Marina and Russell Pt. 14


“Oversexed couple”

(All characters are over 18 years old)

Today is a sunny and very hot day! In this heat, we’re unlikely to want to eat fried eggs, and I made a light vegetable salad for breakfast. We ate, and then Russell said:

“I want us to go somewhere!”

I asked:


And he answered:

“It’s a surprise!”

Now Russell’s car is under repair, so we got on the bus. There are a lot of people on the bus, everybody was pressed to each other, there is nowhere to sit and we had to stand. It’s very cramped, but I can feel the warmth of Russell’s body and I smell him… Soon a few people got off the bus and now it is not so cramped and suddenly the bus turns so quickly that I almost fell and my breasts felt his body stronger… he hugged me and whispers in my ear:

“I want to feel your breasts again… and not only the breasts…”

It embarrassed and sexually aroused me… and I asked:

“What if someone notices?”

And he answered:

“No one will notice it. Just don’t think about it…”

And I was rubbing my body against his body, I feel his breast, his belly, his penis… then we started kissing, how I’m sexually aroused…

We came! It’s some huge house. There’s a izmir escort bayan table on which fruits lie and a hot tub near it. And Russell said:

“This is my second home! However, I don’t live in it.”

I said:

“Wow… but why did you need it?”

And he answered:

“Well… in my youth I had some reasons to buy a second home…”

Russell is silent about something… it’s all right! The main thing is that we’ll have fun now!! And soon he offered us to eat fruit. It was nectarines and pomegranates, my favorite fruit. And then we swam in the hot tub and drank fruit juices.

“Did you like my surprise?”

Russell asked, and I answered:

“Really liked it, darling! By the way, I’m gonna have to go to the shop soon…”

He said:

“I’ll go to the shop today! Take a rest.”

And I answered:


I’m alone in Russell’s second home. Boringly… nothing to do… and I, thinking, put my hand on the table on which the TV stands. There’s a little dust! He didn’t wipe the table thoroughly! He must have been in a hurry. And then I started rubbing all the furniture.

And at that time, Russell was leaving the grocery shop and seeing a women’s underwear shop in front of him, he went escort izmir there and began to view it. He thought: Oh, these three are especially beautiful, red, white and black. My little girl would look very seductive in them. Which one to choose?

And then he began to indulge in fantasies with light erotica, looking at underwear. Looking at the white underwear, he imagined me taking off my black lace peignoir and I’m wearing this underwear, looking at the black underwear, he imagined me taking it off myself, and looking at the red underwear, he imagined him taking it off me and caressing my breast and nipples with his hands and tongue. And these fantasies sexually aroused him. He thought: I’ll buy them all!

And he bought underwear.

He came home, brought the purchased food to the kitchen and went into the bedroom.

“Hello, Russell!”

I said, and he answered:

“Hello, sweetheart. Look what I bought for you!”

And he pulls white underwear out of the package and holds it, and smiles. I got embarrassed and felt sexual arouse. And he thought: Her shame… it turns me on so much…

“Try on it…”

He said. He left the bedroom and I put on white underwear and my black lace peignoir.

“You can come izmir escort in!”

I said, and Russell came in. He started to admire me, threw me down on bed, lay on me, we hugged each other and started kissing. He took off my peignoir, and white lace bra and panties. We gave each other pleasure with caresses, and I asked him to sit on the corner of the bed so that I would make fellation to him, kneeling on the floor. I caressed his penis with my hands and licked it, and I raised my head up and looked him in the eye. Continuing to make fellation, I began to caress his scrotum with my fingers. And I thought that if I lift my head up, looking at him, I feel that he is the most important for me even more. He’s sitting on the bed, and I’m just kneeling on the floor. I’m ready to do everything he asks, and I love to do everything for him… I love to feed him, give him gifts, gently caress his penis… Now I caress his testicles with my mouth while I caress his penis with my hand and I moaned sometimes. He feels so good… And then I began to caress my face and my body with his penis… and after that, our passionate sex began and I experience a strong orgasm, looking into Russell’s kind and loving eyes filled with passion…

That’s how we spent this wonderful day off at Russell’s second home.

The next day, we walked through the streets I didn’t know, then we got on the bus and came back to our home. And looking at us, nobody guesses that me and Russell are a happy oversexed couple!

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