Marble Holder


As I entered my lover’s office building I knew I was early. I would have to hide away in the shadows and hallways until her lunchtime. Her bosses knew her husband and why wouldn’t they, 17 years at the same company, there is bound to be a few Christmas and birthday parties together. I walked around a bit trying not to look too suspicious, stopping to pick up a paper here and a coffee there, I was killing time. I walked by a toy store that was on the main floor and decided to go in and see if I could find the newest, coolest gizmos for my spoiled nephew. As I walked the aisles I came upon a bag of marbles. Nothing special just a bag of marbles. My mind drifted back to a time of innocence and purity. Marbles pick up sticks and an imagination was all we needed. Now a day T.V., Internet and video games rule the kids of our society. Just as I was getting deeper into my thoughts my cell phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered

“Hi baby it’s me.” She said “I’ve got a bunch of paperwork to do so I don’t know if I’m going to make lunch,” she told me.

“Where are you?” She asked nervously

Now I guess is as good a time as any to fill you in a bit. My lover is…my sub. We have had this arraignment for almost three years now. I come into town and meet up with her and we have a wonderful time together. Even if it is only for an hour or two at a time. We are both married and met through a mutual friend. My buddy needed a hand moving out of his house when his bitch of a wife threw him out. My Lover was there as moral support for the bitch. That being said, we sort of felt something between us. When I got a call on my cell two weeks later, I knew we would hook up. She’s short, 5’2″ which I like, has some meat on her bones and a couple of tattoos. Very large breasts, an ass to die for, brown hair (he he) and hazel eyes finish off the package.

“I’m down stairs killing time” I answered, the annoyance in my voice present.

“Oh baby I’m sorry, I know you went through a lot to get here but I don’t know if I can get away” she said with a great deal of sorrow.

“What güvenilir bahis if I make it up to you next time?” she pleaded

Now, I hate to waste time. This was unacceptable to me. She knew that I was coming.

“Ok what about a quick visit?” I mentioned.

After all I was already there and I knew I could get her to cum in 4 minutes so I guessed I could still let her have some fun and her bosses wouldn’t miss her.

“Er, uh, okay give me ten minutes and meet me on the 17th floor.” she stammered

“17th floor?” I questioned

“Just meet me there!” she almost shouted back.

I think she realized what she had done. There was a long pause. The silence was deafening.

“Baby, please” she whined.

“Ok 10 minutes, on the 17th floor” I responded and the phone went dead.

I was starting to leave when the sack of marbles caught my eye again. A smile, no smirk came across my face as I picked up the sack. Be curt with me will you, I’ll fix that in…. 10 minutes. I paid for the marbles and left the store. I looked around to make sure that my lovers’ husband was not in the area and make for the elevators. As the doors open I step inside, still smiling, a woman asks me what floor I want and I tell her 17.

She says “Me too” and presses the button.

We get off the elevator and I look around, my lover is nowhere to be seen. What I do see is the beautiful ass of my elevator companion walking away from me. As I scold myself for not paying more attention the elevator doors open and out pops my lover.

My annoyance melts away when I see her; she looks wonderful, radiant with just the right amount of bad girl looks. White blouse with a few buttons undone to show off some cleavage, Black skirt hemmed 3″ above the knee and 4″ heels.

“Hello sir, could you please follow me.” she says all official sounding.

I decided to play along. As we walked down the hall I could feel my cock stirring, her wonderful ass swaying as she walked in front of me.

What I had planned for my lover was about türkçe bahis to come true.

We stopped in front of a door and she said, loud enough for all to hear, “I think this office might suit your needs Mr. Morgan”

She unlocked the door and we went inside.

The office was bare, obviously vacant, perfect I thought. The next thing I knew my lover was wrapping her arms around me and kissing me passionately on the lips.

I pushed her away.

“Do you know what I had to do to get here today?” I bellowed

She shook her head no.

“Do you want me to tell you?” I asked

“M..M..Master I am sorry” She stammered “I wish to please you not upset you”

“Good girl” was all I said to her

I could see her impatience.

“Now kneel,” I tell her as I point to the floor.

She and I both knew she had about 15 minutes before her bosses would miss her but she knelt in front of me anyway.

There were a couple of old desks and chairs that the previous tenant had left, an old water cooler that hadn’t been picked up yet and a whole bunch of mail that needed to be forwarded. Other than that not much was in the space.

I looked down at my pet and see she is worried.

“Well, I guess we don’t have much time today do we pet?” I tell her.

“No we don’t master,” she says

“Too bad” I chuckle

“Please let me take care of you.” She begs “I will make it up to you I promise”

I lean against one of the desks and look down at her. Her chest heaving, her forehead sweating and her eyes wanting. I could not hold off any more. I slipped up onto the desk and sat on the edge. “Have you been a bad girl?” I question her.

Immediately her eyes light up and her demeanor changes.

“Yes Master I have been a bad girl!” she happily states, “I need to be punished”

“Slip your panties off, pull your skirt up and lay over my lap,” I commanded.

Her actions were swift and purposeful, she wanted to please me. She knew she had already failed me and she was trying to make sure she didn’t do güvenilir bahis siteleri it again.

Her ass was beautiful.

Her tan lines were starting to fade which made it look even more voluptuous, each globe was perfect.

“Are you ready?” I ask

“Yes.” is her answer

The first blow hit her ass cheek and made her jump. The second landed on the opposite cheek, she jumped again but not as high.

The sound of my hand hitting her flesh made me hard. I could feel the heat rising from her exposed ass as I rained down blow after blow. Her scent filled the room and I could feel her trying to find something hard to grind her pelvis into.

“Are you close?” I yell

“Yes Master” she stutters.

I reach for and open my newly purchased bags of marbles, still slapping her wonderful ass with my other hand.

“Do you want to cum?” I sarcastically ask

“Y..Yes Master I do” she manages to say

“If that’s what you want then start playing with that pussy of yours,” I tell her

I see both hands disappear into her pelvic region. I stop slapping her red ass and spread her cheeks with two fingers. All she can do is moan when I slide a finger into her tight asshole.

I pull my finger out of her asshole and start to insert marbles.

She didn’t realize until the second marble was shoved into her ass that something was going on. I guess her impending orgasm and my attack on her buttocks was causing her too much pleasure. She looked back at me and I just smiled. I continued to push marble after marble into her rear.

The orgasm she had was huge, even I could tell. She lay across my lap, spent. I could feel her heart pounding as she got up off my lap. The realization of what I had done to her made her worry. “What should I do now Master?” she asked.

“Do they feel good Pet?” I said

“Yes” she said with a smile

“Then I suggest you enjoy them and don’t let your husband or boss fuck you in the ass today.” I told her. “Next time you will have time for me”

“I’m sorry master” she quivered

“No baby, don’t worry…this time” I answered.

As she got dressed I wondered what it would feel like to have 15 marbles stuffed in your ass.

“How does it feel?” I asked her

“Filling master…filling” was her answer

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