Maren’s Freeuse Training Pt. 01


Maren was thrilled when her Uncle Frank agreed to induct her into the world of Freeuse as his gift for her 18th birthday. Maren had heard from more than one friend about how difficult it could be for an inexperienced girl to suddenly be required to serve an unlimited number of men starting the morning of her 18th birthday.

Uncle Frank had recently bought an expensive house out in the country. Maren hadn’t had a chance to visit yet, but the photos looked gorgeous. More importantly, he lived by himself. That meant that he would be the only man she’d have to please until he decided she was ready to face the wider world of men. As it happened, her late February birthday fell on the Saturday of President’s Day weekend this year, which meant that she’d have a full three days with him.

When her birthday finally arrived, Maren picked out her fanciest underwear — a matching set of sheer satin bra and panties — to wear under the sexy red dress she had bought just for the occasion. The dress was knee-length, and presentable in public, but it also showed a bit of cleavage, and it clung to her young body in all the right places. Maren knew she’d be showing her uncle every part of herself before the weekend was over, but she hoped her outfit would make a good impression.

Of course, it was cold outside, so she’d need more than just that dress for the drive to his house. She put on her winter coat and her boots, checked her blonde braids in the mirror, and got in her car. The three hour drive out to her uncle’s place flew by — she only needed a single stop, for gas and a quick bite to eat — and before she knew it, she was ringing Uncle Frank’s doorbell.

When she arrived at his house, Uncle Frank opened the door with a smile. He was a good-looking man in his mid-40’s, with salt-and-pepper hair and a tailored blue suit that matched his eyes. He hugged her, wished her a happy birthday, and welcomed her inside.

Once she was inside, she took off her boots and gave her uncle her coat. As he took it from her, he gave her dress a long, admiring look — was that a soft whistle he just gave? — hung it up in the closet, and invited her into the elegantly furnished living room, where a bottle of champagne on ice and two glasses were waiting on the coffee table in the.

“You’re all grown up now, Maren,” Frank said as he opened the champagne and filled the glasses. “Old enough to drink champagne, and old enough to join the adult Freeuse world. Here’s a toast to your eighteenth birthday, and all the wonderful days to come. I truly hope you enjoy them.”

Maren clinked glasses with him, then took a sip of the sweet, bubbly drink. She was unaccustomed to alcohol, and she quickly felt her cheeks flush.

“And now,” he continued, “it’s time to get a better look at you. Take those lovely clothes off, my dear — all of them.”

Maren’s heart skipped a beat, but his request was not unexpected. Her dress had a zipper in the back that was hard to reach, so she took a few steps closer and presented her back to him. Uncle Frank unzipped the pretty red dress with a smile, then watched intently as Maren slipped the shoulders off and let the dress slide to the floor. He picked it up, folded it neatly, and placed it on a nearby table.

It was not easy to stand in front of him wearing nothing but a bra and panties, but there was no going back. Facing her uncle again, Maren reached back, unhooked her satin bra, slowly lowered it from her chest, and handed it to him. She resisted the impulse to hide her newly revealed perky breasts and stiff nipples from his watchful eyes.

Finally, she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties. Looking down at them, she was embarrassed to see that they were visibly wet, but that couldn’t be helped. She slowly slid them off and handed them to him.

Keeping his eyes locked on hers, Uncle Frank lifted her panties to his nose, took a long moment to savor her scent, then placed them neatly on the pile with the rest of her clothes.

Maren’s heart was now pounding furiously. She had never in her life stood fully naked in front of a man this way. She felt goosebumps, and shivered as Frank reached out, put his right hand on her shoulder, and slowly ran it down the front of her body. He paused to cup each firm breast, and rub his thumb over each stiff nipple, then he gently ran his fingers down her belly and slid them forward over her moist snatch. He spent a few long moments gently caressing her nether lips, then stepped back.

Maren blushed when he told her how absolutely beautiful she was. The blush deepened when he told her to turn around, spread her legs, and bend over for him — but she obeyed. Turning her now bare ass towards him, she spread her legs a bit wider than shoulder-width apart, and bent over, placing her hands on her knees.

Maren gasped with embarrassment and surprise (but obediently didn’t move an inch from her compliant, bent-over position) as Uncle Frank knelt down, directly behind her, and spread her cheeks wide apart with çorum escort his strong hands.

Every inch of Maren’s slim young body was now fully on display for her uncle. She could feel the air on her bare anus and pussy, both of which she had carefully shaved the night before. He put his face so close that she could feel his breath on her spread holes, then he took a deep sniff.

“That’s a good girl, Maren. I’m delighted to see that you have such good anal hygiene. That’s very, very important, when it comes to pleasing men.”

Maren had thought she was embarrassed already, but that was nothing compared to what she felt after this comment. No man had ever set eyes on her anus before, let alone talked about it in such direct and graphic terms.

After what seemed an eternity of silent inspection, Uncle Frank finally released her ass cheeks, stood up, and walked in front of her. Maren hadn’t moved — she was still bent over, with her hands on her knees — so he gestured for Maren to stand back up as well.

As if her hands and arms had a will of their own, when Maren stood up she instinctually found herself covering her nude breasts and pussy as best as she could. Inside, she felt conflicting feelings of humiliation and arousal so strong that they almost seemed to merge.

At this point, though, Uncle Frank surprised her. He didn’t chide her for trying to hide her body from him. Instead, he presented her a small black box, and announced that he wouldn’t be touching her again until lunch the next day.

Surprised and puzzled, Maren opened the elegant box to find a beautiful, gleaming silver buttplug inside. Uncle Frank explained that he wanted her to start by getting accustomed to the embarrassment of being naked in a man’s presence. At the same time, he wanted her to get used to the feeling of having her ass filled.

“This plug serves multiple purposes,” he explained. “Sure, a handful of men may want to enjoy your cunt, but most men in this day and age prefer to use a girl’s asshole. It’s tighter, deeper, and sexier. And if you can learn to relax your anus properly, you may find that you enjoy being taken there just as much, if not more, than being taken vaginally.

This plug will help the tight muscle of your anus learn to relax enough to take a man’s cock without harm. It will also be a constant, salutary reminder that the most intimate parts of your body are no longer fully your own.

You’re much too young to have voted for the Freeuse Laws, but I did, back when I was a young man — as did almost everyone else, men and women alike, as you well know. We made the world a much more exciting place, but it will take you some getting used to. I don’t know how much you know about the laws already, but it’s time you learned.

When people think about the Freeuse laws, most focus on the sex, and that’s certainly understandable — your cunt, ass and mouth are now available for any man who wants to use them, whenever they want to use them, and that’s going to take some getting used to. But there’s more to the Freeuse laws than that.

For example: when you use the bathroom, any man who wants to watch you is welcome to do so. Not all men enjoy this, but you’d be surprised how many do — and now that you’re 18, they have every right to be right there in the stall with you.

If they feel like pissing on you, or in you, that’s their right as well. This will usually happen in a bathroom, but not always, by any means. If a man wants to use your mouth as a urinal on the grass in front of the county courthouse, no one can stop him, and plenty will enjoy the show.

The taste of piss won’t be the only new flavor for you to get used to, though. It is common courtesy for girls to clean cocks off with their mouths after anal sex, which means you’ll be getting very familiar with the taste of your own ass, as well as the asses of the girls around you.

In addition, there are few men indeed who don’t enjoy the exquisite sensation of a rimjob from a beautiful young girl like you. Most men are courteous enough to try to keep themselves clean, but you’ll have to steel yourself to endure the men who don’t.

From now until tomorrow at lunchtime, therefore, we’re going to focus on getting you accustomed to your new lack of privacy, learning to relax your ass, and becoming acquainted with its taste.”

As he said this, Uncle Frank walked over and opened a clear, elegant glass bottle that was sitting on the table. Removing the buttplug from its box, he poured a bit of the thick liquid inside the bottle onto the tip of the plug, rubbed it all over the surface, then held the glistening piece of steel out to her.

“You’re welcome to use this bottle whenever you need it. It’s full of some of the best anal lubricant money can buy. For now, though, I want you to take this plug, turn around, bend over, and let me watch you insert it. You’ll find it easier to insert it yourself the first time than to have me insert it. Just push out as though you denizli escort were moving your bowels while you gently press the plug inwards, and it should slide right in.

I know it’s an embarrassing thing to do in front of your uncle, but remember, it’s all part of the training.”

Maren took a deep breath, then walked two steps forward and took the proffered buttplug. Grasping the plug by its base, she turned her back to her uncle, spread her legs, bent over, and tried to line the slippery tip up with her anus.

“A little higher,” said her uncle, his eyes riveted on the erotic sight in front of him. Maren’s tight little asshole had clearly never been penetrated before. “No, not that high…there you go. That’s the spot. Now bear down as you push it in.”

Maren couldn’t believe what she was doing. It felt like she was trying to — well, poop, to put it bluntly — in front of her own uncle. But even as she mulled over this mortifying thought, she felt her asshole start to give way.

“That’s it. Just a bit harder, and it will slip inside.”

Maren’s anus already felt like it was stretched as wide as it could go, but she obediently pressed harder, and suddenly her anus spread even wider, and the plug seemed to plunge its way inside her.

Her anus, in pain from its unexpected stretching, tried to clamp down tight — but it couldn’t close all the way. It was being held open, still throbbing, by the base of the plug. It was a full, stuffed feeling, unlike anything Maren had ever felt before — and all the more embarrassing because she had been on display this whole time.

“Perfect,” said her uncle. “That’s beautiful. And from the look on your face I can see that I chose the right size. You may not be used to having your asshole kept open a bit, but that’s the whole point of the plug. Trust me, you’ll thank me when the time comes to try anal sex for the first time. Now let’s finish up this champagne and have some dinner.”

Thus began the most bizarre night of Maren’s life thus far. Her uncle, who knew that she had spent a summer in France, had prepared an elegant feast for two filled with all her favorite foods: escargots and charcuterie as hors d’oeuvres; a main course of confit de canard with pommes frites and salade endive, and a cheese course, followed by the most delicious creme brûlée she had ever tasted. The meal was accompanied by an eighteen-year old bottle of Burgandy wine that he has set aside the day that she was born.

The food and wine were so delicious that, from time to time, she almost forgot that he was still fully dressed (he hadn’t even loosened his tie), and she was quite nude. But then she would shift her weight, and the unforgiving metal plug in her ass would quickly remind her of her bare, uncovered state.

After the meal, they returned to the couch in the living room, where Uncle Frank poured some brandy and began asking Maren about her classes, her hobbies, her hopes and her dreams — but as they talked, he insisted that she display herself to him the entire time.

First he had her spread her legs and hold her cunt open for him, then he told her to cross one leg over the other, angle her ass towards him, and lift her upper cheek, so that he could watch the base of the buttplug move in and out whenever she clenched down. Next, he had her get down on all fours, rest her head on a pillow, reach back, and spread her cheeks wide — a truly disconcerting position from which to discuss her plans to become an artist someday. At one point, he even had her kneel directly in front of him, cup her hands underneath her breasts, and lift them up towards him, as if she were presenting him her achingly stiff nipples.

When the time came for bed, Maren asked where the bathroom was. Uncle Frank turned off the downstairs lights, grabbed the glass bottle of lubricant, and escorted her upstairs to the bathroom, but then he surprised Maren by walking right in with her.

“But Uncle Frank, I need to go.”

“Have you forgotten so soon? You’re 18 now, Maren. I’m staying right here.”

“But… it’s not just pee, Uncle Frank.”

“I see. In that case, I want you to sit on the toilet facing the wall, with your ass facing me.”

Maren couldn’t believe what he was having her do, but she obeyed. After all, he was a man, and as he pointed out, she was 18, and the law was the law.

Uncle Frank placed the bottle on the sink next to the toilet, then stepped back to watch Maren. As he had instructed, she straddled the toilet seat and sat down. The position naturally stretched her ass cheeks wide, giving her uncle a perfect view as she reached back and tried to remove her buttplug. It did not come easily — her anus had grown accustomed to the base of the plug, but the widest section still hurt a bit as it came out.

Holding the plug carefully in her hand, she relieved herself, wiped, and flushed. She used a bit more paper to wipe off the plug, and flushed that down too. Then she took the bottle, carefully spread diyarbakır escort a new layer of lubrication on the plug, and slowly re-inserted it.

At this point she stood up and turned back around. Uncle Frank hadn’t moved an inch, and he had clearly been watching intently the whole time. His eyes had an almost wolfish look to them. All he said, though, was: “All right now, let’s get ready for bed.”

There were two sets of toiletries laid out at the dual sink. They brushed teeth, flossed, and headed to Frank’s bedroom, where he had a four-poster King-sized bed.

True to his word, Uncle Frank did not touch her that night, even though they shared a bed and he slept as naked as she did — and even though, to be honest, Maren wanted to be touched. The plug in her ass, all those hours of nudity, the displays after dinner, even the show in the bathroom — all of it left Maren hot and bothered as she fell asleep.

The next morning, Maren woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. Her uncle was already up and dressed, and he was preparing a delicious-looking meal of eggs, toast and bacon for her. Maren, of course, was still as naked as the day she was born, with the sole exception of the steel intruder in her asshole, but she felt much more relaxed.

“Good morning my dear,” her uncle called out. “You look lovelier than ever this morning. How’s that anus of yours feeling? Let’s have a look.”

Maren obligingly turned around and spread her cheeks for him.

“Beautiful, beautiful,” he said. “And now it’s time for the next step I mentioned. Before breakfast, I want you to try tasting your ass for the first time. Go ahead and remove that plug for me.”

Blushing, Maren slowly removed the plug, then turned back around and held it up.

“Perfect. All right now, slide your lips over it and see how it tastes.”

Maren looked carefully at the plug. It didn’t *look* too bad… but it *had* been in her asshole all night. Still, she knew she couldn’t say no to her uncle.

Frank watched her expression closely as she slid the plug into her mouth. He caught her initial grimace, then her look of surprise as she realized that the taste was nowhere near as bad as she had feared.

“That’s my girl. Now bend back over, put your fingers as close as possible to your asshole, and spread it as wide as you can for me. I want to see how much progress you’ve made overnight.”

With the plug still in her mouth, Maren followed her uncle’s instructions. She turned around, bent over, spread her cheeks, put four fingers on either side of her anus, and spread it open as wide as she could.

To her surprise, Maren felt what seemed like… well, it felt like air was flowing straight into her asshole, somehow.

“Well done, Maren! That’s a gape! It’s no bigger than a dime at the most, but it’s unquestionably an anal gape! That’s my girl!”

Maren blushed yet again. She couldn’t believe how crude this compliment was — and she couldn’t understand why it was turning her on so much.

“Alright, why don’t you go get some more lube for that plug, put it back in, then come and eat. Breakfast is ready.”

Maren realized that she had been so focused on gaping her asshole that she had almost forgotten the plug in her mouth. Her stomach rumbling, Maren quickly did as she was bidden (she noticed that the plug was much easier to take in and out today), then she joined her uncle at the table.

The breakfast was just as delicious as the dinner had been — and somehow sitting nude with a plug in her ass while her uncle sat fully clothed seemed much more natural today than it did the day before.

Twenty minutes later, the food was gone, and Maren and her uncle were enjoying homemade espressos.

“All right Maren, here’s the plan. I know that your favorite film is Dangerous Liaisons. We’re going to watch it together. You’ll be on the floor — I’ve set up some pillows and a blanket for you — and I’ll be on the couch, watching both you and the movie.

As you watch the film, I want you to keep one hand on your plug and work it in and out of that tight little asshole of yours. Then, every few minutes, I want you to take it out, clean it off in your mouth, and put it back in your ass. You should have the taste of your ass in your mouth throughout the movie. Any questions?”

“Um… how about the taste of *your* ass, Uncle Frank?”

“Patience, patience, Maren” he said, chuckling. “All in good time. We’ll get to rimjobs later, I promise. Right now we’re preparing your ass so that it’s ready for me to take after lunch. Let’s get started.”

Maren happily followed her uncle to the TV room, and lay down on the blanket he had prepared for her. As he got the movie started, she thought about how much more relaxed she was now than when she arrived, and how much she was looking forward to finally touching her uncle’s body, and being touched back.

As she imagined what his cock would feel like plunging deep inside her asshole, she began fucking her asshole with the plug, then pulling it out and tasting it, keeping her eyes locked on Uncle Frank the whole time. As she focused on the flavor of her ass, without even realizing what she was doing, she began moving her hips up and down, trying to take his imagined cock deeper into her bowels.

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