Mark and Eileen: The Fetish Begins


In the previous stories about Mark and Eileen we learned how they both had a rubber boot fetish but were reticent to admit and would often accuse the other of having such. This story occurs some 30 years prior when they first met while doing graduate study at the University of Cork in Ireland. Please note that all of the characters at all time were over the age of 18.

It was September 1990 when Mark and Eileen had independently arrived in Cork to pursue graduate work: she would study contemporary Irish culture; he had enrolled in industrial archaeology, a special one-time offering that focused on the port that was also known as one of the best natural harbors to be found anywhere. They both arrived about two weeks prior to the beginning of class with the hopes of acculturating some. Knowing that Ireland was known for wet weather, Mark brought his six inch tall L.L. Bean boots which had served him well during his undergraduate days at the University of New Hampshire. Eileen, who had attended the University of North Carolina, was not as familiar with inclement weather and had only brought her leather knee-high boots.

Mark and Eileen first met at a foreign student reception during those first two weeks when they and their 80 colleagues attended the dean’s welcome reception and were introduced to the campus. Over the next few days they each spent time finding where things were, both at the university and in the city. It wasn’t long before most had discovered that fine Irish institution, the pub. It was during that first week that Mark had ventured out with some friends and at lunchtime ducked into an inviting place called the Giggling Pig for something to eat and to enjoy a pint. The morning had started out with a light drizzle so Mark wore his Bean boots and brought an umbrella. Eileen was not so lucky. As circumstances would have it, both groups wound up at the Giggling Pig. As the groups were about to leave that light drizzle turned to a steady rain. Mark was attracted to the cute redhead and seeing that Eileen was about to get drenched, offered her the shelter of his umbrella to which she readily accepted.

After walking barely a block and a half, the steady rain turned into a downpour. Eileen, wearing her leather boots, soon had soaked feet.

“I’m afraid that these boots will never dry out!” she exclaimed. Then looking around and seeing other students in knee high rubber boots added, “I think those kinds of boots are a better idea than what I brought with me.”

“You’re probably right on that,” Mark replied just as they were walking past a shop that had some wellies in the window. “You mean like these?” he asked.

“Yes. Exactly!” she said. They went inside and were greeted by a middle-aged Irish woman who inquired of what we were looking for.

“A pair of rubber boots,” replied Eileen, although Mark had not yet learned her name.

“Oh, you want a pair of wellies then,” the clerk responded.

“Yes. I guess so if that’s what rubber boots are called. I’m from the U.S. so a size 8.”

“That’s going to be a Euro 39. I have them in black, green, blue, and red.”

“Black sounds the most versatile,” Eileen replied.

As the woman disappeared into the stockroom, Eileen sat down and pulled off her leather boot. “I don’t even know you,” she said. “I’m Eileen.”

“Sounds Escort Bayan like a good Irish name. I’m Mark. Pleased to meet you.” Moments later the clerk returned with a pair of boxes and explained that she had both size 38 and 39. Eileen tried on the 39 and decided to wear them from the shop, which because of the downpour was a wise decision.

Mark walked Eileen back to her graduate student residence, she thanked him for the use of the umbrella, and they parted company. Over the next week and a half Mark saw Eileen several times and each time she was always wearing the wellies whether it was rain or shine. Finally, when he had an opportunity to have a conversation, he noted how she had bonded with her wellies.

“Oh, yes, the wellies. I love them. They are so comfortable and practical.” Mark invited her to go for coffee and she readily accepted. It wasn’t until then that he got her life’s story, they had several mutual laughs, and began to get along famously. Over the next several days whenever he saw a woman, even at a distance, walking across campus wearing black wellies chances are it was Eileen. It didn’t matter if she was in jeans, a skirt or a dress, but it was always with those wellies. It was ironic, too, because Mark was starting to think that she looked pretty sexy in them.

After several coffee dates during the middle of the day Mark invited her to go with him into the city for dinner. The plan was that they would walk about the city, he’d show her the interesting points about the port area that he was studying, and they would go eat. An easy enough plan, but then there was always the famous Irish weather to add some complexity so he was wore his Bean boots despite the skies being clear for the moment. He stopped by the flat where Eileen was living and it was no surprise when she came to the door wearing an attractive gray straight fitted skirt, a red button-down blouse, and of course the ubiquitous wellies. She looked fabulous with the wellies even on what had become a beautiful clear late afternoon with hardly a cloud in the sky and certainly no raindrops in the foreseeable future. . . at least so they both thought.

Their walk took them off-campus and past several blocks of shops as they headed southeast. They stopped to look into the windows of a men’s clothing shop and Eileen noticed that they had wellies on display. “That’s what you need,” she noted. “A decent pair of wellies. With the rain over here I wear mine just about every day. They’re the most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned.”

They went into the shop and browsed the rubber boot offerings. Mark seemed drawn to the dark olive green knee-high Hunter wellies, but then a pair of knee-high black rubber sailing boots with white soles caught his eye. He picked one up and held it for Eileen to examine. While they were hardly the wellies like she and so many of the other students were wearing, they still were much taller than the Bean boots that Mark had.

“Those will be good in our almost daily downpours,” she noted.

“Not only that but doing my field work down on the docks and on an occasional boat, the non-slip sole will prove useful,” Mark noted. He turned to a nearby clerk and asked, “Any chance that you stock these in a 44?”

The clerk nodded in the affirmative, Bayan Escort disappeared into a back room, and returned with a box. “Try these on,” he instructed handing Mark the right boot. Mark slipped it on and found the sizing to be perfect, but they were quite comfortable as well.

“Perfect!” he exclaimed noting Eileen’s approving smile as he did so. “I know a way to make her really happy,” he thought to himself and told the clerk that he’d wear them right from the shop. Their shopping detour, albeit brief, was long enough for some unexpected clouds to roll in and by the time that the two got to their restaurant, Clerkins on the Quay, where they intended to dine, a light drizzle had begun to fall.

After a dinner where they feasted on mussels and pints of Guinness Mark and Eileen ventured back towards campus, the rain now falling steadily. Mark’s new boots glistened from the wet. Some 20 minutes later they arrived back at Eileen’s flat. Eileen thanked Mark for dinner and then told him that her roommate, Colleen, was away for a couple of days and invited him in. In the entry Mark was about to remove his wet boots, but Eileen told him to keep them on. She kept hers on as well as she led him to the sofa.

“I just love a man wearing rubber boots. Don’t you like it when women wear them?” she asked

“I do and you look great in yours,” he said leaning over and kissing her. Eileen was excited, especially since Mark had not only purchased a respectable pair of rubber boots but had worn them the entire evening. While the kiss had started out perhaps innocently enough, Eileen thrust her tongue into Mark’s mouth. His hand soon instinctively reached for her breast. Eileen might not have been especially well-endowed wearing assize 34A, but he could feel the little yet firm mound held firmly in place by her brassiere. When she purred with satisfaction, Mark knew that he could go further and unfastened the first three buttons of her blouse exposing her black front closure bra. Far easier than any back closure model, Mark undid the clasp and both breasts were liberated. He immediately found a nipple and massaged it into erectness.

“Oh, don’t stop doing that!” exclaimed Eileen with encouragement. Soon his hand inched up her skirt and found their intended target, the panties protecting her mound of Venus. Apparently, Eileen had been become excited for some time as her panties were a stage beyond damp. To ease his access, Eileen hiked her skirt up above her waist and helped Mark work her panties off her hips and down her legs. Taking them all the way off was made considerably difficult by her wellies, but she was determined to leave the boots on as Mark wrestled with the undies. Finally, he had managed to get them off despite the boots and Eileen spread her legs invitingly. Her strawberry blond bush glistened with the moisture that her pussy now seemed to be producing in some abundance. The faint yet unmistakable and delicious odor of an excited woman filled the air.

“I knew that I wanted to do this with you ever since that day in the shop when I bought the wellies. Without even saying so, I knew that you had a welly fetish and I think I was right.”

“Me? I don’t have a welly fetish. I think that you do, however. I also think that it wasn’t by chance that we went window shopping Escort and that you encouraged me to purchase these boots this afternoon. Still, I’m glad you do have a fetish.”

“We can settle that issue later, but right now we have some unfinished business,” noted Eileen unzipping Mark’s pants and reaching for his erect manhood.

“OK, I guess we do have some unfinished business,” he replied. “I know that I should have told you about the effect that you are having on me.”

“Effect? Effect from what? My wellies? My waiting girl parts? What?” she asked.

“Would you believe all of those?” Mark said unfastening the top button on his pants and starting to take them down. He was just about to remove his boots so that his pants could easily come off when Eileen stopped him.

“No, the rubber boots need to stay on. Your pants can be around your ankles, but you cannot remove the boots under any circumstances!”

Wearing the boots and pants along with his briefs, the physical arrangements were not conducive to readily facilitating sex, but he really liked Eileen and wanted to carry through with what apparently had been initiated. The normal preliminaries would suggest that he begin by fingering her and then escalate to penetrating her vagina.

Eileen clearly enjoyed the fingering and became even more excited. She was ready and so was he. . . well, not quite.

“Do you have wellies for your organ?” asked Eileen.

“Wellies for my organ?” he asked and then it struck him. “Oh, yeah, I have one of those and managed to remove the rubber that he carried in his wallet. Mark tore open the package, removed the rubber, and rolled it down over his manhood.

“There, now that is perfect. Your willy needs wellies just like we do. After all it can be pretty wet where it’s about to be going,” she joked.

“I supposed it is,” Mark said as he now entered her. Mark surmised that Eileen probably was not a virgin, but things were pretty tight nevertheless. Mark’s organ filling her pussy felt absolutely wonderful and it seemed in that no time they were in the heat of passion humping way as they lay prone on the sofa. Moments later Mark proceeded to full the rubber with a copious amount of semen and they collapsed into one another’s arms still coupled.

Sometime later Mark withdrew from Eileen and struggled to remove the rubber without spilling any of its contents while still having his pants down around his ankles and remained tucked into his rubber boots. Eileen watched his machinations and snickered at the sight. He finally was able to get his briefs back on and pull up his pants. Eileen had an easier task as she had removed her panties and only had to pull her skirt down.

“Mark, that was incredible. I’m so glad that you have a rubber boot fetish and that we could find a way to both enjoy it.”

“Me? Oh, here we go again. You’re the one who wears her wellies every day whether it’s raining or not. But also you’re the one who made reference to my willy having to wear his wellies.”

“I did, but I just know when there is a potential for things being wet and that wearing wellies is the best thing to do,” she replied with the double meaning intended.

“So, I guess I need to wear my wellies whenever we see each other in the future?”

“Yes, and that means both indoors as well as outdoors. I know that when guys have a rubber boot fetish that does need to have clarification. By the way, you look darn cute in your new rubber boots.”

“And does Willy look good in his wellies, too?”

“Oh, does he ever!”

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