March Madness (and Delight)


You weren’t yet home from work so I let myself in and plopped down on the couch with a drink to see if any games were on. I don’t guess there were and the next thing I know I wake with the taste of bourbon in my mouth and you crouched at my lap stroking and licking my cock. Slowly licking the shaft, starting from the sweet skin just at my balls, flowing up to the tip; then raising your head and sliding it back up your tongue into your open mouth and back out, slightly. You work in long slick strokes and leave the head throbbing in air while your pursed lips go down to start again.

You smile and take it warmer in your mouth, swirling your tongue. Sucking the head, you form that perfect O with your lips and run your breath up and down my length. Oh my, you are delighting me. Your hands toy with my balls and work my length in and out of your mouth. You look at me and your eyes tease with pleasure. My eyes close and my head drops into the cushions and colors dance in pleasure in my dark. You continue servicing my swelling cock till it glistens, the slit juicy and gaping, like it wants you to crawl inside and work me inside out. I don’t think I’ve ever been more steely-hard.

Your movement away brings back my sight and I see you stand, your hands reaching down keçiören escort and gathering your skirt up to your waist, revealing those I legs I so love to run with my hands. You swagger closer and I before I notice the wet splotch of your panties, I smell the sex juices that have flooded your hole. My hands dance up your thighs and thumbs hook your thong and pull it down past your knees. This brings my nose to the rosy hairs of your mound and the aroma floods me. I kiss you there, gently.

You turn and kick the thong off one ankle and hike your skirt higher, backing toward me and I welcome your shapely bottom. You must be dripping. I can see your pussy shining and the lips are fat like a swelling bud.

I take my dick and push it down, pointed toward you and the spot between your legs that you are guiding back toward me. My left hands reaches your rear, I sway you a bit right and you simply slide your tight soaking pussy straight down my prick till you settle in my lap. O My God. I come all too close to shooting right there! You don’t move.

Your wet pussy has swallowed my cock whole. I know you feel it roaring. My hands roam your hips and ass, your lower back; our breaths poised, then gently exhaled.

Slowly keçiören escort bayan you rise till just the head remains within the shroud of your heavy lips, then you sink down my length again. My hands wander your back, up to the softness at the nape of your neck and you lean back onto me. I nuzzle you there and lick. You are in control and I am in ecstasy. You gradually pick up the pace, leaning forward, rising and falling on my hard cock. I reach around you and grasp of your breasts and knead hard through your bra, your nipples swelling with my fingers. “Mmm, fuck me,” I groan. You ride hard and I watch our flesh meet.

I feel your pussy tightening. You are riding harder. My fingers pull your nipples. You writhe and I push up from the couch and stand, bending you forward till your hands rest on the ottoman, Now I am fucking you desperately, my hands on your ass, and you respond with your thrusts onto me. We go at this steady for a minute or so till we are dangling on the edge of falling over. Finally the rhythm pushes you over and you explode with a cry, singing with the thrill, my cock still ramming you in and out. I am grunting like a fool, wringing you with my deep thrusts. It is intense and almost beyond a dream. You swagger escort keçiören and look over your shoulder with a sexy leer that pulls the last string. Your smile still turns me over more than anything. With that you thrust back and grind your ass to my groin and one of your hands finds my balls, taking them in a sweet fist and tugging. With glee I erupt with three fast shots of spunk that must shoot through you they seem so like fire. Oh God, your cunt is so hot and sloppy I feel like I’m swimming in you.

Gasping, I hold you tight to me till the warm spasms subside. I fall back to the couch. You, on all fours, turn to face me. Your face is flushed and a there is a smoldering gleam in your eyes. You crawl between my sprawled legs and take my wet, shrinking dick into your mouth, gently sucking it in. You look up into my eyes like a queen on her throne while you lovingly swirl your tongue around my softening prick in slow lapping circles. I reach down with both arms and pull you up, drawing your face to my for a deep probing kiss. We taste our sex on each other’s hot tongues. I suck on yours and my hands hold your face to mine as I kiss you hard again.

You pull back slightly, enough to speak but close enough that I still taste your sweet breath. Your smile tells me all I need to know: you are just getting warmed up. I chuckle and pull you onto my chest, holding your body close. My hands roam down through your hair, over your ears, along your neck, to your shoulders. I massage you there and you moan softly.

This once I’m glad there were no games on.

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