sexy girl with a Christian overlay. It wasn’t too long.I didn’t love her. I had no understanding of that emotion, but I want to go slowly enough for the reader to know that I honor her and remember her with more and more affection as the tale unrolls. I thought I would never forget her, and indeed, forty -three years later, I haven’t. Her blouse was fully open now, though still around her. “Tom, can you take this thing off? It’s scorching out there. ” We opened the car doors, and the light streamed in, her blouse was tucked into her jeans somehow, and then it wasn’t, and I was looking at her in her white, white bra, her tanned summer skin in the moonlight and tree shadows, and now I can see Katie’s face too. She was breathing a little fast, not too fast enough, so I remember it, and I remember her body moving with her breathing. Still, most clearly I hold the picture of Katie laying back on the car seat, opening her arms, pulling me into her and then onto her, and then with no hesitation, pushing my head down to the center of her cleavage, and me inhaling that smell of laundered bra, skin, and sweat. What is the name for that: scent? Aroma? Perfume?Katie, whatever it was, wherever life has taken you, thank you for that. The sensation never left me.”Tom, I want to take this bra off and show you my boobs. They need a lot of love and attention, more than most girls, I think. Let me sit up so you can reach behind me and get the clasp. I’m getting excited. I want to do some other stuff, but if you kissed me like you were just doing, that would be great, I need you to kiss me there a lot.”I moved back, and Katie sat up and bent forward into me so that it was easy to reach her bra clasp. Her hair, now loosed and thoroughly mussed, fell into my face. After a few fumbling tries, the clasp was loose, but the straps were still over her shoulders. She reached forward and rubbed the front of my pants. They were already pushed well out of shape. I loved the way that the straps fell away from her body. Time stopped while her breasts came into my palms. She broke our touch for a moment to put her bra carefully on the seat next to her. Her hand fell so softly back onto the bulge in my jeans. One of the things you can’t do in life is to stop the movie right there, but there are some times when I wish I could, and so I have my memory do that task for me.Her breasts: In my memory, I can’t see them as clearly as Katie’s face, but I remember their round shape, her elongated nipples, the way they were as cleavage, one, pressed against the other in her bra, the way they were in my palms as her bra fell away. I had thought her nipples might be small and pink, but the areole was brownish red, dark, her nipples were fat and elongated—a woman’s breast, not a girl’s.I remember how that long nipple felt between my lips; it’s little erection and the way her breast felt behind it, kissing the top of her breast and my tongue, tasting the summer perspiration on the underside, and her chest behind her bosom. She held my head against her, stroking my hair and then my cheek, making e love noises that defy translation. The image of her, bare-breasted in the back seat of that car, in my arms, her chest heaving, her mouth slightly open, that is a much more vivid picture now, just from the process of writing about it.Katie whispered to me:” I, well, I want, I want you to kiss my boobs again, some more, like you were doing just now, please, kiss me all over, not only the nipple part. Ummmmmmm, I like that, but get the nipple and the whole breast too. I need my tits to kiss a whole lot. That gets me so excited. It just feels so sexy. I’m like that. I just really love it when you kiss me and kiss me and don’t stop. So please, don’t stop, please.”I kissed, rubbed, licked, touched, sucked, and pinched her lovely breasts, the left one, the one close to me, and then the right, the little bumps on the nipples and even a short whisker so sweetly placed there, and then the sexy place where they came together, even with her bra off. She didn’t speak at all. It was just her breathing in that warm car and all the sounds of a summer night.Tom,”, she whispered,” you are getting me excited, I can bahis firmaları feel your hard dick, it feels so hard, doesn’t that hurt after a while? To be hard like that?” “This sounds kind of weird, but would you unbutton my jeans, please? I can’t take my jeans off now, because I’m afraid your mom will come out here trying to find me, I want to, I want to get these pants off now. I want to do it with you, but we can’t right now.””When you kiss me, I get sexy, awful, and I get the dirtiest stuff in my head. I don’t know how to say it, but it makes me want to rub your dick, that’s why I started doing it. Do you like that? Do you want to do any other stuff? Tom, I’m thinking about taking it out and jacking you off, that’s how sexy I’m getting .” She was stroking my erection through my pants with a lot more confidence. There was a bit of time. I don’t remember how long. It was a humid night, we were just there. Me, kissing her, from her breasts to her belly and up her body to her neck, her shoulders, her throat, her forehead, ears, her mouth, of course, and then back to suck on those long fat nipples that I found so crazy sexy. Katie was holding my face to her and moaning, the taste of sweat in all her kisses, Katie ardently stroking my erection through my jeans, the jeans that had gotten so tight, her tongue in my mouth, her hand cupping my testicles. As I write this, it occurs to me that I have held that picture in a cherished container in my memory for so many years, taking it out every so often to look, even masturbate to the image, then put it away. I have never written a word, nor have I shared with anyone, but now I am bringing it way out here in the sunlight. Somebody who wasn’t you might be dismissive, “Well, it was just some sex, Tom, what is the big deal here?” but I think you know the answer to that.Katie: “Tom, I’m getting boiling now. I want to get your pants off, and my pants too, but I can’t, ’cause I’m afraid your mom is going to come out here looking for us and me…….”.” Katie, I want……..””Tom, I want you, I’m starting to want you, but, well, I want to show you my…uh…..I want you to see all of me, but I feel kind of shy about that right now, it’s just……….. I don’t do this all the time. I don’t get naked in front of boys all the time………… you want to look at me?…… I think I look kind of weird without clothes. , uh, I’m not a virgin, I know what sex is, I want it, I want you, I want you to make love to me, we just can’t do it right here, right now, but I want to…………. I have the whole day off tomorrow. I have a place to go, a cool place that nobody knows about, you know why? Because I made it. Yeah, it’s this old house down by the beach, do you know, but way back from it, so you can hardly see it except a boat, but there is no place near there to put a boat, so nobody goes there, do you know where it is? Last year, when I started working at the camp, I found it, and it was all empty and boarded up, but I found a way. There was still had a lot of cool stuff in there, and it’s enormous, so I started going there by myself to get away from the campers for a while, and it looks right out on the lake. It has two porches. I moved a bed and a table and a sofa down there when I had the camp truck last year, and I keep my books, the ones with the sex stuff I don’t want anyone else to see, and my brushes and paints and an easel and all that stuff there. Would you like to make a picnic and go there with me tomorrow? When I am back in my bed, I’m going to rub myself, and think about being naked with you in there, that is a sexy thought for me, just us all naked running around in that big house.””Yeah, Katie, being with you is just what I want….. I would love that.”Katie was breathing hard:” Tom, did you ever, you know, kiss a girl on her pussy?””Sure, I love that. Do you want me to do that?””Boys here don’t like to do that, but I like it, at least I think I do, no boy ever really did it except just a little kiss. My last boyfriend said it was gross, sure, but he sure wanted his thing in my mouth all the time, and sometimes that was pretty gross.”” If you want it, I will eat your pussy till you tell me to stop, okay? It will make you feel so good. I don’t think it’s gross at all. I want to do it. I would do right now if you let me. “” Ummmmmmmm, Tom, ummmmmmmmmmm, “eat my pussy,” that sounds so nice, really sexy when you say it, it gives me the wiggles down there, I think I want that, do you like to do that?”I could feel her heart pounding under her breast.”Katie, get those jeans off, and I will show you.”” No, I have to go, oh shit, now I want you to get my pants off, but I can’t get naked out here now. I want to do something before I go, something sweet, you are so nice, I think you will like this.””Oh?”” I want to unbutton your pants and get your dick out. I love to do that part. That is sexier than if you just pull it out. When I do it, it feels so big to me. I want you to show it to me, all big and sexy and stuff, tell me about what you want and Tom, I want to suck it, but I want to jack you off, can I do that? I just love to do that, watch your face when you get all excited, and kiss you and feel you all excited in your kisses; then, when your stuff comes out, I want kaçak bahis siteleri to show you something sexy .”Katie didn’t seem to have a big plan, she just liked me and wanted to make me happy, so why is the memory of her stroking me, kissing, her hands undoing the belt buckle, then the button, then the zipper tug-why is that so persistent in my mind? I had my eyes closed, was being pleasured, but when the kisses stopped, and her head traveled down my body:” Scootch up a little, so that I can get these jeans down a little, not off, I just need them down a little, so I can…….” in that mid-western voice, and then her mouth on the bulge in my underwear. “I’ll bet rubbing this soft cloth on you there feels good, doesn’t it?” Though that technique was in no sex book I ever looked in, Katie was right, nothing in the whole Kama Sutra would have been any more enchanting. I opened my eyes to see her nuzzling my lap. She put her hand inside the elastic underwear band and gave my aching penis a light stroke, and then another, and then another, more vigorous.”You have a nice fat dick, it feels delicious in my hand, does it feel good when I touch you there?” she whispered sweetly, touching me there again. Katie’s sexy talk was so genuine and sweet. I still believe that that was a real question. “I want to see it, please, can I take it out?” She wisely did not wait for an answer Like that, she had my penis into the moonlight, in her hand, and right into her mouth.” I want to get you nice and wet first. I’m pretty wet too right now, feel me there. Do you like it when I do this ?” Oh my god, yes, Katie, yes, from forty years back, oh yes, please, ” I love your fattie, that is my favorite. Tell me what you want me to do, do you want me to be a sexy little cunt whore? My pussy is getting wet. What do you want me to do with your hard dick? I want to jack you off, Ummm like this, and rub your dick on the top with my spit, like this, mmmmmmmmmmmm, and suck your dick in my mouth, like this, and just make you feel terrific. God, hold still. I want to get you to shoot and……”. The perfectly innocent backseat blowjob and handjob, all those little sexy words and touches, and she was kissing me as she jacked me off, and she said, ” I know you like this, I can feel it right here.” It was heaven. Heaven went on for a while.With all the build-up, and all the loving attention, I knew I wasn’t going to last too long, and Katie knew it also, and that was fine with her, though she did stop what she was doing from time to time, to inquire about my well being. Katie wanted to know whether I was obtaining the most satisfaction possible during our little tete a tete. She would kiss me and stroke me. Katie added the most erotic phrases she could summon. She would use her mouth and then stop to make more inquiries. That was just the interruption needed so that there was not a quick shower of semen over her, me, the car seat, and everything else in range it began to feel as if that might be on the evening’s agenda pretty soon.I was getting close.Jacking me off, all passionate, sexy, and sweaty: the poetry of sex:” C’mon, come for me, come for me, c’mon, give it to me, I want it, I want it, c’mon, do it, come in my mouth,” that lovely song, and then Katie was on me instantly, and I was coming, and Katie held her head firmly in place so that all I could do was fill her, she was holding my cock into her face, she rode horses. Tossed hay bales and drove tractors. She had strong hands, shoulders, and arms, but she was moving her head up and down gently as she held me, letting me fill her mouth, making me fill her mouth, and I wasn’t going anywhere, but I was coming and coming and coming. Katie finally took her head away, just before my eyes rolled up in the back of my head and I passed out, looking at me and laughing: ” I never did that before, I never tried to do that, was that nice, did you like that? I got all of it in my mouth, none on you, none in your mom’s car. “I was just a few degrees from losing consciousness. I would have been challenged to name my home planet. Katie was not in that place at all, just cheerful, sexy, and enjoying the moment, the whole evening. When I could open my eyes again and manage a few words, I spoke: “Katie, you got a little on your face, c’ mere,” and I kissed a few droplets off her chin and cheek and throat, and then I kissed them back into her mouth and tasted myself in her. Katie stayed with the kiss for a while, twisting her face as she met mine, kissing me so hard our teeth clicked and then pulling back:”…….Oh………………oh ………………………..oh god……….. that was sexy, kiss me and kiss me with my mouth full of……” and then she put her mouth back on mine, and we shared the kiss, and whatever was in the kiss again. “Look at me, watch me,” and with a gulp and tears in her eyes, she swallowed. ” I read about this in a book, but I never thought I would do it.” There was a moment: she was gagging a bit. She put her face down and took the most sensitive part of my penis into her mouth. Katie caressed it, round and round and round with her tongue until there was no more semen. The stimulation was too intense for me to bear; I stroked her hair, somehow she understood, and in an instant, she was back in her bra and her blouse, kissing me and gone through the grass in the moonlight and disappearing into the tree shadows.I was sitting by myself now in the backseat, my pants down to my ankles. Did Katie just say “sexy little cunt whore

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